tagIncest/TabooFollowing on from a Strange Request Ch. 02

Following on from a Strange Request Ch. 02


My story uses the characters and ideas created by Rogueload in his story A Simple Question. The Deal stories are posted by Litfan10 and if you've not seen them, are a real treat to read. Thank you to everyone who voted and left comments after reading part one. Part three has been started but is still in a state of flux. Petertowers.

* * * * *

I hit the sack as soon as I'd shut my computer down and drifted off to sleep happily replaying the events of the last few hours through my mind. I was fairy sure mom would let me watch her play with herself, I reckoned what we'd been doing was working for her as much as it was for me. Being naked around her all week was going to be hard, in every sense of the word.

The morning dawned as they do and for once I was saved the bother of deciding what to wear, it was Saturday and I didn't have to go anywhere so I'd probably spend the day as I'd woken up, actually that was doubly true as like always I'd woken with a woody. I knew mom was already in the kitchen, I smiled to myself as I made my way down the stairs, my erection acting like a divining rod seeking out pussy.

'Good morning mom.'

'Good morning... Christ I can't believe that thing is still hard.' Mom said as she caught sight of my not so little man.

'Don't worry it'll be less impressive by the time I've finished my breakfast, besides I really need to pee.'

'Well your eggs are nearly done, do you want them now?'

'Now's fine. What you up to today?'

'Well I need a few things from town so I was hoping to nip in early while it's quiet.'

'Do you mind if I tag along, I could do with a look around too.'

'That's good, it's ages since we went shopping together, you can give me a hand with a few things. Don't forget you don't get dressed until you're by the door ready to leave.' She said smiling.

'I know, actually I could get used to this you should try it.'

'Who's to say I haven't.' mom said as she left the kitchen to go and get ready.

Mom just kept surprising me, as I shovelled my breakfast down I wondered what she could need my help with at the shops. In my room it only took a moment to pick up a few things to wear. I waited in the lounge while mom got ready, to show her I wasn't always hard I was doing my best to keep my dick flaccid. But with the memories of last night still bubbling away at the forefront of my mind I was fighting a loosing battle. Sure enough by the time she was ready I had another throbbing erection.

'Honest mom, it was soft a few minutes ago.' I told her in response to her look of mock indignation.

'Well you can't go out like that... can't you, you know get rid of it?'

I smiled as an idea slipped into my head. 'If I had a little help it'd go in no time.

Mom stood there with her hands on her hips. ' By help, you want me to do what?'

'Pushing your slacks and knickers down and let me see your snatch.'

'You don't pull any punches do you.' Mom said as she nether the less did as I asked.

Like I said with a little encouragement it didn't take me long to shoot my first load of the day. I was glad I'd not given in to temptation before coming down for breakfast. I made a mental note to save myself for the times when mom was there to 'help' me. Even though I'd only had a few hours to get used to being naked around the house, it still felt funny to slip on my clothes as we were leaving.

When we got to town we went to a few shops together then separated. I was looking for a second hand computer game and mom seemed to be leap forging from one lingerie store to the next. We met up for lunch at a small pub in the square, it was a warm day so we grabbed a table out on the street. While we were waiting for our food, mom nodded to an adult shop just across the street.

'Lets pop in there to see what it's like.'

I have to admit I was curious to see what it was like in the store but I'm sure every young lad would feel the same, wild horses wouldn't drag me in there in the company of my mother.

Mom didn't push the point, she just called me a wimp before saying she wouldn't be long. She was just full of surprises today, first she bares her pubes to me with out a bat of an eyelid and now she's off to look around a sex shop. Five minutes later, just as our lunch arrived she returned carrying a small brown bag and wearing the biggest smile. I knew that look, it meant she had something up her sleeve!

'Perfect timing.' She said as she slipped the bag into one of her other shopping bags. 'You ought to go over there later, there's the cutest young girl working on the till.'

'Mom I'd die of embarrassment, knowing my luck she'd be on one of my courses at collage.'

'You want to know something stud?' she said as she started to tuck into her baguette.

'What?' I asked in a suspicious tone.

'When you've finished your lunch, you're going over to that shop and buying me a present.'

Only just managing to swallow what I had in my mouth, I asked why she was so sure, I was going to buy her something from the sex shop.

'If you want to watch me doing what Diana did in part three, you've got to go over there and buy me a vibrator. I'd like a realistic looking one, nothing too big.' Here she leaned forward and whispered in a conspiratorial way, 'I saw one that was just like yours, it was at the end of a rack in the far corner, it's fourteen ninety-nine.'

Suddenly my mouth was too dry to eat. Mom had me, to coin a phrase by the balls.

'I think I need another drink, do you want another?'

'No stud, I'm fine but you get yourself another pint if you need too and to show I'm not a cruel mother, I'll not mention the phrase, Dutch courage.'

Ten minutes later I'd finished my lunch and my pint.

'I don't have any money.'

'That's ok, here's fifteen.' Mom said with a laugh.

'At the end of the rack near the corner, looks like mine and is just under fifteen?' I said.

'Yep, pay the cute young girl on the till after you find it.'

'How young is she?'

'I don't think she's much more than eighteen.'

'Christ mom, are you sure you've not already got one.'

'Nope, never needed one. Now go on, you can be in and out in a flash if you try.'

I looked at the money in my hand then at mom and then at the shop. 'If I get you that vibrator you'll do what Diana did?'

'Yep, and you get to do the vacuuming naked for the next week and watch a chick flick with me. So when you're ready...'

What choice did I have if I wanted to watch mom fuck herself with a vibrator I had to go over there and buy one for her. If I didn't, I knew I'd never live it down. Which ever way I looked at it I didn't have a choice so I got up and did my best to walk casually across to road and through the intimidating entrance of the sex shop.

Like mom said the girl at the till was young but thankfully I didn't recognise her. I found the vibrator exactly where she'd said and I have to say it did have more than a passing resemblance to my best friend. Summoning up all of my courage I headed for the till.

'Hi there, did you find what you wanted?' The girl asked in a very cheery voice.

'Err, yes thanks.' I replied as I placed the dildo on the counter.

'That's our most popular model.' She said as she picked it up.

After she'd scanned it she rather provocatively ran on hand up and down the shaft and said that a lot of men buy a vegetable based lubricant to use with these.

I could feel myself starting to panic at that point.

'It's for a friend I'm sure they already have err.. lubricant'

'Okay I just thought I'd mention it as they're not much fun to use dry... do you mind me asking what made you choose this one?'

I started to pray that the ground would open up and swallow me or her. I just wanted to pay for the blessed thing and leave. 'My friend wanted something, err, life-like.'

'Well this one is as life like as you can get, it's just the right shape, not to thick, not to long, just perfect. Don't you think?'

Now I really was panicking, what do you say to a question like that, I knew if I opened my mouth, total gibberish would erupt. I held out the money and remained tight lipped.

'Okay that's fourteen ninety nine.'

At last, she took the money but still my ordeal wasn't over as the girl started to tell me about a promotion they had for something or other. As soon as she'd finished her pitch I told her I wasn't interested and held out my hand for the vibrator which she had slipped in the obligatory brown paper bag.

'Here you go, I hope your friend enjoys using it.'

I said I'm sure she will which I hope helped to convince her I wasn't gay if nothing else. It wasn't until I was out of the shop that it dawned on me just how attractive the girl had been. As I walked across the street it also crept into my head that she must have been flirting with me, I mean she must get no end of blokes going in each day, she couldn't be like that with all of them.

Handing the bag to my mother I told her she had better put on a really good show after making me do that.

'You want a laugh?...as soon as you'd disappeared into the shop I remembered I do have a vibrator, your dad brought me one as a joke years ago.'

I gave her a withering look which I hope told her I'd get even with her later.

' Well I'm about done, shall we head for home, I'm sure you're dieing to get your kit off again.' Mom said.

'I'm actually dying to get my hands on the vacuum cleaner but I can't until you do your thing.'

'In that case when we get back, I'll have a quick shower and call you when I'm ready. How does that sound.'

'Mom that sounds ok by me.'

'Good, you can take me to the pictures in the evening, Sex in the city 2 has opened.'

I groaned audibly and she laughed. But actually I hadn't minded that much... the first film as I recall had a couple of good sex scenes... but I didn't have to let her know I was happy to go.

Back at home I was soon naked and for the first time mom got to see me soft.

'For a while there I was beginning to think it was always hard; it really is a cute looking dick you've got there stud.'

'Thanks. Enjoy your shower, I'll be in my room when you're ready. I'll print chapter four ready for later.'

'I can't wait to read it, as long as you don't want too much for the pleasure.'

Mom scooted off upstairs while I got a drink to take to my room. As I printed off the next instalment I wondered what I would get for it. I had grave doubts that we could use the same deal as the last chapter, but then again a few days ago I'd not have believed she'd do what she was going to do in a few minutes...the other big element of the chapter was that it is the first time matt photographs the heroin. I could go for a straight re-enactment and work backwards in easy stages. I had to admit the thought of photographing my mother in flagrante delicto was to put it mildly enticing but then again so would photographing her while she was just plain old naked. I've always had a thing for photos taken in obviously public places... that I decided would be the angle I'd aim for.

Right on cue mom called that she was as ready as she'd ever be, then added, if I was still interested. Funny girl I thought as I almost ran across the landing to her room. There I found mom lying on her bed, naked but in a very demure pose. One arm obscured her tits and her right leg was lifted in a way that just obscured her pubes. What turned the whole pose into something highly erotic was that she was waving her new toy like a conductors baton.

'Jesus mom what a pose. Before you move can I take a photo of you just like that. I've never seen anything sexier.'

'I don't know stud, what will you give me for it?'

God I've created a monster, I thought. 'Actually quite a lot, but you've obviously something in mind.'

'You wanted me to agree to put on this show before I knew what I'd be doing, how about you agree to do something for me equally as blind.'

'Any clues?'

'I guess you did give me a little hint... it involves a few of my friends, is that enough?'

I swallowed before asking for just a little bit more.

'They'll all coming over one evening in the week.'

'You want me to make myself scarce?' I asked hopefully.

'Quite the contrary I'd like you to serve the coffee and snacks.'

'Please tell me I'll not be nude.'

'Would I do that to you? No you won't be nude.'

'I'll get my camera, try not to move.'

I dashed back to my room before she changed her mind and rushed back with my compact digital. I quickly took four or five photos from the doorway where I'd first seen her and then about ten more from every angle I could. When I was happy I'd taken enough I put the camera down and stood at the bottom of her bed, ready for the main event. And what a main event it was, mom used her vibrator on her nipples before moving it to the top of her crack where she moved it in small circles for a while before slipping the head into the entrance to her vagina. She paused for a second and I realised her eyes were on mine. She asked if I was ready, when I nodded ever so slightly she pushed as much of the vibrating plastic dick into herself as she could in one go. I didn't need to video that, it would become etched onto the centre of my brain for the rest of my life I was sure.

For the next few minutes mom gently pumped the phallus until her whole body began to arch off the bed. She held her breath for what seemed like ages as she lay tense on her bed. Mom let it out in a long sigh as she let her body relax back onto the bed.

A few moments later she asked, 'Well did you enjoy the show?'

'Mom you have no idea, that was fantastic. I'll be thinking about it each time I pick up the vacuum.'

'I'm glad my labours have been appreciated. Did you check out the film time? Maybe we can make an evening of it and have a meal first.'

'Hey mom that sounds like a plan?'

'Go and check the times, give me a minute to clean up and I'll come through to your room.'

In my room I found the film started on the hour from five till nine. I was relaxing back on my chair gently stroke my ever present erection when mom came in wrapped in an extremely short dressing gown.

'Wow, that is some dressing gown, did you get it today?'

'Yes do you like it?'

'That's a daft question anything that shows your legs off like that gets my vote.'

'Do you want to see what else I brought?'

'Of course' I told her. At which she said, ta-dah as she opened the dressing gown to flash me her dead sexy matching red underwear. 'Wow! Mom you look fantastic, are you wearing them this evening?'

'Of course they'll go perfectly with that red dress I never wear.'

'The short one you got for that wedding last year?'

'That's the one or do you think it's too short.'

'Mom when those words escape my lips, consider having me committed. You'll look drop dead gorgeous I'm sure, I'll need to dig out something flash if you're going to be hanging on my arm.'

'There's the suit we got you for that wedding, you don't have to wear the matching trousers.'

'That's sorted, I just need some help to get rid of this now.' I said nodding at my erection.

Mom made her tutting noise and stood with her hands oh her hips. 'I put on a show worthy of any porn film then stand here in my skimpy new underwear and still you ask for stimuli?'

'When you put it like that, I do sound like a poor little rich kid don't I.'

'Dam right you do mister.'

'Take off your gown then your bra and then your knickers.'

Again mom tut-tutted but didn't hesitate to do as I'd asked. As she stood up after removing her knickers I shot a stream of sperm that just reached her foot.

'You didn't say when the film starts.'

I gave mom a withering look before telling her. As she picked up her things and turned to leave she said we'd aim for the nine o'clock showing. Then reminded me to clean up my mess.

'Oh, when are you going to do the vacuuming? I'm not nagging, just don't want to miss the floor show.'

'Ha ha.' I said sarcastically 'how does ten minutes grab you?'

'Ooh perfect, I'll get myself a ring side seat.' She said as she retreated to her room giving me a fantastic few of her cute bum in the process.

I was actually quite looking forward to putting on a show for my mom, I remember reading once that it's high on most women's fantasy list, though for the life of me I couldn't see why, watching a naked chick vacuum now there was a sight worth watching...

Ten minutes later I started the floor show for my appreciative audience of one. Mom played her part to the limit with shouts of encouragement and jeers when ever the vacuum blocked her view of my dick. Try as I might I couldn't keep a straight face and ended up playing to the gallery big time.

It was still early when I'd finished, too early to think about getting ready to go out so for the next couple of hours we did our own thing. By six I was sat on the couch channel hopping, showered and shaved with a small pile of clothes beside me, feet up on the coffee table feeling more than a little content with life.

Mom made a very dramatic entrance a short time later and I have to say she took my breath away. She'd been secreted in her room for the best part of an hour and I for one could see it was time well spent.

'Okay stud I'm ready.'

I got to my feet and as my mother watched, I slipped my things on. It was hard to believe how much our lives had altered in the last twenty four hours... life was definitely different. And in this case different was definitely better.

It was only a short drive to the restaurant mom fancied, as it was still early we had the place to ourselves. We followed the waiter as he minced his way to a quiet table in a corner, we looked over the menu as he went to collect our drinks.

'I don't think I thanked you for you performance this after noon did I mom. It really was quite a show.'

'Well stud I'm glad you enjoyed it, to be honest I've never done that before, not even for your father. Do you want to know something else?' she whispered.

'Of course.' I said as I leaned closer to her.

'That was the strongest orgasm I've ever had.'

'We seem to be on a roll here, cause last night when I came on your boobs had to be the best I've ever had too.'

We sat back into our chairs as the waiter returned with our drinks and took our order. Once he'd left we clinked our glasses, I said cheers, mom smiled and said to us.

'Right I'd like to bring chapter four to the table.' I said in my best board room voice.

'Ah, chapter four, and what do the intrepid duo get up to this time?'

'More of the same really but with a couple of twists.'

'What do you have on your twisted little mind?'

'I'm hurt you should think that of me.' I said in mock indignation.

'I'll let current events speak for themselves stud.'

'That's quite a statement coming from a woman who's just confessed to having had the best orgasm of her life, fucking herself with a dildo while her impressionable young son looked on.'

'When you put it like that it is a case of the cat calling the kettle black. Okay I'll admit to possibly having a mind as equally twisted as yours.'

'I'm glad we've sorted that out. Now back to negotiations. You've got a choice, you can faithfully act out whatever Diana does and allows Matt to do.' Mom's eyebrows arched on hearing that, 'Don't worry they stick to their no touching rule.'

'What else is on the table?'

'I really enjoyed photographing you earlier. How about you pose for some more photos.'

By posing you mean nude' mom asked sceptically.

'Nude or semi nude, yes.'

Our starter arrived which allowed her to digest what I'd said. Once the waitress had retreated she leaned closer and said,

'I think I can guess what Diana and Matt get upto in chapter four, I think she puts on a second show and lets him film her. Right?'

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