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Food for a Dragon


In the village of Damansk, Fall was a time of rejoicing for the village, at least for most. For anyone with a daughter or loved one of marriageable age not yet promised, it was a time of secret fear. Fall was the time of sacrifice for the people of Damansk. Each year the dragon who lived on the mountain would take one young woman and 5 head of cattle. Ann thought it fitting that the dragon demanded young cattle too. Anyone who had money gave dowry and married their young women off as soon as they could.

The atmosphere of dismal gloom was particularly intense at the moment. The lottery for the sacrifice was slotted for today. Ann came from a large family, she was the fourth daughter born and there was little money for food, let alone dowry. Her biggest worry was this was her third year on the lottery and the first year for her younger sister, Kayla. Ann was large breasted, had long brown hair down to her waist that she braided and put up daily, her green eyes were attractive but that was the extent of it. No one came panting to the door for Ann.

Her older sisters had made hasty marriages, to men who either did not need the money or were so unattractive that only the truly desperate would risk it.

Ann had seen the outcome of her sisters marriages. One was often bruised, one had a husband who made her a laughing stock by cheating on her with anything in a skirt, one was pregnant with a 6th child of her own and the last was dead of fever. Ann believed her sister choose to die rather that live with the strange man she married.

Ann had not been able to agree to any marriage after seeing all that. She was most concerned for her sister Kayla. Kayla was pretty, with red hair, curvy figure and was bright and cheerful most of the time.

Last year her best friend had been chosen, all they had found of her was one shoe and her shredded clothing. They even said that she had peed in her clothing at the sight of the beast. She just thought that was the most humiliating thing about her friends death the year before, her friend would have hated that everyone knew that.

Ann had worked hard doing extra chores for some of the widows and widowers in the neighborhood. She had stayed up long hours after her chores at home were done to do mending and cleaning. Ann had walked miles and saved for three years for dowry money of her own.

Kayla, her most beloved sister, had a childhood sweetheart that was supposed to have offered for her last week. His family had decided that he would hold out for a dowry. Ann's parents had sadly told Kayla that there was no money for this of course and perhaps she should look else where for a husband. There were plenty of choices, the (fat smelly and over 50yr old) butcher was looking for a wife to mother his four brats after all. Kayla had begged her sweetheart but he wouldn't go against his family.

"Choices..." Ann sat in the barn, smelling the fresh hay, listen to the chickens scratch and talk among themselves. And really, what were her choices. At 18 she was not really top shelf goods anymore. All her dowry money did her no good without someone to sell herself too. She was honest about this, selling herself was what she would have to do. And there was not a single man here she wanted to sell herself too, she would have done it by now if there had been. That sort of made the choice much easier didn't it?

She got up and went to the house. She ignored her parents, they would be no help and may even hinder her. Kayla was sitting on the bed she shared with her three other sisters and staring out the window.

"Kayla, take my dowry money to John and marry him." Ann said bluntly and she put the money in Kayla's lap.

Kayla, eyes wide, shook her head, "Ann, this is your money, for your dowry. You worked so hard for this. I will do the same as you now, I will work for a dowry and find a nice man to marry."

"It took me years Kayla, the lottery is today."

"I should have been working and saving my money like you, I trusted John when he said he would marry me. He lied. You find a nice man and marry him Ann. You should have done it last year."

"Kayla, please take the money, I want you too. John is rather weak where his mother is concerned but he loves you."

"Love," said Kayla bitterly, "isn't worth a hill of beans."

Ann looked at her sister, concerned. "You can't risk the lottery Kayla, I won't allow it. I pretty much raised you and I have decided to do this. I am going to John and give him your dowry right now."

Kayla stared at her sister for a long moment. "Not John then."

"What?" Ann said startled.

"If you truly want to dower me than I am not going to John. I am picking a different man."

Ann thought for a while, both girls looked out the window thinking.

"Marcus." said Kayla finally.

Ann nodded, Marcus was a good choice. His wife had died last year leaving one small child. He was a hard working farmer and a quiet man. His luck had been bad that year and fire had taken most of his crops. "Lets go."

Ann and Kayla walked down the road to the village square. Everyone was gathering there. Marcus was there too. Marcus seemed pleased and rather shocked at the offering of Kayla and her dowry. "I need the money for a new crop Kayla or I would have taken you without the dowry."

Kayla nodded, "I know Marcus, it is why I choose you."

"Then it is settled," Ann said relieved.

Now was the hard part, leaving Kayla and Marcus, Ann walked up to the village square and placed a stone with her name on it into the large bucket next to the village elders.

One by one all the unmarried young women followed her and placed their names in the bucket. Most were somber, some cried, especially the young ones. Damansk was a large village, it was made fruitful with large rich fields and a river that brought them good trading. Over fifty names went into the bucket.

When the church bell tolled the hour, one of the elders shook the bucket and put his hand in to draw a stone.

Ann was unsurprised to hear him call her name. It was like she had known, it would be her or her sister that year. She heard her sister scream and cry out her name. Ann was remotely glad someone would miss her. She saw Marcus holding Kayla and whispering in her ear. Kayla, still sobbing, nodded and seemed to try to get a hold of herself. They came to her together.

"Do you want us to get your parents Ann?" Marcus asked.

Ann shook her head. Her parents, knowing they had two children on the block, had not bothered to be here. She would miss all her little brothers and sisters.

Kayla, tears running down her cheeks just hugged her hard.

"Ann, it is time." An older women from the village lead her away to be prepared. The old women gathered to wash her in the river. They dressed her in white as if she were already dead and the whole village walked with her to the clearing where she would be ripped apart by the dragon. Kayla was trying to be brave. She was also ignoring all the pleading looks John was giving her as she held Marcus's hand. Ann was quite happy about this. Kayla had made a better choice in Marcus than Ann had known she was capable of.

Ann let some of the men tie her to the tree. They lit a large bonfire as a signal to the dragon. The cows were all tethered to stakes, calmly chewing their cud. It all happened rather fast and Ann could not bring herself to be too upset, everything seemed to be so distant, like it was happening to someone else.

When everyone had left, including her very upset sister, Ann began to get a little nervous. Darkness was beginning to fall and it was a bit chilly despite the huge fire. Ann struggled in the ropes that bound her but they were tight. She was frightened when she heard the roar of the dragon. The trees were too thick to see it coming but she knew the villagers could see flames as it flew down to the clearing. She had watched the dragon come every year just like everyone else in the village.

The flames went crazy as the dragon hovered over the fire. The cows were going wild too. In moments the dragon landed in the clearing. It stalked around the fire and the moment it looked at the cows, they subsided, grazing and laying down to sleep The cows acted like it wasn't staring at them with big red eyes. The dragons scales were red and gold and glistened in the light of the fire. His snake-like neck swiveled toward her. Claws the size of a chair shook the ground as it walked.

All she could think was, 'don't pee."

It gave one more look to the cattle and then turned to stalk toward her. If not for the ropes, she couldn't have stood, her knees seemed too weak to hold her. The dragon reached out with one claw and thou her heart seemed to stop beating she did not pee. It ripped through the long cotton gown and as suddenly as that she was naked and her clothes in shreds. One nail delicately caressed her from neck to her lightly furred female mound. Ann was stunned by the sensual touch. But when the dragon threw its head back and roared, the air seemed to shimmer with heat. The fire seemed to leap toward the dragon and surround it for just a moment. When it receded, there stood a man. His eyes still glowed red, his skin still seemed to shimmer like red gold but it was a man. Naked, over 6 feet, well muscled with hair that fell long and clean to his shoulders and his male parts were very big and erect. Ann's eyes were wide as she stared at his penis, she had seen smaller organs on horses, well maybe not but it would be a close contest.

He was looking her over too. Naked in front of a man for the first time, Ann flushed. He laughed and she jumped a bit. She pulled at the ropes desperately as he came closer. He ran his hands over her body like it was his possession. For the first time a man's hands caressed her breasts, pinched her nipples and rudely felt between her legs. He found her clit, the little sensitive button of flesh and rubbed it, pinching it lightly. He smelled of fire and some exotic scent she could not name. Ann had never let any man touch her, there had been no desire to. The boys and men in her village invariable smelled of sweat, pig shit and bad breath.

His fingers found her unused pussy and probed it. She flushed as he pulled out wet fingers and licked them. Ann was pulling at the ropes frantically as he grabbed her hips and pulled her up a little. He was going to take her, right here, still tied up.

The dragon buried his face in her neck and breathed deeply before biting her lightly. Ann was so shocked she held very still.

"Twill hurt the first time," the dragon said softly in her ear, "so lets get that done and over with." With no other warning he lifted her up and pulled her onto his rigid cock with one smooth effortless motion.

Ann choked back a scream, the pain was intense.

"You feel nice little human." The dragon groaned a little and he worked himself a little deeper. "You'll not enjoy this, I am too big but next time...." He pulled out and thrust back in brutally. Ann grunted, it was painful but there was something else too. It felt like her pussy was getting hot. It felt like he was bathing her inside with the heat of a fire. He thrust and with eyes closed she moaned. He pulled back a little and looked into her face as he thrust hard in and out a few times. "I'll be," whispered the dragon in wonder.

Ann was lost in the feel of what the dragon was doing. There was pain but it was good too . Each thrust pushed her hard against the ropes and the tree she was tied too. Somehow that was good too. His hands on her hips lifting her effortlessly as he used her, felt good. There would be bruises.

The dragon groaned and moved more rapidly as her pussy flood his cock with liquid heat. He rammed her harder, letting himself go for a glorious moment. There was not a part of Ann he could not reach with that cock, thought Ann feverishly.

The dragon was moving rapidly now, he fucked her deeply and watch Ann's face as he did it. He reached between them and with one wet finger rubbed her clit hard. Ann felt like she flew then, every muscle in her body tensed and spasm. The dragon gritted his teeth as her pussy contracted hard around him. Then he did let go, grunting as he pushed himself into his own bit of heaven. His orgasm was intense and his seed sprayed her insides.

Ann could feel his seed striking the walls of her pussy in streams, like bits of heated metal. Her body was limp as he pulled out. Liquid, both hers and his tricked down her leg.

He roared with laughter at the sight of her blush. He reached over and pinched her nipples a little hard. "My sweet, we are going to have such fun."

He walked into the flames and was again a dragon. The dragon grabbed two placid cows and flew away. Naked in the cold, Ann thought about what had happened. Her body ached and yet she felt so good. She shivered a little as she waited for his return.

It was not long and he was back lifting two more cattle away. He did not even look at her this time, which Ann knew she should have been grateful for but was not. The next time he flew back she knew it was her turn when he sliced through the ropes that bound her.

His red dragon eyes looked deep into hers and she suddenly realized she could not move. He picked her up with those huge claws and set her far away from the fire.

He ate the last cow, sitting next to the tree she had been tied to. It was a messy process, he seemed to like his meat singed just a little and there were very few bits left when he was done. Blood however was in a puddle on the ground in front of the tree. 'Oh,' she thought dimly, 'the village will think that the dragon ate me.' The dragon walked into the flames and came out clean and shining in the glow of the moon.

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