tagGroup SexFondest Wish Ch. 02

Fondest Wish Ch. 02


The soft touch of Amalie's mouth on her skin sent waves of heat skittering through her, raising goose bumps in its wake. Kara moaned softly as the woman's lips grazed her cheek, then moved down the side of her jaw, targeting the shell of her ear. As her tongue lazily traced the rim, Donovan knelt at Kara's feet and ran his hands up her legs, enjoying the feel of her solid, warm flesh beneath the thin material of her skirt. Kara shivered, instinctively opening her legs at the insistent touch of his hands.

Amalie's tongue made short work of her ear, licking, then naughtily nibbling on the fat lobe and making Kara swoon with pleasure. Her reaction pleased Donovan who took the opportunity to rise on his knees and begin unbuttoning her shirt, letting his hands slip inside the silk. Warm, pliant flesh met his palms and he pulled the shirt aside, his mouth tasting the skin of her collarbones and his lips moving across the tops of her breasts.

Amalie moved back and let her boyfriend have his way, removing her knitted tube top and revealing her small, chocolate-topped breasts. Kara reached out and touched one, marveling at the beauty of her dark skin as it rested in her pinkish-white palm, then rolled the nipple between her fingers until it resembled a dark berry. Donovan leaned up and gave the bud a hard suck, causing Amalie to gasp and languidly sucked on one of Kara's fingers before returning to his job of removing her shirt. Within seconds, the silk blouse fluttered to the floor, Kara's bra quickly following.

Kara pulled Donovan's head in close and rubbed her sensitive breasts across his rough beard, crying out when his open mouth momentarily capture each nipple for a quick suck. Her skin felt as if she was being shocked when his teeth raked across her tender buds and her pussy gushed in response. Amalie purred like a sleek cat, moving behind Kara and pressing her naked skin against hers.

"We need to take this into the bedroom."

Everyone agreed with Donovan's words and after locking the door, Kara led them to her bedroom, enjoying the sight of Amalie slipping out of her pants and laying down on the bed. Kara was on her in an instant, hovering over her for a second before covering the woman's mouth with her own. Amalie moaned deeply, her hands grabbing Kara's ass and grinding their clothed pussies together. Donovan crawled behind Kara and hooked his hands into the waistband of her gypsy skirt, tugging it down and dropping it to the floor.

As Amalie's tongue learned the inside of Kara's mouth, Donovan's wide hands learned the curves of Kara's body. He began at her shoulders, moving under her curtain of blonde hair, then down her freckled limbs to her small hands. For a moment, he allowed his fingers to intertwine with hers, then continued down, reaching around and cupping her heavy breasts. She shivered and released Amalie's mouth to push back against him, enjoying his domination over her senses, then bent back down to capture Amalie's hungry mouth again.

Amalie reached up and slid the panties off of Kara's hips, meeting her boyfriend's hands and caressing her silken curves together with him. Their hands separated and Amalie's fingers parted Kara's slit from the front while Donovan's hand slid down the back, targeting her asshole. Between them, Kara vibrated with passion, the juices from her sopping pussy scenting the air and lubricating Amalie's fingers. She welcomed the woman's fingers in her slit, spreading her knees wide and rocking forward to press Amalie's fingers in, then back again to feel Donovan's finger rub against her winking hole.

"Jesus, you're making me so hot!"

Donovan added a little pressure to his caress and when she rocked back again, his fingertip breached her anal passage, drawing a deep shudder from her that was accompanied by a gasp of pleasure. "You want to come, little flower?"

The sound of his lilting voice and the effects of the marijuana were working on her, she knew it. Why else would she grind her ass down onto his hand, seeking the penetration of his finger and grab Amalie's hand, pressing it against her clit. A tiny part of her was amazed that they didn't protest but the urge to explode overtook her and she ground hard, rocking faster and faster. Just as she reached the edge, Amalie nodded to her man and her hand curved, three fingers slipping effortlessly into Kara's cunt while Donovan's thick finger completely buried itself in her ass hole.

Kara whimpered and gasped, unable to draw enough breath to scream as the most powerful orgasm she'd ever experienced slammed into her. Her legs quivered and gave way and Donovan gently lowered her onto his girlfriend's body, watching with a wry smile as Amalie claimed her mouth, her fingers still moving inside Kara's pulsing cunt. Seconds stretched into minutes and finally, Kara broke the kiss, her body limp and throbbing with tiny after shocks.

"Thank you for making my wish come true."

"We're not done yet, little flower ... "

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