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FNN Fuck News Network 6 AM


After speaking with all of the newscasters who were willing to join the fledging internet news network, we all agreed that rather then trying to run two or three stations at the same time, for two or three hours apiece, we would run one broadcast at a time, but each would only run for half an hour or at most an hour. In doing this all of the newscasters could join in the action and not tire from two or three hour stints.

First off was "Robin and Company." We set up an identical set as she had at her original network. Six o'clock came along and onto the set walked Robin Meade in an above the knee white lace dress. It hugged her tits beautifully and her long auburn hair was pulled back from her face and hung halfway down her back. Her full red lips were glossy and inviting from the bright red lip gloss she was wearing.

As the camera zoomed in she smiled saying; "Good morning sunshine, I'm Robin Meade and welcome to the premiere telecast of the FNN, I can't believe I can say this on the air, "The Fuck News Network. We hope over the next hour we'll be able to entertain and inform you like never before. To tell you the truth I'm already dripping just thinking what all of you are thinking as we get ready to begin our inaugural show. So lets get you updated. There was a raid in Iraqi today where nearly seventy insurgents were either captured or killed."

Robin went on to update us all with the news from overnight and ended with; "We'll be back after a few messages from our sponsors."

We cut to a commercial and Robin walked weak kneed over to the couch where she flopped down, her short skirt riding halfway up her trim thighs, her gold mid-calf boots enticed all in the studio and Bob Van Dillon, who does the weather. He walked over to her and smiled; "So Robin, are you ready for this?"

She gave him a weak smile and just nodded.

"Robin, back in five, four, three..."

"Well here with the weather ladies and gentlemen is our own meteorologist Bob Van Dillon. So tell me Bob, what do you think about this new venture?"

"Well Robin, I think it's ground breaking and I can't wait to see how things develop. Speaking of developing, a low pressure center over the Great Lakes will bring rain there spreading eastwardly to the coast. On a personal note Robin, I have a high pressure center growing between my thighs, hopefully you or Jennifer Westhoven can bring this under control, what do you think Robin?"

Robin let out one of her patented laughs and replied; "We'll have to see what can be done about that Bob, but for now lets hear from Jennifer who is here in our studios rather then reporting from New York. Hi Jennifer, what's your take on this new network?"

Jennifer sat across from Robin dressed in a black knee length business skirt suit. Her medium sized breasts strained against the white blouse under the jacket. "Well Robin, like you I'm waiting to see where things lead and how long a network like this can survive, I'm just glad I had the opportunity to get in on the ground floor, so to speak. As far as stocks go the NYSE was up six points in overnight trading, Ford was up a half, more later Robin, now back to you."

"Thanks Jen, now to Larry Smith and the leading sports news."

"Thanks Robin, all of the New York teams were victorious yesterday with the Yankees, Mets and Jets winners. The Giants play tonight and hope to keep the streak going, which will be difficult seeing they are playing Dallas. In other news, Oh my!"

Larry cleared his throat looking over Robin's shoulder. Jen's mouth dropped open as she saw what Larry was staring at. Behind Robin was Bob, he had removed his jacket and pants and was now standing with is large cock at full mast inches from the side of Robin's face. When Robin caught both of their stares Robin turned her head and her full red lips brushed across the length of Bob's cock. She jumped back at seeing what was so close to her face. She licked her lips and looked at Larry; "I was wondering how we were going to start this, Mmmm. I forgot how big and thick your cock was Bob."

She reached up and stroked him lightly and leaned forward and ran her tongue back and forth along the length of his cock. Bob unbuttoned his shirt and let it slip from his shoulders. Now naked he stepped closer to the couch and ran his hands through Robin's long thick hair. It came undone and covered her face. All that was heard was her slurping as she ran her lips back and forth along the length of his cock like a thick flute. Robin laid her head back onto the couch and Bob slipped half of his large cock down her throat. Her dress worked halfway up her thighs and her wet panties were now showing.

Larry unzipped his pants and pulled his eight inch black cock out and watching Robin sucking on Bob's large cock pulled his pants off and sat back. With his eyes riveted on Robin he stroked his cock faster, all of a sudden he felt a wet tongue on his cock and when he looked down Jennifer was running her tongue around the giant head and then her lips gently sucks the head into her mouth. Larry guided her head up and down. as he leaned back on the couch.

Bob motioned to Robin who popped off his cock long enough to watch Larry's black cock slip into Jennifer's lily white mouth. Robin let out a groan and yelled out; "You go there girl, I knew you had it in you, now we can all say that it really is in you."

She went back to sucking on Bob's monster cock slurping on it and making obscene noises as she ran her tongue and warm lips all over his cock.

Bob reached down and tugged at the zipper on the back of her dress and as it parted she shrugged her shoulders and it fell to her lap. Her huge tits were encased in a sheer white lace bra which struggled to keep them secure. Her large dark nipples and aureoles poked through and ached to be played with. Bob quickly popped open her bra and her huge tits tumbled out. It was incredible just how full and firm they were for real tits. As Robin continued to worship Bob's cock he cupped her tits unable to contain even half of them. He rubbed his palms back and forth across her huge dark nipples and aureoles. They perked up even more when he began tweaking them.

Robin pulled her lips off of his cock and threw her head back, closing her eyes and moaned at the attention he was paying to her tits.

Bob let go and came around to the front of the couch and kneeling down slid his hands along Robin's dark tanned thighs and they disappeared under her highly raised skirt. She tossed her head around as he came in contact with her dripping pussy. Her dark auburn hair was tousled and looked very sexy and slutty as it covered her face and tits. She let out a squeal when he pulled his hands out from under her dress and quickly gripped her dress and yanked it from her body. She slipped from the couch and now her back was resting on couch. Her long firm legs were draped over his. Cupping her full firm ass he raised her panty covered pussy to his face and he dove in, lapping at her pussy through her dripping panties. She rolled her head and upper body from side to side as she came for the first time.

On the other couch Larry had removed his jacket, tie and shirt and was now naked. Jennifer slid her hands up and down his muscle toned chest as she continued to worship his thick back shaft. His entire crotch area was dripping in her saliva. Her soft tiny hands pumped his shaft as her tongue and lips worked feverously on his cock. Sloppy slurpy sounds came from her mouth and throat as she couldn't get enough of his cock. She was the only person on the set still clothed. She slipped to her knees in front of him and licked him large balls and sucked on his sack. Larry arched his back and pushed her hair from her face. Jennifer looked up at him with her dark eyes and they sparkled and she smiled, all of a sudden she jumped, Bob had reached around as Robin came down from her orgasm and tugged at the zipper on her tight skirt. She drew in her breath as he wiggled it down and off her hips. Her large plump ass came onto view covered only by a tiny strip of black cloth. Bob playfully slapped her ass and she wiggled it back and forth. He did it again and now slipped his fingers between her ass cheeks and sawed back and forth wedging her thong deeper into her slit. Pulling his fingers out, they were drenched with thick gobs of her cum. Along with his fingers and her cum, her thong came away also. He slipped them down her thighs and down to her knees. She moved her legs about and slipped her thong off her legs.

Jennifer went back to sucking Larry's cock. He slipped her jacket off and began unbuttoning her tailored white blouse. Slipping it from her shoulders he ran his hands over her tapered back and unsnapped her bra. Her medium sized tits came tumbling out. They were an intriguing shape, the nipples and aureoles were coned shaped and looked almost like knobs on her tits. Larry cupped them as she continued slurping away at his cock.

On the other couch, Robin removed her cum covered panties and slipped her boots off. She placed both feet on the couch and spreading her legs began stuffing her fingers in her cunt as she watched the two men attack Jennifer. With her senses in overdrive Robin slipped behind the back of Bob and began licking his ass. Rolling onto her back she slipped between his legs and gobbled up his dangling cock.

Bob thrust his hips downward and drove his cock deep down Robin's throat. She coughed and gagged, but taking a deep breath shoved it back down her throat.

Jennifer pulled herself up off of her knees, disengaging her pussy from his mouth straddled Larry's hips and reaching back she gripped his cock and slicing it back and forth wedged it between her swollen cuntlips.

Bob spread her ass cheeks to give her better access to Larry's cock and she wiggled her ass and rotated her hips as his cock slowly, inch by inch disappeared into her womb. She slowly let her breath out as he became totally imbedded in her cunt. Her swollen lips clung to his black shaft as she rose up, it was covered with clumps of her cum and thick white juices.

Bob pulled away, not wanting to be slapped by Larry's cock and as he did his shaft drove down Robin's throat all the way to his pubic hair.

Robin's lips worked his cock like a fish drawing a worm in, her head was still but her lips wiggled deeper and deeper on his shaft. Exhaling as Bob rose up, his cock made a pop when he pulled free from her mouth. Crawling across her body he flipped her over and placed her arms on the sofa. Climbing in behind her he spread her ass and finding her seeping slit drove fast and deep into her cunt. She let out a scream when he buried his long thick cock deep in her pussy.

Bob began pumping faster and faster, reaching up he gathered her auburn mane in his hands and pulled back on it like a jockey would to a horse. They fucked like this for over five minutes. She rose up, her mouth open gasping for air as she pushed back against his straining cock. Her large firm tits swayed from side to side as he drove deep into her cunt.

"Faster Bob, fuck me faster and harder. Oh fuck Bob I'm going to cum again, yes, yes, just like that oh god I'm cumming!"

"Oh Robin your cunt is so fucking hot and tight, oh my god I can feel you tightening around my cock, yes, yes I'm going to cum too. Where do you want it?"

"Oh shit Bob, cum in my cunt, oh my god I can feel you spurting in me, fuck, I'm going to cum again, ah yes, yes!"

Bob shot stream after stream deep in her pussy. He collapsed against her sweaty back and cupped her swaying tits. His cum started seeping out from around his cock as they slipped to the floor.

Larry continued to fuck Jennifer as she rode his thick black cock. She was riding his cock like a machine not missing a beat all the time Bob was fucking Robin. She leaned forward and he lapped away and sucked first one large knob, then the other knob in-between his lips. This drove her crazy as her large brown eyes shot wide open, glazed over with lust. She ran her fingers through her hair as she slammed her hips down on his cock. Sweat was dripping from her face turning her blonde hair dark and sexy as she was nearing another orgasm. They both looked over her shoulder as Robin shook as Bob emptied his balls in her womb.

Larry stood up and placed Jennifer on her back on the couch. She let out a laugh and then a groan, she wrapped her legs around his waist and driving forward he reburied his cock in her pussy. Her cunt was making obscene noises as he drove faster and faster In her pussy.

She spat out; "Come on Larry, fuck that white pussy, drive that black monster in my cunt, oh my fucking god, I'm going crazy, yes just like that. Oh my god I'm cumming, come on Larry cum with me."

Oh yeah Jen, I'm going to cum, where do you want it?"

"Yes Larry, cum all over my face and tits!"

She let out a groan and a started squirting, covering her full thighs with her juices like a fountain.

Larry pulled out and straddled her chest and started shooting his cum all over her tits/ The second shot hit her in the chin and upwards across her lips and nose, again he shot covering her face and forehead. He fell backwards and tried hard to catch his breath.

Jennifer was covered from head to belly with his cum and from her belly to knees with her juices.

Robin watched, her eyes wide, she crawled over to Jennifer on hands and knees and kissed her, licking the cum from her face and chin. Kissing her again she swapped cum from her mouth to Jen's mouth. Moving downwards she licked the cum from her neck and tits and once again kissed Jennifer long and hard. Her hands drifted to Jennifer's pussy and scooped up that cum and licked her fingers clean, again kissing her long and deep.

They hugged for a few moments and then Jennifer slipped to the floor and attached her mouth to Robin's pouting cuntlips sucking Bob's cum that was flowing from her pussy. Robin dug her fingers in Jennifer's locks and shook as she rode another small orgasm. Sliding up her body she kissed Robin as she has done her earlier swapping Bob's cum with her close friend.

Robin and Jennifer hugged lovingly and Robin looked into the camera; "I think tomorrow the two of us will be a lot more involved with each other. I believe the inaugural Fuck News went rather well, what do you think? We'll be back tomorrow for the top news stories and whatever else we can cum up with. For now we turn it over to Wolf & Friends with Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Gretchen Carlson and Alisyn Camerota. Take it away Gretchen, hope you have as much fun today as we did, till tomorrow this is Robin and Company saying good day sunshine."

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