tagIncest/TabooFooling My Stepdaughter

Fooling My Stepdaughter


For the past ten years, my marriage had slowly been deteriorating. As my career had crumbled, my wife's had skyrocketed. It was amazing how quickly we grew apart. But, whether it was out of laziness or fear, we stayed together.

Since my wife's career had gone forward, I'd become more of a househusband, which meant being there for my now eighteen-year-old stepdaughter, Jodie. Jodie is a cheerleader and hot as hell. She's got a great body and she knows it. Between cheerleading practice and working out, she does everything she can to keep her body slim and trim, while her voluptuous breasts make many a man fantasize.

I knew, as her step-dad, it was wrong to think about Jodie sexually. But, as she got older, it got harder and harder. She had this seductive way of calling me Daddy that made my cock stand to attention. She seemed oblivious to her affect on me, but I fantasized more and more about fucking my stepdaughter.

One night, my wife was out of town; I woke up in the middle of the night. I was pretty lenient with Jodie; let her stay out how late she wanted and what not. As I went down the stairs, I heard noises in the kitchen. Figuring it was Jodie, I flipped on the light. It was not Jodie, but some guy in his boxer shorts.

"Who the hell are you?" I demanded.

"I... Uh..." The kid was startled and confused. He had a can of whipped cream in his hand and I began to figure out what was going on.

"Out of my house now."

"But, Jodie—"

"Is in big trouble. Leave."

"But my clothes!"

I took a step towards the guy and without a second thought he bolted for the door. It took me a few minutes to decide what I was going to do. Sure, I should punish Jodie. Her Mom wouldn't approve of her having sex with guys under her roof. But, the horny side of me planted a seed in my head I couldn't quite overcome.

I turned off the light and crept down the hallway to the basement door. Our basement was finished and we'd moved Jodie down there when she was a teenager to give her her privacy. Little did I know that meant having sex with guys.

I shed my robe so that I would match the guy's outfit—just boxers. I crept down the stairs, the lights were off so I had to go by memory and feel alone.

I heard Jodie giggle. "Did you get it Johnnie?" "Couldn't find it," I said in a whisper, hoping this would disguise my voice. "I've got a better idea though."

I couldn't see my stepdaughter, but I could make out the outline of the bed. I slipped into the bed, and groped around. I found her naked body and smiled, my cock immediately growing erect. Slowly, I began to feel up her exposed body, the soft legs, flat stomach, and amazingly luscious breasts. Her nipples were hard and I added to this predicament by twisting them lightly.

Her throaty voice moaned in appreciation. "I like this already."

I let my mouth take over where my hands had been—licking, sucking, nipping at the area around her nipples. Her breathing got heavier and she began to squirm in pleasure. Slowly, I made my way around and around the nipple area before taking one into my mouth, biting gently and then repeating the process to the other.

"Oh God, Johnnie, where did you learn that?"

I laughed against her breasts, taking turns on each nipple as my hand crept south. She was soaking wet and I wanted nothing more than to fuck her silly right then, but I kept my control on a leash. Instead, I slipped my finger up and down her wet little slit.

"Fuck, God, yes," she moaned, over and over as I continued to nibble at her tits. I slowly pushed one finger into her pussy as deep as I could, and then added another finger and finally a third. She tried to buck against my fingers, but I resisted her motion.

"Johnnie, come on, please."

I laughed. She was begging for Johnnie, but soon she'd get Daddy. The idea had that leash on my control falling apart and fast. I bit a little harder on her tits, causing her to yelp in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I relentlessly began to finger fuck her wet, tight pussy.

She moaned and bucked, screaming yes over and over again as my fingers pumped into her cunt causing her to orgasm.

"Oh, God, Johnnie. That was amazing."

"It's not over yet," I whispered, giving her ass a light slap.

"Mm, God I want you inside me. Are you going to fuck me good, Johnnie?"

I was going to fuck her so hard she'd never knew what had hit her. My cock was aching to fill that tight teenage pussy, and I knew it was time. Time to fuck her.

I let her pull down my boxers. She couldn't see the evil smile on my face. I was beyond the point of reason. All I could think about was sliding my cock into her tight, teenage pussy.

With a long, throaty moan, Jodie slowly led my cock inside of her. I couldn't hold back a groan myself. The velvety wetness of her was intoxicating. Slowly, wanting to fill every inch of her, I inched my cock until it was buried as deep as it could go, my balls resting on her ass.

With painstaking slowness, I eased my cock all the way back so only the very tip of my head was in her wet slit.

"Oh, God, Johnnie," Jodie moaned.

Sliding back into her, I took one hand to play with her nipples, flicking them, twisting them.

She squeaked and moaned, trying to take my cock deeper and deeper. She arched her back trying to keep me deep as I slowly slid back out.

"I can't take it," she moaned. "Please, please, fuck me. Johnnie, you know how I like it."

I grinned. "Hard?" I asked in a whisper.

"Yes, come on. Hard, rough, just fuck me with that amazing cock. Come on, please."

I laughed. My stepdaughter was begging for my cock. The original plan had been to fuck her and leave—let her figure it all out later. But now, now I wanted to see her face as I fucked her.

As I continued to tease her with my slow, deliberate strokes, I came up with a new plan.

"God, please, harder." She was practically screaming at this point and I knew what I was going to do.


"Yes, fuck, now!"

I plunged my cock deep inside her, quickly withdrawing and thrusting back in. The feeling was amazing. Drilling her wet little pussy while she screamed and begged for more was like nothing I had ever experienced. My balls slapped against her ass and I assaulted her with all I was worth.

As her breathing became more ragged and I knew she was close to orgasming, I reached over to where I knew the lamp was on her bedside table was. With a yank of the pull string, the light flooded over us.

Her eyes went wide with shock as I grinned at her, mauling her with my cock.

"Daddy?" She squirmed as if she could stop me, but I held onto her hips, more viciously fucking her. It felt so good, I was coming close myself, but I had to hold on.

"No, stop," she said weakly, but she was meeting each thrust with her body. Moans were escaping her mouth against her will. She couldn't help but love every second of my cock pounding her pussy.

"Come on, little girl," I said, taking one hand off of her hip. "Cum for Daddy. I know you want to." I placed my now free hand on her clit, pressing lightly as I fucked her good and hard.

"Oh, fuck Daddy. Yes!"

She was so close, and I stopped. She looked at me blankly. "What?"

"Tell me what you want to do, sweetheart." I said, cruelly. I wanted her to beg for it again—only this time I wanted to know she was begging for me.

"No... I..."

"Come on, baby, what is it you want from Daddy."

She struggled with herself, but I brushed my thumb across her clit and she moaned. "Finish me off, Daddy."


"Please, please God fuck me, Daddy. Now, make me cum."

It took nothing else than that and I was pounding her again, lightly brushing her clit until she came with amazing force, screaming and writhing. It was enough to put me over the edge.

I pulled out quickly and my jizz flew across her glorious tits and face. She gasped as it hit her. But, to my surprise she stuck out her tongue and licked some.

"You taste good, Daddy," she murmured, looking me in the eye. "We may just have to do this again."

I grinned. "That's a good little girl."

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My step daughter

I too had thought on my step daughters one 17 other 20, but it was the 17 yr who really got my cock hard one day at familky BBQ in summer she was in one price bathing suite sat across from me her legsmore...

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Doing my stepdaughter

We had a week by ourselves her mother had a trip that would last a week I ask my stepdaughter if she has ever drink bef she said that she likes wine coolers so I pick up several packs we set there watchingmore...

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