For Her Family Ch. 01


Once again the shower was her only retreat from the strange betrayal which had just occurred. She had unwittingly played into her blackmailer's hands and her husband had been just another pawn in his game. She furtively tried to rinse the semen which gradually crept from her depths. Alex was angered. How had she not seen it coming? What would the blackmailer do next? Should she call the police? Was there anyway to stop this? A mile a minute her brain raced, hoping to find some way out of the unspoken contract she had been forced into.

Alex would not sleep easily for a long while. The following day a note appeared in the inbox of her email from a free web server. The user name was not coy or witty. Just straightforward and direct: "YourBlckMailr1". There were a dozen attachments, each a photo of her and her husband's sexual encounter from the night before. They were perfect in their framing and they depicted with exactness the sex as it had developed. The pictures of her eyes searching out the window with her husband straining to press deeper into her, were especially haunting. The note told her to download the files and save them to her computer. The location was not immediately apparent to a casual observer and Alex hoped it would be enough to keep the pictures safe from being uncovered.

The weekend came soon enough and Alex spent the first part of her Saturday morning talking with Annabel. Her daughter seemed to be recovering well enough and no word was mentioned regarding the fateful night. Alex asked no questions and told no part of her ongoing entrapment. She had not heard from the blackmailer in days and she was hoping that perhaps his desires had been appeased. Once her phone call was complete, she did some casual searches on the internet for any similar stories and potential escape routes. Nothing promising showed up. Most of the news stories seemed to indicate that the blackmailer would continue upping their demands until they grew bored or were caught somehow. Alex knew she did not want the blackmailer caught- the result would be disastrous for her family. Once she signed off, Alex headed out to the driveway to grab the newspaper. As she returned to the warmth of her home, she pulled the rubber band from the thick roll of newspaper. Inside sat another envelope.

Alex once again found herself frozen. She had known this was coming and yet she was stunned into a fearful silence. Tucking the paper under her arm, she tore open the manila envelope. This time it was just another note. That afternoon she was to go downtown to a particular address and ask the clerk for the items for Alex. She was not familiar with the location, although she knew that it was in a quieter district away from most of the major retailers.

After dressing, she slipped from the house, hoping to avoid her husband's innocent inquiries. She had only thirty minutes to get there, so she drove as quickly as possible. By the time she found it, she realized what the address was for. There was a large adult movie theatre in the seedier side of town. There was plenty of parking spaces out front, but Alex wanted to take no chances that her car would be spotted. She parked in a pay lot between several buildings a block or two down and walked the rest of the distance.

There was no one in the outer ticket booth so she went inside. At the counter, a heavy set man with artificially black hair and numerous piercings watched as she approached. He didn't greet her when she approached. Alex had never been in one of these establishments and condemned those who did come. She quietly asked the man if anything had been left for an Alex. He slid a single ticket and a small box, slightly larger than one for a piece of jewelry to her. This last action was finished with a sneer. Alex took the items and fled to the women's restroom. She was surprised by the level of cleanliness that the bathroom had. She assumed it was because so few women attended these. There she studied the items that she had been given. The movie title was "Pussy Pirates II" and the box held a small vibrator that was designed for full insertion. The instruction booklet said there was a remote, but there was no sign of it. A note told her that she was expected to insert the vibrator and stay for the entirety of the film. It reminded her that "I am always watching".

Alex unbuttoned her pants and pressed the small bullet shaped device between her dry cunt lips. Once she was redressed she headed to the assigned room for the movie. There was a group of four or five men in the theatre who all stared blatantly at the attractive woman in khaki pants and a turtle neck sweater who violated the sanctity of their private revelry. Of course, a few of the looks were more than just surprised. They quickly turned to evaluate her body and her curves. Sneers appeared on the faces of each of the men as they traced her every movement as she tried to find a seat where she hoped she would be unmolested. She picked a front corner, as all the men were sitting near the rear of the theatre.

The old projector flickered to life just as she sat down. Several previews for upcoming attractions played across the giant white expanse of the screen. Within moments of the feature attraction beginning, the vibrator inside of her jumped to life. Alex let out a surprised squeak as it hummed powerfully from within its fleshy enclosure. She tried to look for someone who could have been close enough to her, but there was no one she could spot from her peripheral. The vibrator continued all the way through the first sex scene and Alex could feel it beginning to do what it was supposed too.

Her breathing was getting shallower and shallower as the little secret trapped within her, worked to entrance her with its strumming movement. Soon Alex could feel her panties beginning to wet as her pussy responded to the ongoing stimulation. She squirmed uncomfortably in her seat and tried focusing on the porn's thin plot. But the ongoing barrage of lesbian pirates and swashbuckling cocks coming to the rescue was only encouraging the excitement exploding within her. Her folds were clenching down hard on the vibrator as they secreted more and more juices into the thin material of her underwear and khakis. As she neared her orgasm, Alex did everything she could to keep from losing control.

In the privacy of her husband's company she was a vocal sexual partner and it took everything she had to keep from crying out in the company of the creepy men. She managed to keep her orgasm to a small groan of delight as she ground her cunt into the well worn seat, a growing stain covering her panties and crotch. Just as she collapsed back into her seat to the continuing thrum of her vibrator, a pair of hands reached around the seat back and clutched her ample chest tightly.

A raspy whisper coughed into her ear, "You look like you're having a good time missy. Mind if I lend a helping hand?" Alex froze, unmoving as the hands squeezed and roamed over her chest. They were insensitive and unskilled. The movements were rough and eager. Alex managed to whisper into the glowing light of the porn film. "Why, why are you doing this to me?"

The answer was simple enough. "Because I want to."

The man behind her leaned forward and slid his hands beneath the thick wool sweater and slid the calloused palms beneath her bra. Alex silently cried as the man's fingers pinched and tweaked her nipples. The man was strong and his hands rough underside told a tale of a life of hard physical work. Alex stared down watching as the hands moved and writhed beneath the sweater. Soon one hand disappeared from underneath her shirt and she heard a long low groan come from the man molesting her.

The vibrator jumped up a notch inside her pussy and she once again arched back into her seat as it hummed inside her still soaked lips. Between the groping hand and the stimulation of the vibrator, Alex found it impossible not to writhe within her seat. She finally surrendered to her situation and squrimed in the confines of the old theatre chair. Her eyes drifted shut as she humped at the air. They would remain shut until she felt the hand return to her breasts, this time carrying the sticky semen of the man behind her. When she opened her eyes, she realized that the men in the theatre had surrounded her, enjoying the show she had put on. Several of them sat in her row, steadily stroking their cocks. Alex tried pushing free from the grip of the man behind her, but his hands kept her back against the seat. Another man reached out with his free hand and began to slide it over her the smooth taut skin of her stomach. Alex whispered over and over into the darkness, "No, no, no. Please, no."

But the men were entranced by the beautiful woman who had only moments before been writhing to the invisible hand of a mechanical lover. The man grew bolder as no one moved to stop him and as Alex's arms remained pinned at her side. His hand dipped down to the waistline of her khakis and wormed its way into the thin material of her underwear. The man sitting on her left leaned forward and unbuttoned her pants, helpfully, before pulling down her zipper. The light color of her panties glistened in the reflection of the screen. The first man slipped his hands farther down and pressed his finger into the soaking center of her body. This was a pleasant surprise for him and he announced it to all the men surrounding her. The hand stroking his cock increased in pace as his fingers wormed there way into her lips. Once there they found the vibrator- another detail which was related to the audience. Alex squirmed back away from the hand, but it was not to be refused. He began to slide his palm and fingers back and forth over the outer lips of her pussy, covering them in juices.

The other helpful man stood, erect cock poking through the open flap of his pants, and started tugging on the leg of her pants. Two other men joined in as her only free appendage kicked and thrashed. It did not take long for the combined efforts of the three men to send the pants flying up three rows. They were less gentle with her panties and they were torn painfully from her body. No man dared replace the vibrator with their cock, but the touch of her naked flesh was enough. The men found various ways to grind and rub their burning penises over her legs, and waist and crotch. Alex shuddered as the vibrator kicked into its highest setting and her pussy responded. The man on her right continued his manual attack on her outer lips and the man behind her was once again beginning to stroke her breasts. Alex writhed once more, half in pleasure and half in the desire to escape. But the ordeal in the adult theatre would not last much longer.

One of the men who had positioned himself so that his cock stroked against her thigh, exploded into a shuddering orgasm. Several spurts of white semen shot onto her legs and slowly crept down. Another man's jizz would join in seconds. His bursts would land at the joining of her hip to her waist. It puddled there, hot and sticky, reminding Alex that she was being used as a glorified sex toy. Soon the man to her left came and his juices shot onto her stomach, filling her bellybutton and forming a trail down towards her pussy. The other men came not long after; some of them managed to hit their target, but most just sprayed the floor and the theatre seats with their juices.

It did not take long for the men to recompose themselves and walk away, as if nothing had ever happened. Alex was too stunned to even bother looking at the man who had begun it all and who she suspected was the blackmailer. She sat there, cum drying on her stomach, thighs, and crotch, her sweater tucked above her breasts. The credits were rolling and Alex angrily pulled the still buzzing vibrator from her pussy and flung it into the darkness. She searched, half naked, for her pants and underwear. The panties only proved useful in wiping her body down and they ended up discarded on the floor. She went to the women's restroom when her pants were on, trying to ignore the stares of the clusters of men standing outside of the theatre. A few hooted and whistled at her, but she didn't bother to raise her eyes or honor them with even an angry response. She dried the still moist crotch of her khakis under the blower and once again scurried from the remaining men. Once outside of the theatre she practically ran to her car.

Alex was surprised by the emotional response she had as she sat once again in the driver's seat. She was not angry, not fearful. She was just indifferent and that worried her. She had just been accosted, practically raped, and she was indifferent. She tried getting angry at herself, but her mind kept rationalizing what had just happened. Alex found that her attempts to feel anything about what had just happened to her were futile.

Quietly Alex drove home, wondering when she would next here from the man who held so much control over her life.

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