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Fom Iraq with Love


December 1, 2005

Kelly my angel,

I have to agree. Thanksgiving here without you was a real bust. The dry version of over cooked chow line food slapped on a plate. That they tried to convince us was sliced turkey, or anything edible for that matter, by drowning it in gravy. Toped off with a paper turkey napkin to keep it festive. Some how the cooks here seem to be able to make even military food worse than it has to be. Think of your worst meal in the grade school cafeteria and multiply it by 100 then imagine eating it 3 times a day every day for months on end. Not just one lousy meal a day surrounded by two great ones from mom.

Thank God for the reprieve of your sweet care packages filled with all my favorite little goodies. When the chow is horrible I can always come back to the bunk to snack...and to think of you!

The only good thing about Thanksgiving around here was being with all guys to watch uninterrupted football via satellite link up. Of course that was hours behind, and froze up a few times every hour or two...but that's what you get in the Army. I think we were all just happy to see something as all American as football for almost a whole day.

Today they trimmed the tree at our unimpressive little tent city. And I put up the small one that you sent in my last care package. But as you said in your Thanksgiving letter...it doesn't feel at all like the holidays. Not snowy and cold like back home—Just thick clouds of dry dust and unbelievable heat. Today it was 105 degrees in the shade. I swear I'll be 20lbs lighter when I get back just from all the sweating I've done.

The battalion has seen a little action since the last time I wrote, clearing the streets and roads. So far no major incidents. No tanks or trucks have been hijacked like things that have happened to some of the other battalions.

The biggest challenge has been for us to make sure that the citizens were allowed safe passage to the voting facilities. It is a great time of uncertainty and upheaval for them and I truly believe that they are as scared as we are by all of it.

I miss you constantly. And the thoughts of you and our new home and new life together as married partners is all that keeps me going throughout each and everyday. Never doubt that you hold the key to my heart. This time apart maybe hard for us to bear now, but it will only serve to make our marriage stronger in the long run. If we can survive times like these and not lose our faith, hope, and love in one another then we'll be able to conquer anything that comes our way from here on out for the next 50 years of married bliss! (Yes I'm planning for the long hall here! J)

I feel as though I'm missing out on all the important things, all be they the small decisions and arrangements, they are still the things that make a marriage, well, a marriage. I wonder what colors you've picked out for the kitchen and the living room walls. Which cabinet you've stored the glasses in and in which the plates.

Silly little things to miss I guess. But when I left more than three quarters of the house was still in boxes, or still left to be bought and placed. How does the new kitchen table set look? Great I am sure. I know that everything will be beautiful. You have such great taste anyway. I just wish I were there to watch and help you work your magic. J

Thank Goodness for our letters. Without them I would feel completely lost. I mean I still get mail from Mom and little Becky, but they are always telling me about Dad and how he's not fairing so well. And all that does is frustrate me more since I know that neither you nor I can be there to help my Mom. And Becky, she just writes to tell me all the latest gossips of middle school and the crazy things the kids are into these days.

And just like you said about me, I miss you like crazy. Day and night, but the days are filled with drills and missions and plenty of inane and pointless tasks that the military gives us to keep us mindless as drones. And they work. We do seem to miss home less when the mind numbing tasks are at hand. But they all have to come to an end and then the night begins.

The nights are hardest for me as well. I think I still feel a bit bitter about the military ending our honeymoon for us. I long for the warmth of your body next to mine—the feel of your breath hot against my chest all through the night.

As for your letter sex, I can't wait to receive it and you can bet it will be your letter and the thoughts of your heavenly body that I'll bunk down with to keep me warm and happy at night...so send away my love...I wait for it all...tell me all that you wish I were there to do...

I love you Kelly,

Yours and yours alone...

Forever my love...and never goodbye...


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