tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFootball Star Pt. 02

Football Star Pt. 02


Chapter 5

Jake wasn't going to start school for a few more days and just relaxed at home with his mom taking care of him. Megan would visit after school and Jake didn't know what to tell her when she asked him what had happened to him while he was missing. He told her he didn't want to talk about it and he was trying to forget it but she persisted and he kept telling her he wasn't going to tell.

Megan got frustrated and had heard rumors at school about what had happened to him. Something about a police report that a student had read because his dad was a cop at the station. What she overheard was crazy and she didn't believe it was real but it would make sense the way Jake was acting. She got nowhere with him and decided to go to the police station and find this report.

When Megan walked in she looked around the small town police department and knew most everyone there. She tried to think who would be the best person to ask for the report when she heard her name and turned to see Barbra walking towards her. She had met Barb last year at dance competitions; she was from the next town over and a year older than Megan and got the job at the department after high school.

"Hey Megan what are you doing back here?" Barb asked.

"I need a favor actually," she replied.

"Okay maybe I can help," Barb asked.

"Well this is kind of awkward but I don't know what else to do. Jake won't tell me anything about what happened to him and I've heard things that have me all confused. I'm just wondering if there was a way I could read his statement he left with the detective."

Barb almost dropped the stack of papers in her arms and Megan could have sworn she saw Barb blush when she mentioned the statement. "Umm well Meg I'm not suppose to but I think you of all people need to know. I actually took the statement down when Jake was in here and well..... you just need to read it yourself." Barb motioned for Megan to follow her and they went to her desk.

Barb opened her filling cabinet and pulled out a folder and handed it to Megan. "I'm not going to lie to you this is pretty graphic and may be disturbing to you," she said as Megan took it. Barb watched Megan read the report for the next 15 minutes and recognized the effect it was causing. Megan kept going red and looking up at Barb ever few minutes or so and Barb saw Megan's nipples get hard a few times while reading it.

"Oh my... holy shit he actually had this done to him," Megan blurted almost too loud and Barb had to quiet her down quickly.

Barb took the folder back and put it away and then sat back down to talk to Megan. "I typed word for word everything he said, amazing right? They haven't found the women yet either," Barb stated.

"No wonder he won't tell me what happened he's ashamed and he's worried I'll be upset with him," Megan said. "What should I do?" she asked.

"Well I think he's torn because some of it he actually enjoyed, I could tell when he was telling it to us. I guess you could tell him you know everything and want to help him through it," Barb offered.

"Wow I don't know what I'm going to do," Megan said as she started to get up.

"Hey Megan, before you go I have to ask you this....... Is he really that big? Jake's penis I mean?"

Megan's eyes narrowed and she looked at Barb aggressively. "As a matter of fact yes, if you must know, everything he said was true; he's really that big," Megan answered.

"Wow okay....Really? Damn well it was nice to see you again and I'm glad I could help," Barb said shocked and noticeable distracted.

"Thanks for your help, maybe I'll talk to you later," Megan said and started to leave.

Barb watched her leave with envy on her face.


Jake sat on his couch watching TV and a Victoria Secrets ad came on the screen and immediately his penis started to grow in his pants. It had been three days since he was rescued and his balls were so use to the attention they were getting from Deb and Jen that he was really horny from the lack of use. He adjusted himself and tried to get it to go away but it was no use he had a full hardon and it showed.

His doorbell rang and he heard his mother get it and let Megan in for her visit. Jake panicked and found a pillow to put over his crotch just as Megan walked in the room.

"Hi sweetie, how ya doing today?" Megan asked. Seeing him put the pillow over himself.

"Good, I'm okay I guess, I think I'm going to go to school on Monday we'll just see."

She sat next to him and could sense something was up with him because he seemed nervous her being so close to him. He laid his hands on the pillow and sat there trying to calm his dick down. They both just sat there and watched TV until Jake's mother called from the other room.

"Jake honey I've got to go to the store for a few things, will you be okay here without me?" she asked.

"Sure mom, We're just watching TV," he replied.

They heard her leave and his penis wasn't softening in the least and he didn't dare move. He saw Megan look at him and smile and he smiled back and she put her hand on his resting on the pillow.

"Jake we need to talk, I kinda did something today, now don't get mad I just needed to know for myself," she started.

"What did you do?" he said already on the defensive.

"Well I went to the police department and Barb there let me read your statement," she said.

"What!? Are you serious? Oh shit, shit that's just great!" He stammered and forgot all about his hardon and jumped up off the couch.

"Its fine Jake really can't we just talk about it," Megan said looking up at his face and then her eyes saw the unmistakable tent in his pants from is cock.

"I can't believe this....She just let you read the whole damn thing," he voiced and then saw what she was looking at.

His cock had oozed through his pants and made a big wet spot at the top of the tent where his head was pressing out. He looked down at himself and then back at her.

"See what they did to me, I can't control this thing anymore, it's not use to not being 'milked' now it does this all the time," he cried out.

"Well I'm here Jake I can help right?" she said willingly. "Your mom's gone do you want me to help you?" she asked.

The prospect made Jake's cock even harder and he looked down at his girlfriend. She looked so good to him and was wearing his favorite outfit. A low cut thin blouse and a short skirt. Her sexy legs were crossed and her huge breasts were just begging to be let out of her bra. Her curly brown hair fell over her shoulders and one ringlet had found her cleavage. Her beautiful blue eyes stared up at him so willing to help him get through his ordeal.

He didn't answer and watched as she fell to her knees and reached up to his pants.

"Just let me help, okay sweetie? And then we can talk about this," she said grabbing his cock through his pants.

He let out a long moan as her hand rubbed his cock and he marveled at how sensitive it was. She pulled his loose jog pants off along with his boxers and lovingly caressed his thick oozing member. He almost lost it when her mouth wrapped around his head and sucked hard. He looked down at her surprised as she took more and more into her mouth. She stroked and sucked at the same time like she had never done before and Jake realized that she had learned something from that statement she read earlier.

"She must think she knows what I like better now since reading that," he thought to himself as she took his member further in her mouth than ever.

She worked her tongue as well and he was going nuts with pleasure and was at the point of no return before he could say a word to her. Cum erupted from his cock and sprayed down Megan's throat too much too quick and she gagged trying not to swallow it. She realized then that it was her only option, she was still fully clothed and if she took it out of her mouth he would make a huge mess of her and the floor. Something she couldn't have with his mother coming home soon.

So when the next six powerful spurts shot from his steely member she swallowed as quick as she could, trying to keep up with it. She had never seen or felt him cum so much before and she knew this was another result from his kidnapping. Jake bucked and squirmed as his cock released its load into Megan's mouth, it was crazy intense and he though he was going to fall over as it continued to convulse. His eyes went blurry and he grabbed the back of her head for balance and instinctively thrust forward shoving his ejaculating member further in her mouth.

Megan took it and swallowed everything he had and he was shocked at what she had done, it was almost like she was someone else. When his cock stopped its rhythmic dance in her mouth she sucked the head and took it out licking her lips. She looked up at him and he opened his eyes to meet hers.

"Wow Jake that was more semen then you've ever had before," she stated.

"Another thing that has happened because of those women, and it has been a few days," he said.

"Well okay, see I can help. I'm here for you Jake, I love you and if this is what I can do to help then I'm yours." She said standing up and rubbing the carpet marks out of her knees.

Jake could see her nipples pressing out under her bra and he knew she enjoyed sucking his cock, maybe more so then before. He pulled up his pants and boxer and his cock was slowly returning to its flaccid shape thanks to his quick thinking girlfriend.

"Okay so what do you want to know, you read the statement....what questions do you have," Jake asked.

Megan sat down again and he sat next to her waiting for her first question. She didn't know where to begin, what she read seemed so unbelievable but she just made him cum in no time at all with his cock deep in her mouth like she had read. He must really like it.

"I just want you to be happy and I'll do whatever you need," she said smiling at him.

"You're not mad I screwed them and liked what they did to me?" he asked.

"I know you had little choice in what they did to you and I understand most of it felt good, I know how you react when I touch you so I totally understand," she said.

"And are you worried I'm going to need stuff like that now and crave it as well," he asked.

"Well I'm a little concerned about that but there really were only a couple of things we haven't already done, like the anal stuff. And it did seem like you really liked when she touched your prostate and you did anal with that Jen girl. I'm open to helping you Jake so if you need to do that stuff I'll do my best," she said.

Jake was floored; he could scarcely believe what he was hearing. He had thought about the anal sex many times after his liberation and even thought about doing it to Megan. This would of course get him all hot and hard and take a while for his cock to calm down so he tried not to think about it much. Now she was talking about trying it and he was getting all excited again already.

She saw his cock move in his pants again and start to grow and said, "Oh Jake they really did a number on you I hope I can keep up with that thing now."

Jake smiled at her and moved his cock to a more comfortable position. "Well from what you've said you are going to try and I love you too Megan."


Deb helped Jen get the new room ready; it was mostly already done because Jen had been preparing for her new acquisition before Jake was found by the cops. Just a few more items and they would be fully stocked and ready for their next 'volunteer'.

"I still think we should get Jake back, he was perfect and we hardly had time with him," Jen said.

"We've been over this before, it's impossible now to reacquire him, we're going to get the other one you suggested and just hope he is comparable to Jake," Deb explained.

Jen wanted to argue and racked her brain trying to figure out a feasible plan to get Jake back so Deb would go along. She felt it was her choice this time because it was her set up they were getting ready so she was going to have the control this time. Deb had a valid point though and without a good plan to get Jake back Jen kept quiet.

The room was ready and Jen and Deb departed in their separate directions and on the way Jen decided to drive past Jake's house hoping for a quick glance and maybe some glimmer of hope in getting him back. She pulled off the road and parked across the street up from Jake's house and watched for a while.

It was getting dark and out of the corner of her eye she spotted motion walking past the car. It was a young woman walking down the sidewalk and Jen recognized her to be Megan heading to Jake's house. She didn't live far away and Jen was surprised to see her alone. Then the idea came to her mind.

Chapter 6

Megan had gone home for dinner and was now heading back to Jake's to hang out with him on Friday night and just be there for him. She walked by Jen's car without noticing the woman sitting in it, and continued to Jake's house.

"Hi Megan, Jake's up in his room, he'll be down soon," Jake's dad said and let Megan in the house.

She waited in the entryway and Jake soon appeared, walking down the stairs.

"Hey Meg, what did you want to do tonight? My folks are going out like every Friday do you just want to hang around here?" he asked.

"Ya I guess if that's what you want to do," she replied.

He smiled at her and they walked hand in hand to the TV room and sat down on the couch together to wait for his parents to leave. Megan looked fabulous and had done her hair and makeup just in case they decided to go out. Jake couldn't help but notice how hot she looked again and his mind wandered to their last conversation and anal play. This stirred his cock and it was already growing in his pants as they sat down.

His parents left a few minutes later and he was alone in his house with Megan and horny as hell again. His cock stained and pressed on his boxers and pants up against his leg and was trapped there not able to rise properly. Megan was sitting next to him and casually put her hand on his upper leg and instinctively it fell towards his inner thigh. She bumped his hardening shaft with her fingers on accident and froze. She turned slowly and looked up at Jake. He looked back at her and shrugged his shoulders.

"Like I said it's out of control," he said looking down at his cock.

"Wow Jake, we're just sitting here watching TV, nothing sexy about it and you're hard anyway?"

"Well I'm sorry, but you look great and smell incredible and I can't stop thinking about things,"

"Things they did to you?" she asked.

"Sometimes and just the ideas that are in my head now," he replied.

"Do you think you'd feel better if the cops caught the women?" she asked.

"Probably not, I don't think that would help with the thoughts," he responded.

"What's on you mind right now... because it must be pretty hot," she smiled.

"I can't stop thinking about how good anal sex felt," he said bluntly.

"I figured that was probably it, I don't know if I'm ready to try that Jake," she said hesitantly.

"That's fine I just told you what I was thinking that's all," he said back.

"But we can do other stuff," she said and rubbed his rod with her palm.

She hopped off the couch and gave him a sexy look and put one finger in her mouth and sucked it. She then ran it down her chin and neck to her cleavage. She kept her eyes on Jake and she knew she was driving him crazy.

"So I look great huh, well just you wait," she giggled.

Jake sat on the couch and watched Megan begin to shed clothes in front of the TV, giving him a much better show then what was on. She was down to just her panties and bra now and Jake was making a mess in his pants. She was so damn hot he couldn't get enough of her. Everything was young and firm and in perfect proportion, with her hips matching her large breasts and both accented by her toned flat tummy with elongated belly button.

Her curly hair playfully bounced as she undressed and she kept her big blue eyes directly on him. She didn't go any further, keeping her under clothes on and walked towards Jake and leaned over him giving him a wet tongue filled kiss and a great view of her luscious bra covered jugs. After the deep kiss she fell to her knees and started fishing his large oozing member out of his pants. It was all twisted up in his boxers but she finally got it out after having to pull his pants off. Once free she watched it bounce its way up to full length and vertical magnificence before taking it in her mouth.

Jake moaned as her warm wet lips covered his head and slid further down. Her playful tongue found the underside of his long shaft and she tickled it the deeper she went. She let her saliva run down his shaft and over his balls because she had something else in mind for Jake. She kept sucking and spit his pre-cum and her saliva out as she went, thoroughly covering his shaft and balls with slick string filled juice.

When she felt she had enough lubrication she took her hand and rubbed the liquid into his balls and the crack of his ass and played. She added more and more lube to his crack and then found the entrance to his bum and slowly pushed the tip of her index finger in for the first time all the while still sucking his cock. Jake kind of jumped with surprise and she was concerned she might be bringing back bad memories, but he slowly relaxed and eased down onto her finger.

She pressed more in, trying to remember what she had read in his statement so she could find his prostate and just like that she bent her finger back and touched a round bump inside of him and Jake moaned more loudly. She guessed she had found it and pressed it harder rubbing it back and forth while still sucking his throbbing cock. She felt Jake clench his ass around her finger and moan even louder and suddenly she tasted thick warm semen in her mouth. She added another small finger and pressed hard again and soon after another small glob of cum oozed out of his long shaft.

Jake was in heaven, Megan was milking him it seemed even better then Jen and Deb had done. Or maybe it seemed better because he was a willing participant this time. Every time Megan pressed his prostate he clenched up and the feelings of euphoria spread over his body causing him intense pleasure. Her sucking was phenomenal as well and he just let the waves rush over his body.

After a few more massages she swallowed his cum and took his cock out of her mouth but left her fingers in his ass. Looking up at him, he had his eyes closed and she knew he was really enjoying it.

"I'm doing good huh?" She asked.

"Fuck ya you are, that's incredible Megan," he relayed.

She held his cock in one hand and pressed on his prostate again wanting to see the white thick cum oozed out of his slit. He moaned and she kept pressing and moving on the bump back and forth until the white glob appeared and slowly slid down his cock. She licked it off with her tongue and swallowed it after which she engulfed his steely member as far as she could.

She was so wet and she felt her nipples taunt against her lace bra as she sucked him deep and pulled her fingers from his ass. She kept sucking until her knees started to hurt and then she took him out of her mouth licked the shaft a few times and stood up. Wiggling out of her small soaked panties she climbed up on Jake and eased down on his wide cock taking him into her wet pussy. She slid all the way down and marveled in the tight fit his cock gave her and loved the sensation rushing through her body. Every time they had sex it seemed to get better and she was falling in love with the feeling of his big cock in her body.

Jake had her large breasts right in his face now and her pussy wrapped around his shaft. He grabbed her sexy back and pressed her chest to his face and found her erect left nipple through the lace bra and tried to bite it the best he could. He worked on the clasp on her back and finally her bra snapped loose and she took her arms out letting it fall between them as she rose up and down on his member with her hands on his shoulders and her naked breasts in his face.

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