tagBDSMFlipping the Switch

Flipping the Switch


The knock on the door came at 7:23, twenty-three minutes later than it was supposed to come. It was par for the course with her. He actually doubted that she'd ever shown up anywhere on time her whole life.

She knocked again, and then it apparently dawned on her that she'd instructed him to sit naked in a kitchen chair, bind his ankles to the legs, and cuff his hands behind his back. She let herself in.

He watched her approach, observed her smile when she saw that he'd followed her directions and was, indeed, naked and bound to the chair. She carried a bag in her right hand and retrieved a blindfold from it. She stepped behind him, lowered the blindfold over his eyes, and pulled it tight. All was dark for him, and he felt his cock stir at the thought of what his Miranda was going to do to him. He felt her slowly run her nails down the nape of his neck and his back. He shuddered.

He felt the soft rubber of a ball gag at his lips and opened his mouth to let her insert it. She pulled it tight as well, and he felt the straps bite into the corners of his mouth. She raked her nails through his hair, over his scalp, and he shuddered again. She ran her hands gently over his furry chest and sunk her teeth into the fleshy part of his shoulder, behind the collarbone. He winced, and she pulled away, grinning at the lovely bite mark she'd left behind. She quickly stripped off her clothes and felt the wetness coating the tops of her thighs as she walked around to face him.

Miranda pulled out a set of nipple clamps and heard his sharp intake of breath when she attached them to his nipples. She tugged roughly at the chain between them and watched in fascination as his cock grew rock-hard. She took his cock in her hand and squeezed.

"Mmmm," she purred at him, "this looks so good."

She carefully lowered herself into his lap, impaling herself with his hard cock. She moaned and ground her hips against him.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" she whispered.

He nodded.

"Don't even think about cumming until I give you permission," she growled at him. He nodded again.

She squeezed him tightly with her inner muscles and began to move up and down on his cock. She wrapped her arms around him, already very close to orgasm. She rode him hard--her own personal, living, breathing dildo. He tried to thrust up inside her, but between his bonds and her weight in his lap, he couldn't move. She squeezed him again and came, scraping her nails down his chest, digging them deep into his flesh. A bit of blood appeared in the red, angry lines, and she licked it away, feeling herself grow even wetter than before. Her newly acquired power over the one who usually controlled her was intoxicating.

Miranda fucked him hard...or, more accurately, fucked herself hard with his cock. She clung tightly to him with one arm and slipped her other hand between the two of them. She captured the chain between his nipple clamps and yanked. She heard his breathing grow ragged.

"No," she whispered in his ear. "You may not cum while I'm enjoying your cock." She punctuated her words with another yank on the chain.

He struggled to obey her order. The head of his cock was being rammed against her cervix with every move she made. Her inner muscles alternately tensed and relaxed, gripping him hard with each stroke. He tried so hard to avert his thoughts, to hold back his impending orgasm, but it was nearly impossible with her torturing his sensitive nipples. She felt his cock twitch inside her.

"No," she warned him and jerked the clamps off, knowing he wouldn't be able to keep himself from orgasming inside her as the blood rushed back to the agonized tissue.

She was right. He came hard, spewing his seed deep inside her. She stood up.

"You are in so much trouble," she enunciated deliberately.

She set about untying his feet from the chair legs. Once they were free, she removed the ball gag and ordered, "Stand up."

He stood, still blindfolded. She guided him carefully to the bedroom and helped him lie down in the center of the bed on his back, his hands still cuffed behind him. She slowly positioned herself above him, one knee on either side of his head.

"Lick me clean," she commanded and lowered herself so that her dripping pussy touched his lips.

Obediently, he began to lick her, burying his tongue in her wet folds. He thrust his tongue deep inside her, tasting both her orgasmic fluids and his own. She squirmed a bit on top of him. He fucked her wet pussy with his tongue, in and out, in and out, until her body cried out for more. He touched her swollen clit with the tip of his tongue, and she felt an electric-like shock passed through her. He attacked her clit more aggressively, and she came hard, gasping for breath.

The release gave her the chance to proceed farther with his punishment, even though he continued tonguing her wet slit. Miranda leaned forward to take his cock. He took that opportunity to lick her tight little rosebud. She gasped, but didn't let the pleasure he was giving her dissuade her from her task. She held a long length of shoestring in her hand, and, in short order, had it wrapped tightly around his cock and his balls. She tied the string off at the bottom in a neat little bow and ran her tongue along the underside of the head of his cock, coaxing it back to hardness to insure his maximum discomfort. She watched it grow as well as it could within its bonds. As he slurped away at her wet pussy, she thumped the head of his now deep purple cock quite hard and felt him flinch beneath her. She gave it a ruthless squeeze and sat up straight again.

After her first orgasm on his face, he'd started licking her hard little clit more tenderly. His gentle ministrations had her close to yet another orgasm. She ground her pussy against his mouth and came again, digging her nails into his already-sore nipples. She pulled away from him and sat down beside him on the bed. She leaned over to kiss him, to lick away some of her juices that were smeared across his face, and was surprised at the ferocity with which he kissed her back. She bit down hard on his lower lip as she pulled away from him. Blood rose to the surface of the skin in the middle of his lip. The sight of it caused the same reaction it had before in her--instant aggressive horniness. She licked the blood away, stuffed the ball gag back inside his mouth, and fastened it tightly.

"Turn over," she ordered him.

He complied quickly. She fished around in the floor until she found the pants she'd worn earlier. She stripped the belt away from them and folded it in quarters. The first blow fell on his left buttock. He yelped behind the gag, tried to squirm away. She promptly sat down across his lower back, effectively pinning him to the bed with her body weight. The next blow was harder and fell on the back of his right thigh. Each stroke was harder than the one that came before it. He struggled against the cuffs, against her, but to no avail. She flayed away at his ass and the backs of his thighs. He gave up the fight, realizing there was nothing he could do. She whipped him until she could no longer raise her arm to strike him again; then, she tossed the belt aside. She slipped off his back and ran her fingers gently over his bruised ass.

"Does it hurt?" she asked softly.

He nodded, trying to control his breathing. She grasped both buttocks hard. He gasped.

"Hurts even more now, doesn't it?"

He nodded again, much more urgently this time. She spread his legs with her hands and gave his still-bound balls a squeeze. He jumped.

"Roll over on your back again for a second," she instructed.

He rolled over, and she quickly clamped a clothespin on each throbbing nipple. He winced, but made no noise. She rolled him back over on his stomach, so that he lay uncomfortably on his clamped nipples and bound cock. She spread his legs a bit wider and drew her hands tenderly over the bruised flesh of his ass. Suddenly, without warning, she buried her tongue in his asshole. He started in surprise. She licked him gently, teasingly, and he felt his cock growing painfully hard again in its bonds. The pain in his nipples and the pain in his balls and his uncomfortably stiff member combined with the tender care of her tongue on his tight ass were enough to make him crazy. He struggled a little with his hands, but otherwise remained still for her. When she was certain she'd licked him enough for sufficient lubrication, she drew back. She inserted her index finger in her still-wet pussy to lube it up for him and slowly, deliberately pushed it up inside his ass.

He moaned behind the gag. His constricted cock twitched. She carefully withdrew her finger and entered him again. She slowly fucked his tight ass with her finger until she felt him loosening some for her. Then, she added a second finger. She continued stroking his ass in the same controlled, deliberate manner until she was able to squeeze in a third finger. When she had him stretched to her satisfaction, she withdrew her fingers and ordered him over on his back again. After he acquiesced, she set about untying his cock and balls with one hand and greasing the long, slender wand up with lube with the other. She looked at his hard cock as it sprung free and whispered, "I want to taste you."

Her tongue touched his balls in the same instant that thin dildo touched his ass. She sucked first one into her mouth, then the other, letting her tongue flicker over them both as she slowly worked the wand into his tight, puckered anus. She took his cock in her mouth and buried the dildo to the hilt. The salty precum tasted wonderful on her tongue. He squirmed about as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock and gently fucked his yielding ass with the wand.

"Do you want to cum?" she purred at him.

He nodded his head, a vigorous yes.

"Not until I tell you to," she warned. "You know what happened last time."

He nodded again in agreement.

She took his cock back in her mouth and lowered herself all the way down on it. She kept up the gentle ravishment of his ass with the dildo with her other hand. Even though the toy was small, his ass felt so full. Pain shot through his still-clamped nipples, which only made his predicament worse. He wasn't sure how much longer he could hold out with her lips wrapped around his cock, sucking hard.

"Cum," she growled at him, ramming the dildo deep inside him.

He exploded in her mouth, and she kept sucking until he was finished. She crawled slowly up his body, released the gag, and touched her lips with his. She kissed him, quite tenderly, in fact, and transferred his semen to his own mouth. He swallowed obediently.

"Good boy," she whispered and kissed him again.

Miranda crawled back down between his legs and removed the dildo. She quickly lubed up a rather large plug and eased it inside him to replace the wand. He gasped. If the dildo felt big, this plug was monstrous. She lay down atop him, rubbing her soaked pussy against his now-limp member. The head of his cock bumped against her clit, and she moaned. She orgasmed again and snatched the clothespins from his nipples. His howl of pain matched her orgasmic shriek. She continued rubbing her wet slit against him. Her fingers went up to toy with his bruised nipples. She rolled them gently between her fingers and felt his cock stir almost imperceptibly beneath her. She kept playing with his nipples, alternating between gentle fondling and cruel twisting. His cock grew harder. She gave them one last, vicious tug and felt his full erection against her soft pussy as she moved away.

She buckled the strap-on harness around her waist and between her legs. She carefully lubed up the large dildo protruding from the harness. She turned back her attention back to her bound, helpless, blindfolded victim and took his cock in her right hand. She jerked the plug in his ass free with her left and buried the strap-on in its place. He howled in pain, reminding her that she'd neglected to gag him again. She didn't mind. She wanted to hear him scream.

She began to fuck him hard, heedless of his cries. The erection in her hand betrayed him. He loved it every bit as much as she did. She raped his ass, pummeling him hard with each and every long thrust. He screamed, begged for mercy, but she ignored him. She reached up with her free hand and tugged his blindfold loose. He blinked in reaction to the bright lights, but the sight of her reaming his ass with a huge dildo quelled any protests. She stroked his cock slowly and looked up into his beautiful dark blue eyes.

"You want to cum for me, don't you?"

"Yes," he managed to croak out.

"Tell me," she commanded. "Tell me how badly you want to cum with my cock in your ass."

"Please," he whispered.

"You can do better than that. Beg me."

"Please, Miss," he rasped, "please let me cum."

"Better, but still not what I'm looking for," she said, an evil, sadistic gleam in her eyes. She didn't let up on the brutal fucking of his tight ass or the firm stroking of his hard cock. She slipped her free hand between the strap-on harness and her body to finger her clit. The sight was almost too much for him.

"Please!" he exclaimed, perilously close to orgasm. "Please, Miss, I want to cum with your cock in my ass!"

"Cum," she growled at him, squeezing his cock tight.

He came hard, in great, pulsing spurts. She pushed the dildo as far as it would go inside him, to the hilt, and it seemed to trigger another spasm that wracked his body. She stroked her clit and orgasmed along with him.

When he finally finished, she pulled the dildo out of his ass. His whole body went limp. She wiped the remaining lube off of her strap-on with the hand that was covered in his sticky sperm. She leaned forward and wiped the whole mess across his face.

"Slut," she hissed at him as she rose from the bed.

He lay there, hands still cuffed behind his back, and listened to her in the bathroom. He heard her washing the toys and humming softly to herself. He felt the sticky mess drying on his face and shifted uncomfortably, his arms asleep beneath him. When she returned, she helped him sit up and unbuckled the cuffs from his hands. She stroked his dirty face lovingly.

"Now," she instructed, "go clean yourself up."

He obliged her and hurried to the bathroom. She slipped beneath the covers and stretched, her body exhausted. Even though he wasn't gone long, she was still nearly asleep when he returned. He turned off the light and joined her in bed. She snuggled up to him and kissed him one more time before she fell asleep with her head buried in his chest. * * * *

He awoke the next morning to find Miranda still snuggled against him. He was pretty sure she hadn't moved all night. He slipped away from her slowly, not wanting to wake her just yet. She still didn't move. He inched quietly out of the bedroom into the living room, looking for a way to entertain himself for a little while before waking her. He sat down to check his email, since it was a fairly quiet enterprise. When his Inbox appeared, he noticed a message from the woman asleep in his bed. It was dated yesterday. He was sure she hadn't awoken the night before and sent him an email, so he surmised that she must've sent it before she arrived yesterday evening...probably assuming he wouldn't see it before she left. Curiosity got the better of him, and he clicked on it. The message ran:

"You know, you're always after me to tell you what I want, the deep, dark fantasies that no one else knows about. I do have something I've never shared with anyone before. It's not so much that it's humiliating or hardcore kinky, but it is something that, were the wrong kind of person to know, could hurt me very deeply.

"I've known for a long time that my masochism is more than just a physical thing. I crave pain in so many different ways, so many different forms. You're very good at torturing my body and sometimes my mind. Sometimes, though, I want more. I want to hurt deep inside myself. I imagine you inflicting all kinds of pain on me and then telling me how worthless I am and how disgusting you find me. Then, you walk out, leave me alone, making me hate you and ache for you all at the same time."

He raised an eyebrow when he finished reading. He'd had an inkling, of course; he almost always knew the kinds of things she craved. He just liked making her tell him. The added benefit of this particular confession was that she had no idea right now that he knew. It could be terribly interesting.... He slipped back into the bedroom. Miranda was still asleep. He grinned--even better. He slid in bed beside her, pulled her close to him, and kissed her awake. She whimpered a little.

"Good morning," he said with a smile.

"Gmon," she answered sleepily.

"Wake up," he teased.

"Mmmph," she replied. He pulled out two sets of cuffs and four lengths of rope and set about tying her spread-eagled to the bed. She was a little more awake when he finished. The muscles in her arms and legs started to ache almost immediately. He blindfolded her as well, and she felt herself starting the rapid downward spiral into subspace. He buckled her collar around her neck and listened to her purr. He lowered himself on top of her and began kissing and licking the tender skin of her collarbones and shoulder areas. She felt the wetness pool between her thighs.

"Cum," he commanded.

She shuddered as a small orgasm hit her. He gently caressed her breasts, still kissing her collarbone, making her nipples rock-hard.

"Cum," he growled at her again. "And keep cumming."

She was powerless to stop as the sensations rolled over her body. He kissed his way down her stomach to her already dripping wet slit. At the first contact of his tongue on her clit, her eyes rolled back in her head. He thrust two fingers deep inside of her and felt her muscles contract as she came again. He gently tongued her clit and rubbed her g-spot with his fingers. She came over and over again. Slowly, he inserted a third finger and then a fourth. The rhythmic movements of her hips grew frantic as he stretched her wide. Wave upon wave of orgasms rocked through her body. Her juices coated his hand, and he worked her pussy, his tongue still licking her gently, until his entire hand was buried inside. He massaged her cervix and was rewarded with another orgasm.

"Feel good?" he asked.

She made a whimpering, whining noise at the back of her throat. He grinned. He knew exactly what was wrong, what she wouldn't tell him. When his Miranda was this horny, in this much of a submissive mindset, the kinds of orgasms that she needed were brought on by his inflicting pain on her. All he was doing now with his gentleness was teasing her mercilessly, making her torment worse. He rubbed her cervix some more.

"I know what you need," he whispered. "Beg me for it."

She shook her head.

"You need me to hurt you. I will hurt you, but you have to beg me for it."

She trembled and struggled in her bonds.

"Yes, slave, I know what you need. But if I give you what you need, it won't just be for your pleasure. I'll hurt you far past what you want. You'll beg me for mercy, and you won't get it. You'll work for every one of your orgasms. And if you cum just one time without my permission, I'll beat you until I can't beat you any longer, and you won't be allowed to cum again for a month. And you know what? You'll beg me for all of this because that's what you want."

She whimpered again.

"Isn't it?" he prodded.

"Yes," she replied in a barely audible whisper.

"Yes, what?" he prompted.

"Yes, Master," she answered.

"Good. Now that we've established that," he gently eased his hand out of her, "you're going to beg me for it."

Even blindfolded, she looked uncertain. He knew that she was aware of the pain he'd cause her, was a little afraid of it, even. He raised up to kiss her collarbone again to help her along. Her back arched up off the bed, and she gasped.

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