tagGroup SexFondest Wish Ch. 07

Fondest Wish Ch. 07


Donovan's house was beautiful. Kara didn't believe that it was his when she saw the magnificent grounds and the Escalade and Yellow Hummer that were also in the driveway. Suddenly, she was afraid that she had made a mistake. She didn't really know these people. What had she gotten herself into?

"I'm not a drug dealer." He glanced over at her worried face and gave her a knowing smile. "I'm a record producer."


"Yes. Mostly dance hall music, you know, reggae-style."

"But you were driving a taxi when I met you."

"I have a friend that owns a taxi service and he lets me use it to help the aging center deliver meals."

"But you gave me a ride!"

"You were my last stop."

"And the best." Amalie added, pressing a kiss to the back of Kara's hand and returning her smile.

Kara was surprised to see her Camry parked in one of the garage spaces and gave Donovan a grin. "You got my car."

"Don't get too attached to it. Amalie's taking you out to get a new one tomorrow."

"A new car?"

Donovan nodded. "Can't have my girl tooling around the city in that."

Kara laughed. "You're still going to allow me to work, aren't you?"

"Yes, dear. You are free to do whatever you want."


Donovan brought the car to a halt in the courtyard and turned to Kara. "I have no right to ask you but I would prefer that I was the only man to ... that I would be the only man who ... "

"Could make love to me?" Tears pricked her eyes when she saw the way he turned from her.

"I mean, one day, you could meet someone that would be your perfect soulmate. I would never stand in your way on any decision you wanted to make about anything in your life but please, I don't want to share you with anyone other than Amalie."

Kara turned his head, pulling his gaze up to hers. "Do I have the same promise from you? That it will only and always be just the three of us?"

"Always. Just us."

"Then you have my word that you will be the only man that makes love to me."

Donovan let out a great sigh of relief and Kara leaned forward, giving him a tender kiss and reassuring him of her feelings. "Thank you."

"And I'll be the only woman."

"Yes." Kara nuzzled Amalie's cheek, lovingly touching her lips to hers. "I'm so lucky."

"Not yet." Amalie giggled, taking her hand. "Come on, I'll give you the tour."

The rest of the afternoon was spent touring the house and the grounds and Kara couldn't believe the beauty. There were three large rooms in the main house. Donovan had the master bedroom and Amalie's room was just down the hall, tastefully decorated in earth tones. When Amalie showed her her room, she was astonished at the size of both the bedroom and the attached bathroom.

"I hope you don't mind but we'll be sharing the bathroom."

"I don't mind at all. I kind of hoped that we'd be sharing a bed, too." Kara slid up behind Amalie and gave her breasts a quick squeeze, breathing hotly in her ear.

"That could be arranged." Amalie whispered softly. "I'd love nothing better than to wake up and feel your body next to mine."

"With Donovan on the other side?" Kara grinned, nipping her neck playfully. "Then we could wrestle to see who won first rights to his pole."

The movers interrupted the twosome and for the next few hours, Kara instructed them on the placement of certain items while Amalie watched in amusement. It was agreed that the majority of Kara's furniture be placed in storage and with most of the unpacking done, Kara decided that it was time to take a bath.

"Nope. Come with me."

Amalie took her hand and led her down the hallway to Donovan's room, grinning as we rounded the corner to the master bathroom. Creamy golden candles gave the room a soft glow, revealing Donovan sitting in a bubble-filled tub, an iced bottle of champagne floating in a silver bucket, three glasses setting on a silver tray next to his elbow.


Kara grinned and shucked off her clothes almost as fast as Amalie did. Donovan arose from the water and held out a hand to each woman, helping them down the submerged stairs and into the tub. "It's time to formally welcome Kara into our family." Amalie hefted the bottle, handing it to Donovan and watching as he filled the glasses, handing one to Kara and remaining by his side. He lifted the flute into the air, his dark eyes boring sexy holes into her. "May you find a life filled with love and a love filled with life."

He edged forward, clumps of bubbles clinging to the perfectly sculpted muscles of his toned body, Amalie joining him as they closed in on Kara. "And may you find a love that fulfills your every need."

Kara wrapped her hand around Donovan's submerged cock, a smile on her face as she emptied her glass, turning to the man whom had changed her life. "I think I've already found it."

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