tagLoving WivesFor Betterment of My Family Ch. 02

For Betterment of My Family Ch. 02


This is Ch 2 in continuation to earlier episode. The story is based on true incidences that took place in a conservative Indian family intimately known to me.

Nothing is added or concealed unnecessarily.


Moving scooter on bumpy road to mill was tiring job but I was happy as my cute wife had given me a nice daybreak. After denials and teasing for two days, this morning she resumed pleasing my cock by her mouth. With that I could shed my apprehensions that she was neglecting me after her eyes met with those of horny CEO.

At 8:52 AM I was in daily crowds entering the mill gate but today I felt differently. Who else in that herd possessed that lovely wife?

I reached my departmental floor in sheds and did routine morning stock checks before coming to my tiny ply wood cabin. There were no fresh papers to look.

My thoughts began rambling. I was in jumble and I still was unsure of sharing my wife's with any one.

The intercom buzzed and interrupted my thoughts. It was my boss who broke a pleasing news to me. Last evening Mr. Sen had asked him to send a special reports about my work and conduct and little later he event sent his peon to collect it from him! However my boss feared that the report was asked because of some mischievous complaint against me. He assured me that I should not be worried any more as he had sent a pleasing report. I could only give him warm thanks.

Impulsively I began feeling a sexy itch in my belly. By all consequences I would be getting a call from Mr. Sen very soon or may be even from Reddi ji. I sense the urgency of having clear thoughts while I talk with them.

A simple cup of tea helps to put nerves at right place so locking my drawer I walked toward mill canteen. I sat on the small table at an empty corner.

The tea came and I began to put the things one by one.

God had placed me equally with them. If they had power and money, I had most pretty lady on my bed. If I acted like dumb they would steal her in some or other way. The offer was unbelievable as I compared my crap cabin with the impressive position of manager exports, I had seen last day. I recalled morning crowds at mill gate running in herds to their machines. I knew this was the time to act; opportunities do not knock again and again.

I must talk with them open-mindedly and see their basket and may do so even for fun. I could talk them presuming that my wife would accept Reddi to some extent for the betterment of my family. May be with that price it would not be only a one-night-stand. There could be many other complexities but I too would be having many options. If at later stage I didn't feel for it, I could always back out telling them that my wife was not going with it.

I even shrewdly considered bribing Sen in some way to sway the deal in my best favor as Reddi was depending on him.

I had now a concrete setup in my mind. I thanked tea and walked out of canteen.

As I reached my cabin, the blue dressed peon was waiting outside of my cabin but it was no more a surprise for me. He informed me that Sen Sahib wanted to see me at 3:15 today after noon.

So it had come.


At 3:15 as I entered the princely room of Mr. Sen I felt tender fingers of some beautiful lady slowly gliding on my strained underwear. That was a big room with tender green tint, nicely lit by soft florescent lights, wall to wall carpet and long green curtains. The room had a select smell that gave me a sexy feeling.

Mr. Sen appearing tall and fair colored, sat on revolving chair behind an elegantly arranged table and was occupied in pile of documents. He wore a superior quality gray suite and matching tie over his explicit white shirt. The rectangular framed glasses over his electric eyes matched his face. Just behind of him on wall was a door, perhaps leading to his rest room.

As I moved towards his table, he raised his head and smilingly waved me to sit. I sat on graceful chair in front of him.

' How are you, young?" he asked knocking his words on me.

"Nice, sir." I said as pleasing as I could. I felt better nerves in me.

He said imposing his words, "I wanted to talk some thing about a new place in exports area, but your mother told us that you have been quite upset after Reddi met your wife in that marriage function."

I sensed the shrewdness but I didn't speak.

"Is it so?" He asked looking at me.

"Reddi ji is a big man sir." I spoke hesitantly.

His eyes penetrated deeper in me," No, You should speak, it is important. We are like family here "

" Sir if you ask me, I think he had extremely lusty eyes over my wife's body but the whole thing became so apparent to every one there -that embarrassed me." I paused a bit," I knew she attracts lot of people but if you look a lady like that before others particularly her in- laws... I mean every one...is it not embarrassing to her?"

Contrary to his expectations I had not acted like a dumb.

My reply appeared to have set a fire in him. He said with interest, "I value your feelings," he said then thinking a bit," Well there are things you also should know."

He paused and looking at walls as he said," I think we may better come in retiring room." Then picking up his intercom instructed his personal assistant that he should not be disturbed.

I followed him to back wall door and entered a nice retiring room that had a homely touch in white curtains and wall to wall carpeted floor. It had a medium sized sofa with two love seats and a black glass center table. There was a small white fridge in corner. On wall, there was a big imposing photograph of him and his wife with Reddi ji against background of Niagara Fall.

He preferred the large sofa and I sat on love seat to his right.

He spoke, "Putting it plainly, I agree that Reddi ji was quite impressed by your family and to say by the most desirable lady he had ever seen. However for this you can not entirely blame him, I believe, if you know he was misinformed about something."

He continued," Reddi ji and me are from same college and have been more than friend for twenty-five years. He has very large energies of every type. You know this mill was dying. I suggested our board to try and bring Reddi ji here from Gujrat were he was Chief Manager in a textile factory." He spoke." Now see, here we are expanding every day."

To me it looked that he meant some thing special by very large energies!

I said trying to push my shoe toe through the carpet " This is true but why should some one misinform him about my wife and make him unnecessarily so horny!" I saw he again avoided his eyes, this time longer than was necessary.

I too was showing my skills.

He began, "This is a personal side of him but since you have some feelings, let me tell you. He is not fortunate like you in ladies and had terrible marriage. Since last three years his wife has left him and even took their daughter and is living with her parents at Bombay. This whole thing had been extremely agonizing to Reddi ji."

I had heard but didn't know that much. "Oh! It is depressing!" I said

"Is it really necessary for you to know more?" He asked.

"Not necessary sir but it may help me to appreciate his miseries and may be, I could be of some help to him...in mean in some way." I put a set of meaningful words before him.

Mr. Sen eased on back of sofa and said," Even after break of marriage he keeps great stamina to work and keeps him entirely fit. His mornings are spent in gym and he eats complete flawless non-vegetarian & extremely potent food. As far as I have seen that has generated huge male energies in him. But please believe me, till that night he saw your wife, he had rigidly kept his eyes away from any woman because he is too shy to even talk and miserably fails with ladies. I, as his intimate friend always wanted him to get relief from his such unending physical tortures. I even tried to shift beautiful females from other sections to his office. "

Perhaps to me he clearly meant that Reddi was an unsatisfied strong but shy bull living in extreme sexual tortures. So seeing a very sexy lady he lost all his controls.

The thoughts further strained my underwear as I remembered his huge testicles that were showing through his pants. They must be dripping with thickest semen.

I said with better understanding, "He is miserable, and giving him wrong clues about some beautiful lady literally killing him. He is lucky to have considerate friends like you. "

He looked in my eyes, "Is it ok now? "

'Yes sir, if you tell a bit more."

"Certainly I would like to talk to an understanding man like you." He said, "but let me first talk about the main business which is important for mill."

"Sir." I didn't insist in best salesman's sprit.

"You know we are gigantically expanding our export business. Board has set export targets to Rs 4500 million for next years against 3200 millions done so far in this year. That would be a great jump. "

I exclaimed," Almost double!... But they should have no problem till a capable man like you is here."

I saw a spark in his eyes.

He said," It is a challenge. We are dealing in many countries in Middle East; Africa, Latin areas and West Asia. The main problem was that our men were busier making their own jobs and fly with company's secrets. We have to expand this wing with people committed to mill. I was worried about the challenges and talked to board about it. They have almost approved one more post for manager with set targets." He said.

"That's a good, truly sir." I said.

He was appreciative for my interest in his problems," It is important for you to understand that consideration to put you in exports has no direct connection with CEO's fascination for your wife."

For the first time he used CEO for Reddi ji.

"It looks great but how could you ever thought of me sir." I asked him as speechlessly as I could. "

He said, "Manager exports under present circumstances would not be just a routine office job. We have big challenges by throat cutting rivals and they have all tactics. They were even using ladies to break official's shelves. We need synthesized endeavors round the clock. If we have finest lady with us like you have...This is like taming all influential people –in countries. You have to find appropriate solution for each man."

His tone changed to firm, "and we have real challenge in Africa. It has biggest business potential but due to corruption our rivals breaks their way easier."

"How you expect me to do it." I put a natural question.

"You have seen just two days before a childlike attraction of big men towards fine lady."

He paused a bit and asked me in lower voice," Would it offend you if I talk on that line? "

"I would hunt every possibility to get the result." I said in shrewdness to extract best from him.

For a moment he thought and saw in my eyes," Actually on that night for the first time I realized that how quickly a big and strong man like Redii ji fell on his knees before your beautiful lady by a little misinformation about that woman. Instantly I had an idea that we can break any thick headed man... I mean think over that. Little homely touch in business can be wonderful and may lead us to top shelves."

I was getting his point but still who misinformed Redii about my wife was puzzling me.

My confidence in me was now better. I asked," Still I am confused what misinformation could be that?"

Mr. Sen smiled," Forget man...but I would like to speak about that too..." after little thinking he said," Like to have some coffee?"

With out waiting me he picked intercom and asked his PA to send two coffees.

"How do you think you can do here?" He asked me.

"It is interesting to deal different people in other countries," I felt ready to fly.

"I appreciate that... Are you sure you would be getting cooperation from your family...I mean from your wife." He asked.

The same blue dressed peon came with a try having two cups and placed cups on center table. From corner of eyes he looked curiously at me for a few seconds.

This was the first direct question that made my red blood rushing to my face. While sipping coffee I felt that my nerves had further improved.

I said cautiously weighing each of my word," Sir I think we can not neglect our rivals' tactics. I am not sure at this moment but I have seen men strongly falling for my wife. I think we may give them highest attention depending on requirements, if the man is really worth."

"That would be basic theme for your consideration to that place." Sen said straightly peeping in my eyes.

Sen had put the things direct to me in best way. I gathered all my nerves.

" If you tell me bit more of Reddi ji's fascination for my wife, how it would be in coming days?" I said.

Sen taking an unusually long sip of coffee spoke," Look, I may again tell you Reddi had excellent control over his tremendous sexual energies till he saw your lady under some illusion.. "

It raised my excitement and curiosity," Ohh! You were not joking that he had not touched a woman in three years. "

"Absolutely true! He is like burning a furnace ready to explode. Is it not torturous with out any woman particularly when nature has given him such massive sex organs? As a friend I had been telling him to find some woman at least temporarily but he always laughed. "

He hold his breath before he spoke again," On that marriage night, your wife looked stunning. I had not seen such a lady before. We didn't know she was your wife. I asked Reddi ji to look at her and in no time he was absolutely mesmerized by her erotic appeal."

He said looking deeper at me," Should I tell?"

I said," Please, it is fascinating."

Mr. Sen continued," Some one told him...Well you can assume it was me...that she likes hard fucking and I had contacts with her. It was just a pass time remark but it gave him strongest shiver.

It was a coincidence that you with family walked to us and introduced her to Reddi ji. I saw him melting his entire rules of three years in three minutes and he became ragged under passion."

I was stunned by his plain admission but that brought me a kind of frenzy in me too.

"Do you think he is still under that state. " I asked him.

"Certainly, he is worst now. The problem is that he is too simple and takes many things for granted. "

It was now my turn to open up," As his true friend do you want my wife to sleep with him?"

His eyes showed an extreme valuation of my words as he said," As I told you, putting you in exports has no direct connection to that incidence. My wife feels that your family has been loyal to the mill ; so you are a choice. "

"Sir I mean... Reddi ji expect me to do... favors to him if you moot the case." I asked him plainly.

He replied keeping his words calculated," Our board wanted some thing like this. It is a strong case. However regarding other side of my friend, Reddi ji certainly needs some relief, it is for you to evaluate his miseries but surely he would never insists for this against any one's will."

Mr. Sen smilingly concluded," Ok young, think over it and let me know tomorrow at 3:30 here."

So it would be a complete business cum sex package.


It was 4:25 as I came out of Mr. Sen's office. I wanted to go home so took leave and left for home.

I felt that my life had changed all of a sudden. A man had talked so successfully about my wife's sexy assets and using that for seducing big business guns for muti-millions deals. It was greatest complement to me but how I was going to take it now? However again I realized hugeness of power of nature over human creations.

I reached home at about 5 pm two hours early than normal schedule. Ruchi and Manisha had gone to market. I took mother upstairs and told her, that had happened, as plainly as was possible.

She didn't look much surprised and was buried in thoughts for some moments and asked," What you really wish?"

"I don't know really!" I was confused for the first time on that day.

She began speaking slowly; " I too thought it earlier. See! our family has been loser from generations. People make jokes of us. "

She thought a bit," Your father retired from an inferior job and you too struggling just at middle level. Who in this world stands for us? "

She paused a bit," If you get this place... it can bring wonders to us, from honor to every thing. I know such things."

Remembering some thing she looked at my face and said," You know Sushma my cousin?"

"In Mauritius? " I said.

She spoke smilingly "We were grown up together. She got married three years earlier to me. Her husband was in Mauritius worked in a sugar mill. They have now made a big position.

One year after my marriage she sent me return air tickets to come to her for about a week and that was the only time your father and I went out went out. It was a great place to live and work. They suggested your father too may get good job there."

She said recalling her mind, " Incidentally in one late morning hours a Tanzanian living in Mauritius whom they know and his Egyptian friend who had come Mauritius for the first time, came to their house for a brief hasty halt just to refresh while they were passing through the town in a hired safari gypsy. He was escorting his friend to different places in island. They were on their way to National Park and Botanical Garden. The Tanzanian was quite a jolly and worked in manpower section in a textile mill in Mauritius.

Sushma and I quickly prepared some snacks but they had little time so we packed it for way.

Sushma hurriedly told him about us and asked him to tell a worthy job for your father. He looked quite interested. These people are very fond of Indian women's company. He wanted to take Sushma and me with them to National Park but your father didn't agree since it required a night stay. After that we didn't meet him."

She said," I think you make up your mind and act of your own."

"But if things comes up, how can I ever say to Ruchi to sleep with some one. That will spoil her. " For the first time I was so open before my mother.

She said in least audible words, "It is important that you two must have perfect confidence in each other. "

She was motherly telling me," It is difficult...I mean boyish to talk her like that. She can give company to a quality man with you or may be alone with some kind of freedom at times. "

She was speaking each word restrictively "I know adult homely ladies of our class have personal feelings but they would never speak. If she likes some one, she would have an inherent weakness for him and it is up to him how he passages with her. It is better if you limit yourself to that... I mean let her understand the net worth of a thing and put right atmosphere to her. If she hates any one don't insist or she would be spoiled. You know Mrs. Sen was to some extant in similar net but Sen had left it to her will. I do not think they have any problems in family."

She spoke sluggishly," More over If it comes at all, you can keep it very infrequent and for exclusive events. You may put limitations like rules... It doesn't mean that she should actually go in all events and you may find other solutions for him to keep your family upright."

She saw at my relieved face, "You may tell so directly or otherwise to Mr. Sen when you next meet him. "


I began to get idea of basket but still I was not sure how exactly it would be coming in our family. I had the same prudence that my wife would never accept any sex pushed on her but she was sensitive and a worthy man had good possibility for her but in confidence under explicit atmosphere.

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