tagGroup SexFondest Wish Ch. 08

Fondest Wish Ch. 08


The feeling of Kara's hand around his cock made Donovan's heart jump and he struggled to refill their glasses while she and Amalie kissed in front of him. It was most probably the single most beautiful sight he'd ever seen: Kara's creamy skin, rosy with the kiss of heat and Amalie's dark skin, iridescent with reflecting beads of water. He savored the shiver that ran through him as he handed Kara her glass, then took her elbow, maneuvering her toward him. "Your fondest wish comes true tonight."

Amalie took his glass and Donovan reached for the wash sponge, lathering it generously and scrubbing every inch of Kara's body. She trembled in his grasp, enjoying his titillating touch and aching for release. But he was very careful to keep that from happening. He lovingly caressed the globes of her beautiful breasts and pinched the thick nipples. He ran his soap-slick hands over the welcoming curves of her ass and hips and let the petals of her moist sex rest in the palm of his hand as his fingers softly rubbed soap into the folds. Her body rocked against his blunt fingertips and he teased her by allowing just the slightest bit of tip to slip into her hole.

Kara whimpered in despair as Donovan pronounced her clean, his agile hands falling away only to be replaced by Amalie. She began the slow, arduous and sensuous task of rinsing the soap from Kara's body, bending to take a fat nipple into her mouth along the way downward. When she reached Kara's pussy, she shook her head and shot a look to Donovan. He reached over the edge of the tub and handed her a canister of shaving gel and a fresh razor.

"Has to be perfectly smooth." Amalie whispered, kneeling in the water and patiently waiting for Kara to make herself comfortable on the edge. She especially loved the shyly sexy smile Kara offered as she opened her legs to Amalie and she returned the smile, squirting the gel onto her hand. Kara moaned softly when the warmed cream met her already heated flesh and fought to keep still as Amalie deftly shaved her well-trimmed pussy, making sure that every nook and cranny was hairless and smooth. "Now to test it."

Amalie pressed a soft kiss to Kara's thick pud, then snaked her tongue into the slit, tickling her clit for a second before moving down into the steamy folds. Kara gasped and shuddered as Amalie's thorough tongue slid over every inch of her newly-shaven pussy and groaned in frustration when Amalie stood, pronouncing it perfect.

Kara slid back into the water and grabbed the sponge from Donovan's hand, giving him a naughty grin. "Who's next?"

"Me." Amalie piped up and Kara turned to the woman, eagerly sudsing the curves of her chocolate flesh and spending much time in making sure that her already hairless pussy was clean and well-scrubbed. After rinsing her, both women turned to Donovan, admiring his patience and giggling when they saw how hard his cock was. He stood, breaching the water like a Nubian god and quietly watched the two women scrub his muscled body, moaning when Kara's hand slid gently under his balls and applied the sponge.

Kara thought she had never seen anything as beautiful as Donovan's body. She had known that he had muscles because he talked about how he'd played football in high school and college and the expansive weight room downstairs had told her how hard he worked in keeping them but she never expected it to be so beautiful. She ran her hands over the thick ropes around his shoulders and the solid barrels of his thighs, marveling at the strength contained in them and secretly fantasizing about being between them. With his heavy sac swinging below, his purple-brown cock jutted out proudly from his body and she gazed at it, momentarily mesmerized by its length. She'd seen it before and had wrapped her lips around it but she was convinced that it was larger than before.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Kara answered dreamily. "Just doing a little dreaming."

Donovan moved closer, letting the thick head of his cock push against pussy lips and slide into the warmth between her thighs. "Well, let's turn the dreaming into action." His mouth covered hers so quickly that she could barely breathe and his tongue overpowered her, his hips driving his cock along her slit and teasing her as it rubbed past her aching hole. "Time to make you ours."

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