Flying Fur


"Honey! Could you come upstairs, please?" Bob calls down the stairs.

"What do you want? I'm busy." shouts Linda in reply.

"I want to show you something."

"Can't it wait?"

"Well, I suppose... But, can't you come up for just a minute?"

"Okay..." Linda grumbles as she sets a jar of spaghetti sauce down on the kitchen counter. "I was going to start making dinner but, if you're not hungry..."

"Just for a minute." Jack pleads. "Then we can have dinner."

Linda trudges up the stairs with a grouchy demeanor.

"I'm in the bedroom." Jack calls out from behind the closed door.

Linda hits the top of the stair case, turns the corner and opens the bedroom door. She barely sees Jack's mischievous grin before, "Wump!!", something rises off the bed, flies through the air and instantly envelops her whole body. Her vision goes almost completely dark. She feels a soft, furry sensation close in around her face and surround her head in pitch black pleasure. The musky aroma of freshly tanned pelts overcomes her senses. She is instantly aroused but the surprise attack sends her into a state of instinctive panic.

Linda screams out at the top of her lungs. She struggles as the heavy tapestry of fur sticks to her like flypaper. She tries to pull it away from her body but she can't struggle free. No sooner does she pull one part of it off, more fur sticks to her some place else. She is completely mummified and helpless. The more she struggles the more the fur turns her on, sending her into a frenzy of arousal and fear.

Linda hyperventilates as she screams out, "Help! I can't breathe!"

She struggles more and more inside the fur until she becomes almost completely exhausted. Jack stands wide-eyed on the other side of the bedroom, a look of pleasant disbelief comes over his face.

"It WORKS!" he shouts.

A moment later, Jack finally comes back to reality amid his wife's screams for help. He quickly turns down the knob on the control box sitting on the floor in front of him. He flips the power switch off and runs to his wife's side.

The fur tapestry loses its grip on Linda. It begins to slowly peel away from Linda's body and slide down to the floor, into a heap, around her feet.

"You BASTARD!", Linda shouts at her husband.

"It works! It really works!" Jack repeats as he throws his arms around his wife. She shrugs off his advances and pushes him away.

"I thought you were going to KILL me!" she scolded.

Jack bends down to pick up the fur and piles it on the bed. Linda hears a familiar crackling sound like static electricity in a wool blanket as Jack plops it down on the mattress.

Jack turns to his wife and kisses her on the cheek. "I'm sorry..." he says. "The 'Flying Fur' can't hurt you! I promise!"

She gives him a cold stare.

"I'm sorry!" he says again. "Let me make it up to you. I'll cook dinner."

Even if Jack WAS acting like a jerk she couldn't turn down an offer like that.

"Well, okay." she says, begrudgingly. "But you're cooking dinner tomorrow night, too!"

Jack agrees. "If this thing works out as well as I think it's going to, I'll cook dinner for a WEEK!" he boasts.

Jack ushers Linda out the door and down the stairs. She takes one last look over her shoulder at the fur piled on the bed as he closes the bedroom door behind her. She feels a little moisture in her panties as she walks.

"What the hell IS that thing?" Linda queries. She can't help feeling turned on by the surprise fur experience she just had.

"I'll explain everything after dinner." he replies.

Jack sits Linda down in a comfy chair in the living room. He pours his wife a glass of wine and tells her to relax while he makes dinner. She sits there, silently sipping from her glass. She can't stop her mind from drifting back to the feelings that came over her as the fur wrapped her in its soft folds.

Jack works busily, preparing dinner, in the kitchen. He returns to his wife every so often to refill her glass and make sure she's all right.

"Dinner will be ready in a few minutes, he says.

Jack returns to his culinary duties. Linda, still slouching down in the chair, closes her eyes as her free hand moves down her body, toward her crotch. She softly rubs herself to a quiet orgasm as she imagines the feeling of all that fur wrapping around her naked body.

Linda is jolted back to reality when Jack calls out, "Come and get it!"

She makes her way to the dining room as Jack prepares to serve her.

"Chicken parmesan?!" Linda marvels out loud. "I was just going to make spaghetti!"

"There was some chicken in the freezer." Jack explains.

The two of them sit down to a quiet candle light dinner. Linda hardly speaks three words the whole time. Jack knows that his furry surprise had captured his wife's attention. Neither of them can hardly wait until dinner is over so Jack can get a explain to Linda what that thing in their bedroom is. They just sit there at the dinner table, quietly eating their meal, looking at each other in anticipation, wondering what was going to happen next.

They are almost finished eating dinner. Jack finally breaks the silence.

"So, what do you think?" he asks.

"About what?" answers Linda. Her head is still in the clouds.

"My 'Flying Fur'."

Linda takes a moment to answer. She's a little bit tipsy from the wine. She plays it cool in front of her husband.

"Is that another one of your damned inventions?" she intones.

"Yeah! But this one works! It really works!"

"So, what use is it?"

Linda already knows what it is for but she is trying to egg her husband on. She wants to have that fur wrapped around her body again but she doesn't want to be the first to admit she's turned on by fur.

"You looked so sexy wiggling around in all that fur! I thought I was going to cum in my pants, just watching you!"

Linda smiled. "So, you're turned on by fur? Are you?"

Jack smiles back. "Do you want to see how it works?"

"If you insist..." she says in feigned disinterest.

Jack and Linda finish the rest of their dinner. They clean up the dishes together. Every so often, Jack brushes his hand against Linda's ass, sending chills up her spine. He sneaks up behind her while she stands in front of the kitchen sink and nuzzles her ear lobe. Linda lets out a soft sigh. When they finally finish their chore, Jack takes Linda by the hand and, without saying a word, leads her up the stairs toward the bedroom.

They both stand by the bed, staring at it, for several minutes before Linda finally breaks in, "What kind of fur is it?"

"Fox." says Jack.

"It's so soft!" says Linda as she reaches out to run her hands through the soft fur.

"How does it work?"

"Static electricity!"

"If two objects have opposite electrical charges they are attracted to each other.", Jack explains. He points to a box, about the size of a microwave oven, sitting on the floor on the other side of the bed. "This generator creates a static charge. There is a network of hair-thin wires woven into the lining of the blanket which carry the charge. The fur is attracted to the nearest object at ground potential."

Linda gets a puzzled look on her face. Jack continues with his explanation: The moment Linda touched the doorknob to enter the room, her body was grounded, leaving a charge differential between her body and the fur. When the electric charge seeks ground, the fur is carried along with it.

Jack continues to describe the fur and how it works but Linda only pretends to listen. She gently strokes the fur blanket, imagining how it would feel, wrapped around her naked body. There is still a slight charge left in the pelt which causes the long, silky hair to cling to her hand. It almost seems to be pulling her hand inside its soft folds. She becomes more and more aroused with each stroke. Jack keeps jabbering along as if he doesn't even notice that his wife is becoming incredibly horny.

Linda finally turns around and looks him right in the eye.

"Are you going to just stand there and talk or are you going to show me how this thing works?"

Jack cuts himself off, mid-sentence. "I thought you'd never ask!" he smiles.

Jack moves over to the fur, lying in a heap on the bed and begins preparing it for its second flight. He spreads it on the bed until it's completely smoothed out. The spread is huge. It is at least as large as a king sized comforter. Linda shudders as she anticipates all that fur wrapping itself around her again. Jack finishes his preparations and gives his wife a passionate kiss.

"You're not going to leave your clothes on? Are you?" he teases.

Linda's heart flutters in her chest as she kicks off her shoes and does a slow striptease for her husband in the middle of the bedroom. Jack's hard-on shows through his pants as he rubs his hands against his bulging crotch. Linda takes her good, old-fashioned time getting naked. She knows he wants her!

Linda unbuttons her blouse and slips it off her shoulders, pausing for a moment before letting it fall to the floor. She looks at Jack with a seductive expression as she teases her hand down, along the strap of her Victoria's Secret bra then runs her finger between her ample cleavage. Jack instantly recognizes the pink bra she's wearing. He knows she's wearing the matching thong panties.

Linda unfastens her tight jeans and wiggles her hips as she turns around and slowly peeks her tight, round ass over the waist band of her pants. Jack is practically drooling on the floor at the sight of his wife teasing him like this. He moves closer to her and gives her a passionate kiss on the lips. She kisses him just long enough to get him excited before she releases the embrace.

Jack slowly nuzzles and kisses his way down the side of Linda's neck, toward her ample bosom. She giggles and shakes her tits in his face but she doesn't let him go any farther. She pushes him away and points to a spot on the other side of the room, near the controls of the static generator.

A minute later, Linda slips her bra straps down, off her shoulders and releases her beautiful boobs from their prison. She caresses them, teasing her husband for a minute, before slowly, seductively slipping her panties off her hips and sliding them down her legs, to the floor. She stands naked in front of Jack, ready for action. She slides her hand down between her legs and feels the moisture seeping from her wet pussy. Jack's eyes are fixed on his wife as she licks her finger and gives him "The Look" again.

"I'm ready!" Linda says in a sexy voice.

Jack points to a small floor mat on the ground, about four feet away from the foot of the bed. There is a wire leading from the mat, over to the control box in front of Jack.

"Stand on the conductive mat." he says. That'll make sure your body is completely grounded."

Linda steps onto the mat as he turns on the machine. She half expects there to be a strange humming noise or some weird electrical sounds coming from the box but, except for the sound of the switch being clicked on, there is nothing but silence. Jack turns the control knob, slowly to the right.

Linda's attention is caught by a familiar crackling sound coming from the bed. She looks over and notices the hair on the fur blanket start to stand on end.

"It's charging!" Jack informs her. "It won't be long, now."

Linda's feels her heart swelling up inside her chest and her breathing becomes faster and more intense. She knows that, in just a moment, the fur will fly across the room and envelop her body in its soft, fluffy goodness. Her nipples stand erect at the thought of all that fur on her chest, rubbing her tits until she cums from all the pleasure. Her pussy feels as wet as it's ever been. She shakes with anticipation. She feels like she's been standing there for an hour, when, in reality, it's only been a few seconds.

Jack has one hand on the machine and the other hand down the front of his pants. He unzips his fly and pulls out his hard cock. He slowly strokes it as his eyes survey his wife's beautiful figure. Every few seconds, he glances down at the indicator on the control panel.

One corner of the blanket slowly lifts off from the bed and moves toward Linda's position at the foot of the bed. It seems to be coming alive right before Linda's eyes. She squeals like a school girl from the sight. The crackling, static sound is noticeably louder.

"It's fully charged!" Jack says.

A second later, he presses a button. There's a sharp, electrical clicking sound. Linda feels a slight shocking sensation on the soles of her bare feet as the excess electric charge on her body is instantly drained away, through the conductive mat. It doesn't hurt Linda's feet but it is enough to momentarily distract her attention.

The top end of the fur blanket suddenly rises off the bed as if it was caught by a great gust of wind. It curves toward Linda's naked body like a giant hand reaching out to capture her in its grip. Linda hardly realizes what is happening before the fur descends on her. She sees only a massive wall of fur surging toward her. She lets out a scream. She is suddenly plunged into soft, furry darkness.

"Oh!!" she hollers as the fur completely envelops her.

Linda feels an intense sensation of pleasure on almost every part of her body at the same time. She has never felt anything this good in her entire life. The fur forms itself to every curve of her body. It molds itself to her stomach and her chest and her backside, practically all at once. Reflex action makes her whole body wiggle and squirm from the stimulation, causing the fur to lightly brush against her erogenous zones. Chills run up and down her spine as she feels soft twinges of pleasure dance across her ass cheeks. Her nipples respond to the gentle tickling. The more she moves, the more the fur tickles her skin.

Linda turns her head slowly, from side to side, so she can feel the fur against her whole face. She inhales the musky scent of the pelts. She begins to moan out loud as the sights and the sounds and the smells of furry pleasure overcome her senses, sending her into a deep sexual trance. Her hands slide down the sides of her body and converge on her pussy. She slowly slips her finger between her wet labia. She lets out another shiver as the orgasm starts to build.

Jack sits on the floor in front of the generator. He is wide-eyed at the sight of her wife being swallowed up by his furry invention. He can only sit there and watch as her body disappears into the soft, brown folds. He can scarcely imagine what it feels like to be sealed inside such a pleasure cocoon. He takes his dick in his hand and begins to stroke it, up and down, as he watches Linda sway back and forth, moaning with pleasure, descending to the deepest levels of rapture she's ever felt.

Jack turns his attention back to the console in front of him and flips a switch marked, "Electro Stimulator" He slowly turns another control dial to the full-clockwise position. He looks on, eagerly, to see Linda's reaction to his final surprise. A muffled scream emanates from the brown lump standing before him. It melts, slowly down until it is lying on the edge of the bed.

Inside the fur cocoon, Linda feels a series of pleasurable jolts all over her body. The ticklish electrical sensation dances up and down her body, swirling her in pleasure she's never felt before. It is like having an instant full-body orgasm. She isn't even capable of voluntary movement. Linda can only lie there, on the end of the bed, and endure one pleasurable seizure after another as her helpless body shakes, involuntarily.

Jack suddenly realizes that his lovely wife is trapped inside that fur! He panics and shuts down the machine, pulling the power cord out of the wall with a quick jerk. He rushes to his wife's aid, furiously unwrapping her limp body from its electrical prison. He finally extracts her limp body from the fur and pulls her up,onto the bed and rolls her onto her back. He looks on in horror as Linda lays there, completely still, with her eyes closed. It takes a moment or two for Jack to regain the presence of mind to check her heartbeat and breathing. She seems to be okay, but for the fact that she's not moving or making any sounds.

"Linda! Linda! Are you all right?!" Jack cries out.

It seems like hours have passed but it only takes a few seconds for Linda to open her eyes and stir.

"Why did you turn it off?!" she growls in a low voice.

"You're okay?"

"Better than okay!" Linda replies. "That was INCREDIBLE!!"

"Oh, thank God!" Jack sighs with relief. "I was afraid I killed you!"

Linda grabs jack by the shirt collar and pulls him down on top of her and begins to kiss him, passionately. Jack is taken aback, for a moment, but he is soon consumed by the flames of his wife's fur-induced passion. His rock hard dick presses against his wife's nude body as she lay on the bed in her nest of electric fur.

Jack sits up on the bed and begins to unbutton his shirt. Linda grabs furiously at his belt buckle and tears open his fly. Jack barely has time to take off his shirt and toss it aside before Linda has his dick in her hands. She pushes him back on the bed and pulls his underwear down around his knees. A split second later Jack feels the warm wetness of his wife's luscious lips swallowing his manhood.

Linda has never been fond of giving blow jobs. Even on the occasions when she did, there was little enthusiasm. This time, however, she devours Jack with such ferocity that he can only lay there on top of the electric fur blanket and let her drive him wild with pleasure. The residual charge in the fur makes his skin tingle as he rolls slightly from side to side.

Linda's swirling tongue and soft, wet lips drive him wild with pleasure. She licks the length of his shaft and nibbles his knob and tantalizes his pecker then, suddenly, she sucks him all the way into her mouth. Jacks back arches up as the pleasure overcomes him. She has him ready to cum in less than a minute. She relishes the sense of control she has over her husband as she teases him to the edge of orgasm. He lies there, softly moaning, as he relinquishes all control of himself to his wife. Linda enjoys watching the look on Jacks face as he falls deeper and deeper into her control.

"I gotta' cum! I gotta' cum!" Jack groans with his last bit of strength.

Linda pulls his cock all the way into her mouth and begins to suck the semen out of Jack's twitching member. His sperm shoots into her waiting mouth as he screams out, at the top of his lungs. At one time, she dreaded this moment but, now, for some reason, she doesn't mind the taste of sperm at all. In fact, she even thinks she's beginning to like it. Linda sucks even harder and faster, extracting every last drop of juice out of her husband's thrashing body. A moment later, he collapses, dripping with sweat, on the fur bed. It takes several minutes for him to recover from the pleasure-shock his wife just administered to him.

"That was the most pleasurable thing I ever felt!" Jack whispered.

Linda just smiles at him then slides up beside him on the bed and kisses him on the lips. She saved the last drops of Jack's seed in her mouth. She shares them with her husband as he basks in the post orgasmic bliss of the best blow job of his life.

"Holy shit!" Jack marvels. "You've never done anything like that before! How did you even learn to do that?"

Linda grins and raises her eyebrows as she replies, "I don't know. It must be something about this fur!"

She grabs the fox fur blanket and wraps it around herself like a giant cape, enveloping her body in its fluffy goodness. She lays down beside her husband with the blanket on top.

The two lovers lay side by side in the fur nest as Jack's batteries recharge. Linda caresses Jack's body with the fur. He enjoys touching her back, running his hands over Linda's beautiful body, sucking her tits and gliding some fur over her stomach then down, between her thighs. She lets her body completely relax as he skillfully brings her to a long, slow furgasm. She moans, softly, with pleasure until Jack forces her to climax in a series of loud, animated screams.

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