Foot Fetish Fridays


"Oh, I won't. I can't wait. Can I ask you a big favor," AJ asked.

"Sure, what do you need?" I responded.

"On our date, would you please wear tan pantyhose and white go go boots?" AJ asked like a child wanting to sleep over at a friend's house.

I crinkled my nose in doubt and said, "I don't know. Yes, I wear tights and hose around here because the air conditioning is so cold and I like to add variety but to be honest, we (young girls) rarely wear tan pantyhose. Usually older women do and even though I own a pair of white shin-high boots from when I tried out for cheerleader at USC, they are hard to accessorize."

AJ begged, "Please Britt. It would mean so much to me. I love that combination."

I agreed and thought I could come up with something. As the next week moved along, I hadn't decided what I was going to do with poor AJ after our date. On that Thursday, he sent me such a sweet thank you card with a red rose. That is when I decided I was going to make love with him and take his virginity the way it should be done. We skipped our Friday foot fling so we could go home, shower and get ready.

The day before, I had picked up some glimmer tan pantyhose and planned my pastel outfit to match my white boots. I wore a teal short cocktail dress that came to the middle of my thighs and three quarter length sleeves that slipped off the shoulders. He picked me up around 7 pm in a sharp, black SUV he borrowed from a relative. It was nice inside and when my shimmering nylon covered leg entered the vehicle, AJ groaned, "Wow. You look gorgeous. Thank you so much for wearing that."

AJ was dressed in a handsome navy blue suit with a tie and black patent leather dress shoes. We walked hand in hand while I carried my clutch purse in the other. We enjoyed a romantic dinner along with gentle, sweet conversation before heading to the hotel. When we arrived, it was a 5 star luxury suite.

"Oh my AJ, this is too much. I mean it's absolutely amazing but this must have cost you a fortune," I gasped as I looked at the 15 foot ceilings, gas fireplace, and king size 4 post bed with Roman pillars.

"I don't care. I want it to be so special. I hope I done well enough know," AJ answered.

After looking at the rose pedals on the bed, the huge flower arrangement on the table, candles burning on the shelved headboard, and music playing softly through a blue tooth speaker, I knew he had to have had it all arranged before we got there. It was romantic and the huge effort did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

AJ nervousness was getting to him as he whimpered, "I don't know what to do now. I am so nervous. Should I...?"

I walked up and interrupted his sentence by putting my finger across his lips, giving him the shush sign and whispered, "Shhhhh. Don't say another word. Just relax and let it happen." I began to take off his tie and unbutton his shirt while continuing, "You just let me take control."

I then softly kissed his cheek, then kept pecking until I reached his lips. We were embraced into a huge kiss and I took hold of his hands to nudge him to put them around me. We stopped and I unbuckled his pants, allowing them to fall to the floor around his ankles. As I knelt down, I pulled his underwear down with me. I watched the final erection stage of his virgin cock head popping out from under the foreskin. It was purple from the blood rush and I put it in my mouth to suck while I fondled his heavy balls. AJ trembled with anticipation. I continued to engulf every inch just to savor his tangy precum that I had grown used to seeing.

I stood up while AJ stepped out of his scrunched up pants. After kicking off his shoes and socks, he stood before me completely naked while I remained completed dressed. Slowly I had him unzip the back of my dress in order to take it off before unhooking my bra. AJ looked extremely shy as he stared at my breasts.

As I laid my dress across the back of a chair, AJ quickly interjected, "Don't take off those pantyhose. I love seeing them on you."

He was naked, and I was only wearing the glimmer hose and white boots. We began to kiss again and worked our way to the bed. Our make out session on the bed saw us transferring from me on top, to him on top, back to me on top. As I rubbed my boobs on his chest, I slid forward until they were in his face.

I softly whispered, "Don't be shy, kiss em. Suck the nipples. Yes, just like that."

He would suck a nipple for a minute before I would move and offer the other breast. At first, AJ was sucking a little hard but after my guidance he was doing a very good job. We went back to kissing each other's neck and earlobes. When I blew in his ear, he just groaned in ecstasy. We passionately kissed and explored each other's body. I wanted AJs first time to be special, not to mention I had become very aroused. Eventually, I crawled up with my boots over his arms and my hose covered pussy in his face. He was smelling and kissing the wet spot on the cotton crotch.

"Tear it open with your teeth. You go after your prize," I coaxed.

I pulled the hose away from my body and sure enough, AJ used his teeth to tear the material. I helped and tore the complete rounded crotch from the pantyhose. I then sat down on AJs face, feeding him his slimy dessert. The hole provided perfect access for him to munch on my love tunnel.

"Ooo, that's it right there. Now lick the clit...good boy. Stick your tongue in further...further...yes, just like that," I instructed him every step of the way.

I placed my weight on his face and began to grind. I was going to use his tongue and his nose to get myself off. Poor AJ was having trouble breathing but I was almost there. I rubbed and grinded until eventually I let out a nice scream as I spasmed my orgasm all over his mouth. We began to kiss again and I loved tasting and smelling myself all over his face. This went on for about 10 minutes before I decided it was time.

While straddling AJ's torso, I moved downward, took hold of his hard-on and sat down on it. It felt good in my wet vagina. AJ's eyes and mouth opened in total blissful shock. Now I was grinding on his manhood. He had that look in his eye like he was trying to hold out but couldn't.

"Rub my legs. Feel the softness of my pantyhose," I commanded.

Just as he obeyed my instruction, the poor guy started bucking and screaming, "Auggghhh, I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

When AJ began to unload his seed up me, I just clenched up my pussy walls and used that grip to milk it out. It took all my weight to keep him from lifting me up while he orgasmed. When his cock stopped shooting, I laid down on his chest and began kissing his nipples. I was still impaled on his dick but I could feel the cum oozing out and down his shaft. The great thing was, he wasn't getting soft. He was just as hard as he was before he shot his load.

I instructed AJ, "Now you get on top and take control. Show me how you make love. Show you're woman how you handle your business."

We switched places and AJ was now on top of me. He held himself up using his arms on the bed as he pumped my sloppy pussy. My legs were spread and the bottoms of my boot covered feet were digging into the bed. AJ was fucking me very fast. Our bodies were slapping like an audience clapping at a recital. I put my hands up around his neck and gently stroked the back of his hair while I encouraged him.

"Harder, baby. Fuck me harder. Take control of that pussy. Show me what you got. You're gonna make me cum," I gasped.

He was working up a sweat and out of breath, with a contorted face, he choked out, "Oh, I'm gonna cum again. Oooooo! I'm cummin! I love you, Britt! Aughhh!"

I immediately wrapped my hands around his waist and grabbed his ass to pull it in as far as he could go. I loved feeling the muscles in his ass contract while he was cumming. AJ laid on top of me, with his head on my shoulder while he finished. His heart was beating against my boobs so fast! I wanted to give him some recovery time before I needed him to go again and make me cum. I was so close right before he climaxed. He slowly rose to his knees. I could feel his double gooey load running down my ass crack. His cock was softening and covered in our white cream.

"I'll give you a minute, then we need to go again so you can make me cum," I requested.

I could see the look of concern in his eyes when he replied, "I don't know if I can. I'm worried that I won't be able to get ready again," AJ reluctantly answered referring to getting his dick hard.

"Oh, I don't think that is going to be a problem," I cooed as I sat up holding my boots in the air while AJ was still on his knees.

As AJ stared at my legs and boots, I nudged him, "Go ahead and take em off me. You know you want to,"

AJ held one boot in his hand while he rubbed my nylon covered legs. He deeply moaned his pleasure as he tugged at the zipper. Twice we heard that leather crinkled sound and a loud zzzzzip, until the cool air was hitting my warm, moist, nylon covered feet with the reinforced toes.

Holding my legs by the ankles, AJ lifted my feet to his face and pressed them against both cheeks. I could tell that taking in the fragrance which had been trapped in that leather for hours was more than he could handle. Even though his cock had already deposited two loads, it was standing at attention for a third time. I rubbed and moved my feet over his face and nose for the next several minutes while he reveled in his utopia.

It was time for him to fuck me. I needed him to give me that powerful orgasm I craved. I got up on my hands and knees. I guided him to fuck me doggie style while he held my feet up off the bed. He looked like a cowboy steering the reins of a horse driven buggy while he pounded my pussy. He was bringing me closer and now had the stamina he needed.

I screamed, "Stand up baby! Drive it home! Make me cum! Do it! Do it!"

AJ did as he was told and now was on his feet thrusting his cock downward to satisfy my craving. He let go of my ankles and placed his hands on the small of my back for leverage. He pounded my hole through the torn hosiery like he was drilling for oil.

"That's it! Yes...yes...yes," and finally that powerful orgasm hit me like a lightning bolt, "Ohhhhh. Yeeeeessssssss!"

My quim twitched around his cock. It felt great! Poor AJ never stopped and started screaming again, adding a third load to my vagina. He held on tight to my hips while he spurted his seed inside me once again. When both of us had stopped orgasming, we both sat down on the bed facing each other. We kissed once more before ordering room service.

We went to bed in the dim lights and music playing. We snuggled and fell asleep in each other's arms with his sperm oozing out of me the entire time. AJ was completely nude and I was wearing only the pantyhose to rub on his legs in the middle of the night. We had a sound sleep and early in the morning I awoke looking to wrap our date up on a great note.

I softly turned around to wake AJ with my feet in his face. Not until I started tugging on his cock did he wake up. He smiled and immediately became hard. I played and stroked with his foreskin while he now began kissing my hosed feet. I got him to lay on his back and I sat up between his legs. With my knees facing outward, I wrapped my shiny nylon clad feet around that hard dick and began stroking it. He put his hands behind his head, to enjoy the footjob that I was providing. The faster my feet moved up and down, the louder AJ moaned.

As a former gymnast, I had plenty of flexibility to lean forward and suck his cock while I beat it off with my feet. Because of the nylon, I wasn't able to apply the lube I wanted. While AJ watched, I took the end of the pantyhose on both my feet and tore them open. I rolled them up to my ankles which now looked like I was wearing shimmer leggings. Now I used my bare feet on that cock while I sucked it. I allowed an abundance of saliva to run out of my mouth to provide the lube. I jerked and sucked his dick with enthusiasm. My combination blowjob and footjob was more than he could handle. Within minutes, AJ was once again shooting his load. This time, it was in my mouth and I eagerly accepted his deposit. I loved feeling his cock twitch while trapped in my arches.

I swallowed his cum and got up to take a shower. I left the shredded hose for AJ. We kissed and I told him that I would see him on Monday. He thanked me for a wonderful first time and asked if we could do it again.

My reply was, "I don't know, we will have to see next Friday."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/12/18

A foot in the door...

I see what you did there 😏

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by Anonymous08/23/18

I love suntan pantyhose.

I am obsessed with sheer pantyhose, I also miss giving mouth massages to pantyhose encased feet.

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