tagMind ControlFollowing Her Dream Ch. 12

Following Her Dream Ch. 12


Janet could feel the eyes of everyone staring at her. She told herself there's no way they could possibly know, but the fear of being discovered kept her skittish and paranoid. Her head was down as she weaved through the crowd between classes. She kept repeating in her head that no one was looking, that no one would notice, but it did little to quell her anxiety.

She kept her bag in front of her, covering her waist and holding her skirt down. It wasn't unusually short, but she still worried that the lightest of movement would expose everything. Janet could barely endure the tortuous thought of people finding out she wasn't wearing any underwear.

Classes themselves were the hardest part. She made sure she was the last to leave. That way she could stand up with peace of mind that no one was there to look. If she were to move the wrong way, no one would even notice.

Arriving to class was a different matter entirely. There were always others in the room when she entered. She knew they were staring at her, waiting for her to slide into the chair so they could get a glimpse of her exposed sex.

She never saw them stare. Anyone she studied would just act casual as if they were unaware, but Janet knew all eyes were back on her the moment she wasn't watching.

As she continued towards her next class, she wondered if it would be any easier the next time. With her first class, she stood next to her desk awkwardly, trying to work up the courage to sit. She hoped that when she did, the hem of her skirt wouldn't slide up. She tried to be graceful when she finally took the plunge, but her efforts were anything but. Thankfully, if anyone noticed, they didn't make a sound. She breathed a sigh of relief, but Janet made sure to keep her legs together as class carried on. Resting her hands on her skirt only provided extra insurance and peace of mind.

Janet cursed at Violet in her head for subjecting her to this humiliation as she moused her way around the other students in the hallway. It seemed like whenever she was allowed any sort of thought, it was only so she could be forced to endure Violet's cruel games.

At least when she was mindless she didn't have any emotions to attach to her actions. Everything was objective. She was given an order and she performed that order. There was no worry about what other people thought, about what it was she was doing, or about anything at all. It was almost preferable to her current predicament.


It was temporary, though. She still had her memories from when she was under. Violet made sure of that. Janet was told it wouldn't be any fun for Violet if she didn't know what she did, didn't have a reminder of her failure. The realization of what she was made to do hit her the moment she was awake.

The memories felt different. They felt cold and distant, as if they were nothing more than facts that she had read somewhere.

Not like now, where everything was real. Violet left her fully aware today, telling Janet to go about her day without drawing too much attention to herself. The glint in Violet's eyes as she saw her off made Janet fear there was something she wasn't telling her, some surprise she had planned for Janet that she didn't want her to know. Something more than just not wearing underwear.

Janet wasn't sure what could be worse than her current situation. She still had so many classes to get through, so many chances for others to uncover her secret. She told herself she'd just have to take them one at a time and hope nothing happened. It did little to soothe her anxiety.

"Excuse me," Janet squeaked as she bumped into someone's shoulder. Her arm tensed as she recoiled at the contact. She didn't even bother to look up at the person, she only wanted to get on with her day.

"Janet?" a voice called out with a hint of surprise.

Reluctantly, Janet turned to address the person she nudged. She looked up to see Emma standing before her.

Janet didn't know her all that well, just that she was good friends with Rachel. Emma rarely visited their dorm, and Janet didn't share any classes with her. Still, it was nice to see a familiar face after all this time.

"Hey, how you been?" Emma asked.

'Oh, you know, living the life of a mind-controlled slave to a psychotic bitch through a program that I created. You?' Janet almost wished she could say that, but even if she had the courage to do so, it would go against Violet's command. Part of her wanted to try, just as a small act of defiance, futile though it may be.

"I'm doing fine," she said instead. She glanced at the door to her class, just in sight. Emma was a nice person. On any other day she'd be willing to chat with her for a moment, but in her current situation, all she wanted was to get through that door. The sooner that was done, the sooner the day would end, she reasoned.

"I'm actually glad I ran into you, there's something I've been wanting to ask." Emma stared at her hopefully.

In spite of it all, Janet still didn't want to come off as rude. With some reluctance, she turned to give Emma her full attention. "What's up?" As she waited, she fidgeted with her thumbs, still holding her bag over her skirt. Her anxiety flared every time someone brushed past her, moving the thin fabric in the process.

"I had a class with Rachel today. She seemed a little off. Is she okay? Have you noticed anything?" Emma's voice was full of concern for her friend, and thankfully she seem to notice Janet's awkward behavior.

At the mention of Rachel, Janet's ears perked up. She wondered what Violet was having Rachel do today. Was it the same? Doubtful. Violet never seemed to torment Rachel the same way she did Janet. Rachel wasn't as easy prey for Violet. Under normal situations, she'd be quick to fight back. Not like Janet, who's reactions only seemed to encourage Violet's cruelty.

At least that's how Janet explained the differential treatment. She never bothered to ask Violet about it. Regardless, if Emma noticed something, Janet wanted to know. "Off in what way?" she asked. She hoped it wasn't anything serious.

"Well," she began, her face full of concentration as she tried to describe what she saw from memory. "She seemed happier than usual? But also more distracted."

Janet felt relieved. Seems Rachel was the same as she has been.

She grew annoyed at the idea that Rachel's current personality was starting to feel normal. She reminded herself that this wasn't the real Rachel, but rather an alteration of her.

Janet wondered how she was going to explain away Emma's concerns. Even without Violet's commands, it's not like she could tell Emma what was really going on. There's no way she'd believe any of it. Even if she did, Janet couldn't think of anything Emma could possibly do to help them. Better to find a solution on her own, and make sure Emma didn't discover anything.

"Just between you and me," Emma whispered. She looked to her sides, scanning the crowd for any eavesdroppers, before moving closer to Janet. "I think I know what's going on, I was just hoping you could confirm it." She fixed her eyes on Janet.

"Um, wh-what do you mean? Nothing's going on," Janet stuttered. She began backing away, but jumped when she ran into the wall. How could Emma possibly know? Did Rachel let something slip that might have given them away? Given how strict Violet was about unwanted attention, that seemed unlikely.

Emma grinned at her. "Your reaction basically confirms it, Janet." Her eyes shone at believing her suspicions to be valid.

Janet could only stare back in disbelief as she tried to stammer any sort of response. None of the dozen excuses that ran through her head seemed to be of any use. She searched for a way out, wondering if maybe the best course of action would be to run. If not for her fear over her skirt, she might have done just that.

"Rachel has a new boyfriend now, right?" She nudged Janet's arm with her elbow. "Is he cute?"

Janet stood there confused, staring at Emma with her mouth open. "Wait, what?"

"Last time I talked to her, she was crushing over some guy. She said she was helping him get with some other girl, I think? I called her an idiot, but I guess things must have worked out. By the look on her face, he must be amazing." Emma eagerly watched Janet, waiting for any news she could provide. "So, is it true?"

Janet didn't recall anything about a boyfriend. Rachel certainly never mentioned anything to her. Perhaps she just never got around to it. She tried wondering who it possibly could have been. She started feeling a bit jealous, not only over this mysterious guy, but also that she would tell Emma about him first.

Regardless, it seemed a suitable cover to explain Rachel's exuberance. Janet decided she would play along. "He's um... I haven't actually met him yet, but Rachel seems to think he's nice. I think she wants to keep things quiet for now, so please don't ask her about it until she brings it up." Janet studied Emma, judging her reaction to see if that was enough to satisfy her curiosity.

"I knew it!" Emma proclaimed in a hushed voice. "I can't wait to meet him!" Emma was already preparing the checklist in her head to evaluate if the mystery man was good enough for Rachel. Maybe she could sneak some information out of her before their next... "Oh! Hey. I was actually running late to class. Gotta go, but thanks for confirming it for me!" Emma said as she ran off down the hall.

Janet let out a sigh. She made a mental note to talk to Rachel later today to make sure they were on the same page. With any hope, that should avoid any future issues.

With Emma disappearing into the distance, Janet made her way towards her next class. Her first normal interaction since Violet showed up had her feeling good for once. It was enough to let her forget about her current predicament, if for a time.


"Tyler!" Ms. Gilio shouted. "There's still two minutes left in the class. Why are you packing up your things?" The teacher stood there staring the student down with her arms folded across her crisp suit jacket.

Tyler sat in his desk, his book halfway inserted into his backpack as he stared back at his professor in fright. He tried to stammer an excuse, but knew it would be futile. With an apology, he returned the book to his desk, opening it back up.

"Now that I have everyone's attention again, your homework for tonight is to read chapter 17 and do all the 'even' problems at the end." The announcement was met with a few stifled moans, the students knowing there were no check answers for those. Ms. Gilio ignored the reaction.

With nothing left to announce, the teacher waited out the remaining minutes. The room was awkwardly silent, with not so much as a cough from the students. Most of them exchanged impatient glances or willed the clock on the wall to move faster.

After an eternity, Ms. Gilio looked up from her watch. "Very well, you are dismissed."

The class came alive with the rustling of papers as the students packed up and proceeded to leave the classroom.

"Rachel, don't leave just yet. I want to talk with you," the professor demanded, causing Rachel to snap back to attention. The entire period she couldn't help but think back on what Janet had said Ms. Gilio had done. She made the teacher eat her out. Ms. Gilio had tasted her, made her cum.

Her eyes were on the teacher throughout the lecture, watching her mouth move as she talked, wondering how it must have felt against her pussy.

Part of her resigned herself to the fact that she may never know, and that part resented Janet for making her forget. Then she remembered that if it wasn't for Janet, she likely wouldn't have met Violet, wouldn't have found her true purpose in life. That notion alone was enough to allow her to let go of the indignation.

So for now, she was left with her fantasies. She tried her best to picture what the teacher would be like completely mindless, kneeling at her feet, willing to do anything that she was told. Unfortunately, with Ms. Gilio's naturally strict personality, it was difficult to see her as anything but. The thought of the teacher still scolding her while she ate Rachel out at Violet's command did bring Rachel some amusement, though.

If only Ms. Gilio could know just what sort of scenarios were playing around in Rachel's head. By the end of class, Rachel had gotten so worked up from them. She wanted nothing more than to just reach down and start rubbing herself, right in the middle of class. Since Violet told her not to wear anything under her skirt, it would be so easy to do just that.

She couldn't though, not if she wanted her reward. Violet had promised her something amazing today if she was a good girl at school. She wouldn't tell her anything about it, though. Rachel had no idea what to expect, or when, but knew without a doubt she would do anything to get it, just to please Violet.

"Rachel!" the voice rang out.

Her eyes shot back up, the image of the abrasive teacher on her knees fading from her mind. She noticed the room was now empty. Ms. Gilio was back behind her desk, glaring at her. The look she gave told Rachel that she was expected to approach. Rachel obeyed.

"Yes, Ms. Gilio?" Rachel smiled down at the teacher.

Ms. Gilio closed her eyes, taking a deep breath to contain her annoyance. "That's Prof. Gilio, as your final warning." She did not wait for an apology. She didn't even expect one, and the sooner she could get this annoyance done with, the better she would feel. Still, she had a duty as an instructor, and was proud that she was able overlook her personal feelings of Rachel to give her student the proper guidance that she required.

"As a reminder, there are no make-ups for the quiz that we had on Tuesday. Your homework is over due, and you will only be eligible for half the grade of yesterday's, if you have it done by tomorrow. I expect you to have today's homework ready by then as well. Suffice to say, this doesn't reflect very well on yourself. I suggest you reevaluate your priorities, lest you ruin any hopes of achieving anything later in life. You are dismissed"

Ms. Gilio returned to the papers on her desk as Rachel left. Her student had always been cheerful and aloof, but there was something about the way Rachel was smiling at her today that unnerved the teacher. She wondered if Rachel had started taking drugs. She shook her head, scoffing at the youth of today. There was only so much she could do.


Rachel was glad to finally be done with her classes. Her arousal had been steadily growing the entire day with no way for her to relieve it. Her last class with Ms. Gilio was the worst of them, but she had done well. All she had left was to receive the reward that Violet had promised her, her pussy aching in anticipation.

Yet... nothing seemed to be happening. She wasn't sure what she had to do as she pushed open the door in front of her.

When Rachel became aware of her surroundings, she realized that she had entered one of the bathroom stalls. She wasn't sure why, but part of her knew that this was where she was supposed to be.

When she sat on the toilet seat, the arousal that she had been feeling all day kicked into overdrive, forcing a moan to escape her lips in the empty room. Unable to withstand it any longer, Rachel reached a hand down to finally give her cunt some attention.

A mere inch away from touching herself, her hand stopped. She put more effort into it, trying to push past the apparent barrier, but was unable to close the distance. Rachel let out a whimper, denied the one thing she most desired in that very moment.

Biting her lip, her brow furrowed with worry and lust as Rachel tried her other hand. Hoping that it would be the key to her release, she was met with the same result.

Never one to give up, Rachel reached into her bag. Anything she could get her hands on she tried using as a tool to bridge the gap and scratch the itch: a pen, a tube of lipstick, her phone. Each item was brought towards her lips with the hopes of success, only for each one to meet the same failure as the others. She quickly ran out of items to try.

Just as a feeling of hopelessness crept in, an idea seemed to form in her mind, abetted by some foreign will. Reaching down, Rachel picked up her phone once again. Her hands almost moving on their own, she turned on the camera. Aligning it just right, she took a picture of her glistening cunt.

With nimble speed, Rachel attached the photo to a message with Violet as the recipient. When she hit send, a small tremble overtook her, allowing her a momentary reprieve from her growing lust. She waited patiently as the pleasure returned. Her phone chimed.

She read the text from Violet. 'Good girl. Go ahead and masturb-'

Rachel's hand was working at her slit before she finished the message. Her mouth hung open as she let out a shaky breath, glad to be able to satisfy herself. She continued reading. 'Go ahead and masturbate for me. Don't cum until someone else is in the room, though. Enjoy! <3 Oh, and be sure to be quiet.'

Rachel whimpered, the progress she had made with her fingers evaporating after she finished the sentence. Rubbing herself no longer did anything to abate the unyielding hunger within. She had to keep going though, spurred on by Violet's instructions. She would continue for as long as it took until someone else entered. Part of her wondered that if no one did, would she stay there until the school closed? Until the next day?

She knew the answer.

The risk of being caught did frighten Rachel. However, as her emotions began working her into a frenzy, she found herself wishing that someone would enter right then, just so she could feel the orgasm ripple through her, just so she could once again please Violet. She begged in her mind for the door to open.

When she finally heard the creak, Rachel wanted to shout for joy.

The lone stranger entered the stall next to her. Rachel could see her shoes from under the divider, the girl's clothing bunched around her ankles as she took her seat. She could smell the girl's perfume, and was hoping her own smell of sex wasn't noticed in turn.

Rachel dared not breathe. Her fingers wiggled around inside of her, trying to find pleasure with as little movement as possible. It was working, just much slower than she would have preferred.

She hunched over, willing herself to cum while fearing what would happen when she did.

She could feel it now, nearing release. She pressed her hand hard against her sex. She brought her other hand up to cover her mouth. When she went over the edge, she bit hard against the flesh in an attempt to stifle the scream that was attempting to escape. Air hissed loudly through her nose as she exhaled. A deep grunt rumbled through her throat. Her legs twitched, causing her shoe to squeak against the tile.

Lost in the pleasure, Rachel quietly moaned out Violet's name into her arm.

If the stranger heard it, she gave no indication. If she knew what Rachel had just done, Rachel wasn't sure if she could have cared at the moment. She was too far gone in her own pleasure to ponder on anything else.

Rachel slowly came down from her euphoric high, taking deep but slow breaths to avoid making more noise. When she found composure, she allowed herself to grin as she sent a text thanking Violet.

Filled with satisfaction, Rachel cleaned herself up and left the bathroom. She was eager to see Violet now that the day was over.

Janet's fingers were inside her pussy, but they had stopped moving. She couldn't believe what she had just heard. Muffled though it was, the voice from the other stall was undeniably Rachel's. She thought it was just some random student.

It was bad enough being forced to send Violet a picture of herself. When she was told she had to masturbate, Janet had never felt so embarrassed. And to do all this with a stranger just a few feet away was a nightmare all its own. She did her best to make sure the stranger had no clue about what was happening.

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