Food Ch. 05


Master decided Rick need a rest from the constant fucking and decided to dine on him instead. Rick was always a tasty treat. To make sure the blood was surging with hormones and other goodies, he had Rick confined to his bed and tied in place. At no time was his cock or sweet ass to be touched unless a bathroom break was needed. Then it was right back to bed with arms and legs secured.

Rick couldn't help but squirm as he missed his butt plug and the wonderful tingles that shot through body. In fact not having it made him even hornier. Helena, his keeper, informed him that Master was going to take blood and didn't want him wasting all his delicious hormones on orgasms. Teasing him, she twisted his sensitive nipples between her fingers.

"Oh you, bitch!" he hissed and closed his eyes. "The least you can do us suck me off."

"Not on your life," Helena retorted although the sight of him helpless with a raging hard on made her weak in the groin. How easy it would be to just hop on his swollen cock and ride him to a bone crunching orgasm. Her pussy was aching with need, and she needed to take care of it.

Taking a vibrator out of her toy chest, she sat in a chair facing her oversexed captive and turned it on. The moment the humming head touched her inflamed clit; she moaned wantonly and gave in to the sensation. One orgasm after another clenched her pussy tight, and all poor Rick could do was watch.

"Pay back's coming, bitch!" he announced heatedly.

"You talk so dirty," she laughed and ran the vibrator once more over her sopping wet pussy. "I could do this all day."

But she didn't have to. Master walked into the room and smiled when he saw Helena enjoying herself and Rick just watching, his huge cock pressed so hard against his belly it had to hurt.

"Helena," he interrupted her. "You may go now."

Helena jumped up, kissed the master on the lips and hurried back to her room. Master chuckled softly and then turned his attention towards his evening meal. "Have you been good today?' he asked and sat on the bed beside Rick to caress his bare tanned chest.

"I have," Rick choked out the answer as Master toyed with his hyper sensitive nipples.

"No, sex?" Master asked and allowed his elegant fingers to trail down Rick's lean body to his straining cock.

"No...Master," Rick gasped as just the tip of a nail brushed his cock head.

"Excellent," Master stated agreeably and reached into his breast pocket for his a set of fine silver needles. "Pain and desire create a delicious flavor to the blood," he explained and pierced Rick's right nipple. Rick closed his eyes and squirmed uncontrollably on the bed. He needed to be fucked badly. Master pinched the left nipple and rolled it between his fingers, making it stand up hard before piercing it with the other silver needle. Rick moaned and tried to fuck the air. He was desperate now.

Master looked at his squirming meal, golden skin damp with sweat and a rock hard dick lying straight up on his belly. There was nothing wrong with him. Master decided to fuck him after all. Rick was such a good fuck, so appreciative of a hard dick in his ass. Standing up Master undressed and laid his clothing over the back of the chair. Rick watched him with wild lust filled eyes.

Nude and perfect, the vampire, his cock not quite hard enough yet to fuck his meal, lay on the bed beside his over heated food and breathed in deeply. Rick smelled of blood and sex. Master smiled and then hefted the swollen meat in his hand, so hot and hard and full of blood. He ran his tongue over it from root to tip and inhaled the scent of aroused male. Rick couldn't help but shudder with desire when Master sucked the hot meat into his mouth and tongued it like a lollypop. Rick shivered. Master smiled wickedly and continued to orally torture his food's lovely firm cock. If he had allowed it, Rick would have climaxed right then and there, but Master was feeding on the little shivers of orgasms that pulsed through the young man's taunt body. He could have fed all night on the little orgasms pulsing through Rick's body.

Releasing Rick's cock, the Master Vampire let his eyes run up Rick's straining body. So so hot and tasty. Using the tips of his sharp teeth the vampire kissed Rick's belly and nipped his way up Rick's body. Drawn by the scent of hormone-enriched blood, he stopped again to torture Rick's pierced nipples, but Rick was past feeling any pain. Rewired by sex Rick felt only lust throbbing all the way down to his cock and swollen balls.

Master bit down on one abused tip and enjoyed the leaping heart beneath the taunt skin and muscle. "Good boy," the vampire crooned in Rick's ear. "Good boy." And with a swift bite he sank his teeth into Rick's throat. Blood filled the vampire's mouth as he drank deep and greedily. When he could take no more without doing damage to his pet, he drew back. Rick's face was pure orgasmic bliss, except Master had not let him cum.

Freeing Rick's legs, he lifted Rick's ass higher and hooked the young man's legs over his shoulders. Fingering the tender hole, slipping one finger and then another inside the sweet tight treasure, the vampire loosened him up a little before repositioning his cock and pointing it at the tender opening. Rick's ass was probably sore from the previous night's pounding, but Master didn't care. He pressed his cock head against the opening and pushed. Even after the demon's thorough butt fucking, Rick was still good and tight. The young man was blessed to have one of the tightest asses that Master had ever had the pleasure of fucking.

"Oh yes," the vampire hissed and worked his cock deeper. Finding his rhythm he started working his cock in and out of the helpless young man. Rick was beyond caring. He wanted to cum, needed to cum, but Master's cock, constantly rubbing that sweet spot was taking him higher and higher. "Are you ready to cum?' Master asked curiously. The look on the young man's face was a mixture of out of control desire and pain. He was close to desperate.

"Yes... yes, sir," Rick answered frantically. Master released his hold and Rick came with a flash of please and white hot light shooting up his spine and into his brain. He screamed as Master filled his bowels with hot cum, and his own jism sprayed over his lathered belly. Master sighed contentedly but did not pull out right away as he continued to slowly stroke Rick's cum slick ass. Such a sweet ass did not deserve to be abandoned too quickly.

"I wish I could do this all night," Master said appreciatively and then laughed. "Oh wait, I can. I can bury my dick in your ass and leave it there all night. Would you like to sit on my cock all night?" He ground his cock deep into Rick's body for affect.

Rick was beyond thinking. Little shivers of exquisite pleasure shot up his spine, and Master's cock buried in his ass just felt right. His ass was never going to be the same without something thick and hard buried deep inside of it.

Master withdrew his cock and laid on the bed beside his food. He was completely sated for the time being. "Do you like having your ass fucked?' he asked curiously and used the young man's shoulder for a head rest.

"Oh yes, Master," Rick answered readily.

"Which would you rather do, fuck someone or be fucked?"

"Be fucked."

"Interesting. How long do you think you could stand being fucked?" The thought of having a hard dick in his ass made Rick's own cock stir again. Master noticed this and smiled. "You really are a whore at heart. None of my other men are as eager to be fucked as you."

"Your cock is amazing," Rick answered blissfully.

Master smiled. "I am a vampire who feeds on sex. How did you enjoy the demon last night?"

Rick smiled. "Awesome," he murmured. "He was so big."

"You like big cocks fucking you?" Master asked and let his eyes run down his food's slick body.

"Oh yes," Rick answered dreamily.

"Well then, we need to see how many big cocks you can take in a night," Master said and stood up. He needed to wash off and redress, and Rick needed to be prepared for a proper fucking. If he passed the test, Master would enter him in competition against his old friend Duvalle, who claimed no one could beat his pet.

Rick was still in a daze when someone came to clean him up and lead him back to the playroom where he was secured to the fucking swing. With legs wide and arms bound to the chains, he was ready to be fucked by anyone who wanted his ass. The thought of being so open and so vulnerable made his dick twitch even with his less than normal blood pressure.

Master, with Helena sitting naked in his lap, her hands tied behind her and her luscious nipples clamped with delicate butterflies, smiled as one of the pets of Xavier, a visiting vampire from Oregon, approached Rick and fingered his well used ass. Rick moaned as the man pushed his middle finger in deep. Rick closed his eyes and shuddered as his hypersensitive prostate sparked with pleasure.

The man smiled and positioned his huge cock even with Rick's ass. Using the swing, he impaled Rick on his cock. Rick closed his eyes as light danced in his brain. Back and forth he went, and each time the man's cock plowed deep into his bowels. He didn't cum this time, but his ass was warming up to it.

Maurice fucked him next and actually took the time to grind his cock into Rick's body. It felt so good that he didn't hurry. Long, slow and smooth, letting his cock slide right into Rick's fuck hole. When he came, he closed his eyes and growled like an animal.

Andre followed but not before taking Rick's semi soft cock into his mouth and sucking it to a full erection. He rolled it around in his mouth and played with it, while blood slowly filled the empty chambers.

Master, snacking on Helena's constant little orgasms, leaned close to her ear and whispered, "Does this make you aroused, my dear?"

"Yes, Master."

"Do you want to just watch or be fucked like that?"

Helena's heart jumped. She didn't know if she could survive that kind of ass fucking. "I like watching, Master," she answered hesitantly.

Master laughed and leaned back in his chair, his finger moving towards Helena's pussy. She was very wet and in need of her own release. "Maurice, if you aren't going to fuck Marcus again, come take care of Helena." Master opened his legs so Maurice could sit between them and lick Helena's hot little clit.

Of coarse Master was not letting her cum. Her growing arousal was food for him, and he enjoyed its hot sweet taste. Deciding that he was going to do more than eat Helena's orgasms, he had her stand up so he could unfasten his trousers and free his fully erect cock. Making sure her supple young ass was free and open, he sat her down on his cock and ordered Maurice to resume using his tongue on her pussy. Now this was nice. He had to leave in a couple of hours, but for now he enjoyed himself.

Rick's eyes rolled back in his head as Andre fucked him to another orgasm. This triggered Andre's release and he came with a loud grunt as he buried his cock in Rick's well used ass.

For the rest of the time Master was present Rick was fucked by the men of the estate. He literally craved cock up his ass and came several more times before Master put an end to it. Rick was exhausted but would literally fuck himself to death if permitted. It was the result of being fed on by vampires whose power was sex. Before sending everyone off to their own beds, he released his hold on Helena and allowed her to have a bone crunching orgasm. She screamed and squirmed as Maurice tongued her clit and Master fucked her ass.

"That's my girl," Master purred into Helena's ear. "So sweet and tasty. Now take Marcus with you and make sure he gets clean."

Helena did as she was told with some help from Andre and Maurice. They made sure Rick was showered off, and cleaned his ass as best as they could, but not before one more good fuck in the shower. Pressed up against the tiles, Rick was lifted by one and impaled on the cock of the other. It was hard to tell if his brain was even aware of it, but his ass responded willingly. Rick was the finest ass whore in the Master's stable. And Master had something special in mind for him.

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