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FNN Fuck News Network 12 Noon


An all star cast was assembled for the two hour noon report. On the anchor desk was Christi Paul and Richard Lui, at the weather desk were Samantha Mohr and Kevin Robinson and covering the in depth sports report were Dana Jacobson, Jay Crawford and Sage Steele.

As the camera came on Rich began speaking; "Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first installment of our FNN newscast. It's still a little hard to be so frank, but as you know that FNN stands for Fuck News Network and with the horny group here to inform and entertain you this afternoon I'm sure we won't disappoint. Just looking across the studio at Christi sitting on the sofa, just look at her, she's already warming up for a stiff cock."

Christ's jaw dropped, she was wearing a dark grey skirt suit with the skirt modestly about her knees, under her jacket was a black tailored blouse, it hugged her large full tits beautifully. Her long honey blonde hair danced about her shoulders and rest seductively on her breasts. As she uncrossed her legs she raised both of them and dug the heels of her black leather boots on the edge of the sofa. Licking her slick red lips she looked up sexily, tossing her hair back and slowly spread her legs.

Now it was Rich's turn to have his jaw drop, he was staring at her bare pussy, freshly shaved and bare as a baby's bottom.

Christi's eyes sparkled as she spoke; "So you have a stiff cock huh Rich? I think you would have to lick this pussy before shoving a cock in it. I love lots of foreplay and no, slam, bam, thank you mam!"

"Now for the news Rich, Here is a News Alert; some of the readers of Literotica series Calendar shoot have been wondering what order they should read the calendar shoot series. I've been told by the author to read by the month, January, February, March and so forth. Calendar Shoot Mat was a misspelling and should have read Calendar shoot May! There is a duplicate for June one listed as Calendar Shoot June and the other listed as June Calendar Shoot. Now back to Rich for other news."

"Hey Christi, nice view I have from here, can you please pet your pussy and keep it warm for me?"

"Sure Rich, how's this?" She spread her legs wider and sank her index finger in her already wet hole up to the first knuckle.

"Well Christi, Pakistan is preparing for a surge in the Afghanistan border looking for insurgents and will be a joint operation with the UN forces to look for Bin Laden. Boy it sure is getting hot here, I think I'll remove my jacket and tie if that's okay with you Christi?"

"Sure Richard, while you're at it you might as well removed your shirt or at least loosen up a bit. Hey Rich, any idea what's behind the curtain over there?"

"No Christi, I was going to ask you the same. For now I throw it over to Kevin Robinson and Samantha Mohr. I tell you Kevin, you are one lucky guy working so close to a fox like Sam!"

Samantha blushed; "Why thank you Richard, but I think I'm the lucky one here. Kevin do me a favor and stand up and show Christi and Richard just how lucky I am."

Kevin dressed in an open collared dress shirt slowly stood up; his cock sprang up as it cleared the counter that they were sitting at. Her long slender fingers were wrapped around his huge black cock. He was uncut and his skin slid back and forth as she stroked his cock. He tried to tuck them back into his shorts; his pants were already lying on the floor.

Samantha bent forward and licked at the pearly drop pf pre-cum that was leaking out of the coal black cock. Her gorgeous ultra short platinum blonde hair was a striking contrast to his coal black skin. Her hair was feathered about her neck and short sassy bangs graced her forehead. She smiled up at him with those deep dark blue eyes, her pink lipsticked lips slid about his shaft and with a pop slid off and sat upright. As for her outfit, she was wearing a two piece salmon colored skirt suit with a white ruffled blouse under it. Her breasts billowed under the blouse, she made Christi's large tits looked tiny compared to hers. Her large Jo-Lo ass moved invitingly under her short tight skirt. Her long tapered legs looked even better with her black high heeled shoes showing off her well muscled calves.

Kevin let out a groan and Samantha started; "And now for the weather! The drought continues in the southeast with little end in sight. Still wet over Texas, but not nearly as wet as it seems between Christi's legs. Mine is drizzling now and I suppose soon a downpour may break out, now the Midwest, here's Kevin."

Kevin smiled at Sam, knowing soon he's be buried in her pussy; "Well Sam the Midwest is unusually warm with a warm air flow wrapping around from the south."

Sam laughed; "So you want something warm and wet wrapped around something in the south huh?"

She slipped to the floor and pulling his shorts down and off began bobbing up and down on his stiff cock.

Kevin threw her head back; "Now that's what I can a wet warm front, now Rich, back to you. Oh fuck Samantha suck my cock!"

Rich watched as Kevin's huge black cock disappear down her throat, turning to Christi, Rich said; "Hey Christi, that give you any ideas?"

Christi laughed; "Slow down boy, we have two hours and need to finish the news before we can have some fun. Dana, Jay and Sage, what's going on in the sports world?"

Jay started; "Well Christi, the three of us thought of a great way to start our report, but we are lost for words seeing what the four of you started off with."

"Well Jay, Kevin and I have already had some experience in the adult entertainment show. I believe Dana was in one of John's productions during the calendar shoots, but I believe nothing can prepare us for what's gone on so far from 6 AM till now. I just hope we can keep up the excellence I've seen so far."

Jay replied; "I sure hope to KEEP UP my end of the show."

Everyone laughed and Dana chimed in; "So Sage, what do you think about the first seven weeks of the NFL season so far?"

The camera turned to Sage and she looked amazing. Her short black hair was a mass if tiny curls all about her head. Her muted orange lipstick accented her lips and tiny mouth perfectly. Her black eyes sparkled as she looked into the camera. She was wearing a light brown suede jacket, unzipped halfway down; under it she had a silk black lace camisole. Below that she had a brown and beige plaid short skirt. Half of her trim thighs were showing, just below her knees were a pair of black leather high heeled boots. This tiny bombshell of a woman was smoking hot. Her tiny breasts did not move when she did causing speculation that those tiny mounds were full and very firm. It was easy to see why they say great things come in small packages.

As for Dana, she's a complete 180 from Sage. Standing as tall as Jay, big boned with not an ounce of fat on her body, large firm ass, large tits and an ample waist which fits her perfectly. Her shoulder length dark brown hair hung down and flowed freely as she moved, it was a very sassy hairdo, the long bangs softened her features and her infectious smile and sparkling dark eyes were large and would be very easy to loose one's self in. She was wearing a knee length black leather skirt and matching zippered jacket, under it was a cream colored turtleneck that clung to her large breasts, her already stiff nipples poked out like two high beamed headlights. High heeled black shoes caused her long shapely legs look even longer.

Jay was a handsome man with short brown hair and a tight athletic body that would be used to the ladies pleasure as the show went on.

Sage moved over to Dana and spoke very intelligently about the NFL and between Dana and herself left Jay standing there looking like a fifth wheel. Seeing this Dana brought him into the discussion and his appreciation showed as he casually placed his arms around her waist. She moved to his side as he moved his hand up and down her side.

Jay turned to the two ladies; ""With the Rockies sweeping the Diamondbacks in four, can the Indians finish off the Red Soxs tonight?"

"Sage smiled; "I can bet you that FOX sure hopes not. Can you imagine a world series of The Colorado Rockies and the Cleveland Indians? Can you say smallest television ratings ever, B-o-r-i-n-g!"

Everyone laughed and the as they were about to throw it back to Richard Lui, Gerri Willis came out onto the studio floor.

Gerri looked like a million bucks; her dark blue eyes were made to look even bigger then normal. Her blonde hair framed her face and fell about her shoulders in wavy sexy strands. She was wearing a floor length black trench coat. All that was showing was black stockings and matching black high heeled shoes.

"I bet you were all wondering what's behind the curtain." She pointed to the curtain behind her, the same one Christi spoke about earlier.

Christi chimed in and Samantha pulled off of Kevin's cock, her lips swollen already from sucking so much;"Yeah Gerri, I asked Richard if he knew."

"Well as you all know I am the home product advocate and I found a way to incorporate home purchase information and what we are here to do, fuck!"

With that she opened the curtain and there were four separate, but together bedroom suites. There were ceiling to soften the bright lights of the studio, but still all were side by side so all could be on screen at the turn of a camera.

Samantha spoke up first; "I see that these are bedroom, but how can this be informative to the home product purchaser?"

Gerri smiled as she untied the trench coat and dropped it from her shoulders. Under it she wore a knee length satin nightgown. Her firm tits were encased in the same lacy material, her fat nipples poked out waiting for attention. Her ass pushed out and looked like it was ready for action.

"Well here is the test. We have four beds that all look alike, but they are very different. Yes they all have satin sheet and pillows, but that is where the similarity ends. The first bed is your typical box spring and mattress, the second on is a Temper-Pedic bed, third one is a Select-Comfort bed and the fourth one is a waveless water bed. Who wants to try which one and I do mean try out, I want you to give these beds a REAL workout."

Everyone stood there in shocked anticipation. All were ready, but no one wanted to be first. Finally Samantha gripped Kevin by the cock; "Come on stud let's put this to good use." She led him over to bed number four, the water bed. She pushed him onto his back and took off his shoes and socks. She kicked off her heels not to poke holes in the waterbed and straddled his thick muscled legs, her skirt slid up her thighs and the other two men stood there staring at Sam as her short blonde hair slid between his legs.

Their staring was interrupted by the other ladies pulling them towards the other beds. Christi took Jay and Dana grabbed Richard. Sage looked at Gerri and Gerri took her by the hand; "Shall we, I guess we get the mattress bed."

Sage looked at her; "Gerri, I've never been with a woman before, but am very curious."

Gerri stroked her light brown skin; "That makes us even, I've never been with a black woman before."

They both laughed and Gerri drew her down to the bed; "Sage, it's real easy, just do what you like to have done to you and believe me that's ninety-five percent of the battle."

As they couple paired off the cameramen didn't know where to point the camera first.

Dana towered over the shorter Asia man as she pushed him onto the Temper-Pedic bed. As Rich leaned back on his elbows Dana finished unbuttoning his shirt and when open she dragged her red nails over his firm pecs and washboard stomach. Rich wiggled out of the shirt and tossed it aside and leaned forward and ran his hands through Dana's velvety soft locks. He guided her head lower and she unzipped his pants. Rich arched his back allowing Dana to slip his pants down his legs. She dug out his cock from his loose boxers; it wasn't exceptionally long, but very thick. It reminded her of a fireplug, very stiff and hopefully would product a lot of cream for her.

Rich struggled to remove her jacket and once off her ran his hands up and down her well muscled back. He arched his back when her tongue shot out and licked around the crown of his cock. Her red lips spread out wide as she lowered her mouth and enveloped the first half of his cock. She pulled back and lapped around and around as she smiled and caught his stare with hers. Her dark pools of her eyes sparkled as she let out a tiny groan and again swallowed his entire cock this time. Her lips wiggled lower and lower on his cock as her nose was tickled by his pubic hair.

Rick combed her dark locks away from her face so he could watch this large sexy women worship his cock.

Dana popped off his cock and tugged his boxers off; he was now totally naked while she was still fully dressed. She cupped his firm ass cheeks and lifting them up like a platter, dove once more into his crotch. Looking up again she said; "God Rich, I just love sucking cock! I could do this all day. I want you to shoot your first load down my throat; I just love the taste of cum."

With her hands under his ass she wiggled a finger into his tight asshole and cradled his balls in her large soft hand. She bobbed up and down and this was all he needed to loose it. As he was about to cum, he looked over at the other bed. Jay had removed his clothes and had Christi on her back, her legs spread and his head buried between her long slim thighs. That put him over the top as he gripped Dana's dark locks and nearly blew the back of her head off when he shot his load down her throat. She let out a long moan and slurped up every drop of his cum. When he stopped spurting she pulled off and let his entire load slowly dribble out of her mouth and cover her breast. The thick hot cum immediately made her top transparent and her dark thick nipples popped out.

Crossing her arms she pulled her blouse over her head and taking the material sucked the cum back into her mouth. Seeing this caused Rich to stiffen once again pulling Dana over onto the bed. She giggled as she rolled onto her back; her large pillow like tits rolled back and forth as she reached out and pulled Rich down to her naked tits. He cradled them in his hands, pushing them together and attacked them like a starved infant. He slurped at her huge nipples and she crushed his face against her firm naked flesh.

Pulling back Rich flipped Dana over and tugged down her zipper on the back of her leather skirt. He playfully slapped her large firm ass and she moaned her approval.

"Oh, you like having your ass slapped huh?" He slapped it again and she wiggled it again rubbing her itchy pussy against the firm mattress.

Rich pulled her skirt off and she had a tiny black thong on which Rich ripped off and slapped her naked ass several times. The large firm globes turned pink and she wiggled harder against the mattress.

Rolling her over, Rich gripped her full thighs and draping them over his muscular shoulders, prepared to dive in. He stared at her full lipped pussy; it was covered with a full carpet of dark brown curly hair. It was already dripping with her juices, her winged lipped pussy spread wide as it was full of blood as it awaited his mouth. He looked over at the other bed and smiled as he saw Jay and Christi going at it too. Letting out an animal like groan he dove into her dripping cunt.

On the Select Comfort bed Jay was diving into Christi's spread thighs. Still fully clothed, she draped her black boots on his bare shoulders and dug her fingers into the satin sheets. He lapped away at her weeping pussy. It was bare as a newborn's bottom. He took his time taking long sweeping licks from her asshole to her clit. Every time he came in contact with her extended clit she jumped and arched her back. As Jay licked her pussy his hands were caressing her long shapely legs. This was driving Christi insane; she rose up on her elbows and pulled her skirt up higher so she could watch Jay eat her.

Christi shook out of her jacket and squeezed her full firm tits through her dark blue blouse. She was nearing her first orgasm as Jay continued his assault on her dripping cunt. Her head tossed around wildly, her long blonde hair tangled about her lust covered face. Her dark blue eyes were smoking as she bit her lower lip and let out a loud scream; "You mother fucker, you're making me cum, yes, yes such a beautiful cum. Don't stop, I'm almost there, oh fuck I want your tongue in me forever, yes, now, I'm cummingggggggg!"

Christi fell back onto the bed, her boot covered legs falling from Jay's shoulders, spread wide as she shook and came all over his tongue and mouth. Her hands gripped her long blonde hair in her fingers and covered her face with her locks, she moaned continually as Jay lapped lazily at her cunt, getting every last drop that was oozing out of her.

Rising up Jay found the zipper at the side of her skirt and pulling it down tugged at her bunched up skirt and slipped it off her long legs. Moving upward he started unbuttoning her blouse from the bottom up. When he reached her bulging tits he slipped his hands under the nearly opened blouse and ran his palms over her puckered spongy nipples. They perked up instantly and she covered his hands with hers.

Through her hair covered face she moaned out; "Squeeze them hard, I love having my tits mauled, oh yes just like that. Please suck them!"

Christi moved her hand to the remaining buttons and unfastened them. Spreading her blouse her huge tits stood firm on her chest. Jay pulled his hands away and replaced them with his mouth. He sucked slowly driving Christi insane. She arched her back trying to push more tit flesh into his mouth.

Suddenly Jay jumped up and yelled out as he left the set; "I'll be back in a second, I have something special for you."

"Noooooooo, don't go I need your mouth and cock and I want them now!"

On the regular mattress Gerri had Sage on her back, her curly black hair fanned out of the white satin sheets under her head. Her dark eyes were locked on Gerri's translucent blue eyes. She licked her lips and sucked in her breath as Gerri's hands slid slowly up Sage's slim legs. She parted her legs giving Gerri better access to her pussy.

Gerri straddled Sage's petite body. She pulled up at her long slip to her upper thighs and settled on Sage's legs. She lowered her face to Sage and their lips met. Sage let out a tiny whimper and opened her mouth to accept Gerri's tongue. All of her senses were heightened as she took in Gerri's intoxicating perfume. She combed her fingers though Gerri's thick blonde locks. Her fingers tightened as she kissed Gerri harder, both fought with the other's tongue. Gerri's tongue painted the surface of her tongue, across the tip, along the top, even swirling around to the underside. Sage had never been kissed like this before and she loved it. As she lost herself in the kiss she thought to herself; "Why haven't I ever done this before, I've missed out on a lot of loving especially with a lot of women who had made sexual undertones to her at ESPN."

Gerri broke the kiss and Sage moaned her disappointment. Gerri slid down and off Sage's body. Taking one boot covered foot in her hand she unzipped the boot slowly, keeping her eyes locked on Sage's. Sage let out a whimper and licked her lips in anticipation of what Gerri would do next.

Tugging off the boot she dropped it to the floor and taking her dainty foot in her hand she slowly ran her tongue along each tiny digit, sending chills through Sage's legs directly to her dripping pussy. Sucking on each toe Sage let out a groan and ground her ass into the mattress. Licking up the top of her foot she nibbled at the foot's arch and ankle she slowly made her way up her tapered calf to her knee. Kissing around her knee and around to the backside of the knee sending chills all over her body, when she reached Sage's inner thigh, Sage yanked up her skirt to encourage Gerri higher.

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