tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFootbal Party Whoring Ch. 03

Footbal Party Whoring Ch. 03


As I was being carried into another room by six naked black guys, Jocko had them stop and took a photo of me. Guys behind me were chanting, "Gang Bang, Gang Bang, Gang Bang!"

I was carried over to a couch that had a blue sheet covering and placed on the floor in front of it. More naked black guys surrounded me with comments about sucking their cocks and what fun I was going to have. In a minute I had so many hands over my body, groping my breast and finger my pussy. Everyone that surrounded me were yelling for me to begin, but I had so many cocks to choose from to suck. I started on the closest big black throbbing dick to me, while others were trying to push their hard rods in my mouth too.

"Guys," I heard Jocko scream. "Let's fuck her in an orderly manner. Everyone can have a turn or seconds and even thirds if you want. But first Bros I need you to cough up two bills for every time you fuck her."

There were shouts of reluctance after Jocko's speech. One guy told him that he was going to fuck me for one bill.

Suddenly, Jamal laughed and blurted, "Come on bro. I'll give you a grand for fucking the bitch and everyone can take as many turns as they want with her. That's the deal or we'll just fuck your whore for nothing."

Everyone was yelling at Jocko about taking the deal. He went to me and said, "Sorry Kathryn but it looks like 1000 or nothing. Don't worry; I'll give you all of it as long as you willingly fuck everyone without any whining. Just have fun, okay?"

What was I to do? I was already kneeling in the middle of the floor and sucking cocks while others were fingering my pussy and ass hole. I could yell, "No! No! No!" But they would probably fuck me anyway.

So I mumbled, "I guess!"

Then someone pushed me on all fours and I felt him sticking his big black cock into my pussy. As he did he said, "That's it bitch. Get that ass up for my black meat. Yeah! Feels good doesn't it?"

Other guys yelled, "Bro stretch that hole out for all of us. Whores like her deserve a fuck feast like we're going give her. Yeah bro pound her white cunt."

Then they squawked at me, "Bitch, you look great with black meat in your ash white cunt. Be a good little white whore for us. We're going stretch every one of your holes out with so much black meat that you won't be able to walk."

They all laughed and added more nasty comments about what they were going to do to me. The verbal abuse toward fucking me and making me cum drenched slut went on during the whole event until Jocko whispered to me. "Kathryn act like you are enjoying it or it will get worse."

I didn't listen and began to whine, "Oh it's hurting. You're too big! Go slow! Oh! Not so rough! Oh!"

They took turns making me squeal while plundering my pussy. After some time, I'm guess after everyone had a turn in my pussy, I was moved to the couch. I sat on one guy and another began pushing it in my ass. I began to cry about it hurting to no avail. I was told to shut up and just take it. It seemed the more I whimpered the harder they fucked me. Just as they went to trade places with another two guys, Jocko again whispered for me to act like I was enjoying myself. This time I listened.

"Who's going to be next? That felt so good." I cried as I began getting a cock in my ass again. "Yes that's it. Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Oh yes you guys are making me cum! OMG! I love feeling your big cocks in me. Don't stop. Please fuck me!" I continued to cry every so often. When I did, they seem to quit the verbal abuse but instead, said other stuff.

"Bros this one is enjoying it. That's it bitch tell us how much fun you are having. You like black meat don't you bitch?"

My comments changed everything. They no longer were trying to hurt me, but instead were trying to see who could make me cum. But the funny thing, I was starting to enjoy the experience and I was really having orgasms. I was now horny from them fucking all of my holes at the same time. I was energetic and moved with their pounding, instead of just lying there like at the beginning. Guys kept asking me how it felt and I would answer wonderful and how much I love black cocks. It was becoming a fun adventure. It was now a fuck feast and I was relishing the pounding.

I was on all fours with different guys taking turns in my ass. I had guys squirting cum in my mouth and on my breast. Guys kept fucking me over and over again, and I just loved every minute. Screaming, "Who's next," many times was validating that I was the whore that Jocko said I was. The more they used me like a piece of white trash, the more I was purring in sexual bliss. I have no idea why I was such a willing participant, but it was.

Being on the couch, sitting on one guy with his cock buried in my pussy while another had his cock plastered in my ass gave me such pleasure. I even enjoyed sucking on different cocks while I was doubled in heat. I must have enjoyed this for a long time, because there weren't as many guys surrounding me whenever I opened my eyes to look.

When they moved me to a bench in the middle of the room Jamal said, "Well bitch. This is the finale. We are all going to take a last turn fucking your cunt or ass and then dumping in your mouth our last load. There are only 7 of us left so it shouldn't take much longer for us to finish. And bitch, you've been such a great fucking whore."

Jamal was the first one back into my sore worn out pussy. He pumped me hard for many minutes then pulled out. I had my head hanging over the back of the bench, opened my mouth and he jerk himself off spewing a load of yummy cum. As he squirted, I felt another guy entering my pussy and began pumping me. I swallowed most of it but some ran down to my chin. Looking up, I took my fingers giggled, and scooped up the runaway goo. Then I licked my fingers clean. I heard a lot of comments about what a nasty whore I was. A few had me bent with my legs over me so they could fuck my ass. That hurt but I just pretended it was feeling great.

One after one they took a last turn fucking me, until all had dumped their white goo in my mouth. When it was all over, I sat up. They cheered and clapped while commenting on what a great participant I was. No longer were there comments abusive but instead were thanking me for coming to the party and getting gang banged. They told Jocko that I should come back for an encore during the Super Bowl party. I didn't go.

Just when I thought I was done, James held up the goblet that had many loads of sperm in it. It was almost filled to the top. James laughed and said, "So are we going to let her off without drinking some protein?"

The guys began chanting to drink it. I took the goblet put my finger in it to stir up a little because I saw clunks of semen in it. They all cheered when I took my fingers out and sucked the goo off of it. They continued chanting about drinking it. Taking a deep breath because the aroma was somewhat pungent, I tilted my head back and began to guzzle the yucky brew. A lot of it spilled down my chin and neck, but I finally ingested all of the mixture. I even licked my lips and scooped some off my chin with my finger and sucked it clean. They cheered and clapped when it was all over.

Jocko finally dragged me away from their applause and told me to cleanup. I took a long shower in one of the spare bathrooms. I even stuck my fingers down my throat to vomit all of their cum that I had swallowed. If I didn't, I would have gotten sick later on. When I came out only Jamal, James and Jocko were left. James again proposed me coming down for whoring next weekend. I didn't go but some how he got my phone number and kept texting me every week. I finally succumbed to his proposal many months later, but that's a different story.

When I got home, I gingerly walked up to my condo exhausted but happy for the experience. It has been a long time since I've had so many men fucking me like that. I now remember why I don't do gang bangs any more. Hopefully that was my last one. I guess the $1800 I received made the night all worth it.


Thanks for reading my trilogy. I do have some photos of this event if you are interested in seeing. Just write me.


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