tagIncest/TabooFlo: Noise Cancelling Headphones

Flo: Noise Cancelling Headphones


Miles' rolled his eyes.

"Dad, you don't have to take me shopping! I'm not a kid!"

"Nonsense, son." His father shook his head, sternly. "You have to dress seriously if you're going to be taken seriously."

"Dad, c'mon! I'm already a millionaire! I don't-"

"You've not earned a cent of that money! I wish Max would listen to me and take it back. At least until you learn the value of a dollar!" His face reddened. Touched a raw nerve, Miles.

"I KNOW the value of a dollar, and I've been investing just like you said! I don't need a suit to buy stocks over the phone." Why wouldn't he just listen?

"If you're buying over the phone, do you even know what you're buying?" Miles was prepared for this. He'd deliberately went to a reputable firm, and he had been learning about this stuff.

"Goldman Sachs are not going to con me, and I've made sure the EPS is good, and they're on an upward trend. Flo's been giving me the heads up."

"Well, you might have to go to a shareholder's meeting one day. What then?" Cooling off at last, he shrugged. "Besides, Flo wanted to take you, she said that you were going to get something special." He looked distant for a second. More distant, he was overseas, as usual. He had set up the video conferencing suite in his home to meet his business needs, but it was good for keeping in touch too. "Where is she, anyway?"

"Getting ready for you coming home. She's really hammering away. She wanted to give you something as soon as you arrived, apparently." He gave his Dad a rare smile. "I think she's already got it. She told me what it's called, but its a real mouthful. I better not tell you, though. She would be mad if I did. She's having trouble fitting it all in, to be honest. She's really stretched. She wants to get a facial, and some kind of cream treatment. I shouldn't be telling you all this, I feel like some kind of 'deep-throat'!"

"OK, son." He laughed. "Send her my love. I better go, I've got a plane to catch."

"Sure, Dad. See you in a few hours."


His dad logged off and Miles said,

"Dad sends his love." She did have a mouthful. Miles' big cock was sticking halfway down her throat. She made a muffled sound while Miles sat back and enjoyed.

She had been practicing, but it was still a stretch to fit him in. Now, though, she knew some little tricks that really got Miles going! Sucking him into a mouthful of ice water, for example, sent shivers through him.

This was one of their favorite times, while Miles' Dad, Flo's husband, was on the video screen. It just felt so wicked, perched under the desk, orally pleasuring one another, while Terry wittered away, completely oblivious to any indiscretion. Just imagine how it good it would be while he was at home! Stupid asshole.

Flo was in the process of trying one of her favorite tricks. She had taken Miles' huge cock out of her mouth completely and started to lick his big, round nuts. She stopped and opened her painted lips as wide as she could. Carefully, she dipped her head over her step-son's glistening mushroom tip, making certain not to touch it. With the whole of that shiny red apple past her lips, she closed her hot mouth over it and slid her warm tongue underneath.

The sudden warm sensation drove Miles wild! Fluidly, she started swallowing his cock into her throat. Miles gasped loudly, his balls ready to bust.

"Fuck, Flo. I think it's time for your facial!" The computer chair nearly hit the wall, Miles stood so quickly. Flo's nose was rammed into his pubic hair, his cock pile-driven into her throat. A cacophony of slurps and moans accompanied Flo's gradual removal of the thick, fleshy pole in her throat. It was hard to believe that one woman could make all of that noise with only one cock. Finally, when her tongue slithered across his glans, it sent him over the edge.

He felt his nutsack draw in, his groaning gonads squeezed up with each powerful pump, but it was only after the first three heavy pumps that the first jet rocketed from that hosepipe he called his cock.

He stepped back just as the hose began to spray, firing volley after volley of virile white goo. He filled her hungry mouth with one spurt, covering her face with the second and third. Her har was matted, her eyes glued shut. Still, he kept on cumming Sticky, thick ropes of hot custard clung to her chin, hanging down to her uncovered E-cups. It must have been over a minute later when she finally sucked the last few drops from the tip and licked her lips.

"We're gonna have to do that again before he arrives, you know," she informed him. "Oh, and you WILL be coming shopping with us. Don't try to wriggle out of it."

"Sure thing, Mom." Miles' voice was dripping with sarcasm, but he knew she wasn't going to back down.

Whatever. He'd get some new clothes out of it, if nothing else. He put his cock in his pants and went to watch the game.

Flo knelt there, scooping Miles' delicious cum into her slutty mouth. She couldn't believe how far she'd fallen for her husband's son. He was her master, she his slave.

He never abused her, but sometimes he'd just take his cock out of his pants and she would start sucking. No words, just sex. Yesterday, he'd just flipped her skirt up and started driving his magnificent cock into her while she was making a sandwich. His cock was a whole lot better than a sandwich!

Terry, her fool husband, just loved that they had bonded.

"It's a miracle," he'd say, "none of my other wives could stand him!"

"If they had given him a chance to hang out with them," she had said once, "I just KNOW that they would have opened up to him!"

She had plans for when he was here. Miles was going to have the time of his life!

His thick yogurt still clung to her face and tits, even although she had been scooping it into her mouth since he'd left. licking her fingers once again, she got up and went to her bedroom, where her husband's homecoming gift lay. Noise cancelling headphones. Wireless connectivity to any device with a jack, too, through the dongle. He'd be able to watch TV, use his PC, place conference calls, and so on. He'd love them!

Best of all, though, he wouldn't be able to hear Miles fucking her brains out! Even in the same room! Just the thought of it made her pussy tingle. Unbidden, her fingers began to snake their way down to her treasure. Panties pushed to one side, she began to touch herself.

Deft fingers brushed against her sensitive clit, softly entering her well lubricated cunt. She moaned with pleasure.

She imagined herself bent over the sofa, Miles' massive meat plowing into her while her heedless husband sat in front of her watching the nature channel. He watched lions fucking their pride's lionesses while his son pumped potent protein into his father's bride. She was so horny, her fingers reached her g-spot as she frantically frigged her heavenly hole. It was mere moments before she came quietly into her hand.

Seconds later, mind and body returning from the paradise of pleasure, her blue eyes fluttered open, and there before her stood Miles. He had been watching! His naked body, lean, wiry, strong, was a sight she longed for. His steel rod of hardened cock flesh pointed straight at her. He tore her panties off, leaving the tatters on the pillow his father would use tonight.

"Ready?" He said, mockingly. He didn't wait for an answer. With a mighty thrust, he assualted her forbidden place, his tower of meat slipping easily into his step-mom's dripping pussy.

He smiled, lifted her ass off of her marital bed, and humped his cock yet deeper into her.

He wasn't tender or gentle, not this time. This time he was fucking her hard, fast and deep from the get go. She was grunting, moaning, urging him on. "Faster," she urged "harder," she implored, "deeper," she beseeched. "Fuck me, oooh, fuck me!" she demanded.

His tremendous tool tore into her slippery, stretched slot again and again and again. She screamed as her orgasm ripped through her, but Miles just kept pummeling, pounding, pillaging her pussy.

His arms were getting tired from holding her up, so he grabbed his father's pillow, placing it under his father's wife's ass so that he could fuck deeper into his father's wife's cunt. His phone rang, and he answered it.

"Hello? Oh, hi Dad. I'm on the treadmill. Oh, she's on the rowing machine, but I think it's set to high for her." He didn't even slow down. He just kept plowing this man's wife while he spoke to him on the phone.

"You've landed already? Oh, right, private plane. Sure, we'll be ready for you. You know, she's pretty cute from here. Hah, no, I don't mean I'd do her, just, she's cute."

Miles just fucked harder and harder as the conversation went on. He knew his dad could hear his wife getting fucked, but he was too dumb to figure it out. She came with a scream, and Miles quickly said,

"Shit, Dad, hold on while I check on her." He put the phone on the bed, grabbed the tattered panties and shoved them into her mouth. He didn't stop for a second. He lifted both of her legs onto his shoulders and picked up the phone.

"She's fine, tension was too high on the rowing machine and it slipped out of her hand. I think she'll have a bruise, but that's about all. Nah, she's gonna take a break."

In fact, she was clawing at the bed, cumming for the third time, her own panties filling her mouth with the flavour of her first cum. Her husband's pillow was soaked on her juices. His son looked straight into her bright blue eyes.

"I always make sure she's stretched properly, I try to give her protein drinks after a long, hard session, and I try not to let her push too hard." With the last three words, he pummeled his cock deep into her.

"You're here? Great, I'll go get Flo, and we'll meet you in the lounge! See you!" He hung up the phone. Miles pulled his step-mom's ruined panties from her mouth.

"You ready? This is gonna be a big one!" He smiled. She nodded.

"He's gonna taste it!"

She reached down and pulled his cock out of her, leaving her feeling empty inside. They heard the limo arrive outside as she knelt before him, jerking his cock towards her face. The front door opened, and as Miles' father entered his home, Miles' cock entered his step-mom's waiting mouth.

Miles began to pump jets of salty, creamy, thick cum into his Dad's wife's mouth, and she drank it hungrily. Even as fast as she swallowed, it was too much, and it ran from the sides of her mouth.

"Anyone there!" Miles' father shouted.

"Just cumming, Dad! I'm helping Flo get ready!" He pulled his cock from her mouth, painting her lips with the last few sticky drops of cum. A drop fell between her breasts, and she eagerly cleaned his cock head with her skilled tongue.

"You'll get me hard again," he warned her. She smiled, cum on her lips and chin. She tucked his cock away and he left her scooping his cum from her chin, not wanting to waste a drop.

"Hi Dad!" Miles shouted, running downstairs and hugging his old man.

"Hi, son. How are your stocks doing?"

"I'm not too deep into anything, but they've been pushing up. How about you?"

"Just been forced to sell most of my portfolio at a loss, but it's saved me a fortune. Glad I took Flo's advice."

"You should know I'm always right!" Flo waltzed down the stairs in a Chinese silk wrap around dressing gown. "How was your flight, honey?" she asked, throwing her arms around her husband's shoulders.

"Fine, Jeff's a decent pilot. I'm just glad to see you in the flesh, sweetie. Oh, I missed you!"

He kissed her deeply, Miles stifling a snicker as he watched his father's tongue probing the mouth he had filled with cum moments before. Terry looked oddly at Flo.

"Shall we eat something?" he asked.

"I've just had a thick protein shake. Miles makes me drink them." Flo winked at Miles. "I couldn't eat another thing. You boys go on ahead." She ran off upstairs.

"What exactly did you help her with?" Terry asked his son "She didn't look ready for much."

"Well, I made sure she got that shake," he answered, "I wasn't helping her get dressed! She's a big girl, after all!" They laughed.

They went into the kitchen. Miles had a bit of a treat planned for his Dad. He'd been to the butcher's and bought something special. Swaggering over to the fridge, he pulled a pulled out two of the biggest, juiciest T-bones he'd ever seen. They were seasoned with a little cracked black pepper, and just a touch of salt. He placed them onto the counter, grinning at his Dad. Terry did not grin back. In fact, he reddened visibly.

"I can't eat that!" he snapped, slamming his fist on the counter, "red meat is bad for your heart. Are you trying to see me to an early grave?" He grabbed the steaks and tossed them into the garbage.

"What the hell!" Miles exclaimed "I bought those especially for today!"

"Well shit Miles, maybe you should have asked me first."

"You on a diet, babe?" Flo swept in, just on time to save the day.

"Yeah, honey. Doctor's orders." He glared at his son. "Some people have no consideration."

Miles was seething. Those steaks weren't cheap, and he had spent time preparing them. He strode off before his rage got the better of him. Terry was about to chase him, but Flo stopped him.

"Don't be so hard on him, he was trying to do something nice for you."

"Yeah, well, he's just wasted forty bucks! Those steaks were a heart attack waiting to happen."

"He didn't know you weren't allowed steak."

"All he had to do was ask."

Flo knew Terry well enough to know that this argument was not one she could win right now. She decided to change tack.

"You can't eat beef, huh?" Flo asked, checking that Miles had left the room, "what does your doctor say" she slid up onto the counter, "about pussy?" Her legs spread, and she opened her dressing gown.

Terry was horny as hell. He hadn't even seen a pussy for months! He was so excited that he just buried his face in her cunt. He noticed that she was wet, but supposed she was just as horny as him after this long. He didn't notice how red and stretched her cunt from recent exertions. Flo wrapped her legs around his head, reached for her phone, and sent Miles a text.

"Cheering your Dad up. I'll give him his present soon, then come cheer you up ;)"

Miles laughed. Fucking slut.

Terry's pussy eating abilities were not exactly his best feature. He didn't even know where her clitoris was when it was in front of his face!

He did try to please her. His tongue roamed around her womanhood, aimlessly. He was excited, that much she could tell. When he did get it right, she moaned, bucked, gave him every indication that he was doing something right, but he was clueless. Mainly, he tried to fuck her with his tongue. It wasn't unpleasant, but he couldn't compete with his son.

Eventually, she decided to fake an orgasm, throwing her head back and rubbing his nose into her recently fucked pussy. That was a pleasant thought, at least. Her cunt was still warm from Miles.

She clambered down from the counter.

"Wow, honey," she said, "that was something else!"

"Yeah!" He smiled, proudly. "I'm good at that, eh? Maybe you'll find out what else I'm good at!"

"Ooh, baby," she swiftly changed the subject, "I think you deserve your present now!"

She took his hand and led him through the house. She smiled to herself when she noticed that he was pitching a little tent in his pants. Little was the operative word! Compared to that, Miles pitched a pavilion! All the same, he was her husband. She could have a bit of fun with him. She decided to play a little game.

She stopped suddenly, at the lounge door. As she had planned, he bowled right into her. She poked out her tight little ass and rubbed it up against his little bulge.

"Oooh, somebody's excited," she teased. She leaned back and licked his neck, sending a shiver through him. her tongue travelled up towards his ear, where she stopped and whispered, "Maybe I'll give you two presents." She reached down and gave his bulge a squeeze.

She opened the door and pulled him onto the sofa.

"Stay here," she whispered, placing both hands on his crotch. She bent over, ass in the air, and brought her face down to within inches of his crotch, hesitating. She could feel the tension building in him.

She grinned, wickedly, and walked over to the TV. Bending slowly at the waist again, showing her pert little ass off to the man she had married, she retrieved her present for him.

She plugged the dongle into the TV, then danced seductively over to him, breasts pushed out, full, firm, fantastic, and with tanned thighs flashing out from under her dressing gown, enough to make any man pitch a tent.

She straddled him, leaning forward until her barely covered tits almost enveloped his face, and put the headphones over his head. Her enchanting eyes locked onto his, and slid sexily southward, their bodies separated by a breath of air.

Her back arched as she reached the floor, and finally her dressing gown fell open, revealing her beautiful, big breasts, nipples standing straight out. She had to admit it, this was hot! Her hidden hands reached for the TV remote, she deftly brought the TV to life.

Terry's eyes almost popped out as they were greeted by a long black cock sliding between a pink pair of lips, in full HD. This was Flo's favourite porn flick, these days. It was the one she had been watching the first time she had been filled by Miles' man meat.

She leaned forward again, positioning her head over Terry's crotch. The picture on the screen, combined with the position of her head, should fill his mind with images of her swallowing his pecker, she hoped. It didn't take long, the whole thing was too much for him. He grunted, and a pitiful stain spread out an inch or so wide on his pants.

Flo didn't even try to contain her wicked little laugh, knowing that the headphones would drown it out. She rubbed her spent husband's thighs, and watched him quickly fall asleep.

It had worked perfectly! Now, she knew, was the time to fulfil her little fantasy! Without hesitation, she sent Miles a text. Next, she moved excitedly around to behind the sofa and chucked her dressing gown to one side. She felt like a teenaged girl! Completely naked, she leaned against the sofa and started to masturbate to her favourite porno..

Miles came into the lounge, and gave a low, bass laugh when he saw his Dad on the sofa.

"Did he cum in his pants!"

"Yeah, poor fucker. He never could hold back," she looked Miles up and down. "Thank God it doesn't run in the family!" She grabbed her step-son roughly by the head and initiated a lust filled kiss, her tongue twisting, entwined with his.

"Fuck me, Miles. Fuck me right here, right now, with my husband in the room!" With that she sank to her knees and whipped his pants to his ankles. She yanked his shorts down and eagerly sucked his hardening hosepipe into her ravenous mouth.

She felt the young man's hands as he grasped his step-mom's hair and sent his shaft into her throat. He held her there, breathless, until she wondered if she would breathe again. Pulling her off of his now steel stiff stalk, he took full control. He stood her up, still holding her hair, and kissed her roughly on the mouth before she could catch her breath.

"You want fucked?" She nodded. "Right here, where my Dad could hear us?" She nodded again. "What if he wakes up?"

"I don't care, I won't miss his baby dick," she sneered. Her heart soared when he grinned back at her.

"Turn around." Miles was giving an order, and Flo readily obeyed.

She remembered the porno on the tv, the same one that they had watched their first time. This was the scene where the husband was on the phone while his wife got fucked by her black boss. It was tame compared to this.

Miles grabbed her hips and lifted her feet off of the ground. She fell forward, catching her balance by holding the sofa. Terry stirred slightly.

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