tagNonHumanFor Eternity

For Eternity


I caught my reflection in the glass of the front door, and straightened my long skirt, before reaching out, tentatively, to press the doorbell. I took a deep breath; I wasn’t used to doing parties on my own yet, and waited. No one answered, well the deafening music probably had something to do with that, and I turned thinking perhaps this was my excuse for not showing up. “Argggghhhhhhhh” I turned round in a flash, to find Frankenstein, a ghost and a mummy bearing down on me. “Shit! You guys! You scared me half to death!” I laughed. They were all cracking up. “Come in Kara, come and get some Halloween punch down you”.

David was the first to be able to talk sensibly. I hugged him and pushed my way through the others into the hallway. “On one condition,” I grinned, “You don’t make me bob for apples!” “You’re kidding” Sara said “That’s the first thing you’ve gotta do”. I groaned, they were as mad as ever. Only this bunch of 28 year olds would hold a Halloween costume party and expect all their guests to bob for apples! Sara and Jenny dragged me through to the kitchen, where various assorted spooks and ghouls were busy getting intoxicated. “David, hold her hands behind her back!” Sara ordered, and David guided me towards a large wooden barrel in the middle of the kitchen floor, and stood behind me. “Hold my hair?” I asked. David gently gathered my hair – both real and my wig – into a ponytail, and his other hand grasped both my wrists.

A beat. A memory of when David and I used to date. His hand in my hair, and of him restraining me. All in the past. We were never right for each other, just two good friends hoping they could make something more out of their respect for each other. Still, on a night like this, when everyone else seemed to be paired off, I thought perhaps it would be worth trying again? I caught our reflection in Sara’s dining room mirror. I smiled to myself – no way! Too safe. David just wasn’t my type. But we did make a cute couple, especially whilst he was dressed as Frankenstein and I as a vampire. I leant forward to the water; eyeing the apples floating there, “Hold on!” I called “I have to take my teeth out!” David let my hand go and I pulled out the fake eyeteeth. “OK, lets go” I said. I spotted one apple floating near the edge and tried to stake it with my real teeth. I was desperately trying not to get my face too wet, so my make up wouldn’t run, ‘cause then there would be nothing left to hide behind, and turned my face to the side. In doing so I was able to see around the room, and I tried to see who else was there. Some others I knew quite well, and some by sight, as friends of friends, and some it was hard to tell who they were. Just as I was about to grasp that apple, someone turned to watch. He was stunning.

I almost gasped out loud. Another vampire. He seemed older than the rest of us, and I wondered who he had come with. He was tall, slender, and his eyes were piercing. Our eyes locked and I felt my knickers soak through. I made ineffectual attempts to grab that apple, but I was doomed to fail, I couldn’t drag my eyes away. “God Kara – you are crap!” David shouted above the music, and pulled me upright. Our eye contact broke. I laughed. It was always good to be with my friends. Since my split with Jamie it was them who had kept me sane. Well almost sane. Jenny pushed a large glass of orange coloured punch into my hands and urged me to drink up. I did so to chants of “Down in one!” I drained it, needing the kick, and held out the glass for a refill. “So what else do you guys have up your sleeve for tonight?” I asked. Sara answered, “Well first you can peel that apple there, the one you couldn’t bite, and drop the peel on the floor to see the initial letter of your true love.” I smiled, a game Sara and I played at Halloween when we were kids. “Ah,” I replied “But that only works if you can peel it in one go – and I never could”. “OK, next you look in the mirror in the hall, recite the magic chant and see the face of your true love over your left shoulder”. “OK, ok” I acquiesced, “Lead me to my true love”.

The hall was lined with candles shedding their soft warmth on our faces as we gathered round the mirror. Sara had even carved a pumpkin that stood on the little hall table. She always was the arty one. It looked like a professional work of art, whereas mine had always looked like a punctured beach ball. I had long since given up trying. “Right, face the mirror Kara”. I stood in front of the big oval mirror.

“On Halloween this mystic night, When ghouls abound and witches take flight. I call upon the spirits near To show me one who will be dear. Before the Holy Day’s first light, Show me the true love of my life.”

Ok, ok, I know what you are thinking – how sad! But as I said, Sara and I were kids together, and we have said that rhyme every year since we were about 10 years old. These things kinda stick in your mind. I’m not even sure where it came from – more than likely we made it up ourselves.

I stared deeply into the mirror; I really wanted it to work this year! I had felt so alone recently, so empty. I had really believed that Jamie and I would stay together. The hallway seemed to darken slightly, and the candles flickered, I took a sharp breath inwards, and stared at the mirror. Nothing. I could have sworn that someone was there right behind me, and I was going to see their face loom over my shoulder. The room span, I felt goose bumps break out on my neck and it seemed to get chilly for a second. Silence, the music of the party seemed to fade out into the distance, and I was alone in the hallway, but still nothing. I kept staring. The volume of the party came back up, and the room came back into focus. “Did you see anything?” Sara asked. “Yeah,” I replied “Prince William”, and they all dissolved into drunken laughter again.

About 2 hours later, I was really thinking I would like to try to escape. I had, had some more glasses of the punch and I felt slightly giddy, but the effect of watching all the couples together, enjoying themselves was quite sobering. I was just thinking about finding my coat in the pile on the bed, and getting my mobile out to ring a taxi. I just hoped there was no one shagging on the coats. Before I could get up, David dropped down on the floor next to me and announced it was time for “spin the bottle”. Everyone was giggling, and I tried to get up but he pinned me firmly down. “You can go after this game if you really want to, but I’m determined to see you enjoy yourself first”. The front room was packed now. Everyone cramming round the bottle, which David was about to spin.

Suddenly I spotted my vampire across the room. I felt my insides melt. My stomach turned to liquid toffee. He was staring right at me. From the depth of my memory I dug up my sexy smile and offered it back, before realizing that with my fake teeth in it probably looked like a grimace. I stopped smiling and let myself get lost in his gaze. He broke eye contact and looked down at the bottle, which was pointing at me. I’m sure David did that on purpose. “OK Kara spin! “ David called. Right then it felt like we were the only two people in the room. The vampire and I. I willed it to land on him, and he stared forcefully at the bottle and I knew, without a doubt, that he was doing the same. And it did. A cheer went up, and he stepped forward, and held out his hand to me to help me up. I took it and was surprised by his strength as he pulled me to my feet. He smiled, dazzlingly. My head spun. Locking his eyes on mine again, he drew towards me. I felt an invisible hand behind my head gently pulling me to him. The hairs on my neck stood up, and we grew closer. And inch apart and he stopped. I stopped. We stood with our lips straining towards each other. I felt as if I had a great weight in my chest, an ache which wanted only for him to touch me to dispel it. The room faded away, and there was that silence again. I heard him speak, but there was no movement from his lips. “Do you want me Kara? ” “Yes” I murmured, not wondering for a second how he knew my name. His lips moved again towards me, closing the inch gap, and touched mine. I melted into him. There was nothing and no one but us. His hands clasped my shoulders, and I could feel them hot through the gauzy fabric of my black gothic style top. Yet I could also feel his hand wandering down to my breast. My nipples stood erect as his hand brushed over them. Down across my belly, over my shaven mound, down between my legs, and I felt his long, slender fingers part my pussy lips, and delve inside. I knew I was soaking wet, and I felt his hot finger trail along my wet slit. I bore down, desperate to feel his finger enter me, yet – how could he be doing that, when his hands hadn’t left my shoulders? How could he be doing all this in front of a room full of people? My eyes snapped open, and we pulled apart. The room erupted in cheers. I looked around feeling a little silly. David handed my vampire the bottle – to start off the next round, he leant down and spun it, landing on Jenny this time, and she laughed and reached over to spin it herself.

I looked round and thought – this is my chance, I sneaked out of the room while they all watched to see where the bottle landed. My vampire included, he seemed to have forgotten me pretty quickly. No one noticed as I slipped out, and went upstairs to retrieve my coat. Just as I thought there was a couple on top of the coats, but mine was peeping out so I jerked it from under them and I don’t think they even saw me. My phone was in the pocket and on the landing I tried to dial. There was no signal there though – so I went downstairs and opened the front door, and stepped out onto the porch. “Damn phone” I muttered as I turned this way and that looking for a signal.

“Kara” said a deep, quiet voice. I jumped and turned to see the vampire beside me. I hadn’t heard the door open; he must have been out here already. I studied his face trying to see how old he was, but although his bearing and manner was of an older man, his face looked no older than my own. Perhaps I was wrong, he may be my age, but so well mannered I wasn’t used to it! I smiled, remembered the teeth and my hand went to my mouth to remove them. His hand caught mine as it rose, and he smiled, “Leave them, I like them. I like you just as you are Kara”.

“You know my name, but I’m sorry, I don’t know yours?” “Vladimir,” he replied and looked straight into my eyes. I looked back shocked. Searching his face I spotted a slight crinkle in the corner of his eye. It spread quickly across his face, until he was laughing. “Just kidding! Its Adam” “Phew!” I whistled, “You had me there.” “Would you like a lift somewhere?” He asked politely. I looked up at him, no mean feet since I’m 5 foot 11 inches myself. “Id like it if you would come back to mine with me…but of course I’m just as happy to take you to your home Kara, I’m at your disposal”. Well that was a very definite come on, and I hadn’t met anyone this sexy for a long time. What was a girl to do? “Your place it is then” I grinned, and he guided me towards his car.

Wow! The car! A beautiful sleek Jag; he held the door open whilst I sank down into the sumptuous leather seat. Then the engine purred and we were off. A gentleman he might have been, but he drove like the devil himself was after us. Under my make up I was a little pale when we arrived at his house. We drove down a narrow country lane, to a pretty little cottage, and the Jag sprayed gravel as he parked it outside the front door. He again opened the door for me, helped me out, and we walked slowly up the path to a huge studded oak door. He pushed it open easily and I walked into a warm, inviting farmhouse kitchen, with a slate floor and low oak beams in the ceiling, which made him look taller than ever, as he ducked his head. He guided me towards the huge scrubbed pine kitchen table and pulled out a chair for me. There was a bottle of red wine on the table and he produced two glasses and poured. He stood next to me, and I longed for him to kiss me again. I felt that stirring in my crotch again. He smiled, “All in good time Kara!” I was shocked did my face betray me that much? “Drink!” And we did. We talked, learning more about each other. Becoming more in tune and more at ease with each other as the wine went down, and another bottle was uncorked.

“You are so very beautiful Kara, I cant stop looking at you.” I was a little embarrassed at the compliment, thinking he was drunk. His hand touched my cheek, and I froze. Desperate for him to keep touching me, his hand moved to my hair, he brushed it away from my face. The wig fell to the floor, and his fingers twined my hair. I could barely feel his touch as his hand wandered down my back and unbuttoned my top. It fell away, and then my bra opened, as if by itself. He pulled that away too, and stared at my white breasts. My hard pink nipples stood erect already. One finger brushed my straining nipple and a shock rippled though me. Then my skirt fell to the floor, and I stood there, wearing just my black g-string and knee high back boots. I was drowning in his eyes again. I swayed slightly as a finger traced its way across my stomach.

Effortlessly he picked me up and sat me on the end of the table. I leant back on my hands to show off my breasts by arching my chest forward. My hair fell down my back as my head went back, and I felt his breath hot on my neck. A quiet groan escaped from his lips, as he kissed my throat. “You don’t know what you are doing to me Kara” he murmured. One finger wormed its way between my pussy lips, just as it had before. Except it couldn’t have done really, could it? That was just my active imagination. I was so wet, I could feel my own juice between my ass cheeks and I knew I was wetting his table. I squirmed slightly. “Kara, I want to make you happy. I want to show you what pleasure there is to be had, if you will let me?” I just nodded. If I spoke it would break the spell.

“Trust me, Kara”, again I nodded. The way he spoke my name was like an endearment. “Don’t move,” he whispered. I knew I wouldn’t move an inch. His quiet words held me captive; although I missed his presence as he left me. He moved silently away from me, and began to light candles around the room. He produced some silky rope from a cupboard and came back to me. I felt complete again. I looked into his eyes again, and he smiled, I lay back on the table. I knew it was what he wanted me to do there was no need to speak now. He took my wrist, and tied the soft, red cord around it, then to one leg of the table. He repeated this on my other wrist. At the other end of the table he kissed my foot before removing my knickers and then tying the cord around my ankle, and then tying that to the leg too. Still seeming to barely touch me, he spread my legs apart and I felt a pang of fear as he tied my last limb down. My last defense gone, I was helpless.

I craned my neck as far as possible to see what he was doing, and found him staring, between my legs, at my pussy. Just looking. Brazenly, I opened my legs a little more for him, and felt my lips part softly, exposing the warm, pink, wet inner lips. He looked up to my face, and I could see how much he wanted me. I spoke to him, probably for the last time out loud, because it was no longer necessary, I could hear him in my head. “Aren’t you going to take your teeth out?” He just smiled, exposing more of those long, white, eyeteeth, “No Kara” he shook his head, “I’m not”.

He stood beside me then, and reached out one hand to my breast. Automatically I arched towards him, before he had even touched me. I closed my eyes, anticipating his touch, and when it came it was electric. He brushed my nipple so slowly; I ached for more. Slowly his hand trailed across my belly, stopping to examine the ring in my belly button, a silver cross. He picked it up gently, smiled, and then put it down. He was by head then, I blinked, how quickly he had moved! He bent over, and his lips touched mine, his tongue languorously explored my mouth. He pulled away and reached out his hand to remove the fake teeth. He murmured something under his breath, which I couldn’t quite catch. It sounded like “you wont be needing those anymore.” But I wasn’t sure.

He was by my feet now, again, so quickly. His hands round my ankles, then running up my legs, to the insides of my thighs. To my crotch, pulling my swollen lips apart, and looking deep into me. One slow finger dipped into the wet pool that had gathered between my legs. He groaned. “You are so ready for me already Kara.” I didn’t speak. I could feel that one finger deep inside me; pushing into me, then pulling slowly back, following it with my hips to prevent it leaving me empty. It did though. He pulled it right out, then slowly pushed another finger alongside, back into me. I pushed against him, liking the feeling, but hating it when he pulled away again. Three fingers now, I needed it badly, teasing the entrance to my sopping hole. Dipping just inside, then running briefly over my clit. Again. Again. Again. I almost wept with frustration. I would have begged for him to enter me properly now, but knew that this was all to be in his time, and it would do no good.

As I was squirming on the table, raising my pussy dropping down again, he stopped. He was by my head again. I heard him in my mind “Are you ready Kara?” “Yes!!” I screamed back. “Oh please”. He bent to kiss me and I kissed him back hard. A lovers’ kiss now, no more exploration, just passion. Still it was not enough. Suddenly I could feel him between my legs again. But how? I was still kissing him! Burying those 3 fingers in me again; harder now though. At the same time he was brushing my swollen clit. I moaned, and writhed in my bonds. My nipples too were being pinched gently, now sucked. Harder. Sending shock waves through my body. I looked at his face “How?” I asked, slightly afraid now. “Shhhhh, enjoy, this is my gift to you Kara,” he replied. I did.

I lay back and allowed the sensations to continue. Unseen hands roamed across my body, some gentle, some rough. I was completely over taken by these feelings. I tried to imagine how many people it would take to touch me in all these places, but I couldn’t. I could feel a tongue swirling round the hard nub of my clit; a stiff cock touching the entrance to my cunt. I bucked my hips to entice it in, and was rewarded with a hard deep thrust. I cried out in pleasure. I could feel hands on my front, my back, my ass spreading my cheeks apart. There was a finger touching the tight ring of my ass. Unsure, I froze. No one had touched me there before. I had never wanted it. I looked at him and saw only desire in his eyes. “Enjoy Kara,” he reminded me, and I felt that finger probe past the tight bud, and delve into me. Stretching me for the first time. I moaned louder now.

The hands on my body were becoming rougher. Stroking then pinching. Someone bit my clit, and I gasped. The finger in my ass withdrew, and I was horrified to feel another cock there. Nudging gently. As I was thinking about stopping all this the tongue on my clit began to work harder. I panted; I knew I was going to cum soon, but only if I could relax and let go. I was torn; between the best orgasm of my life and the intruder which would be in my virgin ass. My chin was opened and I felt another cock pushing into my mouth. I sucked and licked wanting to return some of the pleasure. Somehow, I knew that this was all Adam. I wanted to please him. I relaxed and the cock between my ass cheeks jammed into me. I screamed. Yet I was still feeling the ecstasy of the other ministrations.

The cock in my pussy began to pound harder I was terrified. Surely I couldn’t accommodate both at once; I would tear. I forced myself to relax more and it became easier. Then as I concentrated on the sensation building in my clit, it became pleasurable. “Harder!” Adam commanded as if controlling an orchestra. Every hole in my body was filled. Tongues and hands covered every inch of me. Where was Adam? I opened my eyes; he was kissing my neck, nuzzling at that tender spot where my shoulders met my neck, watching my body writhe with fascination. “Cum for me Kara” he implored, let me give you the ultimate pleasure. I knew I would cum, very soon, and I closed my eyes again. The cocks pounded at me. The one in my mouth seemed to swell. I tensed, my muscles ready for release. Something snapped inside me, and my orgasm flooded my body. At the same time my mouth was filled with cum, and I knew my pussy and ass were to be filled at the same moment. I was wracked with the beautiful spasms of orgasm that warmed my stomach and ran like liquid fire through my veins. Through my veins and into my neck. It was burning. The spasms started to fade, but the burning in my neck did not. What was this? I opened my eyes and saw him. Adam. Latched onto my neck, a look that could only be described as pure ecstasy on his face. I knew what he was doing, and it was OK. I let my head fall to the side, and the sharp pain in my neck seemed only to prolong my orgasm, with slight aftershocks rippling through me. I let him drink.

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