tagNon-EroticFootball Stud's Day Off

Football Stud's Day Off


The name is Harry LaPierre. I'm a young black man living in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. I've got something to confess, folks. I am a self-admitted thrill addict. It doesn't matter the nature of the thrill. Sex. Speeding. You name it, I do it. That's okay, though. There are plenty of chicks and dudes in this town who wouldn't mind hooking up with a six-foot-three, muscular and sexy black stud like myself. I guess it pays to be fine-looking. For real. Anyhow, I've been trying to get my freaky tendencies under control. That's why wingman Joey accompanies me places. To make sure all is cool.

These days, I'm a student at Watermill College, a small, four-year private school located right in the heart of Boston. The school has eighteen thousand students, and only two campuses. One in Boston and one in Easton. Yeah, it's that small. They field intercollegiate sports teams in men's and women's basketball, men's baseball, women's softball, men's and women's track & field, men's and women's volleyball, men's and women's ice hockey, women's field hockey, men's and women's soccer, men's and women's wrestling, men's football, women's equestrian, women's archery, men's rifle, coed cycling, men's and women's bowling along with men's and women's rugby, coed fencing and men's and women's gymnastics. We compete in the NCAA Division One.

Why did I bother telling you all that? Simply because I'm the captain of the first ever football team at Watermill College. The school has existed since 1905 and fielded varsity teams since 1969. Yet they've never had football before. I guess that's why the entire campus seems to worship us. The entire student body seems to show up to support the men's varsity football team when we play our home games. Many of them come to support us during our road games too. How about that? These days, I guess life is good. I'm getting good grades in my classes. The football team is doing good. I'm also having a lot of fun in my private life. Yeah, life simply couldn't be better.

Right now, I'm having a bit of fun with some of my fans. Yes, even college football players can have fans. It's been a tough week, folks. Seriously. I need to have myself some fun. The Watermill College varsity football team has won a hard-fought game against Stonehill College in a regional matchup. Many thought our first-year squad wouldn't measure up against the likes of Stonehill College. Well, they were wrong. We took them on and we won. I guess that's why I'm celebrating right now. I'm in my father's bright red convertible with my best friend Joey Shay and we're driving down the streets of Boston. Joey is a tall, slim dude of black and Puerto Rican descent. We've known each other a long time. We both attended BC High before heading to the same school for higher education. He's a cool cat. It's a Friday night and we're just cruising, you know. Just me, my best guy friend and some chicken-heads. When you're at the top, you can always find women and men who will want to hang around you. We call them chicken-heads and knuckleheads. Just because you have money, power or fame, they want to hang with you. That's okay, though.

Personally, I don't really mind. The chicken-heads in question were Sholonda Jones and Mara Nicholson, these two hot-looking black chicks from the hood. Sholonda works as a security guard while attending a community college. Her friend Mara is a cashier at the local mall. They're both really freaky and like to get down. Why are they with us? They've got pretty faces, big tits and big butts. They wear them tight tank tops and ultra-short skirts that leave little to the imagination. Do you have to ask? You can have fun with a chicken-head. They're with you for the fame and money you've got. They know what they have to do to get it. And they know that you know. Don't fall in love with a chicken-head and expect loyalty or kindness from her. Don't get her pregnant either. She expects money from you, and a good time. And she knows her ass and tits are the only reason she's along for such a fun ride. There you have it, an agreement. A lot of people look down on chicken-heads. I don't. I know what to expect from them and they from me. We're cool like that.

Joey and I took Sholonda and Mara to this night club called Axis. It's one of the coolest clubs in Boston. And it's not that expensive. Not that this would have stopped us. I come from a distinguished family. My father, James LaPierre is a lawyer who makes five hundred grand a year, after taxes. My mother Janine LaPierre is a high-ranking executive with Walden Builders, a nationwide corporate architecture company. We live comfortably in a mansion located in Milton, one of the most expensive cities in New England. I've always got money in my pocket. And since I'm on an athletic scholarship at Watermill College, I don't pay for books, tuition, or even room and board. It's all for free. The school loves its student-athletes. And we love them right back.

So, we entered the club and checked out the scene. Club Axis was frequented by the elite of Boston's wealthiest Black families. The sons and daughters of this unique enclave of accomplished black professionals came to party here. A lot of people think rich young black men and wealthy young black women like to party with the rich white brats. That is just not true. We don't like to imitate them. We're proud of who we are. And we have our own unique ways of having fun. Club Axis is our home. The one club we feel safe at. You see, in night clubs, whenever something happens and the cops get involved, the owners are quick to blame the black patrons. Not at Club Axis. The owner is a wealthy black man. The clientele is made up of the sons and daughters of rich black families. We're protected and valued here.

Sometimes, my friends from school ask me why I never date the good-looking, educated young black women I see on campus. It's simple, folks. There are different stages in every man's life. Someday, I'm going to meet a beautiful, educated, classy and intelligent black lady from a similar economic and social background as myself. And I will value her and she will value me. If we're cool, and want the same things, I will bring her to Milton in order to meet my mom and pops. Who knows? I might even marry her. However, that's not what I'm looking for right now. Right now, I'm just trying to have some fun. There are high-class black men out there who married educated, intelligent, and sensible black women who are the great queens of their castles and the worthy mates they've searched so long for. Yet quite often these men cheat on their wives and their wives cheat on them. Why?

Simply because both the husband and the wife have stuff in their system that they need to expunge. You don't get married until you've met someone worthwhile, capable, smart and loyal. And you don't start a relationship with some worthwhile, capable, smart and loyal until you've done the bed-hopping thing with some sex freaks. You need to get it out of your system. Do what you need to do. Have fun. Then move on. Close the chapter on them. Otherwise you're never going to be happy, even if you're married to the most wonderful, loyal and dependable person in the world. Why do you think rich men cheat on their wives with chicken-heads and rich women cheat on their husbands with thugs? They both have stuff to get out of their system. They shouldn't have gotten hitched before they did that stuff. Me? I want the freaky stuff out of the way. So I'm immerging myself in it right now. Get it out of my system, you know?

So, here we were at Club Axis. Doing the bump and grind on the dance floor with Sholonda and Mara. Joey and I had our fun with them. Yeah, they made it worth our while. We got ourselves some drinks ( nothing alcoholic ) and did our thing. Every man should know that alcohol and women can be fun, but never mixed together. That's what turns you from a cool and confident man-about-town into a dumbass who could end up in truly lousy situations. You always want to have your wits about yourself when dealing with females. They won't hesitate to turn on you if you're not careful. Who taught me that? My mama. Around two in the morning, Joey and I drove Sholonda and Mara back to their apartments in Roxbury and then drove back to Milton. We had a great night. It was Saturday morning. We would rest, do our homework, enjoy our time with our families, then head back to campus Monday feeling refreshed and ready for schoolwork and football. That's how we do it.

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