Football, Fairies, & Valentine's Day


"Thanks Jen my love, I'm rather found of you too," said Ryan, "But it is all beside the point now. I called a few people in San Diego. He may not be a perfect person, but he is apparently a damn good lawyer. Well respected and with a good reputation. Cindy, I agree with the others. Call him."

"O.K. Now? From here?"

The chorus from the other six was all but deafening. I couldn't believe my ears. Was this really happening? I turned and saw Cindy punching buttons.

As the phone on my belt began ringing, Ryan looked up and saw me. His eyes widened a bit, but he was smart enough to not say anything. The others were all focused on Cindy standing at the bar with the phone to her ear. I made eye contact with Ryan, the question clearly written across my face. He smiled and nodded.

As I walked up behind her, the ringing stopped. She looked up at the rest of the group.

"I got his voicemail. Should I leave a message?"

"I don't think you need to..." said Ryan.

I set her lighter down on the bar in front of her where she could see it.

"Excuse me miss, but I believe this is yours..."

Her hand shook as she reached out to her left to take it. For just a moment her fingers hovered over it, vibrating nervously. Then she snatched it and turned, and looked up at my goofy smile while Ryan laughed and the others gasped.

Two a.m., Friday night

"Are you sure this is what you want to do Cindy?"

She twirled as she walked in the door of the hotel room, partially enchanted from the evening of alcohol, but more likely drunk on the emotion, as I was.

"Gawd yes I'm sure. What kind of woman do you think I am? Handsome stranger braves rejection and the perils of the open road to return my camera and lighter and I am supposed to send him away with a peck on the cheek and a thank you? Don't ruin the mood by acting like a lawyer. Close the door and come here."

I did as I was told, tossing my jacket on the chair in the corner before pulling the little blonde bombshell into my arms. I leaned down and kissed her, hardly for the first time tonight, but with the extra passion that only first nights kisses seem to hold.

She mashed her lips onto mine and her tongue snaked into my mouth as I let my hands wander down the back of the soft black dress to rest on her hips. I stopped them there and concentrated on the taste of her, a hint of cranberry from a night of Cosmopolitans mingling with the sweetness of the tobacco from her Camel "twists".

"Ummm, I still can't believe you're here. When I saw the lighter I knew who it had to be because I knew I had left it in the camera case. But it was too crazy. That you would feel the same way I had." She reached behind her and slid my hands down from her hips to cup the cheeks of her ass. "I want you. I don't care how strange it seems. I can't ignore this night."

For once in my life I didn't want to talk about it. I just squeezed her ass hard and pulled her hips forward into mine. I kissed her as though I could suck the magic of the night from off her lips and store it against future droughts. My tongue danced across the tops of her teeth and twirled with hers. I grabbed the bottom of her cheeks and lifted her up off the floor as I spun to land on the bed with her on top of me.

She reached behind her neck and fumbled with the small zipper at the back. I was about to slip out from beneath her when she found it and gave it a slight pull before giving up and collapsing on top of me.

"I'm too drunk," she whispered around her tongue into my ear, "Would you do it?"

"Gladly!" I reached up and pulled the zipper down her back, feeling the smooth fabric part and give me access to the equally smooth skin beneath. As it reached close to her waist I lightly slid my hands back up over that skin to the clasp of her bra and gave it the three fingered slide that I had learned in high school and never lost. The bra clasp parted and I let my arm tighten and pull her hard against my chest.

Cindy shook herself free and sat up. She looked around and got off of me to first adjust the shades and then to dim the lights, leaving a warm soft glow in the room. She sat in the chair where I had thrown my suit jacket and kicked off her shoes. Then she looked up at me and extended first one leg and then the other, rolling her stockings off as she did so. She smiled at me leaning against my elbows on the bed, and got up to walk back over and stand between my parted legs as I reclined with my feet on the floor.

She put her hands to her shoulders and moved the dress to the sides. As she moved her arms down the dress fell with them, leaving only her blond hair to accent the pink of her nipples and the black lace of her panties. "Now where was I? Oh, that's right. I was about to get that shirt off of you. Sit up."

She pulled the ribbed shirt I had worn beneath the suit jacket up and over my head then shoved me back with my arms still trapped within the sleeves. As I wiggled my arms free she pulled both shoes and socks off my feet and sent them flying around the room with no care for their landing. As I sat up to toss the shirt to the floor she met me with a kiss and put her hands to the buckle of my belt, undoing it while our lips caressed and then parting the button beneath as well.

"I hope you brought me something else to play with besides my camera. Let's take a look..."

Cindy pulled down the zipper and thrust both slacks and boxers to the floor as I lifted my hips slightly to allow it. She followed them down to her knees while I stepped out one leg at a time. Then she looked up at me almost shyly before grasping my cock in her fingertips and guiding it to her waiting mouth.

My head fell back with the pleasure of it and she gave a small moan as the force of my body hitting bed bounced my hard cock deeper into her. I got back up onto my elbows to watch as her hair fell across her face and she slid me wetly in and out, her fingers lightly grasping at the base while she used her other hand to steady herself against the bed. I listened to the wetness and watched her lips glisten as her head moved up and down until the feeling of inevitability began to approach. She could hear the quickening of my breath and feel the pulse, and she began to take longer strokes, my cock disappearing a bit more with each trip down. But I was not willing to allow that yet.

"My turn."

It was all I said as I stood up slowly. I almost had to force her to release me; so intent she seemed on her goal. But I knew if that happened when I had drank this much it would be too long before I recovered, and I did not want that gentle time yet. When she continued to resist my efforts, I simply took her up into my arms.

I kissed her and lay her back down on the bed. Standing beside her, I grasped the black lace of her panties in my left hand and patted her hip with my right. She lifted up and I slid them down and threw them over my shoulder. I let my hands wander back up her leg, touching so lightly that it was more of a brush than a caress, and then back to her knees.

I climbed up onto the bed and knelt between her feet and smiled up at her in what I hoped was a similar way to how she had smiled at me. Then I began to kiss my way up her leg. I took my time, biting and nibbling. Approaching at last the gate to her release, I passed lightly over, barley teasing across with my tongue to start my way down the other leg. The look on her face was a mixture of pleasure and betrayal.

I repeated my journey up from her knee, but rather than passing over I thrust out my tongue and let it run up the length of her, tasting for the first time what I intended to be my new favorite dessert. I circled the hard small knob at the top of her pussy, letting my tongue penetrate the folds and brushing the hood upwards with my tongue before kissing her clit and slipping it between my lips.

I sucked it suddenly and hard, and was rewarded with a gasp of indrawn breath and the upward thrust of her hips. I began to suck, randomly pulling away to run my tongue down between her lips or to catch my breath while nibbling her thigh. All sense of time deserted me; all awareness of anything outside of the soft wetness of her and the staccato of her whistling moans. It could have been minutes or hours before her hands tightened in my hair and her hips thrust upwards to batter my cheeks while she came.

I crawled up her and nuzzled her breasts while she regained her composure. She hinted to me with nudges of her fingers and I lifted myself to kiss her while she stared into the backs of my eyes.

"Fuck me now. Put your cock in me and don't stop until you collapse in exhaustion on my chest. Don't be gentle and don't stop no matter what. Fuck me harder than you ever thought you could."

I slid inside her and began to do as I had been told. The heat of her insides was incredible, almost as though it would burn me. Her sides grasped me intensely and I knew I would be unable to contain myself too long. I put all of the doubt and fear I had felt these last few weeks into every downward fall, and then pushed myself back up with the hopes of the future.

Her nails dug into my back. I let the pain of it flow through me and channeled it into force that I put onto her hips. I knew the morning would find her hips bruised and my back scored, but I was lost in the feel of her pussy grasping me and could not care. I threw myself down into her and with each motion the air was cast out of me with a frighteningly loud rattle of flesh and wind, more like a high wind through the trees than a low moan, as though she had created a storm within me.

As she began to cry out I could hold back no longer and I felt my release pour into her. Her nails tightened and ripped downward and I felt my flesh give way beneath at least one of them and wondered if she had actually drawn blood. Then I could think no more and I simply fell down upon her chest.

12:05 a.m. Sunday night

I might as well have never packed clothes. Cindy and I had not left the room at the hotel until an hour ago. Now I was dropping her off at her doorstep, mentally preparing myself for the long drive home. A drive I would spend smiling.

"Are you sure you have to go now? Wouldn't it be better to leave in the morning? C'mon inside and sleep with me in my bed."

"You know I want to Cindy. But I can't. I have to be in the office tomorrow, dead to the world or not. Even pushing the upper barriers of the speeds I can do comfortably I am looking at six hours or more. I have to go now."

"I still can't believe this Brad. I don't know how this could have happened. I don't even think I want to know. I just am so glad it did. Two weeks. You promised."

"Two weeks from now you'll be picking me up at the airport on Friday afternoon. I promise."

"At least it is after midnight. You know what that means? It's Valentines Day. Happy Valentines Day, baby."

"Happy Valentines Day Cindy."

I kissed her again, letting all of the weekend pour itself back into her, knowing I had to go but knowing that every moment we spent apart was going to be torture. Finally I turned to leave, ignoring the feeling in the corner of my eye, just hoping the tears would not start until I was on my way. I brushed one of hers away with my thumb and gave one last squeeze before turning away to head to the car.


As I turned she tossed something high into the air. I caught it, looked into my palm and smiled. I slipped it into my jacket pocket.

"Two weeks?"

"Two weeks. I'll call you when I get home."

As I pulled away I watched her in the mirror until I turned the corner and headed for the highway. Pulling away into the dark night I thought of Cindy in that chair in the corner of the hotel room, wearing only my jacket and smoking a cigarette. I pulled the canister of film out of my pocket and tossed it into my open overnight bag on the passenger seat while I dropped my foot to the floor and started my long drive home.

Janet was really going to enjoy developing those.

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