Food Ch. 06


Humans who acted as food for vampires, particularly those who fed incubi or succubae, were often attracted and very willing participants. Master Hans favorite pet was a beautiful dark haired youth that was destined to join the tribe once his beauty matured into a more masculine guise. No one was more sexually insatiable than Raoul, although Master over the past few years had tried to beat him. This time Master was certain his Marcus could beat the doe eyed young man.

Rick only wanted to please Master, but he honestly did not know if he could. Uncertainty lived in his head. Nude and polished with oil, he was bent over the padded wooden horse and tied in place, his legs, spread wide, were also tied in place. A blindfold made it impossible for him to see who was going to fuck him.

Master ran his hand lovingly over Rick's back and hips. He made sure Rick's tender ass was well oiled and ready. A finger inside brought Rick's cock to full attention. He would be fucked for six hours and the number of times he came would be counted against Raoul's. If at any time it became painful, all he had to do was shout the safe word and the contest would end.

Master took a seat in the great chair across from Han and watched his golden hair pet take the first cock up his delicious ass. Marcus was a true sexual animal, a magnificent creature that lived to be fucked. The thought of it aroused Master; fortunately Han had extra food on hand and Master helped himself to a lovely little red head with huge milk white breasts. Seated in the throne like chair Master freed his swollen cock and impaled the beauty's tight firm ass. She shuddered and moaned as he fed on her orgasms. When he could feed no more, he moved her so that she was leaning across the arm of the chair. He debated, ass or pussy, and chose pussy. Ramming his cock back in, he fucked the beauty long and hard, stroking her pussy like a piston until he came with a violent orgasm of his own.

"Delicious," he complimented Han and retook his seat without bothering to tuck in his cock. Before the night was over he would sample one more of Han's sweet desserts. Han inclined his head and smiled. No one could ever leave his home saying that he was a stingy host. Tasty treats lolled around on soft pillows waiting to be summoned to their Master or his guest. Master eyed a sandy haired male beauty and decided that should the need arise again, he would partake of him. Eye contact assured Master that the treat was willing to such an arrangement.

Rick was certain his ass was on fire as the cock pounding him took him to another bone crunching orgasm, although it was taking him longer to recover now. Hands slapped his butt and released cum into his bowels but no one else replaced him. Was it over? After a few moments gentle hands removed the blindfold.

"You did well, Marcus," Master purred softly as he released his pet. "I believe for the first time ever the undefeated Raoul has had someone tie him." Rick smiled as Master helped him stand straight. A tie was good. What now?

Since there was not enough time to get home before morning, Master and his pet were shown to a large comfortable room with a bath and shower. Master turned the shower on and undressed. Taking his beautiful but well used pet into the shower, he proceeded to wash him. Using his hands and sweet smelling soap, Master started with Rick's chest. It was like making love to a woman. He kneaded the firm muscles and paid extra attention to Rick's sensitive nipples. Leaning forward under the warm spray, Master nipped the right coral tip and drew a little blood that tasted like candy on his tongue. When his pet melted against the shower tile, Master moved to the other nipple and pierced it with a sharp tooth. Rick's cock stood up hard and eager between their bodies. Master grinned and straightened himself.

He continued soaping his hands and rubbing down Rick's body. When he came to Rick's straining cock, he lathered it between his hands and fed on the orgasms that were building in Rick's body. "So tasty," Master sighed and looked up at his pet's passion burned face.

He decided then and there that his beautiful creature belonged to him and would only be fucked by him from now on, and in time he would join them.

Making Rick face the tile, Master washed his back and hips and leaned him over so his sweet ass could be cleaned out properly. A finger in the rectum made certain he was good and clean. Fuck him now or in the bed? Most definitely in the bed. Master turned off the water and reached for a clean fluffy towel. Rick almost purred when Master dried his body. Taking the towel, Rick returned the favor and dried off Master's flawless body.

Master leaned forward and kissed him. This was the first kiss between them and Rick found it odd, but his lips tingled and parted for the Master's tongue. They were going to make love. With his head spinning, Rick followed Master back into the luxurious guest room. Food and drink were awaiting him, but Master wanted to take him before he ate or drank.

Lying on the black satin sheets, unsure of himself with a pounding heart, Rick looked into the beautiful eyes of his Master who leaned over him and gazed into his eyes. Without saying anything Master bent over and kissed his pet again. This time Master kissed him deeper and urged Rick to kiss him back. Rick was helpless under Master's touch. He returned the kiss and wrapped his arms around the vampire's neck.

Master stayed in the dominant position and ran his free hand down his pet's warm beautiful body to his swollen cock. If Marcus was going to be one of them, he needed to be more than food. Clinging to his pet's neck, he rolled over so Marcus was on top.

"Fuck me," Master whispered against Marcus' lips. Rick blinked his surprise and raised himself higher. No one fucked Master.

Rick considered it a moment. "Only if you stop calling me Marcus," he said and pressed himself against Master's swollen cock. "My name is Rick."

Master smiled and spread his legs wider. "My pet has teeth," he moaned and rubbed his cock against Rick's. "Very well...Rick. Fuck me and I will make you one of us."

Rick did not know if he wanted to be a vampire, but being this close to Master's body, being consumed by the vampire's sexual power, he could not help but want to bury his cock inside his Master's ass. Taking Master's legs he threw them over his shoulders and positioned the vampire for a smooth entry. He could feel Master's lust from the skin to skin contact and did not know if he would survive it.

"Are you ready?" he asked and fingered Master's ass. He found it well oiled and realized that this was not an impromptu idea on Master's part. Pressing his cock up against the opening, he pressed it slowly inside the vampire's body. Master panted and clutched the sheets hard as Rick buried his cock deep inside of him. Master then began feeding on him to prevent Rick from cumming too quickly.

Master was tight and felt so good. Letting his cock enjoy the sensation Rick closed his eyes and simply let the sensations wash over him. Pulling his cock out, he started the slow rhythmic fuck that Master wanted. Over and over, building up speed until he was pounding the vampire's ass. "We'll cum together," Master panted. "Together." When he was ready he released his hold on Rick's body.

The human came violently, almost screaming his orgasm as he buried his cock deep in Master's body. Master came with a strangled animal sound, his body rolling in the pleasures of a magnificent ass fucking. When both of them had calmed down a little, he quipped, "I haven't done that in a long time."

"Why?" Rick asked breathlessly beside him.

"Because I did not know anyone I wanted to fuck me," Master replied and rolled over to place another kiss on Rick's flushed lips. This time Rick tasted a drop of blood from Master's lip. "You are too beautiful to let age and turn to dust." Master told him. Stroking Rick's chest and brushing his left nipple, he said, "No one but me will ever fuck you from now on but me. Your body is mine, and I will turn you into the perfect sexual being."

Rick smiled. Sex was good. When Master died for the next few hours, Rick closed his eyes and went to sleep thinking about sex.

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