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Flirtatious Wife


My wife is an incurable flirt. She loves attention and knows how to get it. Rather than be upset by her teasing ways I have long accepted that I find it exciting. I do get a little jealous at times but the jealousy goes straight to my cock and we have enjoyed some amazing, fucking sessions when she has been a naughty teasing bitch. She knows only too well what she does to me, and often plays on it, begging me to fuck her hard and I duly oblige. There is definitely added adrenalin when you have an angry cock and over the 10 years that we have been together I would have to offer that the times when she has behaved sluttish have been among the most memorable both physically and mentally.

There have been times when we have been out and I have noticed her eyeing up the bouncers at the nightclub, I have slipped a sly hand under her skirt and found her moist between her legs, and know she is playing out fantasies in her mind. The real turn on is when she goes back to the same club with her girlfriend the next week.

I watch her getting dressed before she goes out and as she smoothes her black stockings meticulously over her legs she tells me teasingly that she is feeling very sexy tonight. She loves to wear stockings as much as possible and knows I adore them, and love to know she is wearing them even when she is not with me. A just above the knee length skirt and a low cut top clinging to her full breasts set my mind racing and I am already imagining the men that might be hitting on my wife when I am not there. She gives me a little look in the mirror as she squirts a little Chanel no5 on to her cleavage and slides her tongue slowly across her lips giving me a sexy little smile with her eyes.

There is a moment when I want to tell her not to go out, but I let it pass knowing it is an unproductive jealous thought that has no place in our relationship. I stand up behind her and let my hard-on rest lightly against the crack of her ass and place my hands softly against the front of her thighs. She gives a slow little wiggle against my bulge, and I whisper naughty scenarios in her ear. She agrees with everything I say, and tells me I am making her very wet and might find it very hard to contain her sexual urges should she be approached that evening. I already know she loves to rub her cunt against cock when she is dancing and if she is a little drunk she will not rebuke an adventurous man for squeezing her ass. She is all tease on a dance floor and a little wild with her gyrations. It is natural for her though, it’s just the way she moves, all ass and tits and come-on in the eyes. A little thrust and a lot of bust goes a long way on a Saturday night and she lets it all loose. She loves to feel her tits bouncing up and down and see the effect it has on men.

She is not the most obviously outward going person to talk to, but when she looks at you, you would swear she is begging for a good fuck. She has a provocative habit of curling a strand of her shoulder length brown hair around her finger while she is listening to someone speak and intermittently licking her lips. She has always done this and I myself don’t even know if she is conscious of doing it. Another one is stroking her thigh when she is sitting down. She has great legs and always had a penchant for short skirts. She will be sitting in a bar with one leg crossed over the other her skirt riding up revealing a tantalising silk-stocking thigh, and as she speaks you will see her smooth the palm of her hand slowly back and forward over the outside of her thigh as if comforting herself. I have watched men eat in to their pint glasses, slyly eyeing her and obviously engrossed at this teasing spectacle. I have to admit I love watching the buzz she often creates.

It makes me hard and I usually give her a good fucking when I get her home. Even before we get home however, I love to feel her cunt in the back seat of the taxi. We both find that very sexy indeed, chatting to the taxi driver with a finger in side my wife’s pussy is great foreplay. It is even sexier if she speaks to him. I will always do my best to get a little moan out of her while she is in conversation. If she is feeling particularly mischievous she will get in to the front seat when the taxi pulls up making sure to give the driver an eyeful of stocking as she slides in. She ignores me when I get in to the back seat and talks only to the driver. I can see that he can’t take his eyes off her legs, and he is unsure of her relationship with me. I know he is wishing I wasn’t there, and is hoping that I am getting dropped off first somewhere. She is looking at him with those come fuck me eyes and shifting about in her seat giving him tantalising glimpses of her inner thigh and her cleavage. One of her best little stunts is to decide to apply lipstick. She does it agonisingly slow, taking every opportunity to drag her tongue across her full lips for pornographic effect. At this stage I want to have a wank myself!! The only thing I am worried about is us crashing, as I can see the drivers eyes lingering too long on my wife’s tease, he has 10% concentration on the road and 90% on her. She can be such a teasing little bitch and I love it.

She sometimes asks me how far I would let her go with her little charades. I ask her how far does she feel like going at times. We both smile and both our questions are passed over unanswered, but the physical desire it induces between us always leads to hot and dirty sex. We kiss uninhibited whispers in to each others ears as we fuck, mixing truth with lies and reality with fantasy. She is absolutely incredible when we are fucking like this, she is all my wet dreams rolled in to one and I feel like she has always made me feel... the luckiest man alive.

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