tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFor Her Family Ch. 05

For Her Family Ch. 05


**Author's note: This is a continuation of earlier chapters. Reading them in order will give you a fuller sense of the story and the character's involved. Please do not repost or copy without the author's written permission. Enjoy! **


While Alex diddled herself in her car, on the way to complete her last assignment for the day, her son was busy jerking off.

David had not been able to relinquish his hold on his penis for the better part of twelve hours, pausing only momentarily to leave his room for food or bathroom breaks. With his Dad gone and sister out for a run, David had a good thirty minutes to an hour of alone time available.

His dissatisfaction with the previous norms of his masturbation had driven him to his parent's room, where he found himself sprawled on their mattress, his hand busily stroking his cock off into a pair of his mother's used underwear. He had chosen the set based on their display in several of his favorite photo sessions, and the pungent aroma of sweat and sex seemed to indicate that the pair had not been washed since.

In one hand he held the pictures of that endeavor of his mother. He would flip from one image to another quickly, then return to the previous one, until he could take no more. The illicit sensation of his mother's underwear sliding easily over his cock was too much, and he felt his penis spasm rewardingly as his load added to the mixture already coating them.

David sighed and leaned back into the bed. He had a plan, and was fairly certain he could get away with it. So with youthful optimism, he continued to stroke. The heat and liquid from his own genitals helped him to quickly become aroused once more. A smile crept across his face as he picked up another photo grouping to examine.

The last appointment of the day loomed before the mother of two as her car raced down the freeway. But instead of intimidating her as so many of her sessions had, she found herself eagerly grinding on her fingers as she evaluated the possibilities that it presented her. She was certain a few of the truck drivers who pulled along side her could see the tell tale hiking of her skirt and the revealing bump of her hand between her thighs. But even that couldn't stop her. A little exhibitionism didn't measure up to the things she had submitted herself to over the past weeks. Cameras had watched and recorded her every movement and she had found herself enjoying the wanton displays of sex more and more.

Taking a final turn from the freeway on ramp, Alex found herself in an isolated warehouse district. In her travels over the past weeks she had discovered that the more isolated and lonely the area, the more strange the sex act had been. She was uncertain she was ready for what was coming, but she knew that she was excited by it.

The address identified one particular warehouse as being the appointment location. Already one long black limousine was parked out front and a man in a chauffeur's uniform stood patiently waiting. As she parked her small car and straightened her skirt, she tried to appear confident and practiced. The steely gaze of the driver saw right through it and a derisive snort crushed her.

Alex walked by the man, her heels clicking loudly on the pavement. The doors to the warehouse were partially open already and the interior seemed to be devoid of lights. With one final deep breath, she plunged in.

David had been very self-fulfilled by the time his sister, Annabel, arrived back home. With the ongoing sexual focus of the day, he found himself leering at her jogging outfit. Her full breasts carried the thin t-shirt up and away from her stomach, and her nipples were visible even through the sports bra that she obviously wore. A dark V of sweat covered her neckline and also began just above her firm ass and seemed to point his gaze towards her backside. He tried to avoid being caught examining her while he sat at the table. Not wanting her to leave or change, he tried to keep a conversation going as she prepared a home made dietary shake.

"How's school been?"

"Good," Annabel huffed.

"What classes you taking next quarter," he asked.

"I dunno. I'm registered for some international relations course and a class on youth psychology and one other one. Not sure if I'm gonna keep them all though."

Annabel had bent to stretch her hamstrings and David was staring, intoxicated, at the press of her ass against the tiny cotton shorts she wore. For a moment he forgot to speak. That wasted seconds gave his older sister the opportunity she needed to grab her shake and dart up the stairs. Beneath the table, the young man stroked his aching penis once more.

Shit, he thought. I've jacked off like five times already. It's actually hurting to be hard. Instead of beating off once more, David decided a cold shower was in order. He was exhausted.

Alex would be too, soon.

The moment she stepped through the doors of the warehouse an unseen pair of hands had grabbed her arm and thrown her to the ground. She had been in no way prepared for the suddenness of the attack and her heels had not helped her in retaining her balance. Instead, she had tumbled forward into the darkness, her eyes struggling to adapt to the featureless room.

She almost managed to save herself from her fall, but the base of her palms and her knees slid painfully across the cement and her quick tumble ended in a sprawl. Alex was about to cry out when she felt a weight land on her back and a pair of hands drive her shoulders into the ground.

Reacting instinctively, she twisted her weight beneath the attacker and churned her way onto her back. The attacker almost lost their perch atop her but managed to settle in over her shoulders. Alex's claw like fingers quickly managed to drive him up and away.

"Ahh," came the pained cry from her would be rapist as her nails found purchase on bare skin. Alex was certain that she had drawn blood and swung wildly again, hoping to win a quick victory.

"Alberto! Alberto, get in here and get this bitch," cried the faceless voice in the darkness. In the light that poured in from the opening, Alex quickly saw the form of the chauffeur reappear. He raced towards the sound of the voice as it continued to squeak beneath her clawing attack.

She had managed to break from his grip and was beginning a furious attempt to regain her footing by scrambling on all fours from beneath the man. But Alberto was faster and stronger then her first attacker and she found her wrists whipped from underneath her and quickly pinned behind her back. Her knees were bloodied and her head was pressed into the cold cement as she was forced into a kneeling position.

"Shit. That bitch attacked me. That fucking bitch attacked me. Fucking whore. Fucking clawed my fucking face off." The voice was obviously male, but was a bit to high to in anyway be intimidating. Alex's imagination conjured up the image of a twenty five year old computer programmer made good on some website idea.

Alex heard the slap of his feet on the ground as they approached her from the rear. "Can't believe the whore fucking attacked me. Should fucking kill her."

The sound of his footsteps came to a halt when they reached her rear. She was unsure of what was going to happen but was certain that the little dimwit would not be pleased with the burning sensation coming from the numerous scratches she had left on him.

The whoosh of air behind her caused her to flinch and instinctively try to squirm away from Alberto's grip on her arms, but she only managed to direct the blow to her hip, rather then to her buttocks.

The slap was forceful, even for the weaker man whom she had escaped from and her lower body twisted painfully at the force of its impact on her hip. Alberto shifted a knee into place on her shoulder blades, pressing her face and breasts flat against the floor.

"You had this coming to you bitch. Now take it and be done with it," Alberto's lightly accented voice instructed.

Another slap came flying down and pelted her squarely on her backside. She whimpered lightly beneath the stinging force of the blow. Soon the slaps were coming in droves and the little man who was Alberto's boss seemed to be breathing heavily from the exertion it took to unleash them.

At some point he determined that he was satisfied with his whore's punishment and set about at the real task that he had come there for. While Alberto maintained his perch atop Alex's upper body, the mysterious boss slipped a handy Exacto knife from his pocket and ran it from the hem of Alex's skirt to the top. At first she had been unable to decipher what the sliding pressure was on the edge of her skirt, but as it worked higher and higher, she could feel the cold caress of air against her naked thighs. Her soaked crotch cooled quickly as the sturdy material of the skirt fought the unpracticed and unsteady hand of the man behind her.

The knife would eventually stop, only an inch or two from the waist band of her bottoms. The skirt hung loosely in front of her now, her squirming bare bottom exposed to the warehouse's unfeeling environs. Alex heard the click of a flashlight and could feel the warmth of the battery powered glow as it allowed her captors to study her buttocks.

She was certain that her cheeks were red and swollen from the furious slapping of the man's hand. He would give her only a moment to ponder that thought. A hand would find its way to her crotch, and her cold juices.

"What the fuck? Were you fingering yourself on the way here? You're soaked!" Obviously, Alex thought.

The man's fingers picked up where hers had left off only ten minutes before. A crooked forefinger snaked its way between the lip of her panties and into her snatch. Alex wasn't sure if all men were this rough when it came to getting a digit into a pussy, but he wasted no time with foreplay and simply pried the underwear off to one side and buried the finger in her pussy. She heard some rustling behind her and was certain that the man was freeing his cock, which would probably soon replace his finger.

As his breathing deepened so did hers. Now that the immediate pain of the assault was fading, and as her body grew more acclimated to the twisted position it was forced into, Alex felt her pussy once again responding to the immoral sensations of a stranger's touch. It did not take long for all the recollections of her exploits to come flooding back to her. As best she could, she began to work her hips on the intruding finger, trying to get it to stimulate various portions of her pussy, rather then simply poking in and out.

Alex was bracing for the possibility that the finger would soon be replaced by a penis and was surprised when the fingering continued on for several minutes. She was aroused by it, to be sure, but was not going to be reaching climax on a single finger any time soon. Her crotch was slowly beginning to be coated in her juices as they leaked from her interior or were carried there by his explorations.

"Fuck me, already," she heard herself plead from the cold cement floor.

"You're, the, whore, here. You'll, do, what, I say," the weak voiced man managed as he probed her. His breathing was ragged and he was obviously quite aroused by the situation that he found himself in. Loser, Alex thought as she worked more fervently on his finger, begging that some sort of relief would come soon. She understood that this was not intended to be consensual, but she was too damned horny to allow this to process at his pace.

Alex was soaking and his finger was gliding easily to and from her depths. Her whimpers of pleasure were growing more frequent and Alex prayed for another finger or a dick to finish her off.

But her hips would writhe on empty air when without warning his digit withdrew itself from her pussy. The Exacto knife returned to the crotch of her underwear and cleanly sliced horizontally through the fabric, separating the front from the back.

Please be a prelude to fucking, Alex silently begged as the material fell apart and the finger reburied itself in her swollen labia. She fucked her pussy back on the digit in overdrive, hoping to quicken her release. But after just several thrusts it abandoned its position.

Alex squirmed her head, desperately trying to figure out why her release was prolonged. The answer came with a distraction.

Finally, the penis of her "john" filled her pussy. It was not a proper fit, his cock being on the smaller side, but it was a delicious upsizing from his finger. Her hips jumped back into motion thinking that they had won their victory and she felt his little dick bottom out about four inches into her. Muttering under her breath she tried grinding her exposed outer lips into his groin and pubic hair, bringing in additional sensations.

His finger however, offered the answer. She felt his hands take a familiar hand hold on her buttocks and figured he was just holding out for the final ride, but he pried the two soft orbs of flesh apart and the wet digit grazed her puckered asshole.

Oh shit, Alex thought as the finger probed deeper, not there! She clenched for her life and managed to lock up the first digit at the first knuckle, only a half inch inside her. The man spit quite loudly, his saliva splattering in the crack of her ass and drooling down deeper into the crevice where her ass and his finger lay joined. The added lubricant was given a moment to settle in before his finger pressed on further. Alex found that the more she struggled to protect her anal virginity that the more pain she experienced.

And being as filled with lust as she was, pain was unacceptable so she chose instead to relax and fuck herself as well as possible on his cock. The moment her rectal muscle released its clenching hold, the finger continued its downward journey into her backdoor. She was getting much closer now and thought that she might manage to cum when his penis disappeared from her pussy.

Fuck not again, she screamed internally! She heard some shuffling behind her and found the brush of a wet cock head against her ass cheek.

"No please! Please, not there," she cried out.

"Shut up!"

Then the cock found the little starburst shaped niche that once again threatened to forbid it entrance. But the man would not be shut out and he leaned into his cock as his hand began to rain blows down on her backside.

"Take it bitch, take it!" He was borderline giddy as he felt his wedge shaped helmet begin to penetrate the last barrier to its true intent.

With one excessively brutal slap, her asshole clenched and released and his dick popped into her depths. Immediately he plunged its full length into her, seeming to rip her open.

"Ouch! Oh fuck, it hurts. Please, please take it out, fuck!"

Alex's cries went unanswered as the diminutive man began to hump his penis into her anal ring. Alex was incapable of escaping this rape. It was her first time anything had explored her in that area. Even her husband had not been allowed to have that entrance. The pressure in her depths seemed unfathomable and the pain could only be described as the tearing of her flesh slowly apart. And adding insult to the injury was the abandonment of her pussy so close to the edge.

The man's weight forced Alex's knees out from under her and she sank flat to the floor with his cock still plowing into her from behind. The saliva and vaginal secretions which had allowed for the initial entrance were soon wearing thin and her asshole became the source of a searing pain.

Blessedly, the man's cock would only survive so long. The hot warmth of her asshole and the unique tightness that it proffered brought his small penis to the edge and beyond. Alex moaned half out of pain and half out of the soothing relief of the release of a second batch of fluid into her violated backside.

For a moment or two she was given the chance to rest, the erect penis gradually withering away within her rectum until the mystery man removed himself from his perch atop her ass.

But her rest was short lived. Apparently, it was an understood tradition that Alberto would be rewarded with a chance to fuck the raped victims of his boss. Of course, Alex was not entirely like the others. So when he pulled her hips from the floor where they had been ground, her snatch was still wet and throbbing from being ignored earlier.

Alberto found it to be a welcome home for his penis. He had waited patiently for his little master to finish up (it never took him long, so patience was a subjective word). He fulfilled his duty and task and had looked forward to the prize. This woman seemed to be a higher class then the bitches that his boss normally tracked down and fucked. Usually he wanted to avoid risking taking advantage of someone who may not be an illegally employed sex worker. But this woman's virgin asshole and the smoothness of her skin indicated too the chauffeur and assistant that she was special. He got the distinct impression from the juicy embrace of her vaginal lips that she was some sort of nymphomaniac.

And in reality, he probably wasn't too far from the truth.

Alex gingerly allowed herself to be guided down on the shaft of the Hispanic driver. His cock was a much better size and she found her folds parting before its length and width. Her pussy fit it like a comfortable glove, clenching down on its veined surface as it pushed deeper into her. She chose not to raise herself from the floor and allowed her upper torso to rest against the cement. She tried to keep her focus solely on the pleasurable warmth now growing in her twat, and not the tearing sensation that movement brought in her other hole.

Alberto was gentle for the first few minutes of their contact. Gradually he built up a brisk fucking pace, his penis plowing back and forth from its intended target. His prey moaned pleasurably beneath him, her breath coming heavier and heavier as his cock pounded deeper and deeper into her. He knew that her responsiveness to his dick would anger his boss. He never appreciated being shown up and seemed to favor the whore's assholes because his penis could actually be felt back there. The thought and the feeling of the woman's twat brought a smile to his face.

Writhing on the penetrating member, Alex had little time to think how easily her body shifted from being the victim of rape to being a mindless sexpot. All she could ponder was the gorgeous touch of a man's rod probing deeper into her. She longed to feel the heated spurts of his seed as his own enjoyment reached a fulfilling level. And the wantonness of the dangers of unprotected sex with the strangers added a salacious element to the fucking.

Their hips slapped against each other; their sexes adding a slurping noise as they combined in a rhythmic dance.

"Fuck me, please fuck me. You dirty bastard, fuck me," the suburban teacher and mother cried out. She was nearing her edge and few more hard thrusts brought her to the limit she had been forced to miss for the last thirty minutes.

Her guttural cries and moans proved to be the missing element for Alberto and his semen poured into her vagina. It didn't take long to empty himself into her. But that didn't keep him from cleaning his cock in her hair before he shoved himself up and returned with his shit head boss to their waiting limo. They wanted to be long gone before she managed to gather herself and even ponder calling anyone. Somehow, Alberto knew that she wouldn't bother- the experience had been a reward in its own right for her.

Alex curled in a ball, her hand sliding between her naked thighs and rubbing the liquid mess over any exposed skin. It wasn't exactly clear why she was doing it, but she felt the need to cover herself in the two men's jizz. Her other hand found its way back to her pussy for a while, and she writhed once more on the dirty concrete as Alberto and his boss' semen dried on her. She would come twice more like that, her mind traipsing through unknown worlds of delight and release.

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