tagGroup SexFooling Around Andrew and Kiars

Fooling Around Andrew and Kiars


"Hey, are you guys on the way?" I asked my friend Andrew on the phone as I slid a thong up my slender legs, making sure it fits perfectly on my plump ass. "Okay, got it." I said as I put my phone down, getting ready for my date.

Andrew and I had been friends for years now, we've always found each other attractive but nothing really came from it, that changed about a week ago though. He and I were having lunch, when he mentioned that his girlfriend found me attractive, he straight up asked me if I wanted to join them in bed. It was confusing but Andrew's girlfriend Kiara is very attractive. A chance to be in bed with two people that I find so attractive? Yes please!

I stood in front of the mirror, now fully dressed. I'm wearing a black tanktop with no bra to hide my small, 32 B tanned chest and a short jean skirt that ended right after my round butt. My heels added 4 inches to my 5'8 which would bring me up to eye level with Andrew. The doorbell rang and I excitedly made my way to the door to receive my guest.

Andrew stood at 6 feet tall, having deep blue eyes and a slightly tanned skin with a plain old white T shirt that were accompanied by khakis and casual blue shoes. He has such a charming smile, funny and clever too. In his hand he had Kiara, his petite 5'4 dancer and gymnast girlfriend. She had larger breast than mine, probably a C cup. Her tiny waist led to wide hips and a firm ass and muscular legs from so many years of dance. Her curvy body is barely dressed, having only a red tube top with that matches her red lipstick and a high waisted, very revealing jean shorts. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra, but her tits are perky and they held themselves up well.

"Brought a bottle of wine, to ease us into it." My friend said with a smile as he gave me a slight hug and kiss on the cheek that's customary when greeting him. "Why don't they two of you get comfortable while I pop it open?" He suggested as Quickly nodded, took Kiara into my own hands and led her to the couch.

Things got heated up quickly. Kiara was very eager to start. By the time her boyfriend came back she already had pulled my skirt up, she was holding me spread out, showing off my thong to her boyfriend as he poured the wine. "She's pretty cute." Kiara said, smiling as she kissed my neck. Andrew shuckled, gesturing us to give him some space between us as he handed us the wine. Andrew grabbed me by the jaw harshly, pulling me in to kiss him. His tongue expertly made its way into mine, his girlfriend's hands running up and down his legs as we kissed. Our sloppy kiss was only broken when a jealous Kiara took him from me to kiss him herself. Her hands massaged his crotch as he with a smile broke their kiss. "Olivia, wanna play with Kiara for a bit?" He asked me as I eagerly nodded. I grabbed her by the hands and pulled her, so that she would be almost on top of him and we began to kiss. Each tasting Andrew in each other's mouth I moved my hand onto her chest to reveal her tits. My lips quickly followed, my eyes resting on Andrew's dreamy eyes as I sucked on his girlfriend's nipples. My hands scaled down her body to his lap, quickly undoing his pants, reaching in to pull out his already hard cock. I let him watch me suck on the large nipple a bit longer, my hand softly stroking him as the other one laced into Kiara's hair.

I jerked her boyfriend off as I forced her mouth downward, making her head move up and down the shaft in unison with my hand. When she started to get into it I removed my hand from the cock, holding onto his jaw and lustfully kissed him while a very eager to please Kiara sucked and enjoyed my cock. Andrew had told me His girlfriend- or as he referred to her then his "Slut" was very submissive, and she had instructions follow my lead and orders.

Kiara slid the cock into the back of her neck as I held her down and broke the kiss. "She's good at that, huh?" He smiled, gently running his hand along my side and chest. "She has to do it twice a day for me, she has practice now." He explained as the girl hungrily gagged around it. "Bitch, get off my cock. Dance a bit for us." He said harshly as sirh a smile his bitch stood up, leaving the cock and began to expertly and sensually move her body. I leaned against him, stroking his cock as he rubbed my pussy over my thong. Kiara is a great dancer, so it's pretty easy to get turned by watching her move. She stripped down to just her red thong and got on her knees on the coffee table. "Common, offer her to me." Andrew ordered me, his voice being commanding and easy to follow.

I stood up, grabbed his girlfriend by the hair and bent her forward. As he stood up my hand once again grabbed his dick as I pulled her underwear to the side and I was the one leading her girlfriend in with my hand. I watched the gorgeous Kiara slowly get fucked, she was moaning loudly when my fingers found her kit and I played with it at the same time. I think the entire situation was just too much for her to handle. In a few minutes of her getting fucked and my fingers working their magic she was cumming, and fo be fair so was he. I could feel her cunt be filled up from the outside, him unloading into her.

As soon as he pulled out my lips replaced his cock. Andrew sat and watched as I hungrily drank and dag the cum out of his girlfriend's cunt. I held my tongue against her cunt, my fingers digging into her, trying to pull out the tasty liquid from her greedy pussy. Kiara at this point was just with her ass up, her head down on the hard wood table enjoying as a girl eats her girlfriend's cum outta her. Once I was satisfied with the amount of cum I ate out of her, I took initiative. I forced her to lay on her back, and sat my shaved cunt on her face. My skirt having just ridden up, my panties to the side as she was forced to lick and taste me. In the meantime Andrew took my place between her legs, licking her after me, trying to find some left over seed. After Andrew was done digging, and I had enjoyed her mouth quite a bit he ordered me to get off. He wanted the bedroom. I led the way to my bedroom, where he laid back.

Kiara, always eager to please went to suck his cock. She licked up and down the once again hard shaft. I decided to join her. As she sucked on the head I would pick up and down his shaft; As she stroked his cock I would suck on the head; While I deep throated his cock she would fondle his balls. We would both just lick up and down his shaft, and when our man announced he was close to cumming, Kiara greedily pushed me away, wanting to be the one to drink his seed this time. She smiled towards me, cum leaking down the side of her mouth but she let me clean him up with my mouth a she laid down next to him to watch me. I happily obliged, and crawled up, both of us cuddled up against him as we dozed off to sleep.

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