tagGroup SexFondest Wish Ch. 04

Fondest Wish Ch. 04


Kara sunk to the bed next to Amalie and snuggled against her, happy to feel the woman's lips as they lightly touched her forehead with a kiss. "Thank you." Amalie whispered, giving her a gentle squeeze. "That was the best."

"The best is yet to come." Donovan handed the thick spliff to Kara who sat up and took a deep drag, then passed it to Amalie. The sight of his thick cock was too delicious to ignore and she leaned forward, licking the opening in the head and looking up at him with a string of cum hanging between them. "Yeah, baby, suck it."

Kara did. She sucked the rest of the pre-cum from the slit and licked her lips, sliding them over the fat head while her tongue swirled over his flesh. Donovan groaned and pulled his cock out of her mouth, giving her a shotgun with the joint and rubbing more pre-cum against her lips. Amalie sat up and kissed Kara, licking her boyfriend's pre-cum away and leaning in for more. Kara took one side while Amalie licked the other side, meeting at the head and involving it in their French kisses. Donovan gasped at the sensation of two tongues battling over his flesh and pulled back again, this time, settling onto the bed.

Amalie took the joint from him and took another hit, passing it to Kara who returned the shotgun favor to Donovan, before taking a puff and handing it back to Amalie. Kara had never made love to a black man before and she was curious as to whether Donovan was different from the other men she'd bedded other than the size of his cock. Her small white hands spread over the muscled expanse of Donovan's planed chest, exploring the muscles and tweaking the dark brown nipples. He moaned and she bent, attaching her mouth to one and laving it until it was as hard as hers.

She continued her exploration, moving over his smooth abdomen to the well-trimmed tuft of hair that surrounded his cock. As he held his breath expectantly, she let her nose surf around his pole, then moved further down to his balls, lifting and sliding one into her mouth. Donovan reacted immediately, gasping and moaning at the same time as Amalie took the other one into her mouth, her lips and tongue once again meeting Kara's. They moved from his testicles to his pole, laving it with flat tongues until Kara took him deep into her throat while Amalie moved back to his balls.

Donovan wanted to laugh. He had never told Amalie that he'd wanted a threesome and to have two beautiful women sucking him into heaven was beyond his wildest dreams. Kara's mouth was perfect, warm and wet, her tongue rubbing around the ridged head and slipping into the leaking slit and Amalie was doing a marvelous job of sucking on his nuts. He felt as if he was floating away, entering another dimension as his release neared. Never had he ever felt this high and it wasn't just from the dope.

When Amalie moved up to his nipples and Kara took his wet balls into her hands, he thought he was going to lose his mind. The sensation was almost too much and he groaned, desperately trying to think of something else other than his impending release. He didn't want to go so quickly; he wanted to enjoy the moment, to enjoy the sight and smell of these women who were making love to him but his body wasn't going to cooperate. Tingles traced the length of his spine, starting from his tightly curled toes and traveling up his thighs to his balls.

The final straw was when Amalie moved from his nipples back to his nuts and held them in her palm, fervently licking and sucking them. With a bellow from the deepest part of his body, Donovan came, filling Kara's cheeks with a large spurt of thick cum which she quickly swallowed, preparing for the next four squirts. She gulped each one down except the last one which she swirled about in her mouth and turned to share with Amalie in a hot kiss.

The salty taste of her boyfriend's cum in her mouth, Amalie laid next to him, welcoming Kara's soft body molding to hers and the soft whisper of her breath against the side of her neck. "That's one for each of us."


"Why don't we order some food and recharge?"

Donovan nodded, stretching and turning to put his arms around the women. "I'll take care of the food. Why don't you two hit the shower and I'll join you there?"

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