tagLoving WivesFool's Envy Ch. 03

Fool's Envy Ch. 03


Thanks to Angel Love for her editing help, and Jacuzzigal for her helpful suggestions. I've re-edited all the chapters to hopefully improve the story for anyone who chooses to read it again. There's also a surprise at the end for all those people who commented so thoughtfully about the story. Thanks and enjoy.


"...And you just walked out?" Karen asked, clearly shocked. Steve thought he detected a hint of mirth in her expression.

"Yes," he sighed.

Karen's clear disdain for Terry could sometimes be too much for Steve. It got so bad that sometimes he even felt the need to defend his estranged wife. He understood that Karen was only taking his side and tried to appreciate her loyalty. He was a little confused about why it bothered him so much. Even after what Terry had done, Steve had never been able to bring himself to fully distance himself. He just felt sad about the whole, miserable situation.

"Serves her right," Karen said spitefully. "Don't even give me that look," she scolded him. "You know she was going to try to manipulate you into staying. If you hadn't protected yourself exactly the way you did, you'd be dealing with that nightmare right now. You are too nice for your own good."

"I know, but with everything that's happened, I just feel shitty." He had trouble meeting her unflinching stare.

"Steve," she said, trying to soften her tone. "You love her and you're sad about everything falling apart. I really do understand. But she made her choices. If you can't get past what happened, then you need to talk to her."

He looked at her incredulously, "Yeah, that'll make me feel better. Maybe I can even ask her if he was better than me in bed."

"Stop being a baby," she scolded. "You feel bad because of the way you left and what happened to her. The answer is simple; go talk to her and get it out of your system. You already know that nothing she says will make any difference, right?"

"Maybe you're right, but we're not going to find out. I have no interest in talking to Terry today or any day soon. If I get too whiney about it feel free to punch me in the arm . . . Ouch!" he yelled as she immediately hit him.

The two friends laughed, making the mood a little lighter. Karen patted him affectionately, "You'll survive, you big baby."

She knew she couldn't had pushed him as far as she could. There was no doubt in her mind that Steve was avoiding his wife because he was afraid of what he might find out. She also didn't believe Steve would ever get over Terry without a serious talk to find out what was behind her actions. Trying to be his friend and advise him was a difficult tightrope for her to walk, considering the way she really felt about him.


"Poor guy," Jasmine said sympathetically. She had been listening to her friend Karen pour her heart out about Steve for a half hour. She waved a hand at their waitress, indicating another round for them both.

"I swear, if I could get my hands on that bitch . . . " Karen muttered.

Jasmine studied her friend with an amused expression. They had known each other since college, where they met at a frat party. The two were polar opposites. Jasmine being very feminine, an expert at playing games, was beautiful and good at relationships. She never struggled with the kind of niceties that eluded her friend.

Jasmine had liked Karen immediately. She found Karen's honesty refreshing and enjoyed the way she didn't seem to care what anyone thought. Jasmine also saw something special in her; a diamond in the rough. A woman who could be stunning if she wanted to, but who chose not to use her feminine side just to fit in. Karen's parents were very practical, preferring their daughter study for college prep classes rather than attending school dances and their influence on her was obvious.

The first time she convinced Karen to dress up for a party was an amusing experience for Jasmine, even though Karen had trouble seeing how it was amusing. Despite her anxiety about looking like the 'prom date from hell', she made quite an impression. When they arrived at the party, no one recognized the former tomboy and Jasmine had to field questions from interested suitors all night about her "new friend".

Karen had a fairly consistent dating life after that, but she was far too serious for most college guys. She didn't swoon like a lot of immature girls when a good looking boy indicated he was interested. Even though her social life wasn't ideal by college standards, her education was first rate and earned her an excellent job right out of school.

The two women stayed close after graduation. Jasmine was always frustrated by Karen's lack of success at finding the right person. She worried that work had become her friend's life and hoped something would happen to show the young woman what she was missing.

While she listened to Karen's ranting about this woman that neither of them knew, Jasmine stared at her friend thoughtfully. She understood Karen better than anyone else, and saw this tirade as completely transparent.

"When are you going to tell him you love him?" she asked unexpectedly.

Jasmine barely could maintain her composure, seeing the bewildered expression on her friend's face.

"Love him!" Karen sputtered, trying to sound indignant. "We're just friends." I'm just angry about what she did to him."

"Yeah, why don't you try that again? If you say it without looking like you just got caught cheating on your final exams, it might be more believable," Jasmine teased.

"You don't know what you're talking about," Karen said, a little less convincingly. She stared at her glass, unable to look at her friend, knowing that Jasmine would see right through her.

"It's all right sweety," Jasmine said softly, touching her on the arm. "He sounds like a great guy. Just give him some space. He's going to be a mess for a while. I don't want you to get hurt." There was an uncomfortable silence as the two friends tried to think of some way to change the subject.


The next three months passed slowly for Steve, with many lonely nights. He missed Terry more than he could stand, and it didn't seem to be getting better. Former friends from the neighborhood stopped calling. He assumed that they were taking her side. Steve considered telling them the truth about what happened, but decided if they were really his friends, it wouldn't have mattered.

Joe let him know that one day Ted and Jackie had packed up and disappeared. It didn't qualify as good news for him, but the thought of them being out of his life was comforting. They hadn't told anyone they were moving, or why. There was still a 'for sale' sign up on their lawn.

No one in Terry's family had spoken to him since the visit to her lawyer. It was crushing to lose an entire family so quickly, but Steve knew their loyalties would lie with her first, as they should. She was their blood. Still, they were wonderful people and he missed them almost as much as he missed talking to her.

After over a month of attempts that kept the pain of the situation front and center in his mind, Terry finally stopped trying to contact him. Beth confided that she was a wreck for a long time, but seemed to be getting it together at last. Steve was glad for that. He felt for her and what she'd been through. He considered Karen's suggestion, but wasn't sure that it would solve anything. He also worried that it would lead to her having unrealistic expectations. Steve was miserable without her, but thought it would make things worse to have her half in his life.

The only bright spot for him was Karen. They had become inseparable. She had infinite patience dealing with his moods and the times when he complained too much about his life. She was intelligent, funny, kind and cheerful. She had a delightfully sharp wit and had a way of saying something that was cutting without being cruel. She did it brilliantly and somehow managed to never go too far.

How someone like her wasn't in a committed relationship or even married was beyond Steve's comprehension. Karen was twenty-four and he couldn't imagine anyone being more mature or nearly as much fun to be around. Without her help, he wondered if he would have survived the last few months. Losing his wife, his extended family, many of his friends, and having to change his lifestyle had been almost more than he could bear.

Although they spent a lot of time together, they were careful to keep it platonic. They never went out after work unless it was with a group of friends. Steve knew he wasn't looking for a relationship. It was hard enough for him to get out of bed some mornings. Despite her attractiveness, he didn't have many good friends, and was loathe to risk losing another one over his inability to deal with his personal issues by himself.

The divorce became official on a Friday just over four months after the meeting with Terry's lawyer. His attorney called him at work to give him the news. Steven didn't think that it would affect him after all he'd been through, but quickly found out how wrong he was. The finality of it was devastating. He hung up the phone with shaking hands and quickly left to go to the restroom before he made a fool out of himself in front of everyone. Karen caught him in the hallway.

"Steve, what's wrong?" she asked, concerned.

"That was my lawyer. Everything's over, I'm single again." He tried to smile, but failed. Retreating into the bathroom to collect himself, he reflected on what it would mean to his life. When he finally emerged, Karen was still waiting and took him to the cafeteria to talk.

Her expression left no doubt about the concern she felt for him. "Are you all right?"

"I honestly don't know, Karen. I thought I was ready for this, but I guess I was wrong. I walked out of the tech room and thought I was going to fall flat on my face." Steve stopped talking as he struggled to find words that could express the uncertainty he felt.

"Do you know what you need?" she stated cheerfully, "A night out with a beautiful brunette who is dying to show you a good time."

Steve smiled at the thought, but tried to beg off. "I appreciate the offer, but I'm not going to be very good company tonight."

"Nonsense, you've never let me down. I'm glad you're so worried about my feelings, but if you think I'm going to leave my best friend alone on a night like tonight, you're out of your freaking mind."

He regarded her fondly. She was, incredibly stubborn, but loyal and caring. Steve knew there was no way to get her to leave him alone that night, so he reluctantly agreed to take her out. She told him there was a great Italian restaurant only a couple of a block from her house. Money was tight for him, so she insisted on treating. He considered arguing the point, but knew it would be a waste of his time. The truth was, he wasn't looking forward to going home by himself and couldn't think of anyone he'd rather be with.

Steve arrived at Karen's apartment just before seven o'clock. He felt strange to be dressed as if he was going out on a date. On the other hand, it felt good to have his mind on trying to be a good companion to Karen instead of on his problems. When she opened the door, it took his breath away. The beautiful dress she wore showed off her slim figure and surprising cleavage. Her hair was long, black, curly and intricately styled, making her look like a woman out of the fashion pages than a co-worker he had never considered as anything but a friend.

He was a little uncomfortable with his obvious attraction to her. It caught him off guard because this was the first time he had seen her in anything other than casual or work clothes. "Wow, you look beautiful," he said in open admiration.

Karen graciously accepted his complement. "You clean up nicely yourself." They shared a laugh and walked toward the restaurant.

They were in sight of the front door when a car door opened in front of them and Terry stepped out. Steve came to a dead stop, watching her move elegantly. She was well dressed and looking as beautiful as ever. His impulse was to turn and walk the other way, but Terry saw him first. She looked around in a panic as a well-dressed man stepped around the front of the car and took her arm.

"Terry, is everything all right?" he asked.

Steve felt Karen take his arm for support and he walked up to his now ex-wife. "Terry, it's good to see you. I hope you're doing well." He tried not to let his voice shake, he didn't want her to realize the kind of power she still had over him.

She looked at Karen with thinly veiled contempt and promptly ignored her. Looking straight at her ex husband, she said, "I'm doing as well as can be expected. I assume you heard the news today." Her voice betrayed a hint of bitterness.

He regarded her cautiously, unsure what to say. "Yes, my lawyer called late this morning. Are you here for dinner?" He was afraid that in some cosmic joke, she was actually going to the same restaurant. It didn't matter; he had already lost his appetite and was beginning to feel sick.

"No, we have other plans. We are just stopping here," she gestured to the bar two doors down, "For a drink first."

Steve tried to find a quick exit to the uncomfortable conversation. "Well, I don't want to hold you two up and we have reservations. Take care of yourself, Terry." He did his best to sound calm and collected.

Terry looked very uncomfortable, like she wanted to say something, but wasn't sure how. "It...it was nice to see you again, Steve. You take care too."

Karen urged him past the other couple and Steve didn't look back until they reached the door to the restaurant. Terry and her date were nowhere in sight. Karen stopped and glanced over her shoulder. Seeing that they were gone, she turned to him, "Are you all right?"

He tried to answer her, but couldn't catch his breath. He couldn't think of anything except getting off the sidewalk so there was no chance Terry would see him like this. Steve shook off Karen's hand and stumbled past the door to the alleyway. He took a few steps in and leaned against the wall. He felt like he was on the edge of passing out. In shock, he realized he was hyperventilating and couldn't stop.

There was a soft touch on his shoulder. "Just relax and breathe, it will be Ok. Just concentrate on my voice and breathe in, now out." She continued to talk slowly, calming him until he was finally able to regain control.

"Karen, I'm sorry, I have to go," he managed to say between gasps.

"The hell you do, you're not going anywhere without me. We're going back to my place right now. Just come with me down the alley and we won't have to go by the bar." She put her arm around him as they walked behind the building, then headed back to her apartment.

When they walked in the door, Karen ushered him to the couch, then went to get a drink. She came back and sat next to him, concern clearly etched on her face. Steve took a sip of the drink and set it down, anxious to apologize for ruining her night.

"Karen, I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened. I just lost it. When I saw her with that guy..."

Suddenly he tensed as he felt his emotions rising again. Without hesitation, she pulled him close, whispering encouraging words into his ear. Steve was able to stop from falling apart again, but found he had a new problem. He started crying.

The tears flowed freely down his face, with no end in sight. He hadn't cried like that in years, since his Mother passed away in his freshman year of college. It wasn't because he believed it to be a weakness; he just never felt the urge to cry. Now there was no stopping it. Karen ran a hand up and down his back while the other one held the back of his head, her fingers massaging his scalp. She continued talking quietly, telling him things would be all right and to just let it out.

Steve was deeply embarrassed by the situation, but the more he struggled to gain control, the worse it became. His shoulders heaved with each labored breath. Finally, there was a warm touch on his cheek. For a moment, he thought he imagined it, but then it happened again. Soft, warm and tender, he realized it was Karen's lips. She was kissing his cheek, then moved to his forehead.

Soon she was placing small kisses all over his face. By the time she reached his lips, Steve was lost in the sensation and realized that his previous thoughts of Terry were fading. He didn't even pause to consider what was happening, instead returning her kisses urgently. His tongue searched for hers with a fevered hunger.

Karen's hand moved to his neck, dragging her fingernails across, making the hair on the back of his neck stand up. His hands moved up the sides of her gown, stopping at her breasts. He leaned forward, softly biting them through her top. As she moaned, he moved his mouth back up to her shoulder and kissed her skin next to the thin strap of her dress. He continued squeezing her breast with one hand, while the other slid the strap off her shoulder.

Steve was beginning to wonder just who was seducing who as he felt her hand slide down to his crotch, firmly rubbing against the erection that was trapped uncomfortably in his pants.

With childlike fascination, his index finger caught the loose shoulder strap of her dress and pulled with just enough force to let it fully expose her breast. Her small brown nipples were erect, jutting out from her smallish breasts. Karen's smooth, dark skin was a stark contrast to the fair skin he had become so accustomed to. His fingers dragged across the soft surface of her flesh slowly, allowing him time to enjoy the pleasant sensation.

He slid down to his knees and took her nipple in his mouth, moving a hand up to slide the rest of her top off. When her left breast came into view, he kissed his way across her chest until he reached the now uncovered mound. Karen's skin had an unfamiliar taste, an exotic mixture of her perfume and perspiration. She moaned with a throaty, lustful tone. The sound was something else he wasn't accustomed to.

Sliding his hand between her knees, he slowly stroked the inside of her thigh, pushing her skirt higher as he inched upward. He bit her breast softly, as his hand felt the heat between her legs. When he brushed against her panties, Karen opened her legs wider and arched up off the couch, trying to force him to push harder.

Steve moved back to the couch. As he again kissed her, his tongue brushing softly against hers, he slipped his fingers under the lace top of her panties. Sliding his hand inside until he was cupping her pussy. Gently, he pushed a finger between her outer lips. She was soaking wet; it slid in immediately up to his knuckle, eliciting an uninhibited moan from her.

He pulled the finger back out, smearing her juices across her lips, then pushed it back in. He repeated the motion until he could hear her breathing become ragged. Then he slid two fingers into her, causing her to whimper. He pushed as deeply as he could, and then rotated his hand, rubbing against her clit with his palm.

Steve knew it was having the desired effect when Karen dug her nails into his arm intensely. She covered his hand with hers, grinding it into her pussy even harder. Her kisses became frantic, her breathing coming in short gasps. She rocked her hips in a sensual rhythm, matching the thrusts of his hand. He moved his lips to her neck, trying to find a spot that would drive her over the edge.

Soon Steve realized her hips were gyrating so wildly that he couldn't keep up. He stopped the thrusting motion, letting her move against him at the pace she desired. The feeling of her writhing in ecstasy under him was incredible. His fingers stroked the walls of her pussy, searching for a spot that would bring her to orgasm. He knew exactly where to touch Terry, but didn't know how Karen's body would react.

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