Football Moms: After the Game


"And look!...There's more!..." she said, reaching into the pocket of her denim skirt and pulling out a foil wrapped condom.

"That's not...!...Oh Bev!...You wouldn't!..." my mom whispered as she watched my aunt rip the foil open with her teeth. A strong smell of menthol wafted out of the little package as my aunt pulled out a lustrous, black, rolled-up rubber.

"You got it sis!...It's a 'Little Devil'!...Your favorite!...And I think Tommy boy will enjoy it too!...That is, if he wants to!..." aunt Bev said with a knowing smirk.

"What do you mean?...What's that?..." I asked nervously.

Bev eyes sparkled merrily into mine. She stepped up close to me so that her covered breasts were jutting into my chest. I trembled with excitement as she reached into my groin and used both hands to sheath my cock with the greasy rubber. The membrane seemed thick and not very elastic as my aunt struggled to unroll it around my throbbing girth.

"Oh my gosh!..." I gasped as a fiery warmth radiated through my crotch. The thing was hot, really hot, and incredibly tight. It felt like my cock was being pressured on all sides by a relentless, heated vice.

"It's a special condom, sweetheart!... It's coated inside and out with a herbal gel that heightens sensitivity!...Oh yeah!... And it's a little undersized too so it won't slip off!... It's a 'Little Devil'!... Don't worry!... It'll be fun, won't it Monica?..." Bev teased as she grabbed my now tautly encased tool and gave it a couple of quick pulls that smeared her hand with the greasy gel. Then she bent over, batted Monica's hand out of the way and palmed her sister's cunt, smearing the oily residue liberally throughout her groin.

"Oh shit!..." my mother groaned, snapping her thighs shut in response to her sister's lewd fondling.

"Please Bev!...Take Tommy and let me have David!...You can't leave me like this you bitch!..." my mother hissed, her hips rising and her thighs beginning to open unwillingly as the searing heat began to permeate her loins too.

"Oh I'm not going anywhere!..." Bev said with a smirk, stepping over to David and pushing him backwards until he was backed up against the big leather armchair behind him. One final shove and he plopped down on it, his veiny shaft once again hard and jutting up like a missile from his groin. Bev whirled around, straddled Dave's knees and sat down with her back to him. She pulled up her little skirt and scooted backwards in Dave's lap until she could get her hands on his big cock.

"I think it's about time that Tommy really got to know his mother!...And if he's a little nervous about it...well I'm sure you have your ways, don't you sis?..." Bev said with a wanton little chuckle.

My mother stared daggers at her sister for a moment longer, then turned her eyes towards me. She looked anxious for a moment but then her eyes once more locked on my gleaming, sheathed erection. Her expression turned to one of smoldering excitement and she sprawled back a little more on the couch, drew her knees up and swung her thighs open invitingly.

"Tommy!..." she whispered stretching her hands out to me between her parted legs, beckoning me closer with grasping fingers.

I stared mesmerized at my mother's lewdly offered loins. I hadn't really ever had any fantasies about fucking my mother before. But I had never seen anything as exciting as Monica looked now, sprawled out half naked in front of me, begging me for it! Her vaginal lips were scarlet and swollen with pulsing blood. They were spread in an elongated oval at the center of which was a widely dilated center, a gleaming pink O. As I watched, my mother tightened her ass and tilted that provocative circle even higher.

At the same time she cupped one creamy tit in her hand and raised it to her mouth. With her eyes burning into mine she closed her lips on her crimson nipple and gave it a lavish suck. When she released it, that tender bud jutted out enticingly from her pinkly swollen breast. Her other hand continued to beckon me closer as she whispered... "Tommy!...Tommy baby!..."

I couldn't help myself as I crawled up on the couch between my mother's lewdly splayed thighs. Monica took my head in her hands as I crawled higher and pulled my face into the scented valley between her two bare, pendulous breasts.

"Mmmhh!...Ohhh!...Mom!..." I moaned as the warmth and pressure of those creamy orbs surrounding my face made lightning bolts of excitement dart through my groin. I burrowed hungrily between those resilient mounds of flesh.

But mom was too excited to wait any longer. I felt her hand fumbling at my groin and then closing on my cock. She pulled me up until I had to prop myself above her as she guided my sheathed knob between her fluttering labia. With her other hand she stroked my face and looked deep into my eyes as she whispered..."Go on!...Put it in!..."

I couldn't help myself. I tried to go slow, but the teasing touch of her meaty pussy lips surrounding the end of my cock was too intoxicating. I hunched forward an inch or two and, meeting no resistance, slammed my loins in, burying myself to the balls in my mother's clinging vagina.

"Yesss!...Ahhh!...Oh God baby!..." Monica gasped as I impaled her on my eager tool.

"Oh shit mom!..." I groaned, starting to edge backwards, frantic to fuck her. But mom reached around, sunk her sharp nails deep into my ass and dragged me back down.

"No!...Waittt!...Don't move!..." she hissed as she planted her heels in the couch and shifted underneath me.

"Unnn!...Here!...Hold still!...Let me!...Ahhh!..." she murmured, her eyes burning into mine as she settled herself under my throbbing tool. Still holding me deep inside her she began to twist and grind on my cock. Her seething cunt clenched and rippled around my shaft like a silken glove.

"Unnnn!...Unnn!...Mom!...Oh Goddd!.." I groaned in feverish arousal. Although there wasn't much fiction happening between us, my mother's cunt was milking me as surely as if she had me in her hand. Only her pussy was so much more sensual and so silky that I could hardly stand it! It was a good thing that damn rubber was so tight or I would have come almost immediately! It was all I could do not to rear back and start slamming her.

And then I looked up and I saw my aunt Bev hovering on the end of my cousin's steely prick. When she saw me looking at her, she licked her lips seductively then dropped down on him like a stone.

"Fuckkk!..." Dave yelped as his mother impaled herself on his livid erection.

Bev's eyes bore into mine as she twisted on her son's rampant tool. Then she leaned forward and put her hands on Dave's knees. Her big tits swung like bells under her cut-off top as she raised her cunt slowly up the length of his cock. Just before he sipped out she stopped, waited a second, then slammed herself back down on him with a resounding smack. She writhed on him like that for a moment. Then she raised her gripping tunnel up his length again, waited, then banged back down.

"Unnn!...Unnn!...Unnn!..." Dave grunted as my aunt fucked him like that in a slow, incendiary rhythm. I could see my cousin's balls drawing up tight in his groin as his mother worked him over.

Watching my sultry aunt's obscene display had the come churning in my own balls. I looked back down at my own mother who hadn't stopped writhing on my deeply imbedded cock for a moment. My cock was aching with excitement but the thick condom was dulling the sexual stimulation I was getting. It was making it hard for me to come. I needed more!

I pushed up on my knees and my hands. My mother looked up at me questioningly for a moment. Then a hint of a smile creased her mouth. She released my ass and looked at me expectantly as I raised myself up above her until my cock was poised at the entrance to her steamy cunt.

"Mom!...I have to fuck you!...Please?..." I pleaded.

In answer Monica settled herself more comfortably on her back, flung her legs up into the air, grasped her ankles with her hands and spread herself into a seductive V beneath me.

"Like this?..." she asked.

"Oh Goddd!..." I groaned, not believing my mother could act like such a slut. Helplessly I hammered myself back into the gaping center of Monica's lewdly offered loins.

"Yessss!..." she hissed, her eyes opening wide with excitement as I speared her.

"Unnnn!...Mommm!...Oh Goddd!..." I cried again as I started fucking my mother with a frenzy that was uncontrollable.

"Ohhh!...Ohhhh!...Tommyy!...Yess!...Fuck me!...Fuck me hard baby!...Like that!...Unn Hnnn!...Unn Hnnn!...Yesss!..." Monica hissed as I jack-hammered into her in a frenzy.

My balls were tightening painfully, my cock was tingling but also kind of numb. I felt like I could almost come but not quite. I started whimpering with frustration as I fucked my mother's seething pussy faster and faster.

"Oh Godd Baby!...That's it!...Unn Hnnn!...I'm gonna' come baby!...Make mommy come!..." my mother panted, straining upwards onto my plunging tool.

And then she suddenly scissored her legs around my ass and held me buried deep inside her cunt as a wracking series of spasms seized her.

"Unnnnn!...Shitttt!..." she groaned, enveloping me with her voluptuous body as she came on my plundering tool.

Then I heard another keening cry of..."Ohhhh!...Ohhh!...Momm!...Goddd!..." and I looked over to see Bev sitting upright and perfectly still on Dave's livid erection, smiling like the cat that had eaten the canary. She had impaled herself to the root of her son's cock, totally sheathing him inside her. Her knees were spread wide, and Dave's legs were twitching between hers like he was being electrocuted. His hands were trembling as he slid them up and down his mother's sides like he didn't know where to grab. I could see his balls spasming rhythmically as he came inside Bev's leeching pussy. My aunt just sat there with hooded eyes, letting her son empty himself inside her. In just a second I could see a ring of frothy come appear at the juncture of their loins. It pulsed out of my aunt's ovalled pussy and began to trickle down over my cousin's balls. Bev reached down, swiped her finger through the gooey mess and, with her eyes locked on mine, sucked her finger into her mouth.

I panted and groaned as well and, writhing out of my mother's clinging embrace, began to frantically fuck her once again. My cock was on fire and my balls were churning with come but my orgasm seemed to be constantly just out of reach.

"Oh baby!...You fuck your mommy so good!...Such a good little devil!... Unn Hnnn!... Unnn Hnnn!...Make me come again baby!...Unn Hnnn!...I'm so close!... Yeah!.. That's it!...That's' it!...Oh Godddd!..." Monica screamed, again locking me between her muscular thighs as an even more intense orgasm overwhelmed her.

"Mommm!...Oh Goddd!!...I need to come so bad!...Shit!...Make me come please!... Please!..." I pleaded, propping myself up on straight arms and looking down beseechingly into my mother's eyes as I writhed inside her convulsing pussy.

My mom looked up at me with a wicked grin creasing her lips. Her face was flushed and she was breathing quickly as she shuddered beneath me, reveling in her second coming.

"All right baby!..." she finally purred, smiling at my frustration as she caressed the side of my face with one hand. She glanced over towards her sister for a moment then returned her eyes to mine. She scooted backwards slightly until my big cock slipped out of her.

"Oh Noooo!..." I groaned. But mom reached down between us with two hands and stripped the tight condom off my angry tool.

"Oh Yeahhh!..." I cried in relief as a fiery, tingling excitement raced through my groin. Mom quickly scooted back under me, stuffed me back inside her and thrust her legs up into the air in that enticing V. Then she grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper, until she had my now throbbing cock crown lodged up against her hard edged uterus. Then she said..."Go on!...Do It!..."

I thought she was talking to me. I hadn't heard my aunt Bev come up behind me. But suddenly I could smell her perfume and then her voice was at my ear as she said..."He may not like it!..."

"Oh he'll like it alright!...They all do!... Go on!...Do it!..." my mother instructed, smiling at her sister as she clenched the cheeks of my ass in her hands and pulled them apart rudely.

I felt an unexpected pressure on my sphincter and then a sudden rush of sensation as my aunt augured her sharp nailed finger deep up my rectum.

"Unnnn!...Shitt!...Aunt Bev!...Don't!..." I yelped, twisting futilely ahead of my aunt's plundering digit. But this just made my engorged knob nudge deeper into Monica's receptive womb.

"Yes baby!...That's it!...Fuck me Tommy!...Give it to me!!..." my mother hissed, writhing wantonly on my now frantically pulsing erection.

I writhed around on top of my mother as Aunt Bev relentlessly augured her finger around in my ass. And then somehow the feeling of it changed from one of discomfort to one of immense excitement. Having my asshole stretched and frictioned by my sexy aunt suddenly became obscenely thrilling. I couldn't help myself from hunching back onto her twisting digit, fucking myself on her rudely penetrating finger. And of course this just made my cock churn around frantically in my mother's clinging vagina which was just what she wanted.

"Told ya!..." my mother purred, writhing happily under my hunching loins.

"I guess he likes it!..." my aunt snickered, jamming her finger even further up my resisting nether hole.

"Oh Shit!...Ohhh Goddd!...I'm gonna'...gonna'!...Ohhh!..." I moaned as my balls drew up sickeningly taut in my groin.

I didn't realize it but aunt Bev must have been looking for my prostate because when she finally found it she drilled her razor sharp fingernail into that responsive node and gave it a sharp tweak.

"Phwahhhhh!...." I cried as my balls convulsed in response and a deluge of sperm streaked from my cock and jetted directly into my mother's receptive womb.

"Yessss!...Come!...Come baby!...Ahhh!...Come inside me!...Like that!...Unn Hnn!..Unn Hnn!..." my mother cried as my fiery cock erupted inside her.

"Oh yeah!..." Bev enthused, prodding and tweaking my prostate with a knowing touch.

"Unnnn!...Unn!...Unnn!..." I grunted, twitching spastically as enormous, rapid fire spurts of sperm sliced through my cock, inundating my mother's up-turned pussy.

"Yesss!...That's it!...You're making me come baby!...Ahhh!..." Monica groaned as the heat and pressure of my fiery sperm jetting inside her triggered her own orgasm.

"Ohhhhhh!..." I whimpered as my mother's seething pussy started rippling around my cock in wracking spasms.

With my mother's cunt convulsing around me and my aunt Bev's lewdly prodding finger up my ass, I was coming harder than I had ever imagined I could. My come jetted out in an almost continuous stream that was soon overflowing mom's pulsing vagina and dripping onto the couch beneath us.

We bucked and writhed together frantically. The sperm and sweat slicked our groins making them stick together as we mated like a pair of ferrets. Mom's eyes burned fiercely into mine as she waited for each of my ejaculations, hunching upwards in time with every spurt and yanking me down to bury my full pulsing length inside her as I came.

"Yess!...Unnn Hnnn!...That's it!..." she cooed, wringing my cock mercilessly with her torrid pussy.

Soon enough though, both Monica's and my orgasms started to wane and slowly we sort of collapsed together on the couch. Bev kept relentlessly jabbing my sensitive prostate though, keeping me hard and making me come repeatedly until I was completely drained. When she finally stopped my testicles ached like they'd been kicked by a mule.

"All done?..." my aunt asked, abruptly whipping her finger out of my ass without waiting for an answer.

"Unnnnn!..." I groaned as Bev's lewdly exiting finger made another small fiery, dribble of come ooze out of my overworked balls and into my mother's sodden pussy.

"Thank you!..." I managed to gasp into my mother's scented hair.

"You're welcome!..." I heard her say with a throaty chuckle.

But then, as I started to loose some of my stiffness inside her, she pushed me off and stood up in front of the couch, rearranging her disheveled clothes as best she could.

"And you!..." she said turning on her sister with glaring eyes.

"We have to talk!...Now!..." my mother said marching off towards the kitchen.

"O.K. mom!..." Bev said with lowered eyes, biting the end of her finger like an embarrassed little girl. There was a moist sucking sound as she stood up slowly, disengaging herself from her son's still twitching cock.

"Call me!..." she mouthed at me, giving me a sly wink before she followed her sister down the hall.

Dave was slumped in the big chair across from me with his eyes closed.

I took a deep breath, got up and staggered back to my room to change. I needed a shower and some time to think. Holy cow! What was happening to this family!

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