Flood Damage


Author's Note: Do not read this story if you are sensitive to people's feelings and needs during emergencies. It contains non-consensual sex with no redeeming value. If this stuff turns you off, don't read NonConsent/Reluctance stories. Feel free to criticize the author if you think the story was written poorly, but don't say you weren't warned about the content.


The outboard motor on my little boat roared as I sped in the direction of the isolated farm house. All around me, brown flood water covered the landscape. You wouldn't have known this wasn't a lake if you were a visitor. The recent heavy rains, rising river and subsequent cave in of the Simpson Dam effectively hid the roads and fields.

Most of the emergency crews were occupied in the downtown area, but I was heading into the country. I was heading toward a particular house in the country, one that would likely be one of the last to be visited by rescue teams.

I knew the residents. They weren't family and we didn't socialize together. I just knew them. I also knew they didn't own a boat. The closest neighbors were a mile away in any direction and they, too, would be recovering from the disaster.

I increased power to the motor when the old farm house came into view. It rose above the water like a monument; strong and sturdy, despite the fact water was halfway up the first story windows. There was no sign of life as I approached in the early dawn.

It wasn't until I was within a hundred yards of the place that I saw somebody in the upstairs window. It was a man. A moment later he opened the window and leaned out, waving a white towel or pillow case.

I slowed down and waved back. He pulled himself back into the house, but kept the window open. I drifted up to the side of the house, close to a patio roof that rose nearly to the open window. It would give me easier access than attempting to get inside the house by swimming.

Once the boat was settled and the motor turned off, I heard the man's voice. "Hi. We can't believe you're here already."

I needed to sound official, yet get the information I was after. "How many of you are there?" I yelled up to him.

"Three. Me, my wife and daughter."

Perfect. My heart pounded and I told myself to calm down. There'd be plenty of time...and they weren't going anywhere without me. I tied the boat to a wooden pillar holding up the patio roof. Then I opened the large sack of supplies I brought and yanked out the smaller of the two ropes. I looked up at the route from my boat to the patio roof to the window and determined I could do it without any other tools.

"OK. I'm coming in," I yelled up.

By using a window as a foothold, I was able to climb onto the patio roof with the rope slung around my neck and shoulder. The shingles were very slippery from the rain, but I shimmied my way up to the window. From there, a long reach and one last pull up got my leg inside. An awkward roll finished the climb.

I was inside a large bedroom with David Poole, his attractive wife Debbie and their gorgeous eighteen year old daughter Jennifer. They all looked a little worn from the long night they had spent gauging the effects of the flood waters. But they also had looks of relief from the arrival of their apparent savior. David vigorously shook my hand.

"Can we all make it in one trip?" he said, peering out at my little boat.

"That'll have to wait," I said.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

I was still studying the two females—Debbie in her little t-shirt and shorts and the exceedingly cute Jennifer in her football jersey nightshirt. There was no doubt they were mother and daughter; both were blonde with perfect breasts, small waists and long tan legs. Jennifer had always reminded me of the actress Emma Watson with her thick, flowing hair, little turn-up nose and sexy smile. However, the only magic wand that was going to save her today was the one between my legs.

Many times I had seen Debbie and Jennifer in the yard or shopping downtown or eating at the local restaurants. Each time I saw them I wanted them more, especially Jennifer as she led the local high school cheerleading squad. But the opportunity never arose, until last night's disaster.

Now we were all alone.

"I mean the rescue will have to wait."

The confused look on their faces amused me. It had been SO easy: approach by boat, be hailed as a liberator, and enter the house with their blessing. It's not that I'm lazy, but why make life difficult.

I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my knife. With the flick of a finger, the shiny, sharp six inch blade sprung open. It was truly a menacing looking device and the control it bestowed on its owner was very clear.

Debbie gasped and I saw Jennifer take a quick step backward. David was frozen in place.

"Nobody needs to worry about getting hurt if you just listen to me and do what I say. Is that clear?"

I saw all three heads nod.

"Now, are there any cell phones in here?" I asked.

At first there wasn't any movement, but then Jennifer finally reached out and showed me the one in her hand.

"Good girl," I said. I took it out of her palm and put it in my back pocket.

"Hey!" she cried out.

I just smiled. "You won't be needing it."

Her look changed to one of disdain mixed with fear. I couldn't get over her natural beauty and my cock ached a little more each time I looked at her. Her mid-thigh length nightshirt highlighted the curve of her ass and the firmness of her young breasts. This was going to be very, very good.

"Any more?" I asked the family.

They shook their heads.

"Good. So you understand that you can't escape, I have a weapon I am more than willing to use if necessary, and I give the orders. Right?"

Again, they nodded in agreement. I had the women move away from the bedroom door, then I pushed a large dresser across it so the door was completely blocked.

Then I looked at David. "Dad, I would like you to take off your shirt."

There was only a momentary hesitation before he obeyed. He was a well built, good looking man of about forty. I knew he was an executive with a local company, but it wasn't his money I was after.

"Sit in that chair," I said, pointing to a simple wooden chair against one wall of the bedroom. David walked over and sat down. I moved behind him with my rope and spent a couple minutes securing him to the chair and tightly tying his hands behind his back.

With the knife always within view and easy reach, the women made no attempt to interfere. Their own struggles were about to begin. I took the knife and approached them.

"Mom, how about you standing over there next to your husband." I motioned for Debbie to move across the room, which she did without wavering. I saw her put her hand on David's shoulder.

Jennifer was standing at the foot of the bed. She was barefoot and perhaps braless, based on the prominent bumps in her shirt where her nipples should be. Her hair was unkempt and her face was void of all makeup. None of this made her any less attractive. Just the contrary. When a girl in her condition can look so gorgeous, you know you have something very special.

I looked down at Jennifer's long legs.

"Lift up your jersey," I said in a matter of fact tone.

"Please let us go," Jennifer whimpered. "We won't..."

"I said lift up your jersey."

Jennifer daintily pulled up the shirt at the waist and exposed a couple addition inches of leg. When she stopped, I said, "Keep going."

Soon, she was to the point where we were about to find out if she wore panties or not. She stopped again. "Above the waist. Now!"

She jumped at the sound of my command. Then she slowly raised the bottom of the jersey, revealing a pair of very tiny light blue panties. She gathered the shirt at her waist.

I marveled at the flawless skin around her waist and hips. Her thighs were smooth and dark tan. Jennifer's panties clung tightly to her pussy, a faint outline of her slit visible in the material.

"Turn around."

Jennifer pivoted so that her ass faced me. Part of this routine was to also give her father a good view of his daughter's body. If things went as planned, he'd be seeing a lot more.

"Very nice. Now face me," I said.

She continued to hold the jersey up and I told her she could let it down, which she did immediately. I stood a foot in front of the teenager, locked in on the curve of her breasts. I'm sure she expected me to touch her. Instead, I clutched at the jersey near her stomach and pulled it towards me. Jennifer struggled to keep her balance.

I reached out with the knife and thrust it forward just enough to puncture the material.

"No!" I heard Debbie scream behind me. I turned my head in her direction.

"Stay there and nobody will get hurt."

With the knife in place, I simultaneously pulled down on the shirt and slid the knife up. Once I had a three or four inch slit, I pulled the knife out. It was an unnecessary little act, but I wanted to shock my hostages into knowing I meant business. It had a side effect of making me just a little bit harder.

I set aside the knife and ran my finger up and down the slit in Jennifer's shirt, lightly touching her skin at the same time. At the top of the slit I was just an inch away from her breasts. Then I used both hands to grip opposite sides of the opening and violently ripped the shirt open by pulling on it.

Jennifer yelled out with surprise as the shirt lay open from her navel to her neck. It hung on her like a rag and the inner portions of her breasts were clearly visible. She raised her hands as if to close the gap in her shirt.

"Don't bother," I said. I reached out and placed a hand on her chest. My fingers closed around one of her breasts and I savored the softness of her skin. I cupped the breast for a second, then pushed that half of her shirt off her shoulder. She was nearly exposed and I felt my cock grow once again. Finally, I pushed the shirt off her other shoulder and it began to fall.

Jennifer's reaction was to stop it.

"Let it go," I ordered. She lowered her arms and her nightshirt slid down her body. It caught at her hips for a second, then tumbled to the floor. In all the times I had imagined Jennifer Poole naked, never did she look as good as she did now. Her magnificent young breasts, with their large areolas and pink nipples, rose splendidly from her chest. Her hourglass figure and shapely legs seemed to belong on a woman ten years more mature than her. Only her tiny panties hid the final treasure from view.

I took the knife and ran the tip of the blade over her left breast. Jennifer held her breath as I moved across her skin and onto her nipple. I didn't want to hurt her and for all I knew the attention I paid to her nipple turned her on. I cared only about one thing: I was getting as hard as I'd ever been in my life.

The knife continued down her body and onto Jennifer's panties. I saw her stomach rise and fall with her uneven breathing. She trembled as I applied a small amount of pressure on her pussy. I used the flat blade of the knife so it wouldn't hurt. Then it was time for the final show of control over her.

I put the blade at the bottom of her panties on the right side. One violent jerk of the knife slit it open, causing Jennifer to scream once again. With her pussy half exposed, I did the same on the other side and watched the remnant of the garment fall to her feet.

Only then did I take the time to look over at her parents. They looked on calmly, undoubtedly convinced of what would happen next. Little did they know.

Certain that Debbie wasn't going to try anything stupid, I turned my attention back to Jennifer. Her legs were held tightly shut, but the essence of her pussy, with its fine blonde hair confined within the tan line, was more than evident.

"Step over there and turn around," I said, pointing to her left. I wanted her free from her tattered clothes and, also, closer to her parents. She faced them and gave me a view of her tight ass. I saw both Debbie and David glance at her momentarily, then timidly look away. I, on the other hand, found it hard to take my eyes off the naked teenager.

"OK. I think it's time now for everybody to relax and enjoy themselves a little," I said. Jennifer looked over her shoulder at me and her parents were probably glad to have anything to look at besides their naked daughter. "I'm sure you've had a rough night and you want to get out of this place. So do I. But since we're all together..."

I stood behind Jennifer and ran my fingers over her ass. She stiffened at my touch. Then I moved my hands around her body and put them on top of her breasts. I few squeezes seemed to lengthen her nipples a bit, so I moved my way down to her pussy. Both parents watched as I put a hand squarely over her vagina and clit. I let a finger slide inside her briefly, then pulled it out and slid it up over her clit. She was wet.

"Jennifer Poole!" I exclaimed. "Shame on you for letting this excite you. I wonder about your father. Do you think he's enjoying this?"

She didn't answer and I didn't expect one. I paused for a second while I rubbed her clit.

"I think you should find out. I think you should go over and take off his shorts. We'll see how excited he is."

"No," Jennifer pleaded. "Please. Don't make me."

"Oh, it'll be fun. Go on. Do it," I said, lightly pushing her towards her father.

"Listen, we'll give you anything you want," David said. "We won't tell the cops. Just let us go."

"You're right on both counts," I answered. "You'll give me what I want and you won't tell the cops. Now Jennifer, take off his shorts."

My tone left little doubt as to what she should do. I smiled as David struggled to free himself from the rope. All the while, his naked daughter was moving closer.

"Mom, I think you should move over here and let them have some room," I said, showing Debbie where to stand. She was hesitant to take her hand off her husband's arm, but eventually did as I said.

"OK, Jennifer. He's all yours."

The look on David's face was priceless as Jennifer leaned over and unbuttoned his shorts. Then she pulled down the zipper. I was behind her, admiring the view of her beautiful ass and the sweet pussy that came into view as she bent over. Her father was getting an equally tantalizing vision of her luscious breasts.

Jennifer pulled down the shorts, revealing a pair of boxer shorts that had just a hint of a tent in them from David's cock.

"Get his shoes, too. He won't be needing them."

Jennifer took off his sneakers and threw them next to his shorts on the floor. She glanced up at me.

"Keep going."

David squirmed in the chair as Jennifer prepared to take off the last of his clothes. I hadn't expected him to be too hard, considering the situation he was in. But apparently the sight of his naked teenage daughter was too much for him, because as Jennifer removed his boxers a semi-erect cock came into view.

She quickly stood up after she was done, stepping back a little from David.

"Well, well. It looks like Dad enjoys seeing his little girl naked," I said. "Don't worry, Mr. Poole, I'm a little hard, too. It must be very frustrating being tied up like that and not being able to do anything about it. Jennifer, I think you can help. Why don't you get down there and start to relieve your father."

"No, I won't. I won't do that," Jennifer protested. She had her arms crossed in front of her chest, and she rocked back and forth like a stubborn child.

I reached over for my knife. "You have a choice: either make your father hard or watch as I cut it off."

The room was deadly silent. All of them had to know at that point that Jennifer was about to have oral sex with her father. She only took a second to resign herself to the fact.

She started to move over to David without any further urging from me.

"I'm sorry Dad," she said, almost in tears. She got to his legs and kneeled on the floor.

"It's OK hon. It'll be over soon," he assured her, spreading his legs for her when she touched his knees.

Jennifer moved forward until her waist was against David's thighs. I moved closer to Debbie to get a better view and was rewarded with a silhouette of Jennifer's body, bent slightly at the waist.

She began by cautiously putting her hand around David's cock. Only the thick head appeared above her hand, with his balls below her wrist. I didn't think she was going to do anything else at first, so I gave her some help.

"Lick it, Jennifer. Suck on it, just like you do your boyfriends'."

She loosened her grip and let the cock rest in her palm. I watched her begin to lean closer, certain now that there was no turning back. If she would do this, she'd do anything I told her to.

When she first bent down to put her tongue on David's cock, her blonde hair hid it from view. But she pulled the hair behind her ear and Debbie and I got a splendid view of her tongue sliding up and down the shaft. She licked her father over and over, using her hand to keep it in place.

"Suck it. Put it in your mouth," I said. "We want to see him hard."

I'm not sure anybody else in the room really wanted that, but I did. So when Jennifer finally wrapped her beautiful lips around David's cock, I for one was very happy. David closed his eyes and was no longer squirming on the chair. He was getting a blow job from his gorgeous daughter and there was nothing he could do about it. Only time would tell if he enjoyed it.

Jennifer's head was bobbing rhythmically, her hair flopping back and forth and her breasts bouncing with her motion. Sure enough, David was slowly but surely getting harder and harder.

Debbie looked on with an expressionless face. I would have given anything to know what she was thinking.

What I did know was that Jennifer seemed very skilled at giving blow jobs and David wasn't minding it at all. She held him by the base of his cock while sucking the rest, taking all of it with ease.

My own cock strained against my shorts and it was about time I finally got what I came for. I looked over at Debbie and said, "Don't move or you'll all die. Understand?"

She nodded nervously, unsure what I was doing but fully understanding my words.

I moved behind Jennifer and pushed down my shorts and boxers. My cock sprung free and pointed straight up at the teenage girl's little round ass. I stroked my cock a couple times until it was throbbing. Then I let it rest on top of her sweet cheeks.

I saw Jennifer stop for just a second, then continue sucking. My hands caressed her soft skin for a moment. I let my cock fall into the crack of her ass and slide down. Once I was close to her pussy, I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her vagina.

It was difficult for her to spread her legs because of her father's position, but I managed to gain another couple inches of separation. Now her moist, pink pussy was clearly visible and my cock was ready.

I don't ever remember being as hard as when I began to thrust inside that lovely girl. I held her by the hips and pushed again. She let out a muffled moan, never taking her lips off her father's cock. She was tight and wet and wonderful.

I stopped when her ass wouldn't let me go any farther. But I was already in as far as my balls, so I let her get used to the feel of my thick cock deep inside her. She moaned again when I began to fuck her. It only took a couple strokes for my cock to be soaked in her juices. Still, her tight cunt gripped me like a vice.

I reached around her and took her right breast in my hand. I kneaded it roughly at first, then concentrated on the firm nipple. It was after thirty seconds of this direct attention that I first noticed Jennifer's ass pressing back against me in time with my thrusts.

I hadn't really thought too much about making her cum, but the harder I fucked her the more she responded. Then I wondered how long her father could last and wouldn't it be cool if poor Debbie had to watch both of them cum.

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