tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFor Her Family Ch. 03

For Her Family Ch. 03


A big sigh of relief came from the tall conservatively dressed mother of two as she exited class for the promises of holiday. Alex had managed to survive for three months under the constant threat of prison, embarrassment, and marital collapse. Her sex life had been governed by a blackmailer who held evidence of her daughter's fatal hit and run accident. Every move she made in the bedroom with her husband had been decided by a man who watched from a window. Now, with her children back in the house, she felt some sense of happiness and normalcy return. She couldn't wait to see her daughter and son after so long apart.

She had hoped to beat everyone home, but a pair of trendy men's shoes waiting on the doorstep told her that David, her eighteen year old son, was already home. As was her ritual, she checked the mailbox, hoping that nothing new would come up on her first day of Christmas vacation. The numbing sensation of another manila envelope told her that her blackmailer would not be offering a Christmas pass from any of his requirements.

"Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas break dear. I have a gift for you! Go to the Harrison State Park. Wait in the women's restroom just inside the entrance for your surprise! I hope you are excited; I know I am!"

Alex quickly crumpled the paper and climbed back in her car. She didn't want to have to lie to her son with some explanation of why she would be leaving so quickly. During the drive, Alex found the twisted numbness of the blackmail turn towards a nervous excitement. She had been masturbating to pictures of her own performances for several weeks and wondered what her new requirement would be. Would her husband show up, expecting another rendezvous with his suddenly adventurous wife? Would she be forced to masturbate in the dirty shell of the public restroom for the digital audience? She had no idea, and although she feared the consequences, she was having an interesting turn of conscience.

The park was quiet. There was only the noise of a wind rustling through the few remaining leaves and the still covered conifers. It was a very peaceful setting that was marred only by the dirtiness of the exterior of the public restroom. It was covered in graffiti and the solitary trash can overflowed, long ignored by maintenance. Alex clutched her coat tightly around her slender frame and pushed open the heavy metal door to the women's restroom. There was a small drip in the faucet, but otherwise it was as quiet as the natural beauty outside. But it was definitely not beautiful in there. More graphic graffiti and depictions of male genitals adorned the walls. The lone mirror was scrawled with a bright red and undecipherable word. Alex wondered for a few minutes around the restroom, looking for some instruction. She had entered one of the stalls when she heard the heavy slam of the metal door.

Alex realized the moment she saw her new companion that the blackmail had just taken a drastic turn in a different direction. A tall white haired man in a long brown overcoat that had seen better days stood sneering at her as she peaked out of the last stall. He confidently strolled toward the confused mother trapped in the rear of the restroom. Alex backed into the toilet's low seat and pressed against the rear wall as he entered behind her and nonchalantly turned to lock the door behind him. She was stuck in the four by four enclosure with an obviously lecherous character. Her dismay only increased when he spoke. His voice was nothing like that of her blackmailer.

"I never though anyone would respond. But here you are."

Alex wasn't given the opportunity to question what the meaning of the comment was. The man moved quickly to her and wrapped her in tight hug, his lips quickly covering hers as his hands groped her firm ass. After a few seconds he broke the forceful kiss and spoke again.

"Now you give me what you came here for. Bend over the toilet miss," the surprisingly clear voice ordered.

Alex swallowed back her fear and nodded. She turned towards the stainless steel bowl of the toilet seat and bent at the waist, her hands supporting her on the cold pipes which fed water to the appliance. It became apparent that he was not hear for just another grope fest and jerk session, when he pulled a set of long rubber zip ties from his paper bag. Alex's heart raced as he reached around her to snap her into the pipes, securing her in her half bent and submissive position. Alex tried looking back over his shoulder as she heard him rustle again in the bag, but she was unable to identify the new object that he pulled from the bag. When it was pulled tightly between her lips she recognized the salty taste of tanned leather and knew that she was gagged. It was another startling revelation for the teacher. She was bound and gagged in an unused restroom, without anyone knowing where she was, except for the sinister blackmailer. Alex's head hung in surrender.

The man had long waited for this opportunity. He had just been a lonely retiree with unfulfilled sexual fantasies until he had been contacted on a message board by a beautiful mother of two grown children who wanted to be party to one of his fantasies. She had sent him pictures she had taken of her masturbating and having sex with her husband to prove that she was real. He had nervously come to the appointed meeting location at the proper time and was delighted to find that she was just as beautiful as she had been in the pictures. And now he had her bent over a toilet seat, a "victim" in his rape fantasy. She had dressed as a school teacher just as promised, with dark stockings and a heavy professional skirt and white blouse. Now he had a job to do, and he was delighted to be afforded the chance.

His large overcoat slipped off of his shoulders, revealing his strong naked body. Despite his age, he was still quite fit, having maintained the discipline that years in the Navy had taught him. His dick was already erect with anticipation, but he wanted to make this experience a memorable one for them both, so he was going to savor it. His rough laborer's hands jerked at the zipper running down the back of the skirt and helped it slip down her legs to the ground. His partner playacted wonderfully, squirming suddenly away from him, her butt pressed against the wall as she tried to get away from her "attacker".

The old man smiled sadistically at this wonderful little minx toying with him. He grabbed her by her panties and hose and yanked her shifting ass back towards him. One hand pinched at the sheer nylon materials covering her from foot to waist and began to yank angrily on them. The first tear started just over the woman's right butt cheek and spread admirably down towards her crotch. Still the woman writhed against his hands, never leaving character. The man appreciated how immobilized she was in the tight space with the bindings firmly in place. Despite her best efforts he was able to rip large areas of the hosiery clear, until there was very little left above her thighs.

Alex was panicking now. She was certain that her blackmailer had arranged for her to be set up like this. The man was too well prepared to have not been expecting her to be here. The mere fact that he was naked underneath the overcoat told her that he had long waited for the opportunity to get a woman into a compromising and vulnerable position like the one she was in. As she wrenched from side to side, hoping to escape the ripping and tearing of her stockings, Alex tried crying out into the thick leather gag; wishing that she could have told him that she was not here for this, that she had been tricked. But with her tongue flatly forced to the bottom of her mouth and her jaw painfully held open, she could speak nothing. Her cries simply came out as grunts and groans, to which the attacker responded.

The attacker was quite satisfied with this first barrage of attacks and had plenty more in mind. His eager hands grabbed for the waistband of the woman's panties and stockings and jerked them down, in rough side to side motions that pulled them towards the floor. The gradual unveiling of her perfectly rounded posterior and the dark shadow of her pussy lips was like the rising of the curtain at a play, but so much better. Once he had them around her knees he went to work on his foreplay. She had been quite clear about wanting to be well-stimulated prior to being fucked and the old man didn't mind the trade off of waiting a few more minutes to have the opportunity to fuck her. His long knobby fingers slipped between her twisting thighs and were delighted to find she was already wet.

"You like it like this, don't you, you little slut. What would your husband say if he knew you were wet like this, bent over a toilet, begging to be fucked," the old man growled, his fingers digging deeper into her pussy. He was steadily stroking his forefinger into the warm hot depths of her cunt as he continued to berate the whimpering woman before him.

"If my fingers get you this wet, I can't imagine how you'll like my cock. I'm eight inches, and it has been a long time since I've gotten some. Your young tight pussy will drink my cum. It's too bad you can't see how it is eating up my fingers. Course you probably know well enough."

Alex knew she was wet and horny, but that did not mean she did not want to be here. She had come expecting at worst to fuck her husband in some strange location and at best to be masturbating into some voyeuristic camera in an unsanitary bathroom. But now she had a very horny old man plunging his long fingers into her pussy while his free hand rubbed her naked flesh like she was some sort of pet. But the man was obviously good with his hands and her fear couldn't compete with the steady rhythm of the long digit into her depths. Soon another finger joined the first, and her pussy was stretched to a comfortable maximum and Alex found her eyes watering as her pussy responded even more to the ministrations of her molester.

"What a slut. I can't imagine that your husband doesn't know. Maybe he has a small dick. Hah! I'll give you the fucking of your life then. I wonder what your kids would think of you. I'll bet your daughter is a good fuck too. Bet your son would love to get on top of you. Ha," the dirty old man raved on as his pointer and middle finger slipped in and out of her folds. Soon he would press his thumb against her anus, the thicker rounded tip providing Alex an unique sensation of pressure that transmitted through to her core.

Alex cringed at the dirtiness of the man's words. But she was beyond being able to deny the sensations of pleasure that her body was betraying. She found herself disgusted by the notion that she could not wait till he stuck his full length into her. She could only catch glimpses of his dick, but it did look to be long, perhaps close to her husband's generous size. She was a bit startled when she saw his naked torso crouch behind her and she felt the heat of his breath between the peaks of her thighs.

Then the familiar sensation of a tongue slashed through her. The old man's quick and hungry mouth covered her pussy, his nose buried at the beginning of her ass crack as his tongue wormed its way into her juicy center. The mother and teacher could here his appreciative grumbles as he ate her out. Alex's eyes were clenched shut as she sought to regain some control over her body's response. But the sudden rejoinder of his lubricated forefinger against her asshole caused them to shoot open and her body to tense, as the digit pressed between the muscular clench of her rectum. Alex heard him mumble something about relaxing or it would hurt and she obediently submitted. Once she had unclenched, the finger slipped in up to a single knuckle, where it began to twist and turn.

The old man could tell by the sudden flood of juices in the woman's twat that she had not yet experienced the joy of anal stimulation. Perhaps if they ever met again she would offer him to continue her education. But today he would abide strictly by their agreement. He was surprised by how sweet her juices were. Most of the women he had ever gone down on had a distinctly salty taste to their cum, but not this one. Her pussy was a delightful meal and his tongue eagerly delved deeper into her, fluttering and spinning as it sought further samples of her wares.

Alex was unable to resist the two pronged onslaught of the old man tonguing her to heaven and her pussy surrendered the first of her orgasms in a flood of juices and trembles. Once again her eyes slammed shut, but this time in an uncontrollable muscular response to her intense orgasm at the hands of her attacker. Guilt washed over the conscious portion of her mind, but the unconscious simply demanded more stimulation and the primal need won out easily.

The old man was overjoyed that he still had the ability to bring a woman to orgasm with his talented tongue. But he had had his fill of lapping up her fluids and his dick was far too needy to be ignored any longer. He quickly rose, his finger never abandoning its penetration of her ass, positioning his cock right at her entrance. Then he slammed forward roughly, once again wanting to live out his rape fantasy. His free hand grabbed onto her left hip and used her bodies bound state to power his cock forward into her spread pink lips. Her pussy drank up his length, forming a tight grip around its circumference, and leaving a glistening trail of her juices down the shaft. With a delighted grin he pounded her pussy as forcefully as he could, driving her slender tall body against the wall. Only her bent forearms prevented her from smashing her head into the concrete walls. Over and over he would slide his full eight inches back, just to her entrance, then go running forward into her with an incredible intensity.

The roughness of the fucking was shocking to Alex, who was used to the slow gentle ride of marriage. The man was close to her husband's length, but was wider, and the tightness of her pussy allowed her to experience new sensory details as his penis buried itself in and out of her soaking pink lips. Alex bit into the heavy leather gag as she felt her body shudder with the force of his thrusts. His balls would swing forward and hammer into her clit as he nailed her on his cock. The sudden rhythmic shudders on her clit sent her spasming into a second orgasm.

The old man laughed out loud, crazily, as his bound partner, orgasmed. He could feel the strong muscles of her pussy walls gripping down on his lengths and keeping his head from slipping free of her embrace. He worked his hips forward and back, then side to side as he stroked, hoping to draw out another of her orgasms while appreciating the varying sensation of the touch of her pussy walls on different portions of his cock. He was even more surprised to find the woman thrusting back on his cock with her own body weight as he came sliding forward. The idea that he had gotten her to break character and willfully ride his dick enticed him onward and he struggled to keep himself from cumming. But her pussy's spasming would be enough to send a younger, more regularly fucked man over the edge and with a sudden clamping beneath his cock head, the old man shot over the edge.

Alex's eyes once again flew open with a bit of clarity as she felt the sudden introduction of a foreign liquid heat spill into her womb. It only further lubricated her pussy and it lost itself in another juice flooding, muscle clenching orgasm. But her mind was now fully awake as shot after shot of the stranger's cum filled her pussy and she shuddered to think of the potential consequences. He had obviously not fucked someone in a while, and for far too long, his semen poured into her. So much of it spilled out that it began to spill down her lips and over her splayed thighs to the pile of her clothes beneath her. The man's psychotic orgasm-induced laughter filled the hollow air around her as the last of his seed filled her.

"Thank you, thank you. Oh that was wonderful. We will have to do it again sometime," the old codger exclaimed. His excitement would fade when he reached for her gag and he found tears pouring down her face. Panic struck him like a ton of bricks and he quickly gathered his own belongings, fleeing the scene of what he now presumed was a crime. He would never solve the mystery of the woman in the bathroom, but as weeks passed and he heard nothing of the rape, he would return to a sense of secure normalcy.

Alex however, was close to passing out. New gobs of his cum were spreading over her thighs and crotch as it spilled out of her. Her tears were ones of regret and helplessness, despite the still golden glow of the after effects of her orgasm. There was so much risk in the unknown deposit of the man's fluids and so much of her life could be destroyed now. Her solitary mourning was interrupted as she heard the bathroom door swing back open and the heavy steps of another man approached her stall.

Echoes of applause pealed through the small space as her blackmailer appreciatively evaluated his subject. "Well done, my dear, well done. Such a fabulous performance. The pictures will be so exciting, but why the long face? I am pretty sure you had a good time," rasped the familiar voice as a mysterious gloved hand freed her gag.

Alex tried craning her neck to see her true assailant but could only see dark clothed shape with large glasses and a hat pulled low behind her. When the gag was free she screamed out her frustrations on him. She was silenced when she felt the leather tipped fingers of his hand press into her pussy and its liquid contents. They lackadaisically petted her still sensitive lips as she shuddered before him.

"No worries darling. I wouldn't want anything to happen to my favorite toy now would I. I'll take good care of you, you just got to trust me. Well I had better be going but I need to grab this, and give you this."

Alex watched as he reached out someplace above and to her right and pulled a small black circle from the wall. The he dropped a box cutter into her open palms and disappeared. Alex hurriedly cut away her bonds, but could not dress quickly enough to catch her taunting mystery. More of the old man's semen continued to leak from her pussy as she sat in the bucket seats of her small car. Its cooling caress was a constant reminder of the deposit's potential damage. But she had to wonder what it was that the blackmailer had meant that he would not let anything happen to her. She had thrown her stockings away and tried straightening as best as possible, but she felt like her recent encounter was obvious even on her face.

She sat for an extra moment or two in her car as she surveyed the driveway. It had been just over an hour since she had left and it appeared as if there were no new arrivals to the house. David's shoes still sat in their same perch on the doorstep. She pushed open the unlocked door and dropped her purse on the floor and quickly headed towards the stairs. She saw that the monitor in the study was on and a picture occupied the center of the screen. Draw closer by the familiarity of the scene on the screen, Alex felt her heart quicken. The picture had been taken during her encounter with the man in the bathroom. It showed her with her ass bent high in the air and an obvious look of pleasure on her face as the strong old man pounded into her, one finger in her ass. Alex looked around in a panic and closed the screen quickly. She pulled up the recently accessed documents and found that the list was made up entirely of the pictures taken over the two hours. She deleted the reference to them all and pulled up the open Internet Explorer box.

Her email inbox was open and a recent note with attachments from her blackmailer was on screen. Alex sunk into the seat and felt her heart sink even lower when she realized that it was still warm. David had seen the pictures and the accompanying message, another, "Thanks for the good time!" To access the internet he would have had to sign on to her account and would undoubtedly been puzzled by the message header of "Your rendezvous". The teenage boy had obviously found something other than what he may have expected. Alex suddenly felt more lost then ever. Her secret was out, at least partially, and she had know idea how to address it or what her son even thought of her.

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