tagGroup SexFondest Wish Ch. 06

Fondest Wish Ch. 06


"No. I don't want to be alone again."

Donovan pressed a kiss against the back of Kara's neck. "We don't want to be alone, either, Kara."

"But ... " She took a staggered breath as his hands cupped her breasts, rolling the nipples between his fingers, then smoothing his palms against her stomach and waist. "As part of a threesome?"

"Why not? You'd come home from work and someone would always be home. You'd go to bed and someone would be in bed with you. There'd always be someone to talk to, to have dinner with, to shop with ... it's the perfect solution." Kara sighed when his hands returned to her breasts, kneading them briskly. "Plus you know that you're loved."

Kara thought about what he was saying as she came, shuddering in his arms as Amalie's agile tongue sent her over the edge again. She felt so good as Donovan put his arms around her from behind and Amalie stood and embraced her from the front, her lips finding hers in a soft kiss. "We want you, Kara, and not just today. For as long as you want to stay with us."

"Please," His soft lips kissed the edge of her ear. "Please become one with us."

Kara was overwhelmed with emotion and bit her lip, fighting back tears. "All right."

* * * * *

Kara stood at the window, looking down into the parking lot as she sipped her tea. Had it really been three weeks since all that had happened? Her body ached with the memory of Donovan's rough hands and Amalie's soft ones but it was her heart that ached the most of all. Once she'd made her decision, they had left the shower and tucked her into bed, departing with the promise of returning to pick her up in three weeks. She had protested at first, upset that she wasn't going to get the chance to make love with Donovan but he told her that he wanted to do it right, that he wanted to welcome her into their family properly. Since then, she had been alone.

Sheldon had tried to talk her out of it, of course but Kara knew that he was more upset with the idea that a black man would be cumming inside her. She brushed him off as easily as he had done her, though she felt uneasy about the whole situation, especially when she hadn't heard from them since. She glanced around the apartment, staring at her life, neatly packaged and boxed, wondering if she'd have a chance to open it and to live the life that Donovan and Amalie had promised.

A horn sounded outside and a moving van pulled up, closely followed by a black Hummer and she held her breath, waiting to see who got out. Donovan slid out of the front seat of the van, along with three other men and Amalie parked the car, her brightly-wrapped braids flowing out behind her. Kara didn't know whether to cry from relief or joy and wiped her eyes as she opened the door and hung out over the railing, waving at them.

"It's about time!"

Donovan laughed and dashed up the stairs, embracing Kara with a ferocity that drove the breath from her lungs. Amalie patiently waited her turn, watching with a wide smile as first her boyfriend shared a kiss with Kara, then she moved in to take her turn. "Are you all right?"

"Yes. Just waiting for you."

"Well, grab your purse and come on. My friends are going to load the van and bring your stuff over. You, me and Amalie are leaving now."

"But ... "

Amalie's wandering hand gave Kara's butt cheek a squeeze. "They are professional movers, Kara. They'll take care of anything."

"And we'll take care of you."

Kara nodded. "I have a small favor to ask. Can you make love to me now? At least just get me off? I've been waiting so long ... "

"Yes, baby. We can do that." Donovan leaned over the rail and asked the guys to wait about 20 minutes before coming up and he and Amalie went back up the stairs with Kara, closing the door behind them.

Amalie went for Kara's mouth, passionately kissing the woman while both fought to remove the other's shirt and immediately moved to suck the nipple of the breast she was cupping. Kara moaned, finding her mouth filled with Donovan's insistent tongue and shivered at the roughness and hissed when Amalie ran the edges of her teeth along the ridge of her nipple. She knew then that it wasn't just the sex that she missed with Donovan and Amalie; it was the way they made her feel. Not only loved, but alive.

Every nerve ending was on fire as Kara led her lovers to her old bedroom, tossing a sheet across the bare mattress and quickly stripping out of her jean shorts. Donovan pulled Amalie's gym shorts down and crawled onto the bed, pulling both women along with him. He turned Amalie and Kara together, watching them kiss, then crept between their legs, feasting first on Kara's peachy snatch.

It was Kara's turn to sample Amalie's breasts and she bent, suckling fiercely and making the black woman quiver as her boyfriend was licking her pussy. She felt Donovan's tongue slip along the soft creases while her own tongue attacked the pebbled surface of Amalie's huge nipples. He moved up, adjusting his position so that he was now under Amalie and began a slow, sensuous assault of her cunt, thrusting his tongue deep inside and humming in appreciation at the cream he tasted.

Amalie pulled Kara's mouth back up to hers and pulled their bodies closer so that the fat mounds of their pussies rubbed together, then slowly lowered them both onto Donovan's open mouth. Kara gasped at the sensation and happily let Amalie set the rhythm, moving their creamy furrows across his raised tongue and grinding their clits together. It only took moments before Kara was cumming and Amalie was right behind her, her hands gripping Kara's ass and rocking them together.

Donovan slid from under the women and gave each a kiss, sharing the commingled flavors of their pussies and handing them their clothes. "Come on, ladies. It's time to go home."

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