tagIncest/TabooFor Both Her Sons

For Both Her Sons


It all started when the boys, 18 year old non-identical twins, decided to play a trick on their mother. Some would say it was a cruel joke, but they didn't think it was at the time.

What they decided to do was tell their mother that they reported her to her superiors (for whatever made-up thing), in hopes that she'd be transferred back to California where the weather was perfect, instead of her current station in Alaska. The little pranksters even showed her the form they had filled out and had supposedly faxed to various points of authority.

Naturally, Amy freaked out and threw a fit at her boys, before breaking into tears.

That was when the prankster boys told her it was all a joke. They smoothed things over by immediately giving her flowers, chocolate, and a few small presents which they had kept hidden.

It was all for her 45th birthday. Amy took the joke well and gave her boys a massive hug, so relieved that they hadn't betrayed her and jeopardized her hard earned career in the Air Force.

But what the boys hadn't anticipated was that their mother was a tough woman. You had to be tough in order to be an Air Force mom who was still climbing the ranks.

So she did what her country demanded of her, which was to retaliate if the situation called for it...

After a month of consideration, she had finally hatched the perfect plan. She got her friend to print out a fake transfer order, stating that she'd be transferred to San Diego.

Then after breaking the news to her boys that it was fake, she'd soften the blow with gift cards for $200 each if they promise they wouldn't play pranks anymore.

How spectacular this payback would be!

She waited until that night, after dinner, to unleash her plan. This would be revenge for all the pranks they had pulled over the years. Then she planned on explaining to them that the pranks have got to stop, and that they were becoming young men.

After they finished eating, without further ado, she launched the surprise attack.

"I think now is the perfect time to break the news," she said, cracking a rare mischievous smile. "I just received this order today. And I don't know how you'll take it."

She took the fake document and showed it to her boys.

She explained, "I've just been transferred to Southern California. It'll be a big change for us, and I hope you guys are ready for this."

She expected a tepid reaction followed by excitement. That's when she'd let them know it was all a gag.

However, boys will be boys, and both Billy and Bobby were elated by the news. They were jumping up and down. They were beyond words and had already begun an early celebration at the thought of moving away from a cold place like Alaska.

Amy instantly regretted the prank upon seeing her boys so jubilant at the dining table. The poor boys had already started to discuss their moving plans. Amy knew she had to end this terrible prank, and fast!

"Actually, you two should have a closer look at the order," she said, putting it down on the table. "It was a joke."

She said the last part hesitantly, knowing this wasn't going to end well.

The boys took a closer look at the paper and instantly realized it wasn't real. Their jaws dropped and it was obvious their hearts were broken.

"It was a joke," she said again, this time more softly. "It was partly revenge for the last prank you pulled on me. And it was partly to teach both of you that sometimes jokes can be hurtful. Can either of you say something?"

Both of them were stone faced for a while.

She added, "I also got you guys $200 gift cards for Amazon, each. You guys can buy plenty of things with that. Exciting, right?"

Amy took the gift cards out of her pocket and placed them on the table, in front of each of her sons.

"I think I'm going to my room," Bobby said, getting up to leave in a somber tone.

Billy added, "Not cool mom. Not cool at all."

He also got up and sadly left, leaving Amy to sit there alone, filled with remorse.


It was Billy's turn to do the dishes that night. So he stood by the sink and washed everything. Normally he'd be making jokes and engaging in conversation with his mother, but he wasn't in the mood.

"Talk to me," she said, leaning against the kitchen counter while Billy did the dishes. "What's on your mind?"

"Nothing," he replied in a zombie-like tone. "Sorry we overreacted earlier. Thanks for the gift cards."

He still couldn't bring himself to make eye contact, instead focusing on getting the dishes done. Amy pressed closer.

"It seems like something important. I'm your mother. I know I'm always busy, but I'll always be there for both of you. You can tell me anything."

"You won't like it."

This alarmed her. "I mean it. Anything."

Billy finished the dishes and turned the water off, then he faced his mother. His expression was neutral. He didn't seem mad. But it was clear that there was a lot on his mind.

"It's just that moving here to Alaska has been hard for us," he tried to explain. "But we didn't want to say anything because you're so passionate about your military career. We want to support you 100%. So we kept quiet."

She was stunned. "I... I had no idea. Really?"

"Yes, mom. We're miserable here. It's boring. That's why we were so excited about the chance to move back to California."

"I'm sorry."

It felt like a massive punch to her gut. This came totally out of nowhere. All this time she had the wrong impression of how her sons felt. But there was more. And it only got worse.

"That's why we play jokes all the time," he explained. "There's nothing else to do. We don't fit in here. We've never had any girlfriends here. We belong in a place like California where we already have tons of like-minded friends."

Amy gulped, "I'm so sorry. You should have told me."

"We can't. Being a ranking officer in the Air Force means everything to you. So we'll never complain."

He was right, too. Which was why this was so devastating to her. Most of her life was dedicated to the military.

"I'll think of something," she said, trying to console him in whatever way possible. "We can work through this."

"It's okay, mom. Seriously, we'll be fine."

Sensing his mother's distress, he leaned in to give her a quick kiss on the cheek, and thanked her again for the gift card before going upstairs to his room.


Amy's mind was preoccupied the next day at the base. Her job was of the utmost importance to national security, so she kept focus on her tasks. But in between important duties, all she could think about were her boys. They meant everything to her.

In fact, that was a big motivator for her being so ambitious at her job. She was a patriot and wanted to do her part in global security. She had always done what she could to protect them from harm.

But at what cost? Now she realized that they hated living on the Alaskan base.

For her, she loved it. She was raised in a military family. She grew up in a similarly cold environment. Plus she spent most of her day on the base doing important work.

For her boys? She should have realized that life would be tough for boys who grew up in warm weather and socially active environments. They were popular back home. Here, they struggled making new friends and finding things to do with their free time.

Worse, boys their age should be out dating. Meeting girls. Gathering new experiences of love and heartbreak. It was all part of growing up, and they were missing it.

During her break, Amy sat alone in her office with a cup of coffee. All she could do was feel remorse over how badly she misjudged these past few years. She thought she was giving them a great experience bringing them out here. Instead, she had kept them trapped and she didn't even realize it.

But maybe there was something she could do?

Just maybe.

Nearly a year ago, a fellow officer had been caught with a browser full of Literotica stories. Surely, most of the guys at the base looked at porn (and women too). But it was the type of porn that made him the butt of jokes for several months after.

Amy couldn't have cared less. Men watch porn. That's life. But she was curious to some degree. She knew the guy well, so she was interested to know if the jokes about his reading habits were true.

So one night at home, she checked out the Literotica website and the authors that he liked to read.

The rumors were true. There were collections of hardcore stories with moms and their sons. Naturally, she thought it was gross and she wanted to kick that guy in the balls when she saw him the next day.

Nonetheless, she was curious and needy, so she briefly skimmed one of the stories. Then another. And another. The taboo was surreal and intense. She read until she felt an overwhelming urge to masturbate. Then she came. It was a hot little orgasm which put her in a great mood, relieving her of all the stress from her homelife.

She couldn't judge her fellow officer after that. Incest was actually a hot fantasy, even she had to admit; still, she swore to herself to never return to that website again.

Could this be the basis of her private operation to win back her boys and make amends?

Though she was middle aged, Amy still maintained the same rigorous fitness routine as when she was a cadet. Even now, she still managed to turn the heads of new recruits, and with her sharp ears she often overheard comments like how they were dying to fuck her, or they'd call her a world-class MILF.

When enough time had passed and enough thought was put into it, she had decided on the plan. That was it. It was a done deal.

The operation was a go.


When Amy arrived home she changed out of her uniform and rinsed her body in the shower. She undid her regulation ponytail and let her hair fall loose. Then she applied a few extra touches of makeup. As she gazed at her reflection in the mirror, she could hardly recognize herself. 'I really am a MILF,' she playfully thought.

She finished off 'her look' with a silk robe.

Then she went barefoot down the hall to summon both of her boys to her bedroom. Naturally, they looked at her strangely because she never walked around in her robe, much less with extra makeup and her hair down.

She had them sit on her bed. She pulled up the chair from her dresser and sat in front of them. Neither of the boys knew what to expect, which meant that she'd have the element of surprise.

"I'm sure you're wondering what this is about," she said.

They both agreed.

Amy continued, "I didn't realize how burdensome moving here was for both of you these past few years. I honestly had no idea. For that, I'm truly sorry. And as a mother, my main duty is to my children, above all else."

"You're not quitting your position, are you?" Bobby asked, stunned by the latest development.

"No, I love my job, and I love defending my country. I also have a duty as a mother to make sure my children live happily in their environment."

"So what are you suggesting?" Billy asked.

Amy gulped hard. "You two have never had girlfriends, correct?"

They were both slightly embarrassed and pointed out that they had semi-casual girlfriends in California, but not in Alaska because the dating scene for their age group is so different. But it was obvious by their blushing that they were both still virgins.

"So what else do you do with your time?" she asked carefully. "I mean, boys your age must have some sort of outlet in that particular area."

They were both surprised.

"Are you really asking what I think you're asking?" Bobby asked.

"Yes, and answer honestly. Do you two watch porn?"

Billy cringed hard. "Seriously?"

"Yes, seriously. If you want my help, answer the question honestly. And don't hold back either, or else the deal is off."

"A deal?" Billy questioned.

Amy nodded. "Yes, there will be a new, unconventional, arrangement between the three of us. I promise it will be worth your time once we complete this process. Now tell me, do you two watch porn? If so, what kind?"

They were totally caught off guard and equally intrigued, especially with her looking so good in that robe.

Whatever the offer was going to be they were eager to find out, no matter how shameful the journey getting there was.

They hesitantly listed their porn viewing habits, explaining what they watch on cable tv and the sites they go to online. It wasn't exactly a huge surprise to learn that they viewed pornographic material multiple times per day. The real surprise was their taste in porn; mature women, older women, seduction, gang bangs, glory holes, and a few things which Amy had never even heard of.

The 'confession' nearly made Amy's head spin realizing how horny her boys truly were. Obviously she knew that 18 year olds were horny in general, but she never realized to what extent. But it played right into her plans.

"Why do you want to know all this?" Bobby asked.

A lump suddenly formed in Amy's throat. Could she really go through with this? Her hands nearly started to shake from nerves.

She pulled herself together. She made a plan, and as a member of the nation's defense, she'd be a disappointment to herself if she didn't follow through.

"Wouldn't it be nice to have someone help with your needs?" she asked them, mustering her strength. "As a girlfriend figure, I mean. Taking care of things in an orderly and experienced manner."

The boys were smart enough to figure out what she was implying. Naturally, they couldn't believe it.

"Is this a joke?"

"I thought you were tired of pranks? Or is this a serious offer?"

Amy looked fierce. "If it was a serious offer, would you two accept it?"

The boys looked timid and unsure of themselves. After all, it could have been another prank. Their reluctance was certainly understandable.


Amy stood and undid her silk robe. She stood naked before her boys. Her athletic body was on full display, with toned legs from miles of daily running, toned arms from strength training, small breasts which sagged a little from age, and a freshly shaven crotch. Her brown nipples were already hard at this point.

"Now do I have your attention?" she asked, sitting back down, naked.

It amused her to see her boys nodding like puppy dogs, their eyes bewildered from staring at her nakedness. She sat there like she was speaking to a general, with perfect posture and her chin held high.

Amy kept her shoulders wide and breasts pointed forward. "This deal will remain top secret. None of this information will ever leave this house. Not a word spoken to anyone. The punishment is death. Are we clear?"

The boys instantly nodded without hesitation, staring at mom's tits.

She continued, "This is how it'll work: no more pranks and no more feeling sorry for yourselves. It's time to act like grown men. In exchange, I'll play the girlfriend role every other day. At the same time. It will be equal treatment for each of you. Understood?"

"How do you define playing the girlfriend role?" Billy asked, his eyes still ogling. "Do we just get to see you naked? Or... umm... will there be more?"

Amy summoned more courage. "That all depends. What would you expect from a girlfriend?"

"Lots of touching," Bobby chimed in.

"Very well."

Amy pulled her seat closer to the bed, so that her boys were within arms length.

She gave them her express permission to touch her breasts, which they took full advantage of. They rubbed, cupped, and squeezed her small tits. They even played with her stiff brown nipples. It sent a shockwave down her spine and made her pussy tingle. Her nipples became even harder.

"You know," Bobby said before pausing, still holding mom's tit. "I think girls our age would probably... um..."

Amy raised an eyebrow. "Probably what?"

"Ummm... you know... suck our cocks?"

"Was that a question or a request?"

"That was probably a request," Bobby clarified nervously.

So the boys wanted their cocks sucked by mom, eh? She was prepared for this. Amy had yet to met a man who didn't love having his dick sucked.

"Fine. You're right. Women these days are fully expected to provide oral, and I have to hold myself to that standard for this deal."

The boys could hardly believe it. They froze from nerves, prompting Amy to ask, "Well?"

At this point, they fully understood that this was a serious offer. After all, their mom was already naked and they were feeling up those nice tits of hers.

So they both cautiously stood up despite their nervousness. Their hands were around their pants. They hesitated, as virgins would.

"First time?" Amy asked, amused. "Or are you afraid to show your mother?"

"Kind of both."

"Yeah, this is awkward mom."

She nodded her agreement. "I know it's awkward. But I want this to work. I could never forgive myself if you two were miserable here because of me. This is the only way I can make things better for you two."

With that, she slowly reached forward. Slow enough to give either of them a chance to stop her from doing this. But neither of them did.

She pulled down their pants and underwear in a single motion. For the first time since they were grown up, she saw their penises, just inches from her face. Billy was erect while Bobby was almost there. After a few seconds of exposure, both of them were fully erect.

Amy took the moment to examine her boys. She marveled at their cocks and appreciated how they had grown to become fine young men. They were roughly the same size, with only subtle differences. She examined every curve and line on their cocks.

Then she leaned in and took them in her mouth, one at a time, while holding their shafts with her fingers. Bobby first for a few seconds, then Billy for the same amount of time. Back and forth. She took them in her mouth and sucked, bobbing her head and swirling her tongue.

Oral sex was her specialty. She could feel both of her sons ache and throb each time her mouth would swallow their hard cocks. She enjoyed feeling them twitch each time she did a swirling trick with her tongue. It was insanely erotic and she sort of regretted the fact that she enjoyed sucking them off so much.

The responses were overwhelming:

"Oh fuck, mom. Unbelievable."

"God, living in Alaska is totally worth this."

Amy looked up and winked at her boys while sucking their throbbing manhoods. She continued sucking with the same technique as evenly as she could, hoping this would be over soon.

But to her surprise, complaints came:

"No fair. Billy gets more time in your mouth."

"Bobby gets more tongue action though. And I think you suck him harder too."

She thought fast to defuse the situation. Then she used her hands to pull both of their cocks in her mouth at the same time. Their cocks touched, but they didn't care, because they were in mom's hot mouth. She tried closing her lips around both of them and use her tongue evenly.

With their competitive nature they fought for prime real estate in mom's mouth. Each of them trying to outdo the other and push a little deeper for more pleasure and attention.

After a while Bobby said, "I don't think I want to cum rubbing against Billy like this. Can I, you know, try your pussy?"

The question shook Amy to the core. Why hadn't she anticipated this?

She spit their cocks out. "Isn't this good enough?"

"Yeah, but if I had a girlfriend, things would end with fucking."

She sighed. "Fine, but make it fast while I finish off your brother."

"How come he gets to lose his virginity and I don't?" Billy complained.

What a surreal taboo. She'd be taking their virginities. How crazy it seemed. But god it made her pussy wet. She could feel herself clenching down there. But still, there were problems with the situation. Namely that she only had one pussy and two cocks to pleasure.

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