Football Star Pt. 02


"She has such a cute little clit, and it's really excited to see me," Deb laughed.

As soon as Deb touched her clit with a wet finger Megan gave up and let her body take over and drown in the pleasure they were producing. Quicker and quicker Deb lightly rubbed her clit and Megan squirmed under the intense sensation it was causing. Her climax was imminent and there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it.


It was 3am and Jake heard the phone ringing and then stop. He strained to hear and knew something was wrong from what he could hear from his mother in her room. He got up and out of bed and as he opened his door his mother and father were about to knock.

"What's wrong, what's happened?" Jake asked.

"It's Megan's parents, they say she hasn't come home yet and want to know where she is. We told them she left around midnight and wanted to walk home," his mom explained.

"Oh shit they have her," Jake cursed.

"Who has her," his dad asked.

"Jen and Deb.... the women that took me, I'm sure of it," Jake explained.

"How do you know," his mother asked.

"Because they still haven't been caught by the cops and they want me back I'm sure of it. They are going to try and get to me through her." Jake stammered.

"That's ridiculous they wouldn't be that stupid to still be around here," his dad said.

"Well then who has her and where is she?" Jake asked.

His father didn't reply and Jake quickly dressed, put his shoes on and went downstairs. He opened the door and before he could leave his dad called after him.

"Where do you think you are going?"

"I'm just going to walk to her house and see if I can see anything strange that's all," Jake replied.

"Not without me, if they are really after you its better you are with someone," his dad said.

Jake waited on the porch for his dad to get ready and then the two of them, with flashlights, went out to look.


"Ahhhhhhhhhh hhmmmmmmmm," Megan moaned as her climax peaked.

Her body tightened noticeably and shook under the fast finger of Deb on her clit and Jen squeezed her nipples the hardest yet as Megan's orgasm washed over her and continued for a good couple of minutes. Jen and Deb worked her over and smiled at each other watching her beautiful body wiggle and squirm under the intense bliss. Finally she relaxed and went limp breathing hard. Her ass ached but the rest of her felt wonderful and shortly after the two women stopped playing and walked out of the room.

Once they were gone tears welled up in her eyes and soaked the blindfold and she sobbed quietly and thought of Jake's first experience and knew now exactly how he felt. She knew it was hopeless to try and escape and just hoped she was found as easily as Jake was before they were able to fulfill their plan and get him back. She was exhausted and fell asleep soon after they left.

"See I told you she could be fun," Jen laughed.

"Well okay she did cum big time and it was fun but we have nothing to show for it other than a wet mattress and an exhausted 18 year old girl. We need semen not pussy juice."

"I know I know I'm working on it," Jen replied.


Jake and his dad scanned the ground and the found the best place where Megan probably went missing.

"I don't see anything son. And I guess the cops won't do a damn thing unless she has been missing for over 24 hours," his father said.

"Well shit there has to be something here.....Look right here it looks like someone was dragged over the grass to the curb. See the marks? They have her Dad, they knocked her out like me and dragged her to the car.

"Maybe but they could be anywhere now. And if they really want you I'm betting they will try and contact you."

"Then what am I suppose to do, I'm sure if they think I've gone to the cops Megan's as good as dead. They don't want her she doesn't have what they want. They need me."

Chapter 8

The next morning Megan woke up, hungry, thirsty, and needing to urinate. She was sore as well and waited as long as she could before calling out. One set of footsteps approached and she dreaded the day ahead.

"Good morning sleepy, we must have worn you out last night it's almost noon. So what's it going to be, food or bathroom first?" she heard Deb say.

"Bathroom please," Megan replied.

"Okay sounds good, so how much of this 'routine' did Jake tell you?" Deb asked.

"Nothing actually I had to read his police statement, but it was very descriptive and detailed so I know how most of this prisoner shit works," Megan said.

"I see............ kind of a stubborn hot headed little thing aren't you?" Deb asked.

Megan didn't answer, just smiled towards Deb's voice. Deb untied her from the bed and walked her with the leash to the bathroom and then back to the bed. Megan obeyed everything she was ordered to do with no resistance at all. Once she was secure back in bed Deb told her she would get her something to eat.

"So you're watching me today? Where's Jen?" Megan asked wondering if she was tying to get Jake.

"That's right, and don't you worry where Jen is she's busy," Deb said and left the room.


Jen dropped off the package she had prepared and made a few more stops checking on her plans and headed back to the house where Deb was watching Megan. There was still no report of her missing on TV or the radio but she knew it would probably happen later today. Jake should get the package today and she was excited to get the ball rolling on getting him back. She daydreamed in the car about his cock and couldn't wait to have it in every hole she had.


Deb returned and began to feed Megan her breakfast. Everything was going well and she was almost done until she tried to give her a drink of milk and tipped the glass too quickly and milk splashed on her face and down her neck and chest, splashing on her tits. The cold milk shocked Megan and she squealed when it hit her naked breasts causing her nipples to go hard from the cold.

"Oh now look what I did.... Made a pretty mess on your boobs," Deb said smiling to herself.

The white milk contrasting with Megan's tan skin was very erotic and Deb took a moment to admire her work before trying to clean it up.

"Yes you did, and it's really cold," Megan replied.

"Well I guess I'll have to clean you up then won't I?" Deb said.

The way she said it made Megan's eyes open wide under the blindfold, she had a feeling cleaning her up wasn't going to involve a napkin.


Jen pulled up and walked into the house. What she heard coming from the room where Megan was kept, made her smile and she dropped her things by the door and hurried in.

"Oh no, no don't......... shit you did that on purpose!" she heard Megan yell as she walked into the room.

She knew immediately what had happened, seeing Deb licking milk off of Megan's stimulated breasts and neck. She cleaned her completely with her tongue after sucking most of the white liquid off, spent most of her time on her hardened nipples sucking them and admiring her bunched up areolas shinning with saliva.

Megan was struggling once again trying to move away from the woman's mouth but nothing worked and she was forced to endure the intense sucking of her nipples and devouring of her breasts.

"I see someone had an accident, spilled a little milk did we?" Jen said laughing and walking next to Deb.

"Yep had to clean her up, she said she was cold," Deb said taking Megan's nipple out of her mouth and standing upright.

"AAAAAhhhhhhhh, you two are unbelievable, why are you doing this?" Megan screamed.

They both laughed again and Deb said, "It's a need you wouldn't understand, well you aren't but you boyfriend has what we need and you are a means of getting it."

"I don't understand what does he have you 'need', you don't 'need' his semen to survive that is just a want and a sick lust you two have," Megan blurted.

"Don't presume to know what we need, you don't know what the hell your talking about little girl!!" Deb yelled right in her face.

Megan expected to be hit any second or worse, and went silent berating herself in her mind for antagonizing them. The blows never came and only silence followed. Megan knew they couldn't force milk out of her like they had Jake so she was pretty useless to them other then a little fun. She tried to figure out what they could need semen for, and from what Jake thought they were just eating it. This didn't make any sense to her, the only thing she knew it was good for was getting pregnant and they could just go to a sperm bank for that. She heard them clean up the food and silently leave the room.

The saliva on her breasts evaporated making her cold again and she just laid their shivering, wondering what they wanted and what was going to happen to her.


"So is everything ready? Package being delivered and the location secure?" Deb asked Jen once they were away from Megan.

"Yep, and we'll know when it arrives, I made sure of that, so now we just wait and then once Jake has it things will get interesting," Jen answered.

"And you're confident none of this can be traced back to us?" Deb asked.

"Fully, it's all taken care of. I'm getting so excited I'm constantly wet," Jen expressed.

"What else is new," Deb said laughing. Jen joined her and they began the wait.


Jake stayed close to a phone all day but the only calls were from Megan's friends and family giving and asking for information. It wasn't until the afternoon that the door bell rang and Jake got up to answer it.

"I have a package for a Jake Dorian," the courier said.

"That's me,"

"Sign here,"

Jake signed and took the small padded envelope from the guy and closed the door. He wasn't expecting anything and thought this was what he was looking for. He ripped it open and out fell a cell phone. He turned it on and checked for any saved numbers but it was completely clean. He put it in his pocket and decided to just wait and see what happened.

An hour later the phone rang,


"Hello boy I trust you know who this is?" Jen said.

"How could I forget," Jake answered.

"Exactly.... well I'm sure by now you know we have Megan so listen good. We won't hurt her as long as you do what you are told."

"Ya ya same old thing Jen just get to the point," Jake spat.

"All we want is you back supplying the milk so this is how it's going to work," She said.

She explained to Jake where to go and to come alone and if he contacts the cops or brings anyone else Megan will pay the price.

"Fine and when I do this and you have me back, are you going to let her go?" he asked.

"Eventually yes, look boy you don't have much choice here so just show up tonight like I said and she'll be just fine," Jen finished and hung up.

Jake closed the phone and started to think about what to do. The place she told him to go was wide open and he knew they would know if he was alone or not for sure. He did have little choice and he was worried they might actually hurt her or worse. He knew if he told his parents they would make him go to the cops but he wasn't about to risk that.


"Okay it's set up," Jen said outside the payphone with Deb.

"How'd he sound?" Deb asked.

"He was feisty and pissed off but what did you expect?" Jen asked.

"Right well now what are you going to do with Megan if this plan works and we get him back?"

"I've been thinking about that and it doesn't matter how we get the juice right? And he might actually produce more if Megan's helping, if you know what I mean,"

"I think I do," Deb replied with a smile.

They got into the car and headed back to Megan.


"Guess who we just talked to girl?" Jen asked Megan.

She knew who but took a minute to answer, she was hoping she would have been found by now but apparently no one saw her get abducted. She had a sheet over her naked body still tied the same way as before and was frustrated to say the least.

"Jake right? And I'm sure he's going to do just what you want to save me," she finally replied.

"Oh of course like he has a choice. And if all goes well we might keep you around long enough to say hi," Deb said.


Evening came and Jake needed to find away to sneak out and get himself outside of town. Before dark he made up an excuse that he needed to go to the store for some supplies to help search for Megan tomorrow with the group that had been organized. He got on his dirt bike and road towards the meeting place.

It was off the main road about a mile, flat and bare with nothing but weeds and barbed wire. He got off his bike and started looking around when the phone rang again.

"Now what," he said answering it.

"About 20 steps in front of you is a plastic bag walk towards it and pick it up. Okay good now open it and put both black hoods over your head. Perfect boy now lie face down and lace your hands behind your head, we'll be around shortly," Deb said.

Jake pulled the phone out of the hoods and laid down on the ground, he was expecting to get knocked out again for sure so they could handle him with no problem. It took longer then he thought it would until he heard foot steps in the dried grass approaching him. He heard only one set and wanted to jump up and attack but didn't know where the other one could be.

Suddenly from the other direction one of them jumped on his back, he hadn't even heard them and before he could do anything a jolt of electricity shocked him unconscious.


He woke up like he expected naked and tied down. The big change was he was sitting in a chair with his hands tied around his back and his ankles to the legs of the chair. He had a blind fold on now and his neck ached from the tazer they hit him with.

"Hello? Anyone there," he asked.

"Jake are you okay?" he heard Megan plead.

"Megan? I'm fine what's going on?"

Well they brought you in here and I heard them tie you up and then they left again," she said.

"Why didn't they let you go?" he asked getting pissed.

"They said they had something else planned for you and I and we would just love it but from what I know of them I doubt it,"

"Shit I knew they were going to do this, but I had no choice if I wouldn't have showed up they still would have you and if I would have brought the cops they might have killed you or something. I decided I'd rather be the one they had or at least get to be with you," Jake said. "Have they hurt you?" he asked.

"Not really they messed with me a couple of times and now I know how you feel, I can't believe they got me to cum," she said.

"Oh shit really, oh man I'm sorry you got involved with this it was really stupid to let you walk home alone," Jake said.

"Their going to be back any minute to 'milk' you, Jen wanted to while you were knocked out but Deb talked her out of it," Megan said.

"I'm sure they are going to make you listen as well, shit I'm sorry Megan I'm not going to be able to resist,"

"I know Jake, just think of me and we'll get through this," she said.

She no sooner finished her encouragement than both of them heard Deb and Jen return.

"Oh goodie he's awake," Jen said and quickly walked over to Jake in the chair. "Hello boy I'm glad you are back we missed your milk," Jen said reaching down and caressing Jake's bare muscular legs.

"What the hell! You said you were going to let Megan go!" Jake screamed.

"Settle down boy we never said when," Deb said joining Jen next to him.

Both women started touching him all over, chest, stomach, legs, back and eventually as his cock grew they both tugged at it and rubbed his balls as well.

"I've missed this amazing cock boy, it gets so big and hard when you're excited," Jen exclaimed for Megan's benefit.

Megan remained quite she didn't want to give them the pleasure of her complaining and not being able to do anything about it. She was just forced to listen to two women describe her boyfriends body and cock as they did things only she should be doing to him.

Jake stayed as quiet as he could but when one of them knelt down between his legs and took his cock in her mouth he let out an audible moan of pleasure and Megan heard it. He figured it to be Jen by her technique and he was right because she made it vocally clear what she was doing.

"Girl you're boyfriends cock tastes so good. He's oozing all over in my mouth when I suck his big cock," Jen blurted out after taking Jake's cock from her mouth.

"Let me try some of that," Deb said and knelt down next to Jen.

She reached up and pulled his cock towards her head and with one gulp swallowed most of his member. Jake moaned again as more of his cock was swallowed up and Deb worked her tongue on his shaft. Both women's hands were all over him as they both took turns sucking his cock and stroking it. Megan heard the sloppy blowjob noises and couldn't help but get a little turned on with what they were doing to Jake.

Jake was in la la land as these two expert cock suckers worked his cock over in their own styles he started moaning louder and more frequent and all three women knew he was getting close to ejaculation.

"Damn I'm going to cum!" Jake screamed.

"Oh no, not so quick boy," Deb said back and squeezed the head of his cock really hard causing the climax sensation to leave his member. "You've been gone to long; you need to make up for your absence."

His cock quickly engorged again after she stopped squeezing and he felt both of them leave and stand up. Megan and Jake heard the unmistakable sounds of both women undressing and Jake just waited for the inevitable. He knew one of them was going to mount his cock followed by the other and fuck him until he couldn't take it any longer.

"Shit I'm so wet, I can't wait any longer I want that cock in me again," Jen screamed.

She jumped up on Jake's lap and wrapped her arms around him, almost knocking the chair over backwards. His cock was wedged between her body and his and she rubbed her clit and shaved mound up and down his shaft.

"I told myself when I was spying on you and your little girlfriend I'd have you cock back inside me boy and now it's about to happen," Jen whispered in Jake's ear, and rose up over his cock and slid it deep into her wet pussy.

Hot wetness enveloped him and Jen moaned loud letting Megan know she was fucking her boyfriend. She reveled in the moment and sat full on his cock without moving for a few seconds before rising up again working into a rhythm. Jake could feel Deb's hand working his balls as Jen rose and fell over and over on his hard shaft. Deb began playing with his ass with one finger as well and Jen got faster pummeling him with all she had.

A few times her new fake tits hit Jake in the face and she started doing it on purpose letting her hard nipples drag across his scruffy face. Deb found his prostate and lightly pressed on it. The euphoria mixed with Jen's pussy sliding up and down his shaft caused Jake to forget trying to be quiet and he moaned loud in utter pleasure.

"Oh shit girl your boyfriend's liking this, his cock feels so good inside of me," Jen mocked as she rode him.

Her hands went to her tits and she squeezed her nipples hard, twisting her hips and grinding down sideways on Jake's hard cock. She wanted to cum and scream for Megan to hear and she was working on it. Jake could feel her pussy tighten and release as she pinched her muscles milking his shaft. Her speed increased again and she was rising and falling very rapidly on Jake making the chair move and squeak on the floor.

Jake was nearing his limit but Jen beat him to it and climaxed on his cock with a pussy convulsion that shocked Jake. She almost fell off him losing her balance and grabbed him by the shoulders and she grinded down a couple of more time in her orgasmic spasms.

"Fuck yes, oh shit I'm cummmmmmmmmmmming," she screamed.

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