tagGroup SexFondest Wish Ch. 03

Fondest Wish Ch. 03


Kara thought that she'd heard wrong. There was more? Amalie grinned at her, lovingly stroking her cheek. "Did you think I'd leave without tasting your pussy?"

Her sultry words sent heat rising to Kara's face and her drenched pussy twitched in response. She was surprised to find that she wanted to taste Amalie's dark pussy as well and secretly wondered if that was the answer to her problem of not being able to find a loyal man. Maybe she was into pussy.

"And do you think I'd leave without feeling your pussy around my cock?"

Donovan's words brushed the pussy thoughts right out of her head. She could feel the bulge of his package through his jean shorts and every inch of her cunt ached to feel its length and girth. She reached back and gave him a firm squeeze, a shiver coursing through her at the hiss he released through gritted teeth. All at once, she knew what he would sound like as he released his load into her body and another shiver ran through her.

Amalie pulled her down into another deep, passionate kiss and Kara whimpered softly, loving the feel of the woman's fingers in her hair. She heard the sound of clothing rustling and knew when she felt his skin that Donovan had stripped. His mouth on her ass was an unexpected sensation that made her grind into Amalie and with each stroke of his tongue, he memorized the softness of her ass, tickling her at the top of her crack. He gently pulled her hips up, bringing her onto her knees and pulled her cheeks apart, thrusting his tongue directly into her hole.

Kara moaned, bending down and taking Amalie's hard buds into her mouth while pressing back against Donovan's mouth. She moaned louder when Amalie reached up and grabbed her hanging breasts, pinching the reddish-pink nipples ever so slightly and sending a lightning bolt of pleasure directly into her weeping cunt. It was more than she could stand and she released Amalie's breasts, urging the girl to move up on the bed so that her juicy pussy was in front of Kara's face.

Amalie opened her legs wide, her hands gripping the sheets as Kara started munching her pussy. She always loved being eaten out, especially by a woman like Kara: soft, white, and nubile. She had once fallen in love with a woman like Kara but she hadn't wanted to leave her abusive husband and when he'd found out about their friendship, he ended Mindy's life. Maybe that was why she'd wanted Kara so badly, to ease the old wound closed and to open a new chapter in her life.

"Kara." She whispered her name and nearly sobbed when the woman squeezed her ass cheeks in reply. Kara pressed her tongue into Amalie's sweet slit and caressed her hairless pussy the way she'd want to be licked, delighted to feel the honest response and humming in happiness over the delicious taste of her pussy juice. Donovan's agile tongue did dancing of its own, delicately rimming Kara's pink ring, then roughly thrusting into her tight hole, opening her up to him.

His roaming hands caressed her thighs, then moved up to Kara's pussy, sliding his index finger deep into her honey pot. Kara quivered and moaned, sending shivers through Amalie like waves in a still pond. He repeated the action, adding a second finger and ratcheting up the emotions while steadily eating her sweet ass hole out. It wasn't long before the actions of his hands and mouth produced Kara's second orgasm and her ass muscles clamped down on his sawing tongue while his fingers were held captive in her pulsing cunt.

Her moans and whimpers vibrated through Amalie and the moment Kara's tongue slipped around her clit, the vibrations rocketed her into the stratosphere and she screamed in absolute pleasure. Kara kept licking, spearing her slick hole over and over until Amalie lay still, then flattened her tongue, licking from bottom to top and adding pressure against the top of her mound. Amalie exploded again, her hands clutching the sheets even tighter as Kara burrowed into her pussy, her nose rubbing her clit and sending her skyward a third time.

Donovan stroked his cock as he watched his girlfriend cum again and stepped into the other room to retrieve a few more joints and the lighter. His aching, dribbling cock told him that it was time to get the party started and it was his turn to be the celebrant-of-honor.

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