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This is a true account of how I became the foot/shoe/boot slave to a very attractive young lady. The lady in question was the Assistant to the Dean of Students at the university where I taught.

I am a 62 year old, retired college professor. I have a PhD in Communications and had taught at the university level until my retirement, a few years ago. For as long as I can remember, I have had a desire to be a foot/shoe slave for a beautiful woman.

With that said, I am a very select in the women I wish to serve. I do not feel that all women are superior to men (equal, yes). However, there are a very few women, who because of their beauty and assertive demeanor, deserve to have men at their feet. In another story I shall tell you of my enslavement to my Mistress/wife. This current story is for men who question if it is really possible to become a slave to that woman you see everyday at work; at the supermarket or in your other daily activities.

Debbie was one of those attractive women who always maintained an assertive (not dominant) positive attitude. She was the Assistant to the Dean of Students. Debbie had a radiant smile and was friendly to everyone who came into her office. She made everyone feel comfortable.

At the time of this story she was in her late thirties and I was a younger man in my 50s.Debbie was not just one of the most attractive women on campus, she was one of the best dressed. She always wore suits, dresses or skirts and jackets to work. She then would finish off the look with the sexiest high heel shoes and boots I have ever seen. She drove me insane every time I looked at her. Debbie and I were both married and I would never risk my position at the university with the possibility of a sexual harassment charge. However, my desire, my mission was to be at her feet, licking those shoes and boots.

Most men will understand my next move. I used to find excuses to go into the Dean's office, just to look at Debbie. I retrieved more blank forms, applications and other unnecessary supplies just to be in her presence. Each time, I would manage to get a look at her feet to see what she was wearing. If I may put in a little plug for myself! I am not an unattractive man. I have heard that coeds in my class found me to be nice to look at. I also have a positive mental attitude and feel comfortable around people.

Debbie and I soon found that we enjoyed each other's company. I was very careful and discrete in not coming on to strongly or giving her any indication that I was "hitting on her". After a few weeks, I did start to bring her coffee and ask if there were any errands she needed me to run for her. This was my first, subtle attempt at serving her. I found her to be very open to my requests to help. She always had that beautiful smile. I was visiting her office very frequently for small talk and related college business. We were getting friendly.

I planned my crusade to get at her feet very carefully. It was several months later that I actually started my move. This is my first lesson to men hoping to get at the feet of a real woman. PATIENCE! Take your time. Do not come on as a pervert who wants to jump at the feet of a woman. Make the lady feel comfortable. Get to know her and allow her time to be comfortable around you.

My first move was a legit request on my part to use the Dean's conference room. I was meeting with several of my graduate students and the room was convenient for all of us. I went into Debbie's office and asked if the room was available. She was very friendly but told me that it really was not supposed to be used by other faculty. I took my first risk. I moved along side her desk and slowly genuflected, went down on one knee, and in a faked, humble voce said, "May I please have the key to the conference room"

I was pleasantly surprised by Debbie's reaction. Her face lit up with a huge smile and she said, "Well, since you asked like that. I guess I can let you have the key." She reached in her desk and gave me the key. I purposefully, remained on one knee until she put the key in my hand. Then she blew my mind as she winked at me.

During the next weeks I continued to find reasons to use the conference room and each time I genuflected while asking. I was getting very positive feedback from Debbie, each time. She would smile and give me that flirtatious wink.

Finally, one day she said, "I like seeing a man on his knees" That was the first time, of many, when I actually spotted my pants. It is important to point out the length of time that had transpired from the first time I met Debbie until what happened next. We had become friends, established trust, and had been teasing each other for many weeks. This does not happen over night.

Finally, one day I was back for my routine of asking for the key, still genuflecting. With a smile on her face Debbie said, "What if I say No!" I was pleasantly surprised by her teasing question. I started to ham up a pleading request. "Please, pretty please, can I have the key?"

Debbie was now toying with me. "Sitting back in her chair she said, "Not good enough. What else do you have to offer?"

My mouth was moving and words were coming out before my brain knew what I was saying. "Please let me have the key and I will kiss your feet." After I blurted it out, I could not believe my own ears. Did I really just say that? Time froze as I waited for a reaction. I was fearful that I had over stepped my place and Debbie would be angry with me.

To my shock and pleasant surprise Debbie looked down at me with a smile, raised one eyebrow and said, "That might work. I think I would like that" Debbie was sitting directly behind her desk. She turned her chair so that her legs were at the side of the desk. "You'll have to come over here if you are going to kiss my feet."

For the second time, being with Debbie, I know that I spotted my under pants, I crawled over to Debbie's feet which she had planted on the carpeted floor. She was wearing a pair of black high heel pumps. Without hesitation, I kissed the toe of each shoe. I could feel my body get instantly hot as my lips touched the shiny leather of her shoe.

Her voice broke my trance," Well, you haven't asked me anything yet. First ask the question, and then kiss my feet. I regained my thoughts and asked, "May I please have the key to the conference room?"

"That's better. Now you are supposed to kiss my feet, after you ask permission."

Once again, I lowered my head to her feet and kissed the toes of each shoe. I could taste and smell the new leather fragrance of her shoes and I was getting intoxicated. I felt the keys hit the floor near my face. "Good boy! Now you can use the room.' I quickly picked up the keys and left the room hoping that Debbie could not see the large bulge in my pants. I noticed a big smile as she, once again, winked at me.

After that first submissive kiss on the toes of her shoes, my role as her foot/shoe/boot slave was established. We were both very discrete and careful. We did not play every time I came to her office but when she knew that she was alone and the Dean was not in his office, she would play with me. The best part was she began to initiate the foot/shoe/boot worship.

Every time I asked to use the room, and I was asking a lot. She would respond "You know the rules. If you want to use the conference room, you kiss my feet and I will consider your request."

Each time I would kneel along side her desk, kiss her shoes and she would drop the keys on the floor. These first encounters only lasted a few seconds. I was not at her feet for any length of time. Still, it made me very excited and I could tell that Debbie enjoyed every minute.

I decided that it was time to stretch the envelope and see what Debbie would allow. My goal was actually to lick her shoes, not just kiss them. The next time I had the opportunity to kneel and kiss her shoes for the key. I took a risk. While on my knees I told her that I noticed that her shoes were dirty and not fitting for a woman of her beauty. I was shocked at her reaction.

"Well, do something about it. Clean them."

I played dumb and asked for tissue from her desk to clean her shoes. At that moment, Debbie showed me a dominant side of her that excited me. She looked down at me and said, "Use your tongue. You can lick them clean for me. You know that's what you want to do. Isn't it?"

Totally embarassed I answered,"Yes, Ma'am".

"Well what are you waiting for? Lick my shoes clean."

With that she leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs. Bringing her one high heel inches from my face, she looked at her shoe, "You're right, they do need a cleaning. Be a good boy and clean them for me. I want to watch you lick my shoes."

My heart was beating so fast I was sure that Debbie could hear it! I had just been told by a gorgeous lady to lick her high heel shoes.

I carefully positioned myself in front of Debbie's chair, on my hands and knees and slowly ran the tip of my tongue across the tip of her shoe. I could feel myself getting sexually excited. I continued to lick the shoe when Debbie spoke.

"Do a good job. Don't miss any spots. Make them shine for me" Debbie was looking down, inspecting the job I was doing.

I have always said it is one thing to lick the shoes of a lady who lets you but more exciting when a lady wants you to lick her shoes and gives orders. I was in my glory. I looked up at Debbie as I continued to lick her shoe and she had a smug smile on her face.

"You are enjoying this aren't you?"

"Yes, Ma'am" I responded.

"Good" So am I. I think from now on I will have you clean all my shoes at work"

I had achieved my goal. I was licking the shoes of a beautiful woman and she just announced that she expected more of the same adoration. I continued licking Debbie's shoe as she looked down at me from her chair. I soon became convinced that she was a Dominant Woman just waiting to find the right man. She took total control.

"Be sure you get the heel and the bottoms of my shoes. If you are going to do a job, do it right"

Debbie extended her foot and raised it so the sole of her shoe was in front of my face. I held the back of the shoe and ran my tongue up the entire length of the bottom of her shoe. I continued until the entire sole was wet from my tongue. I lovingly performed this degrading act while looking into the eyes of this Goddess.

"You look good licking my shoes. I think we found your calling in life.I guess from now on instead of calling you Dr ______, I will just call you foot boy or slave'

Even her verbal humiliation was exciting to hear. Debbie had just made me her personal foot boy/slave and I was the happiest man in the world.

After holding her shoe in front of my face, watching me lick the bottoms, Debbie repositioned herself in her chair and presented the other shoe.

"I do have two shoes. This one is getting jealous. Lick it for me, Foot Boy,"

Debbie slid down a little in her chair and I could see that she relaxed as I licked the entire surface, top and bottom of the second shoe.

"MMM, this is better than getting a massage. I could get use to this.Don't stop!"

I looked up into those gorgeous eyes as my tongue danced across the bottom of her shoes. Debbie owned me and she knew it.

I served as Debbie's foot boy/slave for several years. We were always discrete and careful. There never was any sexual involvement. I never worshipped her above her ankles except to kiss her hands.

There were days and weeks when we did not enjoy our Mistress/slave relationship because the Dean's office was busy. But every chance we got, I was at her feet, licking her shoes and boots and kissing her feet and sucking her toes. She called me "Foot Boy" every time I came in to her office. I was in my glory.

...to be continued in Part II

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