tagSci-Fi & FantasyFood for a Dragon Ch. 02

Food for a Dragon Ch. 02


Ann had been sacrificed by her village to the dragon who lived on the mountain. Instead of being eaten for food however, Ann was fucked by the dragon instead...(See Food for a Dragon, Part 1 for details)

The dragon, after turning from his man shape back into his beast shape, had eaten an entire cow. Leaving its bloody remains for the villagers to find, the dragon picks up Ann and begins to fly home. We take up our story with Ann, paralyzed with fear being flown for the first (and she hoped last) time in her life by a dragon. Ann did not enjoy the view, the cold or the feel of claws in her privates. Well, to be honest, at least not the cold. After the first stomach convulsing jerks as he fly up, it had not been as bad as she expected.

"Not even one little scream?" asked the dragon. "Am I loosing my touch little human?" The wind blew the words to her and she could even hear his mocking tone. Too cold to do more than shiver, she glared up at him.

It was amazing how fast they flew. What would have been a few days trek was reduced to an hour of time. Ann would rather have walked, she was blue with cold. The only spots that were warm on her body were the areas covered by the dragons claws. Luckily this was a lot of area.

Ann, no longer as terrified as she had been, began to think about what had happened. She remembered the dragon's cock thrusting inside her, the immense size of him. Ann was sore but in a way she was honest enough to admit she liked. The dragon's scales rubbed her and she wiggled restlessly. "Soon, my sweetness." said the dragon and tightened his grip a little. Moments later he swooped down and landed. Her feet touched cobblestone and she looked around, in the moonlight she could see she was in the courtyard of the biggest building she had ever seen. This must be what a palace looks like she thought. The dragon breathed fire and the sound of cracking wood echoed as a large fire began burning in the center of the courtyard. He only stood a moment in the flames and he wore a human shape again. Ann suffered from no illusions, he was not human.

In a sudden burst of panic, she ran. Blindly she left the fire and took the first doorway she found. Feeling her way down the dark corridors, Ann knew this was a really stupid idea. Something slithered on the floor beside her. She could hear him walking behind her. There was no sound but his slight laughter and his voice.

He said softly, "I like it when you run, but what will I do when I catch you? Have you thought of that little girl?" Ann shivered, and thou she was too innocent to understand it, her pussy grew damp with want.

What would he do, she asked herself with a shiver. She went a little faster, feeling along the walls so she wouldn't fall or run into them.

"I wonder, will fuck you again when I catch you? Shall I punish you? Surely I will have to tie you up so you can't run away again." He was laughing at her and his voice seemed closer.

Ann moved as fast as she could in the dark, looking for a way out or a place to hide. She thought vaguely of making it to the forest. She could hide there. Her hands found a door handle and she was turning it when he caught her around the waist and threw her over one shoulder.

Moments later he set her down in a room with a large bed and a hearth that was already lit. When he set her down she ran for the door. He caught her in just a couple steps. He did not put her on the bed. Instead he pushed her down over a large wooden chest. He bound her hands behind her. Her legs he spread wide and roped her knees to the handles. It was humiliating, her naked rear stuck into the air as she lay bent over the chest.

Dragon chuckled. "Goodness I do love a little bit of feisty before bed. However, I do need to punish you for trying to run. You could have been hurt." Before Ann had a chance to be nervous about it, he smacked her bottom. "Oh," she gasped shocked.

He smacked her other cheek, "from now on, you are mine." This time she made no sound. He spanked her, "mine to kiss, to fuck and to punish if you need it." When she made no sound he spanked her continually trading cheeks every couple a smacks. "Do as I say and quickly, or your little bottom will stay very warm, I rather like giving a nice spanking after all."

He was not spanking her hard, just enough so she was turning pink quickly. Ann was confused. Her bottom was warm and toasty with his big hand spanking her, she felt safe and almost comforted. Her bottom writhed and jerked. He worked a finger into her sore pussy. She grunted and wiggled frantically. He spanked her again a little harder and tested her aching pussy.

He stopped spanking her and left her, unable to move, bent over the chest. Ann thought about her sore but pleasantly warm butt. She was bewildered. What was wrong with her. Why wasn't she screaming and crying, why had she wanted him to catch her in her secret heart of hearts?

When he returned, the dragon stroked her bottom. "So pretty," his tone was...fond? With two fingers he rubbed something wet into her pussy. "That should help your soreness," he said patting her bottom. She heard him fiddling with something. "Since you are too sore for me to fuck there, we will have to try something else." His fingers, warm and wet, gentle rubbed her asshole. She struggled wildly and shook her head. "Poor baby," he said softly as he continued to rub her little hole. "So new to all this. Tell me how it feels."

Ann shook her head as he continued to rub and push at her small anus. He smacked her bottom hard, "Tell me how this feels my sweet."

Ann gasped in panic and burst out before she had thought. "I don't know."

"Well then, calm down and think about it." The dragon rubbed and pushed a little at the hole. His big finger pushing in just a little bit more with each rub.

"It doesn't feel bad," Ann said after she thought about it.

Dragon chuckled. "Ok, how about now?" His well lubricated finger gently pushed past the tight ring and pulled out again.

Again Ann thought about it. "It feels tight and tingly." As he pushed in a bit deeper, she tightened her muscles on his fingers and moaned. "That feels good. Why does that feel good? Is there something wrong with me?"

The Dragon laughed, "There is something so right about you." He worked two fingers in and more of the cool wet liquid. Tied tight to the box, Ann felt protected for the first time in her life. Someone else would take care of her, there was no decisions to make, he would make them for her.

"What a wonderful little thing you are," said Dragon as her bottom came up to meet his thrusting fingers. When he pulled them out she moaned and shook her head.

Dragon stroked her bottom and untied her. "Go lay on the bed with your bottom up."

Ann, feverish with confused need, nodded and laid down. The huge feather bed gave a little as he sat across her legs. Ann's eyes went wide as he began to try and work his large cock into her tight wet little butt. "Relax," Dragon said as he paused for a moment. Ann did her best to do as he said.

There was still a little pain as he worked it in but as the head slipped past the ring she gasped and gripped the coverlet.

"Good, isn't it." Dragon patted her bottom. And it really was. Ann was stunned. Was this some kind of Dragon magic?

Inch by inch he slid himself home. "What is your name little sweet?"

"Ann." she said with a moan and squeezed the long thick length within her.

"Yes, good girl Ann, do that again." Dragon grunted and thrust the last heavy inch.

So Ann squeezed his cock with her muscles as best she could. Dragon held still and stroked her bottom. "Good, you've milked a cow have you not darling girl? I want you to milk me with your pretty butt now." Ann concentrated, squeezing around him rhythmically. Ann knew from the way he jerked inside her that he was enjoying this a lot.

Dragon patted her bottom, "that was wonderful Ann. Hold still, I am going to fuck you now." He began to slide out and Ann's ass clung to him. "Sweet thing," he groaned. Dragon fucked her slowly to begin with. His thick length pushing deeply and pulling out most of the way before he thrust slowly back in. As he fucked her, he seemed to get thicker. Ann moaned, her ass gripped him now of its own volition. She began to spasm helplessly around him.

Dragon fucked her ass much faster, losing himself in her here as he had done in her pussy earlier. "Ann, put your fingers between your legs and rub that little nub I played with before." He wanted her to cum when he did.

"I don't understand," Ann said, almost incoherently.

Dragon stopped moving for a moment and grabbed her hand. He moved it between her legs and then with his own fingers found her clit and rubbed it gently, "Like this Ann."

The moment she began to play with it rather tentatively, he began pushing in deeply and more quickly. He fucked her harder, jamming himself in with harsh grunts. "Cum for me Ann," he demanded. "Now."

She was still being too uncertain in handling this unfamiliar task. Dragon smacked her bottom firmly. "Pinch it, rub it harder." He groaned feeling the edge of his restraint leaving him. "Cum Ann!" he demanded as he fucked her bottom ruthlessly. Ann was enjoying that she could make him lose control.

Ann rubbed and pinched harder and within moments she felt like the top of her head was flying off. It was then that he let go and emptied himself in her little pink butt. There seemed to be so much of his cum that she felt it leak from her as he continued to pulse and shoot himself all over the inside of her ass.

When he was done he smiled at her and patted her bottom. "Good girl Ann, now turn over."

Dragon laid beside her as she did so, stroking her breasts and biting her arm lightly. "Now use your fingers on that little bit of flesh I showed you again.

Ann flushed and shook her head, embarrassed. He smiled down at her. "Do this Ann. I enjoy spanking that little round behind way to much, don't be tempting me further."

Ann contemplated this for a moment, and began using her fingers lightly to search for that little sensitive bit of flesh he had showed her earlier.

Dragon seemed fascinated as she stroked it lightly. He reached between her open legs and pull her pussy lips. "You can do this," he rubbed her whole mound, "or this," he patted her sex organs lightly, "or this." Dragon took her finger and pushed one into her pussy. "When you are less sore you can fuck your own little hole." Ann was red with embarrassment as she looked down at her own pussy.

"Now, make yourself cum." He watched her use her fingers, rubbing her clit till she came, watching her face as she arched back and flew once more.


"Again," he said holding her legs apart now, as she was still twitching. She shook her head, overloaded.

But the Dragon was insistent. He made her cum, over and over, till she was not sure where each one ended. He used her own fingers in her abused pussy. She eventually screamed as she came, her bottom thrusting skyward, toes curling. He let her rest then.

Dragon lifted her up and carried her to the end of the bed and chained her to a bed post. "Sleep now, little Ann. Tomorrow is a big day."

Too exhausted to care, Ann fell asleep.

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