tagSci-Fi & FantasyFlora's World Ch. 01-03

Flora's World Ch. 01-03


I didn't really understand how I got there, but I certainly preferred my new surroundings. One minute, I was just a high school principal, counseling and correcting the students. Suddenly, however, I found myself in a clearing of an unknown forest, breathing in the pollen of the flowers. To my relief, my allergies didn't trouble me at all.

My clothes were still the same, and I felt rather sweaty, so I took a chance and disrobed to enjoy Nature in all of its pure grandeur. I hadn't skinny-dipped in ages, but this didn't feel wrong or out of place. In fact, it seemed like almost a compulsion for me, to discard my modern clothing in what my instincts told me was a world of magic and not so much of machinery.

I felt perfectly relaxed and soothed by the cool stream until I heard some giggling that obviously didn't come from a man. I turned and faced a woman clad in nothing but a tunic, which she promptly cast aside to join me without asking if I minded her company. Perhaps she knew that I wouldn't object, given her golden beauty and playful eyes. She certainly didn't make me want to flee my place, nor did I feel embarrassed at my state of undress in the presence of a stranger, despite any knee-jerk reactions instilled by my upbringing.

"Well, sir, are you going to take me or not? This is the mating stream, after all," she startled me with her blunt question.

"Your people copulate in this creek often? Well, I don't wish to offend your customs, and you are a beautiful woman, so yes," I agreed, barely finishing my statement before she closed the distance between us and kissed me on the lips.

"Yes, sir. My tribe considers this water sacred and sets it aside for a single purpose. That is to ravish a woman. Being the only woman currently in the stream, that gives you only one choice, namely me," the lady explained, as she knelt in the refreshing creek and began to suck my prick.

"This is a common practice in your land, to perform such favors for strange men who happen to enter your streams and rivers and skinny-dip there? If so, where has this place been all of my life?" I teased her, though I could tell that she wasn't easily offended.

On the contrary, the blonde started to kiss my entire body, and then proceeded to envelop me with her smooth legs. She grasped my cock and pulled it into her pussy, apparently not requiring much lubrication in the waters of the spring. I decided that it was time to take the initiative, so I thrust in and out of her, asserting some control over the act at last.

Instead of complaining that I had been too aggressive, as my ex did, this woman responded to me with more eager kisses and the caress of her silky hands on my back. I couldn't believe my situation, but I wasn't ready to awaken, if this was indeed a dream. Who would wish to leave a world, even imaginary, where a complete unknown woman would throw herself at a man like me, just because I set foot in a particular stream?

I had to admit that she was the best lover I had known in my thirty years of life. I didn't know her name, but she had my ex-wife and my ex-girlfriends all beat by a country mile or two. Her cunt was delectably tight and warm, her breasts were a decent size but hardly enormous, and I could feel her cool and delicious buttocks in my hands without being able to cup them.

More to the point for me, this mysterious blonde was an enthusiast for sex for its own sake. She welcomed me with an astounding degree of pleasure and excitement in both my body and the act itself. She certainly made it clear that she lusted for me without any apology or shame.

I got the distinct idea that her tribe had no taboos against casual mating, and that therefore she enjoyed sexual congress with such innocence and bliss that I was embarrassed to think of how my own civilization treated women like her. If this was a wanton woman, then the society into I was born could learn from such women. I also knew that I didn't ever wish leave this wonderful world.

"Well, sir, how was I?" the girl asked me at last. She seemed eager to make sure that I enjoyed myself.

"You were actually my best lover yet. I swear to God. Then again, my previous lovers lacked your exuberance," I answered candidly.

"Why wouldn't anyone get excited about coupling? It's not only a pleasure; it's a sacred act. The gods ordained it for many good reasons. Are your people unaware of this?" she inquired, truly bewildered at the notion of anyone being less than happy with the act of physical intimacy.

"You could say that, for many of them. Many of them view it as a dirty and disgusting practice that should only be used for procreation and only within marriage," I explained caustically, tending to agree more with my new companion than with many folks in my own world.

"That is silly. There is a lot more to the act than simply conception. Do these people then condemn the penetration of the mouth and the bottom? What about licking the woman's sex? Do they know what they are missing? I do not wish to offend you, sir, but your tribe's customs are strange and primitive, if you ask me," she observed with some disdain.

"I agree, of course, but there are many who would look down on your tribe for being so promiscuous. Some would judge the men more harshly, some the women, but both would consider it a weakness," I added with some scorn of my own.

"I can only imagine that your society is full of hatred, frustration, and mistrust, if you ask me. Why don't we change topics, if you don't mind? I'd like to think of something more pleasant, like another romp. What do you think about that? Want more of me, or do you need more rest?" she teased me.

"I think that by now I have a second wind. Do you want to do this here, or do we need to be in the mating stream?" I asked her, not sure if that was required.

"Here is perfectly fine. The stream just makes it mandatory. Elsewhere, it's purely optional. Mind you, it's an option that I take whenever I can," she answered, raising her ass and lowering her face into the sheet that she lay down for sexual congress.

"Which orifice is readier?" I inquired, somewhat playfully.

"My sex, of course. But if you want my bottom, I ask only that you use one of these oils to prepare it. Otherwise, I don't care. Well, I do a little, but only because I really wish to have your child first," she informed me.

"Well, when you put it that way," I laughed, as I slid my cock back inside her dripping cunt.

I must have fucked her another good hour this time. We didn't just try it in that position, either. I pounded her pussy missionary-style and cowgirl-style as well. Hell, I even rammed her in the reverse cowgirl position. She didn't complain, either. This blonde evidently wanted to make me return to her bed someday.

"Oh, yes, lover! Take me! Knock me up!" she pleaded with me, clearly wanting me to go deeper and release my seed into her womb.

I wasn't exhausted, either. I felt invigorated from all of the sexual energy of this place. It seemed perfectly normal to plunge my hard dick repeatedly into this strange woman's depths. I couldn't think of anything but sexual congress with the blonde in front of me. She had my full attention this time.

I also enjoyed her kisses almost constantly whenever she faced me. This stranger couldn't keep her hands or lips off me at all. She bit me a couple of times, but only in a light and erotic manner. She certainly didn't draw blood. After all, most of that appeared to have gone south.

I naturally wondered when she would come up for air. I did my fair share of kissing during this coupling, but my new companion was a hundred times as frisky. Her mouth was as hot and sensual as her pussy. Her skin still felt like soft satin or silk against mine. Her smooth ass felt as if it belonged in my hands, and she even reacted with ecstasy when I spanked her playfully. In fact, she climaxed that time.

"Yes, spank my bottom while you ravish me! I'm your woman now. I belong to you. Take me! Fill me with your seed!" she screamed as I swatted her cheeks and slammed my cock into her pussy.

I managed to get a couple of additional swats in before I exploded inside her moist cunt. The blonde, by now on all fours again, waited for me to pull out, and then gave me a lip lock that showed abundant gratitude on her part.

"I meant my words, sir. By the customs of my tribe, I am now yours. I am fertile today, and you made me conceive a child," she declared with a smile.

"A child? Is that how I possess you? What do you mean that I own you?" I inquired.

Before she could answer, however, I found myself back at my old, familiar desk. Thankfully, I was clothed again. A naked principal could be quite embarrassed at a high school. I just hoped that it wasn't just some sweet dream that I must forget. I really wished that I would return and that the blonde would understand that I didn't mean to vanish. I couldn't be sure of anything, however.

I was done with the day, having signed out and headed to my Ford Ranger, when I found myself once more in the strange world that I had left earlier. This time, however, there was no blonde with charming, sensual ways and erotic traditions. Instead, I was deep inside the same forest, looking a stag in the face. He and I seemed to understand each other. I wasn't hungry, so he was in no danger of my hunting him, even if I had a weapon. It was a stare that told each that the other was no threat.

Just then, he fled past me, being chased by someone who clearly didn't know the first thing about wild game. I stood there with some amusement, when a surly youth in a fancy shirt and trousers ran past me. He was evidently annoyed that the stag had gotten away from him so far. He carried a spear and wore a knife at his side in a bronze sheath that looked bit too ornate for these surroundings. He was clean-shaven, perfumed, and long-haired. His golden locks reminded me of the woman, but his eyes resembled those of some of my more troublesome students. He wore no cap, but plenty of jewelry ... too much for a simple woodsman.

Everything about this young man screamed that he was a difficult and petulant fellow. He looked at me with a kind of disgust, as if he expected me to aid him and was disappointed at my inaction. It soon became apparent that he wasn't alone. There were other hunters with him, all of them much older and obviously more experienced at the chase. They tended to be sandy-haired and have bright blue eyes, with rougher and more practical clothing and weapons.

"You, what are you doing here? Poacher!" the young man shouted at me, having decided that I was up to no good.

"Do you see a weapon on me, young man? No, of course not! So, then being unarmed, how can I be a poacher? With what would I poach anything? What would I poach, other than maybe eggs, and I lack even the tools for that," I quipped, mocking his accusation.

"You must have hidden your weapons when you saw your baron, then!" the youth shrieked at me.

"Baron, what baron did I see? The Red Baron, perhaps?" I cleverly alluded to the famous German pilot, knowing that he never heard of him.

"I am Baron Lorne, the lord of these woods. All folk in this forest, save for those primitive Fair Tribe savages, pay tribute and do homage to me here. None may poach on my lands, though those fools do not listen to my laws. You, however, should be flogged for your defiance and ridicule of your betters. Guards, seize him!" the youth commanded his companions.

I quite naturally fled in the other direction, hoping to find the blonde and her tribe. What did he call them, the Fair Tribe? That fit them, for sure. I liked them even more now for their refusal to bow to this rash young nobleman. Being a much better woodsman than the baron, I quickly created some distance from this hunting party, of which I was now the prey.

It wasn't long until I was on a plain, indicating that the forest faced at least three different lands. In front of me was a large building, quite visible from far away, with two stories and much austere and simple beauty. It reminded me of medieval monasteries, of which it might well be one.

As I came closer, I noted that it looked abandoned and completely empty. This struck me as more than odd. Why would such a fine structure be left to decay? There was ever indication that it once hosted great men and witnessed great happenings, but now it was almost forgotten. I decided that this would be my home, for the moment at least. There was no sense in wasting such a fine house, which would make the nucleus of a great estate.

That thought assumed, of course, that I was stuck here. I hoped not, as it would mean losing my job as a principal, but if I was, I might as well get used to the place, whatever it was called. I investigated my "keep", as I now regarded it, and learned that it was indeed once the stronghold, of sorts, or at least the manor house of a presumably respectable lord. It had all of the markings of nobility.

I could read the books, though they were not in English. I now realized that I could speak and understand another language, even if it bore some parallels to my native tongue. I had wondered why these people spoke English; now I knew that they didn't and I was very much a stranger in a foreign land. No wonder that they assumed that I was from this world, though they probably regarded my accent as alien and exotic, just as they seemed to have accents to me.

I reviewed all of what I had learned about this unknown world, and realized that I still knew very little. There was something medieval about this place, in that there were barons, lords, "primitive" tribesmen, manor houses, poachers, foresters, etc. The technology was clearly rather anachronistic, but I didn't mind, as I didn't have medications that required me to live in the modern world. My cousin Jerry would have been less able to cope here, due to his diabetes.

As I took stock of my new habitat, I heard voices and footsteps approaching, apparently from someone who wasn't aware of my presence. I decided to be quiet and eavesdrop on them, in order to learn more of this enigmatic land. The voices became louder and quickly took on more urgent tones.

"So, do you think that the Baron will join us when we march against them? I need all of the lords of the East Realm with me in this war. The lands need to be cleared of savages, as they only draw more serfs and slaves to them by the mere fact of their existence. They also poach our game, as the Baron must surely know. The Blue Forest is his woodland, and yet they do not recompense him for their poaching of his game. The other tribes do the same. They are no good and need to be brought to heel. It is high time that we crushed and tamed them," one man's soft voice nevertheless spoke cruelly.

"Be assured that my son will align with you against these disgusting barbarians. Did you know that they mate freely, as the beasts do, without any thought of marriage or modesty? They walk in the nude, completely shameless about their state of undress. They defile that stream with their random couplings. Who knows how many of our young men and women have been seduced by their lascivious heathen ways. You have my backing in this, and you will soon have that of my son. He is willful, but I can still control him, most of the time. The Air Queen is with us as well, I am sure," a rather snobbish and haughty woman answered him.

I recalled a reference to this "Air Queen" from the books, and she seemed like a rather cruel goddess, bent upon plaguing mortals with her wrath in the form of droughts and floods. Her priests and priestesses could teach lessons in bigotry and superstition to the Spanish Inquisition. Her twin sister, the Earth Queen, was no better, but at least her clergy didn't roast live victims to appease her and punish doubters by opening their throats. The Fire King and the Water Queen were my favorites, though. He ruled the study of metallurgy and the use of fire for warmth, while she ruled fishing, swimming, and mating in the stream.

For some reason, the man's voice actually reminded me of Sheriff Stone. Funny that how works, that assholes from one world bear an eery resemblance to those of other worlds. Of course, the Sheriff never waged a genocidal war, or even plotted one, but he didn't have the opportunity, either.

I lay there rather quietly when the pair ascended the stairs and entered the now darkened room. It was evening at last, and I was still there. I really needed to return to my world and retrieve my truck, but I also wanted to learn more about this sinister plot to kill and enslave the local tribesmen. These despicable butchers were just inches away from me, and I had to be very careful, in case they saw me. I hid behind a chest and underneath some old, musty cloaks that had been left in that spot. I had to be extremely still, in case they saw or heard movements.

"We have to watch out for interlopers, such as mercenaries, outlaws, anyone with a personal grudge against one of us, or a fondness for these barbarians. They could be trouble for us, you know," the woman added.

"Naturally, but who among them would have the steel it takes to really oppose us? Trust me, we are fine. Our plans are solid. They will not go awry. Be calm. Have some confidence in your son and the other barons of East Realm. For that matter, have faith in me, as Lord Constable of the Marsh. I must put this scum down, and so I will. The Duke trusts me with such concerns, and I shall not disappoint Trevor the Pale. As you know, he does not take well to failures. The last one who achieved less than he offered ended up on a sharp stake, inserted through a rather private orifice. I succeeded him as Lord Constable, of course," the man grimaced.

I couldn't see them well, due to the darkness. I could tell that they were of the nobility, but their plans had nothing "noble" about them. This "Lord Constable" fellow seemed rather cocky, whereas the woman was more sure of her hold over her son than of the ultimate success of this exploit. The latter seemed more likely to be right, but neither of them counted on me. I decided at this point that I would cause them trouble that would make them think that their Gods hated them.

Just then, of course, I was back in the high school parking lot. I drove home, a bit shaken by what I had seen, and poured myself a beer. It didn't take long to realized that this wasn't strong enough for the kind of day I had, so I took out my bottle of bourbon and downed two shots in a row. The burn was a useful distraction from the chilling conversation I had overheard. That was even truer of the buzz that I quickly got from the alcohol.

It was the worst possible moment to get dropped back into the other world, so naturally that was exactly what happened to me. This time, I found myself in a crypt, watching a naked man get whipped as he dangled from shackles attached to a low ceiling. The woman flogging him was scantily dressed, but she still wore some clothes, albeit a dress with an opening that bared her cleavage and her cunt. It resembled a bondage scene from a porn flick, only it was too real. The man was badly cut with each stroke of the lash, his back ripped open and bleeding.

"So, tell me, are you going to defy me again, or will you comply, young man?" the same woman as I heard earlier demanded of her victim.

As I looked closer, I realized that the man was the Baron, Lorne, who claimed dominion over the Blue Forest. Evidently, his relationship with his mother had dimensions that I had never considered. His own mother had enough arrogance to whip him. It also explained why he spoke of flogging me. He was used to scourging and clearly enjoyed doing to others what had been done to him. This was one sick and perverted fellow, in the truest sense of the word. His mother was no prize, either.

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