tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFor Her Family Ch. 06

For Her Family Ch. 06


David was desperate to escape the strange and conflicting emotions that struggled within him. It was impossible for him to know that his mother was undergoing the same thing. On the one hand, he had just fulfilled a huge fantasy of his. He had wanted so badly to fuck his mother and finally, finally he had taken her. And it had been more perfect than anything he had ever experienced. Just the thought of it had him hard.

But counteracting that same arousal was the knowledge of his mother's reaction. He had never seen an emotional revulsion as powerful as the one she had displayed in the shower. Not just for her, but for anyone. That sight crushed down on him like a terrible, terrible weight. David had this feeling that his world was about to end- the one that teens get when they have over stepped their bounds and their childish actions may have consequences. Even more sickening to him, was his inability to avoid stroking his cock. It had a mind of its own and it desperately wanted to be in control of everything.

Alex had finally fallen asleep, but it was not an easy one. Dreams of she and David beneath the sheets of her marital bed filled her mind. All of the details and all of the explicitness of a pornography played out over and over in her sleep. When she woke, her mind ached from its hours long battle. She wanted the dream to be a nightmare, but the soaked sheets told her that it had been so much more than just a dark side of reality. It had been something she wanted.

Those thoughts fell to the backseat when she rose from her bed, dressed in a robe, and slipped quietly down the stairs. She staid focused on the flooring, not wanting to run into David or even to look at his room. Instead she rushed down to her computer, hoping that her blackmailer would provide her with something that could potentially replace David at the forefront of her fantasies.

Sure enough, he had come through for her. Another email waited in her inbox. Excitedly Alex opened it, feeling the rush of sensitivity to her crotch as she examined pictures of her latest exploits. Her hand had found her pussy lips and was gently rubbing the silky material of her robe over the soft folds. Her arousal quickly began to soak into the fabric and soon her finger tip, which guided its path, was equally moistened.

By the time she had reached the end of the photographs, Alex was incredibly horny. There was a congratulatory message for her from her blackmailer.

"Well done, my little pet! I am so pleased with you! As always you have impressed me with your enthusiasm, endurance, and flexibility! What a prize! But it seems that I am not the only one enjoying your beauty and charm. I discovered an unexpected surprise yesterday- you should watch this, its quite hot!"

There was a link to an .mpeg file displayed prominently at the bottom of the screen. Alex clicked on it, her finger flying faster and faster as she tried to anticipate what it was that the blackmailer had discovered. It took a moment for Windows Media Player to load but when it finally did, a video began to play.

It was her bathroom. She could make out her body form in the shower playing with herself. Then her son entered and set up a camera. Then he joined her. Even though the glass enclosure of the shower was steamed up heavily, it was quite apparent what was going on. She listened as she and her son fucked, their voices crying out in erotic unison.

Alex wanted to be sick, wanted to be nauseous, watching the video. But the moral reaction would not come. No matter how perverse she mentally made herself out to be, the only thing she could do was to plunge her fingers into her pussy. Softly she spoke to herself.

"You fucking slut. You son fucking slut. You're a whore. A fucking filthy whore. What would Mike say? What would your coworkers say? What the hell are you thinking being turned on by this? You really are a skank aren't you. Bitch. Whore. Slut."

But the dirty talk ceased to be critical and just became more sexual. Soon her voice was cracking into grunts and moans of pleasure as she slid farther down her chair, scooting her robe farther up her waist. Alex's eyes would flash from the movie on screen to the sight of her finger diving into her twat. Over and over again she would flash back to the image of her son's body rocking behind her, the memory of what it had felt like an euphoric recollection.

"Fuck yes," she would scream as she came her movie playing on without her real life synchronization. As her breathing slowed and her blood pressure fell, Alex minimized the screen allowing her cries and the slapping of David's skin to hers to play out in the background.

At the bottom of the message was her new task. And it was one that she both dreaded and desired desperately.

"Take your son with you to an adult products store. Buy him whatever he wants, and then act out his fantasies for him. Any of them, all of them, whatever it is he wishes."

This instruction was much less specific and seemed to involve a more open ended to her tasks. She may have caught on to the fact that the blackmailer was letting her choose her own poison by not limiting the time, but her pussy was aching for touch, despite the rebelling sensibility in her that said to go any farther was to destroy everything she had begun the task for.

Nervously she climbed the stairs, up to David's room. Annabel's door was closed still. She had to be quiet. This had to be undiscovered. No one would understand. No one could understand. She had to do this. He said so, she was doing this for them. For her family. When she reached the door frame she leaned into a moment, listening for sound. She thought she heard some rustling but wasn't sure. Gently her hand reached out for the door knob and slowly turned it. Her body weight pushed it cautiously inward, into her son's inner sanctum.

Her searching eyes immediately found David. He was facing away from her one hand clutching his headboard and the other furiously pumping his cock. His head was tilted back and his hair hanging limply behind it. His firm athletic ass was driving the other side of his body forward energetically. His whole body was covered in a thin layer of sweat. Alex's breath left her body as she watched the strong young man, her son, fuck his hand. His groans were quiet, restrained, secretive. David didn't want to be discovered. Driven by the desire that had been set loose within her, Alex slowly stepped into the room and pushed the door shut behind her.

David was too intent on his masturbation to notice his mother enter the room. Alex took advantage of it, walking to his bedside, standing near the foot, watching him stroke his cock off. As she examined his bed she saw dozens of pictures of herself and her activities lying everywhere. Her mind didn't bother to question how he had got them. All she could think of was his cock.

Timidly, almost afraid to touch it, her hand reached out towards his backside- her son's backside. She had seen it so many times before, but never like this, never as an adult and never as a sex object. David jumped with a start when her nails scraped across his solid cheek, leaving light red trails behind. Eventually her fingers would fade outward as she cupped his ass with her small feminine hand. David was watching her now, his head turned to the side to watch his mother's face as she felt him up. Still his other hand rubbed furiously forward and back on his penis.

But Alex was in a daze of her own, and the daze led from that throbbing rhythm of his ass to the thing he held before him. She moved closer, farther up the bed. And then it crested into view, the glorious red tinged dick that was so familiar and so foreign to her. It was very similar to his father's she thought to herself. Time for analysis would quickly pass as the more urgent need to explore its potential pervaded. Her hand reached out, encircling it, and replacing David's own.

"Unghhh, Mom. Mom, please," her son begged of her.

Alex's mind registered it as a noise of arousal and contributed it to the burning heat she felt between her thighs. She desperately fought to delay the need to touch her pussy, she wanted to savor him, savor his potential. At first she stroked the full shaft in a slow gentle pace, her hand barely touching its surface. But David could not handle the teasing. His hand once again encased hers, squeezing it shut on the shaft. And it began to set a much more urgent pace then hers had. Alex sunk to her knees, her eyes drawing even with his cock and her hand that was pleasuring it.

David had his hand braced against the headboard and was furiously fucking into the cavity formed by her soft palm encirclement. He was grunting, beads of sweat coloring the tips of his hair darker, some beginning to appear on his shoulders and chest as he worked himself off.

"I'm close, Mom," he whispered. "I'm gonna come!"

His need was evident, and his words a warning, but Alex was still enchanted by the glorious new toy she had discovered. She kept up her pumping eagerly waiting the promised completion. And sure enough, in a few more seconds, David would come.

When his seed first exploded from the tip, she allowed it shoot onto his wooden head board. The ropey liquid formed some amoebic like art on the dark cherry finish. It crawled slowly down as more and more of it spurted from David's penis. A different need filled Alex's mind and pussy. Her hand momentarily abandoned its hold on the twitching cock and swept up a goodly amount of the fluid in one fell swoop. Then with a bundle of come dripping down her hand, she raised it to her lips.

Instantly, Alex fell in the love with the taste of her son's come. It was sweet with a distinctive salty undertone that belied its bodily emission. She sucked it down her throat as if it was some long foregone delicacy. David stroked his cock while he waited for her hand to return, his eyes burning a hole in her mouth, trying to watch her devour his cock fluids. Dissatisfied by the limited release, Alex lowered her head to the cock that was softening at eye level. She had to squat to do it, but the burning in her well tanned thighs was irrelevant- only his taste, his texture, his size mattered.

Her tongue traced the slit that marked the come and its point of origin. It gathered a little droplet of the stuff and carried it back into her mouth. Then as her hand began to stroke more and more of the fluid from the shaft of the penis, she took it into the warm dark recesses of her throat. David's softening reversed itself and it once again reached a state of impossible hardness. Groaning his hands found his mother's head and pushed her farther down on his length.

Alex took him deep in her throat, looking up at his clenched abs and twitching pectorals. What a glorious man he had turned out to be. And what a wonderful, delicious cock. His taste filled her senses and she immersed herself in it, dreaming of swimming in a lake of his jizz. Still she neglected her own needs, allowing them to burn and grow as she fulfilled her son's. When he came again, and his seed filled her mouth once more, she would come, untouched and uncreated. Simply the thought process and her minds attempt to define what was happening enabled her body to reach a pinnacle of sexual pleasure and cross that invisible boundary.

Trembling, she swallowed more and more of his fluid, gulping it up after swishing it around in her mouth. She listened to David's words of encouragement as she drank it all done. Even as the cock began to soften, exhausted from its performances, she was unable to remove her lips from the penis. It was so right. She belonged there, on her knees at her son's bedside, his cock in her mouth. An overly stimulated young man would have to pry her from his shaft and pull her onto the bed beside him.

"Fuck, Mom. That was fantastic, amazing even. You're fucking hot, I mean the goddamn hottest fucking woman ever..." Alex allowed his praise of her sexual expertise and beauty fade into the background. Her fingernail made little circles around his naked navel as she watched his cock lay limply against his thigh. She was still horny as hell, but she had the rest of her life, and she had just realized a new appreciation for sex and all its intricacies.

When she finally did speak, David was quiet, his eyes staring at the ceiling in some sort of comatose state.

"Get dressed," she suddenly said with some finality. "We're going out." The memory of her task and its potential filled her mind. Her pussy was drenching her whole crotch and twitching, desperately wanting some release, but instead of succumbing to its need she was taunting it, reveling in it, prolonging it.

She darted from the bed, her robe falling back down over her naked thighs. David, caught off guard by the suddenness of the announcement, stumbled out after her. Alex picked up his boxer shorts from the floor and folded them, as she had so many times and dropped them into the hamper. "Don't wear these. No underwear."

Exiting the room after dropping the comment, she left behind a stunned and love struck young man. David pulled his jeans on over his naked legs and waist. His cock twitched a little beneath the rough denim, but the sensation was a pleasant one. He pulled a t-shirt on and went after his mother.

He found her in her bedroom, standing before her dressing mirror, pulling a white halter top on. She was already wearing a short pleated tweed skirt, and the effect of the two together was amazing. David could tell that she was complying with the no underwear rule up top at least, as her dark areolas poked out from beneath the fabric. He wasn't sure about down below until she reached slyly behind her and lifted the skirt another six inches and revealed her fantastically naked bum. He felt a droplet of pre-cum escape his cock as she did.

Alex gave her son a wink and then turned back around to him. The speed of the turn caused the skirt to bounce a little, revealing the tips of her naked labia. "How do I look, son?"

"Fantastic, fucking amazing. Unbelievable," David chanted as if it were some sort of religious mantra. Grinning to herself, and savoring the cool air's caress across her naked sex she pulled her hair back into a tight pony tail and fixed it there with a rubber band.

"Ready," she asked him as she flounced by. She looked ten years younger, her face devoid of makeup and her outfit and hair working together to accomplish the feat.

"Where are we going," her nervously excited son asked.

"Freedom Products."

Alex knew that David knew what the place was. An adult novelty store that offered freedom in the form of every possible kink imaginable. David's dropped jaw just reinforced the fact that he knew. He couldn't believe what had gotten into his mother.

When they sat in the car together, David couldn't help but stare. His mother's skirt flipped out behind her, and her naked bottom pressed into the cool leather of the vehicle's seats. The chill caused her nipples to rise up harder then before, and nearly pierce the thin fabric of her top. He had a hard time breathing as he studied the exposed portions of her body. She was playing with him, staring straight ahead as she drove, pretending as if nothing was going on. But as they got on the express way, she made her move.

The taunting agony of arousal had gone on for too long, and the cool caress of the smooth leather against her pussy was too much. Alex needed more. Without a sideways glance, she moved her hand from the shift stick to her son's hand. She lifted it from its place at his side and dropped it in her lap, just over her crotch. Only an inch or two more of her tweed skirt stood between his fingers and her cunt. As if that wasn't clue enough, she parted her legs as far as the small seating area and console would allow.

An even more stunned David just stared at his mother, then back to his hand's location than back to her face. When he didn't act, Alex offered a single word of encouragement.


Alex switched the radio to a hip hop station that her kids listened to and cranked up the volume. Speeding down the road, David's fingers finally beginning to pull her skirt out of the way, music blaring, she felt young and wild and free.

She bit into her bottom lip as his fingers found the top of her vaginal slit and the drenched skin that occupied the position.

"Shit you're wet, Mom."

Giving him a sideway glance as if to say, no shit, Alex pressed on the gas a little further and waited for his hands to go to work. Nervously one fingertip would slowly stroke the apex of her folds. It was obviously inexperienced and unsure of its approach. Helpfully, Alex put her hand in place over it and guided it slightly lower, and encouraged two fingers to press more firmly into her soft center.

David was mesmerized by his mother's cunt. He was leaning over in his seat, stretching his seat belt to the maximum. The sight of his fingers disappearing into her pink folds up to the first knuckle was extraordinary. David felt around gingerly, looking for something he had read so much about, but never really had the opportunity to discover. Sure enough, his mother gasped as he found a small hard nub near the top of her slit.

Zealously he began to stroke the length of a finger over the clitoris and then curve it upward into her pussy. Alex began to rock her crotch back and forth in the seat, partially pinning his fingers between the seat and her cunt before allowing them to escape again. It would be the fastest twenty minutes in the fast lane she had ever spent. Like an automaton she operated the car, pedal to the floor, scenery whipping by.

She had just finished riding out the wave of her first orgasm when they arrived at the store. It had a secluded parking lot that enabled her to revel in her sexiness and in David's stimulation of her cunt. Her nails dug into the steering wheel as she braked and her climax washed over her.

Satisfied she slipped from the driver's seat and into the cool morning air. David did the same, but not before cataloging the large wet smear that her bottom left on the seat. He couldn't believe how juicy her snatch had been.

The world seemed to be a new place as Alex waited for David to meet her on other side of the car. It was if she was sexually exploring for the first time. She took his slick fingers in her hand and guided it up to her mouth. She gave him a grateful wink as she licked her own juices from their tips and then dropped them back to their side. Still allowing him to clutch her hand in his, she walked across the parking lot towards the store. The windows were covered by black vinyl and the frames were all painted a bright red, indicative of the lustful nature of secrets hidden within.

David was slightly embarrassed and even more curious about what this place held for them. When they entered it, a wide array of everything he could not have imagined was laid out in a simple shelving system. His throat caught as he saw images of dildos, vibrators, bondage supplements, DVDs, VHS, artificial pussies, games, lubes, condoms, and clothing. He wanted to stop and explore everything but felt woefully inadequate to guide this task. He had never explored an adult store in earnest, and being there with his mother was somewhat foreboding.

Sensing his nervousness and hesitancy, Alex turned to her son.

"Listen, we're here for you. Anything you want of me, for me, for yourself is yours. If you want to tie me up and fuck me sideways, wonderful We'll buy anything. Don't worry about what your fantasy is, no matter how dirty. I'll perform it for you. Feel free to look, touch, sample whatever you want here. If you want fetish films, great. Don't hold back, it's the worst thing you can do in life."

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