tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFollowing the Rules Ch. 03

Following the Rules Ch. 03


Lisa's phone buzzed. We were playing hooky from our medical practice to eat lunch in a real restaurant rather than brown-bagging like we usually do.

"It's Nikki," she announced with a grin as she glanced at the screen. "Maybe she has a plan for us to meet the Websters and the Marshalls," she continued with a hopeful look on her face.

Lisa and I had been waiting nearly a month for Nikki to arrange for us to meet the final two couples who share a common interest in extramarital group sex and mild bondage. We had already enjoyed our first encounter with Nikki and Justin Roberts and our second with Keith and Emma Stanley. We were anxious to meet the others.

If all this sounds familiar, it may be that you recall reading my account of Lisa's fantasy 'rape' by Justin and my incredible experience with his wife Nikki afterward. Or perhaps you remember Lisa's rendition of the extremely pleasurable afternoon we shared with Keith and Emma a few weeks later. That fantasy had been my responsibility to plan and bring to life. Nikki was very helpful and it was her recommendation that led me to Keith and Emma, a husband and wife team of massage therapists who, as we soon discovered, clearly possess additional skills.

Later that evening, Nikki and Justin surprised Lisa by showing up at our hotel in South Lake Tahoe for dinner. I knew they were coming, and why, but Lisa didn't have a clue. After dinner Nikki invited us to join the group, having already received enthusiastic approval of the idea from Keith and Emma. All that remained for us to become full-fledged members was to meet the remaining two couples. If everyone hit it off, we could begin having sexual encounters within the group whenever the inclination struck.

"Hi Nikki! What's up?" Lisa asked when she answered the call.

"Whatever it is, I know it's gonna be good!" she exclaimed after listening for a moment or two, the excitement clearly audible in her voice. I looked over at her and raised my eyebrows.

"It's fine with me," she declared after a lengthy silence. "Brett is sitting right here. Let me make sure it's okay with him."

"With their permission, Nikki is sending us a video of the Marshalls and Websters in action. She wants our permission to give them a copy of my rape video," she told me after covering the phone.

I immediately agreed and she passed along my concurrence to Nikki. I didn't know exactly what Nikki had in mind with the video swap but I was certain that Lisa and I would enjoy it.

The two women chatted for a few more moments and then ended the call.

"I think we are in for a treat," Lisa announced. "We'll have the video in a couple of days. It was shot at the Marshall's house. They've built a room in their basement that the couples in the group have put to good use a time or two. She says that Susan is the beautiful little brunette and Amber is the stunner with auburn hair. Nikki is sure that you'll approve. She told me we won't have any trouble identifying Ken and Derek since they are not screwing their own wives in the video," she added with a smile.

"What did she say about the guys?" I asked, curious about Lisa's potential partners.

"She didn't give me any details, but she thinks I'll find them acceptable," Lisa replied with a mischievous grin.

"If Justin and Keith are any indication of the standards within the group, I'm sure you will," I told her with a grin of my own.

"Nikki said that after everyone has had a chance to watch their copies, she'll arrange for us to meet. She believes that both couples will be frantic to make our acquaintance after they see the rape video."

"You realize that things may change for us in a big way now," I offered after a brief pause. "Fantasy enactments may be only a part of what we do from here on out. We know they are all into foursome sex and low-key bondage but we don't have much experience in either area."

"That's true," Lisa replied. "The rape scenario was our only bondage adventure and we've only had the two foursomes. I'm guessing we're about to enter a whole new realm."

"Are you looking forward to it?" I inquired.

"I think so. I suspect that Nikki carefully selected the video she's sending so we can get an idea about what to anticipate later on. I don't get a sense that Justin, Nikki, Keith, and Emma are into anything outrageous, but we won't know about the others until we see the video."

"I agree, and we can always opt out if we feel uncomfortable," I offered.

"That's true, so now we just have to wait for the video to get a glimpse of what the future might hold."

"What shall we do while we wait?" I asked with a straight face.

"I assume we'll find the video highly arousing, which is likely to result in some sort of sexual activity on our part," Lisa answered, equally deadpanned.

"Probably true," I told her, nodding my head in agreement.

"Today is Wednesday. The video will probably arrive on Friday or Saturday. Perhaps we should practice tonight and then abstain for the remainder of the week so we'll be all charged up again for the weekend.

"Sounds reasonable to me. Do you have anything specific in mind?"

"We could go out on a date tonight and then go park somewhere. You can fuck me in the back of the van if you like. If I remember correctly, the back seats all fold flat," she answered with a little smile. We have an old Dodge Caravan that we use for running errands. A 'beater' as such cars are commonly known in the area where we live.

"I believe they do," I replied, smiling back at her. "I'll check the owner's manual."


Other than almost getting caught by a sheriff's deputy with our pants down, so to speak, we stuck to our plan for Wednesday and Thursday nights and kept our fingers crossed that the video would arrive soon.

When we returned home at the end of the workday on Friday, we were both ecstatic to find that it was waiting for us in our mailbox.

Nikki had wrapped a note around the disc container telling us that we were about to watch the third encounter between the Marshalls and Websters but it was the first to feature a pair of new bondage devices. Ken and Derek had prepared them on the sly. Until the video was shot, the two women had been kept in the dark and had no idea what to expect.

Distracted by the presence of the video, we decided to just have soup and sandwiches for dinner and then settle in to see what the two couples look like, what their sexual interests might be, and how well they performed.

By eight o'clock we had finished eating, showered and dressed for the occasion. I was wearing a lightweight robe and nothing else. Lisa had chosen a filmy nightgown and nearly non-existent panties that left little to the imagination. As a special treat, I opened a bottle of expensive champagne that we had been saving for a special occasion.

I loaded the disc into the player and then joined Lisa on our family room sofa. With lights properly dimmed and champagne glasses in hand, we settled in for what we felt certain was going to be an extraordinary evening.

Just as I was about to hit the play button, Lisa stopped me.

"Hold on a second," she directed. "What we are about to watch is certain to be highly arousing and, as so often happens, we will be inclined to have sex before the show is over. I don't want to do that this time. No matter how amped up we become, I want to watch the whole thing before we get down to business of our own."

"I agree," I replied. "I promise to keep my hands to myself."

"See that you do mister!" Lisa said with a mock frown. "Now start the movie."

When the screen came to life, we were presented with a bird's eye view of an auburn-haired beauty reclining on a bench of some sort. All we could see of Amber Marshall was a smiling face and firm breasts with prominent nipples pointed up at the camera lens.

As we watched, the camera panned back to reveal more of her body and the bench she was lying on; or more specifically, the bench that was constraining her. It was an odd looking device that resembled a weight lifter's bench but appeared to be more comfortable as it was much wider, softly padded, and had a pillow to support her head.

We could now see that Amber's wrists were shackled to the sides of the bench. We could also see that her feet were being held high in the air in some manner and forced wide apart to reveal her inner thighs, her pussy, and a small landing strip of pale pubic hair.

Through some sort of editing trick, the overhead view morphed into a camera angle that had been shot from somewhere near the foot of the bench that we could now see was higher off the floor than what a weight lifter might find convenient, perhaps three feet or so. Two vertical steel posts, spaced about four feet apart, flanked the end of the bench closest to the camera.

At the top of each post was an eye bolt that held a small single-sheave pulley. Ropes were threaded through the pulleys and fastened to padded leather cuffs that were securely strapped around Amber's ankles. The ropes were holding her legs widely splayed, her toes pointed toward the ceiling. Amber wasn't going anywhere.

"That's quite a contraption. Maybe you'll get to enjoy it someday," I offered.

"God, I hope so!" she responded, just as the screen slowly faded to black.

Moments later an aperture opened in the middle of the screen to reveal a petite brunette with a splendid figure standing next to what looked like a pair of chains suspended from somewhere up above with an odd looking assortment of nylon bands and straps hanging from the ends of the chains.

Susan Webster, wearing a very short satin robe, turned toward the camera, smiled broadly, and gestured like a game show hostess toward the jumbled mess.

"What on earth is that thing?" asked Lisa.

"I have no idea," I responded as Susan removed her robe and tossed it aside to reveal a small, but beautifully proportioned body.

"I'm guessing that Amber is about my height," said Lisa. "Susan appears to be four or five inches shorter which would make her only five-two or so. No matter how tall she is, she's an absolute knockout."

"She certainly is," I agreed as I focused on her small firm breasts and the neatly trimmed dark triangle between her thighs.

"Just think, with a little luck, you might find yourself fucking one of those two beauties in the not-too-distant future," Lisa announced.

"The thought hadn't crossed my mind," I replied.

"Yeah, right."

Another editing trick, some sort of rotating plane, solved the mystery of the device. We were suddenly presented with a frontal shot of Susan reclining in something we immediately recognized.

"It's a sex swing!" Lisa exclaimed.

We owned one and put it to good use from time to time. Our swing had a narrow band for a seat and a much wider one that served as a back and head rest for Lisa's comfort. There were two high nylon loops to serve as handholds, and two loops on long tethers that acted as stirrups. When Lisa sat on the seat, grasped the loops, and inserted her feet into the stirrups, her hands and feet were above the level of her head. When she was ready, she voluntarily opened her legs so I could step in between her thighs and tend to business. After we finished, Lisa could easily extricate herself without assistance if necessary, and if she had the energy.

Susan's swing was a different matter altogether. Her swing looked like it started out similar to ours, but had since undergone several modifications that converted it into an efficient restraint device. The upper loops had been replaced by padded nylon cuffs that encircled her wrists. The stirrups were similarly equipped, firmly holding her ankles.

Each of the cuffs on Susan's ankles had a steel ring sewn into the material. A thick wooden dowel, perhaps three or four feet long, was secured at each end to one of the rings, holding her legs spread wide apart. Although tightly constrained, she appeared to be resting comfortably while waiting for whatever was about to happen. Like Amber, she wasn't going anywhere without help.

Once again, the image on the screen morphed into a different view, this time capturing both women and the two constraint devices that were located only a few feet apart in the room. Next to each was a short stool on wheels.

The ladies' heads were free to move so that each would be able to watch what was happening to the other. As if on cue, Amber and Susan did just that, turning their heads toward each other and smiling radiantly, obviously pleased with the situation in which they found themselves.

"I'll bet you fifty dollars that I can hold out longer than you," proposed Susan with the first spoken words since the video began.

"You're on! I think you'll cum first," Amber responded with a grin. "And it looks like we're about to find out. Here they come," she added as the screen once again briefly went dark.

A split screen appeared next with one camera focused between Amber's legs and the other directed between Susan's.

A naked man, already erect, appeared in each view and approached the device with its helplessly constrained woman. Standing to one side, their erections were clearly revealed as they surveyed the results of their earlier handiwork.

"Are you ladies comfortable?" asked one of the men.

"Yes," responded Amber.

"Absolutely," echoed Susan.

"Good," said a different male voice, "because you are going to be there for a while."

"Then perhaps you guys might want to get started," suggested Amber, her breasts heaving as she began to hyperventilate in anticipation of what was to come. Susan was exhibiting similar signs of excitement but remained silent.

The two men were of similar height. Both had excellent physiques with well-muscled arms, broad shoulders, and taught flat stomachs. One was dark haired, while the other had a lighter shade.

The dark haired man was standing next to Susan, who was clearly focused on his cock and beginning to wiggle her ass a little in the seat of the swing. A glance at the other half of the screen revealed that Amber was rocking her pelvis while she too was staring her guy's equipment.

"Apparently that's Derek beside Susan and Ken next to Amber," announced Lisa, her voice choked with excitement since it was obvious that the action was about to begin. I could feel some tightness in my own throat as well.

"I don't supposed you missed the fact the both gentlemen are sporting impressive erections," I offered, my voice a little strained.

"What erections?" breathed Lisa with a little smile.

"Those guys appear to be in the same class as Justin and Keith," I offered. "Just think, with a little luck, you might find yourself being fucked by one of them in the not-too-distant future," I continued, mimicking Lisa's earlier words.

"That had not occurred to me," she replied with a straight face.

All conversation between us stopped as Ken moved his stool into position and sat facing Amber's open thighs.

A glance at the other half of the screen showed Derek taking a similar position on his stool in front of Susan's swing.

Looking over at each other, both guys grinned and then turned to bury their faces in pussies that were ready for their attention.

"Oh God," moaned Amber.

"Oh God," echoed Susan as the split screen views switched to the overhead cameras. Lisa and I were now looking down the tops of two heads as their owners went about the business of using their lips and tongues to begin pushing the women upward towards the inevitable orgasms both would soon enjoy.

Amber and Susan immediately began making small incoherent sounds of approval as the men expertly manipulated the sensitive areas between their silky thighs. Moments later, both ladies began to rock their hips sharply as their arousal began to build. The men responded by wrapping their arms tightly around those same thighs, forcing the women to remain almost completely immobile.

"Goddammit," groaned Susan, obviously frustrated as she continued futile attempts to grind her pussy into Derek's face.

"Oh fuck!" exclaimed Amber as she experienced similar frustration with Ken.

Unable to contribute in any meaningful way to their own arousal, the two women had no choice but to submit as the men took their time, clearly intending to prolong the oral encounter as long as possible.

Our family room was soon filled with yelps and wails as the two women were brought up to the threshold of orgasm and then skillfully held there by the men.

Lisa, now highly aroused herself, eased one hand inside her panties.

"Careful!" I admonished, although I was well aware of my own throbbing erection where it had parted my robe and was pointed at the ceiling.

"I just need a little relief," breathed Lisa, as she rocked her hips upward toward probing fingers.

"Don't cum yet," I ordered as I paused the video. "They'll be fucking soon and there is no sense in having an orgasm before they finish.

"You're right," she sighed as she reluctantly pulled her hand free, turned toward me, and slipped her fingers into my mouth. Grasping her wrist, I sucked on her fingers for a moment or two and then placed them on the head of my cock.

"Just a quick taste," she murmured as she lowered her face into my lap.

"Oh fuck," I breathed.

A couple of seconds later, Lisa disengaged, gave my cock a squeeze, and smiled impishly at me.

"Restart the movie," she ordered.

When I complied, our excellent audio system continued to entertain us with the sounds of two women teetering on the brink of what were certain to be sensational orgasms.

"I think Amber is going to cum first and lose the bet," Lisa announced breathlessly.

"I don't think so," I croaked.

As usual, Lisa's prediction in such matters prevailed. Amber let out a shriek and began to buck against her constraints as a sensational orgasm took control of her body. Seconds later, Susan released a high pitched wail as Derek pushed her over the edge.

Both men stopped what they were doing and began to gently kiss the insides of still-shaking thighs as the women slowly calmed and their breathing returned to something near normal.

"I won," murmured Susan.

"I don't care," breathed Amber. "I'll trade a million dollar orgasm for fifty bucks any day."

"Well ladies, place your bets if you wish. Round two is about to begin," announced Ken as he came to his feet, pushed the small stool aside, and then placed the head of his cock against the entrance to Amber's pussy. A glance at the other half of the screen showed Derek doing the same to Susan.

"Oh God yes!" exclaimed Amber.

"Fuck me!" demanded Susan.

Once again the guys glanced over at each other and smiled as the cameras shifted back to the overhead view.

With perfect synchronization, two swollen cocks were slowly eased into welcoming pussies, the inch-by-inch penetration clearly captured by the cameras. Ken and Derek were rewarded with soft moans of pleasure from the ladies.

The men took their time, fucking each other's wives very slowly at first, clearly wanting to last as long as possible. In spite of their husband's self-control, the women were so aroused that they were soon making steady progress toward what would be their second orgasm in a few short minutes.

Sensing the women were close, both men picked up the pace and began to thrust with greater speed and power. Amber and Susan were soon approaching the edge and sobbing with pleasure.

Ken and Derek continued to fuck the women very hard, now apparently intent on driving them toward orgasm as quickly as possible. In less than a minute they had both ladies ready to climax but then slowed their pace to hold them in pre-orgasmic limbo. Once again denied release, the women began to whimper in frustration.

"Oh, please, please," Susan pleaded.

"Goddammit Ken! Fuck me! Hard!" ordered Amber.

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