tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFor Her Family Ch. 04

For Her Family Ch. 04


David's mind had begun to play a dangerous game.

Initially following his assault on his mother he had felt immense guilt for his actions. He had been moved by all sorts of desires and emotions, the least of which was compassion. But as time passed, some of the more selfish thoughts and reactions had returned.

Why was he supposed to feel guilty? He wasn't the one who had cheated on their spouse. He hadn't betrayed the family. He wasn't having sex with strangers. That was her. Those were her wrongs, not his!

From the moment the teenager slipped into this line of thinking, there was a swift and dangerous progression. As he sat alone in his room, he felt his own self serving righteousness return, with a hint of bitterness added in. A sense of justification soon followed, along with the familiar need that almost never left the teenage boy's mind.

He tried recalling the sensation of his mother's breasts beneath his hands, but was unable to. For a while he tried stroking his cock just to his imagination, but found himself only capable of getting erect and not much else. So he waited, patiently, till everyone had gone to bed.

Certain that he was the only one intent on venturing out late in the evening he would slip back downstairs to the study and the computer that contained the images that had begun the little expedition earlier in the day.

The computer was still on and the computer was already open to a curious file. There was a pending box on the screen: "Are you sure you want to remove the folder "Picts" and move all its contents to the Recycle Bin?" David clicked "No". Now more curious then ever he double clicked on the folder and a plethora of thumbnails began to fill in across the screen.

It was a jackpot for the young man. Dozens of images of his mother having sex, giving blowjobs, stripping, being groped, watching porn, masturbating, and more filled the screen. David's cock immediately flew to attention and his hand plunged into his shorts. Alex's son furiously masturbated as he clicked through scene after scene of his mother's perfect naked form. His favorites were ones of her bent over with someone fucking her from behind. The look of ecstasy on her face was intense and soon he felt his jizz flood his pants. Still he stroked until there was nothing left but the wet stain across the material.

David's mind reeled with all the possibilities. Maybe she was telling the truth. But he decided he didn't care. He had something in mind. Quietly he burned the file to disc and carried it up to his bedroom. David would jack off to it several times that night. While he waited for his cock to harden again, he would evaluate his desires, and come up dissatisfied with only the promise of self-fulfillment. He wanted more and he needed a way he could get it.

Alex woke early the next morning. She had slept uneasily and was feeling more trapped then ever. So far, she had never seemed to fulfill the blackmailer's infinite desire and only succeeded in getting her son involved in the affair. She wondered how much longer things would go on this way and how far her sanity and values would travel. Part of her unrest, however, had come from the awareness that she was beginning to be aroused more and more by the threats and possibilities of each new day. And it was beginning to be an incontrollable urge to fulfill that urgent driving need. If the blackmailer did not contact her, she was forced to do it on her own. But a small emptiness in the pit of her stomach always throbbed, reminding her that she wanted more. And no matter how hard she tried to deny it, it would not fade until she was back in some compromising position.

Despite this arousal and desire, Alex was not ignorant of the fact that her whole life rode on her ability to fulfill the blackmailer's demands. No matter what she was feeling, she could not allow herself to forget that she was here for her daughter, Annabelle, and her family. This was all for her family.

She would shower silently her mind torturing her with the tug of war between sexual wants and personal responsibilities. She would fight off the urge to masturbate in the shower and also recognized that she would need to soon, if there was no requirement for today. Luckily for her lust, by the time she had reached the computer, there was another message waiting.

"Dearest darling- we are having such a good time are we not? It is disappointing to me that you seem to be getting so little from our little game, so we will have a new opportunity for personal return today."

Alex knew that the person controlling her actions and behavior was aware of the sexual urgency which was building within her. There was no doubt in her mind that he was watching her every movement, every plunge of her fingers between her legs. And she was fully aware of the fact he knew she could not fight of the delight of release.

"Click on the link below the message. I have taken a liberty and posted some of our pictures for you. There are several eager applicants for your services and I would hate to have you disappoint your new clientele. Make sure to see three of them today. Ta-ta!"

The web address was just a grouping of numbers and dots which made no sense to Alex, but it was highlighted in the familiar blue color so she clicked away. Instantly a dozen images popped up on her screen, each one a flashing display of pornography. Different websites promising the youngest of young, barely legal, the girl next door, soccer moms, threesomes, lesbians, and more jumped to the forefront of her screen. Alex's stomach turned as she tried to close the windows, blatant advertisements of the seediness of humanity. She had managed to close all but one of them and in her eager battle; she nearly closed the last one. The one she was intended to see.

Her pointer had drifted to the angry red box in the corner of the window that contained a white X. But just before her forefinger descended and the page would have blinked away, Alex realized that the profile was for her.

A single image of her body with legs spread and fingers diddling occupied the top left corner of the page and personal data about NauTyTeacher69 filled out the remainder. More pictures of her were periodically interspersed to keep the sites visitors engaged. At first there was a sense of precariousness which caused Alex's spirits to plummet. Her face, her body, her degradation and shame were on display for the entire world to see, and she had no idea what she could do.

As the startled buzz settled, she realized that all she could do was obey.

The teacher in her took over and she began to examine the pages' contents and what her next task was. The site was for independent amateur escorts. It was free to join if you were offering services, but had a membership charge if you were looking for them. The top page was her profile- her measurements, occupation, age, state, and other data was listed clinically. Then came the more sexual portion of the page. There was a list of her fetishes, of the activities she performed, of her own personal sexual preferences (position, size, etc), and a going rate for her company by the hour. Alex nervously clicked to her requests page.

Already over one hundred 'private messages' occupied the space, requesting meetings and performances and sexual favors. As she scanned the page she realized that three of them had already been responded to and her personal planner was highlighted with a fateful red.

Another click, a new page. This one showed her scheduled appointments for the day. There were three scheduled and they took up the entirety of the day. There were one hour gaps between them, allowing for transportation time, and a little recovery. Alex swallowed heavily as she clicked into her first appointment. It was two hours from now at a seedy motel by the airport. The request was posted by a middle aged man who went by the screen name PaulBunyan56. He wanted her to dress like 'an innocent elementary school marm'. Alex figured that would be a more sexed up version of her normal work outfit.

Alex tried summoning as much offense and mock anger towards her blackmailer as she dressed. She could not allow for the fact that she was now more aroused then ever, and her body, if not her mind was looking forward to the day's challenge.

Nervousness would become the preeminent emotion in the attractive mother's mind as she drove to her destination. She was unsure of herself sexually, unsure of her future, and unsure of her own conscience. If she could not fight off the things that welled up within her, how would she ever be a good wife and mother? So intent on her internal workings, Alex drove by the motel the first time. By the time she broke from the quiet tortured reverie she was five minutes past. Now more nervous then ever, she pulled a U-turn and headed back the way she had come.

She parked her car in the back of the building and sat there studying the aging appearance of the den. Steeling herself for the coming assault, she marched up the stairs. Room 201, room 202, room 203, room 204. The brass door markers breezed by as she stalked to her fate. Room 213. This was it.

The drapes old and tattered, but their heavy cloth still effectively hid the room's contents from outside view. Nervously she knocked, her heart pounding in her chest. Alex could hear feet as they padded towards the door. The rattle of the door knob as it twisted signaled Alex's last opportunity to flee and then it swung open.

Her eyes struggled to adjust to the dank exterior of the room and its occupants. In the doorway, a tall heavyset man who was obviously PaulBunyan56 greeted her in a deep growling voice.

"Come in."

Alex obediently stepped across the threshold and into the motel room, her eyes glued to the floor. In silence she awkwardly shifted from one heel to another, her eyes flicking upwards to scan the faces of the three men assembled there. Paul Bunyan was by far the oldest and was probably the father of the two others in the room. They all bore the same piggish nose and body shape. Alex could tell simply by looking at the boys that they were bullies. They were to big and awkward to be popular or athletic, and too stupid looking to be geeks. The loose plaid shirt and oversized jeans finished the profile. They were bullies. Young men who used their size and strength to get what they wanted out of their failed existence. As a teacher, she had a way of picking them from a crowd.

"She really looks like a school teacher," the younger, nineteen year-old said.

"Yessir she does. Doesn't look like most of these whores."

"A little older then I would have wanted, but seems to be quality pussy."

Alex's eyes darted upwards to one of the men sprawled across an aging chair pushed into the corner of the room. So she was reduced to a common whore? She should have known that escorting would not be the limitation of her duties. But for the likes of these. She shuddered in disgust.

"Well. I guess I owe you some money. Here's the four hundred as promised." The big meaty paw jutted towards her, a wad of greasy twenties rolled between the sausage fingers. "For me and the boys, for two hours. That right?"

Alex just nodded. Two hundred dollars per hour? It was a ridiculous sum, but she knew that it would come at a high cost. She had seen enough in life to know that women who fell under the perception that their bodies were a commodity did not make it far. Her smaller hand reached out and took the cash and stuffed it into her purse. Then her hands returned to their folded position beneath her breasts.

"Well who wants to get her started? Shall we flip for it?" Both boys bolted to their feet at this, obviously excited to get started. As they approached from the dark corners of the small moldy smelling room, Alex realized they were twins. Probably around twenty by the looks of it. They shoved and punched each other playfully as their dad fished for a coin from his pocket. Alex only shrunk further back into the wall.

Once the coin was summoned from the dirty jeans, it was quickly tossed upwards. One of the boys shouted out his preference of side.

"I got tails!" The coin landed in the heavy palm of the elder man in the room and it disappeared. Both boys eagerly peered down at it, waiting for the unveiling. With a quick flip of his hand he slapped it down onto the back of his other hand. A second later, one of the massive young men erupted into a stomping and yelling victory dance while the other swore up a storm and slumped back towards the chair.

"Don't go nowhere just yet, Tom. We need to get her warmed up before we give her a good screw. Ain't that right teacher?"

Alex glanced to "Paul" at this. Her voice timidly squeaked out a yes in reply. The older man grabbed her by her upper arm and pulled her in closer to him. His whisky breath and sweaty body order combined in a repugnant aroma that made her wish more then ever she had never opened the first package. So intent on the older man was her gaze, she failed to notice the equally large hand that reached out and cautiously groped her backside. She jumped a little at the touch and it disappeared off of the gentle curve of her skirt.

"Now, don't go getting prudish on my boys, whore. We paid you, and you got too provide your services in return. You're their birthday gift. Wouldn't want to ruin it for these handsome lads now would ya," the father growled. It was a thinly veiled instruction and Alex braced herself for what would most certainly come next.

The hand returned, emboldened by her chastisement, to her backside, where it was joined by another coming from the opposite side of her body. Alex closed her eyes and tried to take herself somewhere, but the adventuring hands kept causing her eyes to flip back open. One of the sons' hands found its way to her knee cap and slid upward. Her skirt bunched as it wormed its way up her thighs to her panty covered crotch. The fingers pressed harshly into her through the thin material of her hose and underwear. Another hand moved over her breast and began to grope her chest painfully. The boys were inexperienced and rough- oblivious to her emotions and feelings.

Alex tried to control her erratic breathing and remain calm. But she had never felt so reduced to shame as then. But it would only get worse before it got better.

The one called Tom tired quickly of the petting. Alex was certain that he had groped up more then one poor scared girl during his school days. She could tell from the eager tenting in his jeans that he was excited for more. Expectantly he looked to his father, who was now sitting on one of the queen sized beds, hand down the front of his pants.

In a hoarse and broken voice, Paul muttered "go fer it."

That was all Tom wanted. The meathead shoved his brother away from his prize and pushed Alex towards the bed.

"Take off your clothes. Right now."

Alex stumbled away from him as her hands moved obligingly to the top of her blouse. She was surprised by how natural it seemed to follow the commands of this person she despised so much and knew so little about. With her eyes trained towards the floor she slid it off of her shoulders, leaving the white lacy bra she wore for Mike on their anniversaries covering her breasts. As her stomach sank a little farther she reached for the zippered backside of her skirt, but Tom beat her to the punch.

He angrily jerked down the small zipper. His unsteady hand and hastiness caused it to stick on several occasions as it slipped over his prey's backside. Cursing to himself he worked it farther down until he was able to push the skirt from the whore's hips. His dick was hard in his pants and every movement of his legs caused his balls to twitch excitedly as he worked to disrobe the woman.

Once she was down to her underwear, Tom spun her around to face him. His eyes widened as they studied her. She was very fit and very well shaped for a middle aged woman. She obviously took great care in keeping trim and attractive. Tom grinned lecherously into her face, before his hands yanked the cups of her bra down. Its supportive framing kept it from going far, but it allowed Alex's dark nipples to peak into view.

Tom heard the woman squeak in pain as he grabbed them between his thumb and bent forefinger and pulled on them. The pink tips immediately flooded with blood and stood proudly to attention before her. While Tom distractedly tugged again and again on one of the nipples, he worked to unhook the clasp of the bra, conveniently located front and center on the undergarment.

His oversized fingers and inexperience made the task challenging. Eventually he was forced to give up the brutal game of cat and mouse with her nipples so the article could be removed. Unceremoniously it was pulled from her arms and tossed to the floor.

Alex tried to remain focused on the floor, on her feet, anything but was happening to her. But the return of his grasp to her breasts told her she would be unable to do that. Her downcast eyes watched as her newly bared breasts were manipulated and squeezed like a new found toy. There was no gentility, caution, or reservation. The young man was learning at her expense.

Tom would not grow tired of the mother's full breasts for several minutes. His focus would change with the encouragement of his brother.

"Fuck her already. We don't have all day and at the rate your going you won't even get your cock in her. She's a whore dammit!"

Tom glared over at his brother, obviously stung by the taunts. With another glance into the whore's face he would move down to her panties. He pulled them down quickly, with several jerks until they crumpled around her ankles, just above the steep angle of her heels. Alex kicked them away.

Tom once again shoved her backwards, knocking her onto the bed. Alex's arms flew out as she landed, bracing her body's impact on the squeaky mattress. Her eyes glanced up, just beginning to water, as the young man worked on his own clothing. The dusty work boots he wore were flung into the wall with a sharp snap of each of his legs and his well dirtied jeans followed soon after. The heavy metal t-shirt, which reeked of sweat and spilled meals was added to the pile, until only the boy's boxers remained.

"You can do the rest, right teacher? Done it lots of times haven't you?" The cruelness of the bully's personality continued to glare through as Alex nervously pushed herself from the bed. Her trimmed nails slipped to the sides of his shorts and beneath the roll of his stomach where the elastic band of the boxers was pulled tight.

The shorts slid downwards, his dick popping into view with a flourish as they passed over it. The dick was very thick and of average length, Alex found her mind noting as she lowered the shorts to his feet. Her pussy pulsed momentarily into the rough threaded weave of the blankets which were draped over the bed. Tom stepped from his shorts, proudly tilting his head back and thrusting his cock forward.

"Suck it. C'mon. I ain't got all day. Lick my dick."

Alex stared up at him and her eyes passed to the other two men in the room. Both had their flies down and their cocks out in hand. Her stare returned to his penis and her suddenly diminutive feeling left hand reached for it slowly. It quickly found itself wrapped around a familiar object- it was not the first cock she had held since the ordeal began and she was certain it would not be her last.

Tom shuffled forward, his cock marching ever closer, until he stood between her legs. Tom's brother came for the first time then. He had been over eager with the hammering of his hand on his own penis. The image of his twin brother standing between the pale spread legs of a beautiful woman who could have easily been his teacher was too much. His vast experience with pornography told him that this was a dream come true.

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