FNN Charity Ball


FNN News decided to host a charity ball and all proceed were to go to our brave troops returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. You name them and they were there, all the big names in television broadcasting and everyone was having a ball. The liquor flowed freely and our host, Shaun Hannity came onto the stage and began to speak; "Ladies and gentlemen, now that all of you are a little loose from all of the alcohol, we would now love for you to loosen your purse strings and open your wallets to help support our troops. A few of the ladies have approached me, no don't look surprised Bill O'Reilly, I do get approached often by women."

Bill yelled out; 'Yeah Hannity, they wanted to know how you ever got on TV!"

"Okay, okay Bill, well anyways they wanted to make a lot of money for our troops and they offered a few different things for everyone to bid on. Okay here let me read that they are suggesting. Laurie Dhue and Alexandra Steele are willing to do a pole dance for the entire room, but the stipulation is that the dance is with clothes on, for the clothes to come off there has to be a bid of $50,000 for each article of clothing, the higher the total bids are the more comes off. Yes that does mean if you want these two women to at least remove their dresses the minimum bid will have to be $100,000.00, do I make myself clear.

Someone in the crowd yelled out; "You mean if each woman is wearing five articles of clothing it will cost us a million dollars to see them nude?"

"That's wrong Alan Combes; you must have gone to public school. I went to parochial school and last time I checked ten time $50,000 is half a million, not a million. Anyways Alan, what are you afraid of, to see these two gorgeous woman naked?"

"NO, no not at all Shaun, but before we start the bid we would like to know how many articles of clothing each of the ladies have on!"

Shaun yelled out; "Sounds fair to me, let's bring the ladies out and let them tell you themselves!"

Alexandra and Laurie came out hand in hand and Laurie was dressed in a sparkling silver lamay halter dress, her long blonde hair was piled high on her lead, her full pouty lips were painted a bright red and her long shapely legs peaked out from the slit on the side of her dress. She turned to Alexandra and smiled. She cupped Alexandra's long wavy dirty blonde hair in her hands and pulling her to her, planted a long tongue filled kiss upon Alex's lips. When she broke the kiss she let out a long sigh, "Well boy AND girls I thought you may like a little ice breaker before the bidding started!"

Alex was dazed, but quickly regained her composure. She was dressed also in a floor length halter dress, but hers was a pure white flowing silky dress that hugged every curve and around her waist was a matching white belt which made her tiny waist, ample hips and now, after having her recent baby, her breasts nearly pop out from the plunging neckline of the dress. "Well Laurie if we really want the bidding to start high, how about this?" She stepped over to Laurie and gently pulled one side of Laurie's halter top to the side and her naked tit popped out. It was quickly covered by the long mane of Alex's hair and with her mike on everyone in the audience could hear her sucking lewdly at the stiffening nipple upon Laurie's firm breast.

Laurie pulled away and quickly returned the tit to its hiding place. The crowd erupted; ""More, more, show us more!"

Hannity cut in; "Alright you unruly bunch, to see more we need the bidding to begin."

Once again Alan spoke up; "Shaun, what about the articles of clothing?"

"Yeah, alright I forgot, okay Alex, Laurie how many articles of clothing do you have on?"

Both women thought for a second or two and Laurie spoke up first; "Well Shaun I'm wearing seven articles of clothing!" Putting her finger sexily to her lower lip spoke again; "I'm wearing this gorgeous dress, two shoes, two silk stockings, garter belt and panties."

Alan spoke up again; "Hey Shaun isn't shoes and stockings counted as one each, they are purchased in a pair?"

Shaun laughed; "Only a liberal like you Alan would try to get a bargain basement pole dance. No Alan, stockings and shoes go one at a time and you have to pay for each and every one. Remember IT IS for our troops!"

Alexandra stepped forward; well I have the same amount seven articles. I have my dress, belt, two shoes, two thigh high stockings and a very, very wet pair of panties."

The crowd went wild and Shaun had to calm them down; "Okay, okay you rowdy horny bastards before the bidding begins here are some other participants and what they are offering as services for auction. We have our own Harris Faulkner and from CNN we have Christi Paul. Now these two ladies are willing to give two lucky high bidders a very, very sensual lap dance. How far they go is all up to you. The lap dance will go for one-hundred thousand dollars and just like our pole dances, fifty grand for each article of clothing and Harris has just informed me the first article, her dress comes off with the lap dance. Wait, wait, same goes for Christi. Calm down folks we have two other things for auction; first from HLN is Natasha Curry, just look at this tiny raven haired beauty. Last but not least also from CNN we have Heidi Collins, this gorgeous carrot top, green eyed woman is every man's and a few women's dream come true, right guys?"

Someone yelled out from the crowd; "Hey Hannity, what are we bidding on for those two lovely ladies?"

Shaun leaned over and the two ladies whispered in his ear and his eyes perked up, looking at they he blurted out; "Really, you're not pulling my leg are you?"

They both shook their head no.

Shaun turned to the crowd; "Hold onto your seats ladies and gentlemen, here is what you are bidding for. The high bidder of each lady, with a minimum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, remember IT IS for charity, the two ladies will escort the two high bidders up to a suite right here and will, in their words, give you an evening and night you'll never forget. I can't go into details, for obvious reasons, but just let me say, that minimum bid for what they have planned it a bargain, did you hear me Alan?"

Alan spoke; "Yeah, yeah I hear you, don't worry I never would bid on something like that."

All of a sudden seated next to him, his wife Jocelyn Crowley and sister of Monica Crowley blurted out; "Not so fast Alan, never say never!"

"What are you saying Jocelyn?"

She laughed; "Just wait and see Alan, just wait and see!"

Everyone around them started laughing and Shaun broke up the laughter; Alright everyone, please settle down so we can begin the bidding. The first one up for bid is the pole dance of Laurie Dhue; let's start the bidding at twenty five grand. Remember ladies and gentlemen all bids will be combined so if you are not the high bidder, you still have to pay because this is not an individual dance; it is for everyone's enjoyment. One other thing, unlike Alan I can multiply and to have these tow gorgeous women dance naked we will need total bids of seven hundred thousand dollars! To have them get a little frisky on stage after the dance we would like another three hundred thousand. That's a million total, so who wants to begin the bidding?"

The two ladies swing around on the poles with their clothes on and they looked good enough to eat.

Out of the crowd came a loud voice, it was Donald Trump Jr. and he bellowed out; "Three Hundred thousand!"

Another voice came out; "Two hundred thousand, then another anteed up two hundred thousand.

Hannity broken in; "Ladies and gentlemen we are at seven hundred thousand, we got them to do their dance nude. Now let's get another three hundred thousand to see what they can do to each other."

Both Laurie and Alexandra began dancing, their shoes came off and they spun on both poles arching their shoulders back, Alex's hair dragged against the stage as she humped the pole.

Several voices came out of the audience, one hundred thousand came across three times and they reached the million Shaun was asking for.

"All right everyone, sit back and enjoy, we reached our million, and we'll close bidding now, save your money for the other ladies coming up."

Laurie dropped the halter top and her large tits swayed back and forth as she swung on the pole, the dress clung to her waist seeing it was so tight.

Alexandra with her dress flowing she raised the skirt along her long shapely legs and tucked it into her belt. She began swinging around the pole, her long legs gripped the pole as she spun around it and her hair was flying around like a sex goddess.

Laurie slipped to the floor and arching her back yanked the dress off and she rolled around in stockings, garter belt and a tiny pair of panties.

Not to be outdone Alex fell to the floor next to Laurie and tugged her belt loose and in one swift motion pulled the silky flowing dress up and over her head leaving her in stockings and a tiny thong. Before Alex resumed her pole dance she rolled over and covered Laurie's body with her own. Her tiny breasts crushed against Laurie's larger tits and their lips met. She reached up and pulled the clips holding Laurie's long blonde hair up and it came cascading down, covering the floor and forming a halo around her head. Before Laurie could react, Alex jumped up and started on the pole again, her tight panties formed a tight slit in her pussy and it was drenched.

Laurie, before resuming her dancing tore off her stockings and garter belt. She lay there looking up at the dancing Alexandra and she slowly slipped her hand into her panties and let out a loud moan. When she pulled her hand out it was shiny and sticky from her leaking pussy. "Oh what the hell!" She tore off her panties and tossed them into the crowd she air fucked as her hands resumed playing with her pussy.

Alex slowly stopped dancing and slipped in-between Laurie's thighs and the crowd went wild as Alex began licking wildly at Laurie's naked pussy.

Laurie arched her back as she let the orgasm wash over her body. Wrapping her long slim fingers in the lush mane of dark blonde hair she pulled Alex's glorious mouth harder against her quaking pussy. Her juices were flowing out in a steady stream and Alex didn't miss a drop. Arching her back once again she felt another orgasm quickly building in her loins as she rolled her head from side to side. Her eyes rolled back in her head and letting out a loud guttural moan she came again. She collapsed on the stage and shook as wave after wave washed over her body which was now glistening from the sweat that was oozing out of her pores.

Alex slowly rose from Laurie's pussy, her face was covered in Laurie's juices and she licked her lips and smiling down at Laurie resumed her dancing as her gaze never left Laurie's. Slowly dancing around Laurie she rolled her slim hips and raising her hands she cupped her small titties and squeezed them hard and she rolled her stiff nipples. Bending back as far as she could her long wild blonde hair painted across Laurie's body.

Laurie reached up and hooking her fingers in the waistband of her panties she tugged them down and they eventually gave way and slipped to the floor.

Alexandra continued to swipe her long hair across Laurie's taut body and she couldn't take any more of this and wrapping her hands in the hair pulled her down to her. Their lips met in a passionate kiss, their tongues dueling with one another. Laurie pulled her across her damp body and Alex eagerly straddled Laurie's head.

Laurie grabbed a hold of Alex's slim hips and pulled her dripping pussy down to her waiting mouth.

Alex went wild as she felt Laurie's hot, wet tongue work magic on her stiff clit and puffy wet cunt lips. She felt an orgasm quickly approaching as she thrashed around on Laurie's mouth, her hair flailing around and the sight of these two lithe long haired vixens was turning the crowd on to a fever pitch. As her orgasm began to build she turned to the crowd; "We need a couple good men up here on the stage to help us. Laurie's pussy looks like it needs a good stiff cock and I would love to suck on a big cock as I get my pussy eaten like it's never been eaten before."

Before the words were out of her mouth two men started for the stage, one a large black man and the other being Alan Combes. Alan's wife grabbed his arm and pulled him back to his chair; "Sit your ass down Alan, Alex said she wanted two big cocks, and I don't think you come anywhere's close to the request!"

The crowd erupted in laughter as they heard Jocelyn Crawley put Alan back in his seat in more ways than one. Another guy who had the build of Hulk Hogan jumped up on stage and in nothing flat both guys had their pants down around their ankles. The large black man hovered over Alex and fed her his quickly stiffening black club.

Alex jumped when she felt Laurie suck hard on her clit, due largely to the hulky man settling between her thighs and slipping his thick long cock deep into her dripping cunt.

Alex was nearing an orgasm as she pulled the big black man closer and she wrapped her lips around his cock and drove nearly its entire length deep down her throat. When she felt it jump in her throat it was all it took and she exploded all over Laurie's face and into her mouth.

Laurie was gasping for breath as Alex smothered her face and the thick long cock nearly split her in two. She sucked harder on Alex's clit and arched her back accepting the cock deeper into her pussy.

The hulky man threw his head back as he felt Laurie's orgasmic pussy clamping down on his cock and he stiffened and shot his wad in her quaking pussy.

The black man gripped Alex by the hair and fucked her face like a tight pussy and he suddenly pulled out of her mouth and began shooting his thick pearly cream all over her face and chest.

The crowd went wild as they watched him empty his cum filled balls all over her sweaty face and body.

The black man staggered back and pulling up his pants swayed back and forth as he tried to make it back to his chair in the audience.

The hulky man fell back and tried desperately to regain his composure.

Alex fell forward and began eating the cum that was oozing out of Laurie's well fucked cunt. Once she had her fill she slowly spun around and Laurie licked the black man's cum from Alex's face and upper chest.

As the two women finally began to calm down Shaun Hannity came back onto the stage and began addressing the crowd; "Well ladies and gentlemen, I believe we've started off this charity auction off with one hellava bang, what do you think?? While these two women get cleaned up and hopefully back to normal we'll begin our second auction in about ten minutes. If the next one is half as erotic as this one, I think we will have record setting bids, what do you think?"

The crowd erupted in a round of yeas and you bet your asses.

Once the stage was cleaned up and the women regained their composure and staggered off the stage Hannity came back up. "Okay ladies and gentlemen we will now begin the second part of the auction. Like I said earlier the bidding begins at one hundred thousand and each article of clothing goes for another fifty grand. We'll start with Christi Paul."

She came up on stage in a sequenced black dress which was striking against her white skin and long flowing blonde hair. The dress showed a large expanse of her long slender legs which were encased in sheer black stocking. Her breasts were bulging over the top of her low cut gown and when she smiled she lit up the room.

In the audience a voice came out of the crowd, it was from Will Smith, who was seated next to his wife, Jada Pickett Smith; "One million dollars, but you have to share the lap dance with my wife!"

The crowd was stunned as they recovered Hannity came to life; "We have a bid of one million, one million going once, going twice, sold to Will and Jada Smith for one million dollars. My god Will you sure know how to take a room over and the charity will love you."

Christi smiled weakly as she began to walk down the stairs and over to Will and Jada.

Back on the stage Hannity began again; "Alright next we have our very own Harris Faulkner, come on gentlemen, we can't let CNN beat our gorgeous Harris can we?"

Harris was dress in an evergreen strapless velvet dress. It was floor length and her chocolate shoulders and upper body looked exquisite. Her medium sized breasts threatened to burst free from their confinement. Her dark lips were painted a bright red and her shoulder length black hair was pinned up high on her head. Her larger then life eyes were dark and smoldering, one of her best features, drew the gaze of all the men and a number of the women.

A woman's voice came up from the crowd; Two hundred thousand dollars!" It was from Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump who was seated besides her, her brother was there too and he added to the bid.

Donald Jr.chimed in; "Three hundred thousand dollars!"

Ivanka came back with; "Four hundred thousand!"

Donald Jr. laughed; "Half a million Shaun!"

Ivanka laughed and leaned over to Junior and whispered something to her brother and he began to laugh; "Sounds like a plan Ivanka, go ahead and make your bid!"

Ivanka stood up and she looked incredible in a strapless flowing cream colored gown and her huge tits threatened to leap from the tight bodice. "My brother and I would like to make the same arrangement that Will made. We bid one million dollars for the opportunity to savor the charms of Harris together."

Shaun was speechless and when he spoke he stuttered; "Well, ah, ladies and gentlemen we have a bid of one million from Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. One million going once, going twice, sold to Ivanka and Donald Junior for one million dollars."

Harris was smiling from ear to ear as she walked down the stairs of the stage on wobbly legs to the table where the Trumps were seated.

Before she even reached the table Ivanka met her and planted an open mouthed kiss on the startled Harris, who quickly recovered and kissed Ivanka right back.

At the other end of the audience Christi was rolling her ample ass back and forth across the huge lump evident in Will's pants.

Jada was standing over Christi and just like the other couple, she was kissing Christi feverously. Jada slipped the straps down and off Christi's lily white shoulders and down to her waist, freeing her large tits that stood high with huge nipples that were stiff and erect as could be. Her aureoles were small, the size of dimes but the large nipples made up for the lack of aureoles.

Jada dipped her head and took one large nipple between her lips and drew it into her mouth.

Christi arched her back shoving more tit flesh into Jada's mouth. Behind her Will was working feverously to free his cock from his pants and when he accomplished this Jada saw it and let go of Christi's nipple and took his cock into her mouth. Smiling up at Christi she said; "I'll get it nice and hard and wet so you can ride it, okay?"

Christi's large dark blue eyes nearly bugged out of her head when she saw how large his cock was and how easily Jada took it down her throat. All she could do was nod as she slipped from Will's lap and the dress slid from her hips and puddled around her feet. Kicking it aside she tore off her wet panties and stood in black high heels and sheer black stockings. She watched mesmerized at how well Jada sucked on Will's cock and her fingers drifted to her pussy and she was amazed on how wet she was already. She straddled Will's strong thighs and rubbed back and forth against the slippery monster and she felt it began to part her fat lips. She felt like she had a vacuum between her legs as her cunt sucked his cockhead into her pussy. She let out a loud groan and blew out a rush of hot air and arching her back drove a few more inches into her quaking pussy.

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