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You've been watching me.

I can see you from the cornet of my eye in class, when I wear my brown leather flip-flops in Summer. You can't tear your eyes off of my half bare feet, with their nice olive tan and big, square toes. Thick, manly toes that you'd die to set your lips on, I know it.

Every time I stretch out my legs in the aisle between our desks, or dangle my flip-flop by my toes while the professor talks, I can see you salivating over there, hanging on my every action just like you were. Dangling from my big toe.

Today, I've decided to put your torture to an end. You show up to my apartment in the afternoon, clearly showered and all anxious to see me. I'm wearing the same board shorts and sandals I had on in class today, my shirt a little musky under the arms. But I can tell you like the way I smell by the hungry look in your eyes.

I ask you in, offer you a drink and show you to the living room. I sit back and get to know you for a while, taking the conversation slow. I wait until I've caught you eyeing my feet a couple of times and steer the conversation towards what an obedient slave you're going to be for me. This takes you by surprise, so much so that you almost choke on your beer. But you keep up as best you can, meekly agreeing.

I let this thread go on and on, forcing you to answer questions and admit things you never thought you'd say out loud, until I can tell you're dying to serve me. You can barely hide the growing hardness in your lap. I tease you just a little bit more. I wait until you were at breaking point, knowing you won't make a move until I give you permission. Then, when you feel like you're about to explode with anticipation, I gesture to the floor and order you onto your knees.

I've kicked my sandals off now, and my tan insteps are bare on the floor. I wiggle my toes and sigh.

I put my feet under your face and make you tell me everything you love about them, in detail. What you'd do to be allowed to put your lips on them. I watch you close your eyes and inhale, then shiver in pleasure. The warm, masculine musk emanating off my soles and from between my toes must be heavenly to you.

That's when I lift up my right foot and press it gently against your lips, which you're clearly afraid to open at first, you're so excited. I rub my toes and ball of my foot around your lips and mouth in a circular motion, like I'm marking you as my foot's property. I keep rubbing until my two bigger toes push your lips open and dip inside, wetting the first of your taste buds. I grab your lower lip with my toes and pull it down, and you open your mouth all the way so I can dip as much of my sweaty foot inside as I like.

I decide to slide one big toe into your mouth, force you to taste it, move it around on your tongue. Then I order you to stick your tongue in between my toes, give them a good wash. "Now lick my soles, slave-boy." I'm starting to get cocky. "Start at the heel and wipe your tongue all the way to the pad of my big-toe... There's a good slave. Aren't you an obedient little foot-licker?" I praise you like a well-behaved pet before giving you your next stern command.

This whole time, I don't let you put your hands anywhere near your dick. I make you wait until you're so worked up, the slightest touch could send you into the most powerful orgasm of your life. I make you hold it in while you act as my personal foot spa, bathing every inch of my huge feet with your tongue and allowing me to wipe them all over your willing face.

Next I have you stand up on your knees with your hands behind your back while I sit before you and rub my broad soles all the way from your face, to your chest, to your navel... And finally onto the bulge in your pants.

Then, and only then are you allowed to move your arms from behind your back. I make you wrap them around my ankle, kissing and praising me in a frenzy as my foot holds its pressure on your crotch and you pump spurt after spurt of hot cum in your pants.

Of course, this is just the beginning. The next time I have you over (I've got your number now, so expect to be called for foot service at any time of day or night) I'll let you pull down your pants and hold your hands behind your back while I use your naked, sensitive dick like a doormat, rubbing my tired soles all over it for my own satisfaction.

As soon as we get to my place or yours after school, I'll lock the door and have you kneel in front of me, and take off my shoes and socks. You'll hug my feet, just holding them against your face, and he loved sniff my socks to show me how devoted you are to your foot master.

When you're on your knees in front of me I'll use my foot to push you backward, until you're lying on the ground. Then I'll start rubbing my feet over your face, one-by-one. I'll order you to lick harder, kiss my soles, lick between my toes like a good puppy. I bet you loved the idea of being my pet, don't ya, little foot sniffer.

Well. You've got all that to look forward to and more, now you're mine.

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