tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFor Her Family Ch. 07

For Her Family Ch. 07


All too quickly the time with David would come to an end and her husband would return home. Alex suddenly found the simplicity of his demands to be a little tiring. Their sex that night was as wonderful and fulfilling as always, but it did not hold the same addictive and substantive power that her blackmailer's creations did. So, the moment her husband left for work and she heard him creep from their bedroom to his responsibilities, she was out from under her covers and tiptoeing down the stairs.

She would be a little surprised by the email response from the man who held so much power over her. It seemed dissatisfied and critical of her performance with her son.

"Good start. But I was pretty certain that I told you to fulfill all of his fantasies. I don't really by that some filming and acting and anal were all he was looking for. Don't disappoint me. You have till the end of today to complete one more fantasy of his."

Shit, Alex thought. She wasn't sure how she was supposed to do anything of the sort. David had not given her a whole lot to work with and besides hadn't she already fulfilled like a half dozen of them? Incest, bondage, voyeur, exhibition, anal, toys... What else was there? It was early, very early and she didn't want to wake David, but if Annabel was coming home today, she would have to figure out a solution to their problem and get it solved fast. Of course, she knew that if she woke him, there were a few other things that would happen. But her throbbing pussy told her that was just plain fine.

David slowly slipped from the subconscious dream world as he felt the sheets rustle beside him and someone slip into his bed. He wasn't awake enough to have grasped who it was, but when he felt a small hand surreally slip into his shorts it didn't really matter. He allowed himself to be drawn from his slumber by the slow, steady stroke of the palm over his shaft. Despite his exhaustion, his eyes cracked open into the low light of his room. His head pivoted on the cotton pillow case and found his mother's beautiful face expectantly watching him. Her hand didn't even falter, as he kissed her forcefully on the lips.

"Morning, Mom," he spoke, his voice rough from disuse.

"Morning, son." Alex found some sort of giddy perversion in this exchange- particularly because she was beating him off. David let off a groan of delight as his body stretched and his crotch thrust up beneath the sheets.

"What do you want so early in the morning?"

"We have a problem. Technically, its my problem, but considering our current circumstances it involves you rather significantly."

"Yeah, what's that?"

"Well... My blackmailer kind of figured out what happened between us and had wanted us to do some performances for him. I sent him our tape from yesterday, but he wasn't satisfied with it..."

David's mind puzzled on the statement. Was his Mom acting out of requirement, or was she genuinely interested in him. He quickly dismissed that line of thinking as her pace picked up on his cock. She was definitely genuinely interested.

"What does he want now?"

"He wants me to fulfill another one of your fantasies."

"Another one, huh."


"Well, what," David asked.

"Don't you have any other ones?"

"Not really."

Alex was kind of shocked that he didn't have a long laundry list of fantasies handy to just run off. "I don't really have time for screwing around on this... I have to have it done by the end of today. If your sister gets home things will be seriously complicated."


Unconsciously Alex increased the pace of her hand on his cock in her frustration. It didn't really help David's thought process any more and just slowed down the release of necessary information. She was in auto pilot now, and she didn't really realize that he was coming until his hand covered hers and pressed it down over the tip of his cock, semen coating its palm.

She giggled a little bit. "Sorry, hon."

"Don't be sorry. That's a great way to wake up." Taking a deep breath, David asked her to cover the requirements of the performance again.

"So do you have any fantasies you can think of..."

"Just one."

"Just one! You're young, how can you possible have only one!?" Alex was disgruntled by the statement.

"Yeah, and you're not going to like it."

"What is it?"

"Well, it involves another woman," David replied, his eye peeking over at his mother, waiting for her response.

A momentary silence eclipsed the room but not because of a negative reaction. Alex was already quite horny and recollecting her encounters with the other women on her tasks, she found the idea not in the least repulsive. Besides, David had seen the photos, he must know the idea wasn't so disgusting to her.

"Is there more to it than that, or just another woman?"

"It's kind of specific."

"Specific. What does that mean?"

"The girl I want involved. She's someone you know."

Based on her previous day's activity and the illicit nature of their relationship, a light suddenly flipped on in Alex's head. Annabel. She couldn't. She had done this all for her. She had obeyed the blackmailer's demands fully. This had all been to spare Annabel, hadn't it?

"We can't. There's no way. I can't do that," she gushed.

David rolled towards his mother and pulled her hips in a little closer, forcing the sticky wetness within his boxers against her stomach. "If you wanted, you could kind of tell her about the blackmailer and his requirements. Just a little bit and twist stuff to make it look like you have no choice. I'm sure she would cooperate if she thought her future was on the line."

The speed of David's answer should have told Alex that he had thought about the scenario more than once, but she was instead puzzled by the speed with which her resistance to the notion faded. It wasn't exactly fair that she had been forced to shoulder the entire burden on her own. Annabel had been the one to commit the crime they were trying to cover up. She probably would do as David said. She was quiet for a moment, her mind hesitating to commit.

"There's no other fantasy that you want to do? Another girl maybe? We could hire a prostitute or an escort..."

Her son had sensed the vulnerability and momentary preponderance of the option. Not wanting to let go of the suddenly possible forbidden fantasy he pressed her more. Both literally and figuratively. His hand found its way between her thighs and to her naked sex. He grinned at her wetness, and one of his probing fingers slipped into her depths. David twisted it back and forth and rocked it in and out continuously, his voice silent.

Alex was not distracted by the action. It served to excite her, but she was so caught up in the possibility of meeting the fantasy requirement that she was finding it more and more difficult to resist the building urge to make it work. Her daughter was beautiful. And her body would be delicious. And David would probably be hard for weeks knowing their secret. Dozens of fantasies that would have been extreme and taboo to her months before began to form, color, and take shape. Her throat whimpered in coordination with David's finger as she imagined her daughter's taste and touch. Maybe it could work.

She was humping David's hand by now, one leg arched in the air and the other curled up behind her. It gave her son's hand wide access to her vaginal lips and labia and she found her own arousal quickly growing.

By the time she had straddled her son's cock and allowed her body's weight to sink her down its shaft, she had embraced the idea of her daughter carrying some of the weight of the blackmailer's performances. Their first fuck session that day would go off with a bang!

The hours between five o'clock in the morning and eleven passed far too slowly. Despite a regular interludes of sex or autoeroticism with David, Alex was having a hard time keeping focused. David had truly ran through the potentials of the fantasy and was more than equipped to make the necessary arrangements. They had set up the camera in Annabel's room on it tripod. When the action began it would be more than capable of detailing her exploits. As the appointed hour of her return drew closer and closer, Alex found herself getting more and more nervous and less sure that the plan would go off without a hitch.

She was sitting by the door when Annabel came in, her hair pulled back in a pony tail and her typical low riding jeans and blouse displaying her figure. Alex was still dressed in only her sleep t-shirt and she was pretty certain that she smelled of sex with David. She bolted to her feet the moment her daughter's eyes found hers and she tried to put on a good show.

"Annabel. We need to talk. Right now. I have something I need to tell you." She grabbed her daughter's surprised hand, and watched as her smiling lips folded into a concerned frown. "Come with me."

Alex led them into the den, where the computer was on to a message created by David under the screen name blackmailer007@yahoo.com.

Her explanation was quick, rambling, and designed to appear distressed. "I've been blackmailed, because of the accident. Someone saw it, had some pictures, and threatened to release them if I didn't obey their orders. For the past couple of months I have been following all of these demands, trying to keep you safe and separate from what he requires. But I can't do it any longer and he wants you to do something with me to keep him from releasing those pictures." She blinked away imaginary tears, her eyes studying her daughter's face to see if she was buying the act.

Annabel did indeed look very concerned by her mother's rushed description. A small oh formed on her lips and her hands crossed nervously beneath her chest. The action caused Alex's eyes to flick momentarily down to her breasts. She could feel excitement beginning to show up amidst her nervousness. The breasts were a cup size smaller at least, but they still looked delicious. Shaking away the thought line, she continued.

"I've been performing sex acts on camera for this man."

"You've been what!?"

"Sex acts. I've been performing for him. Its what he wants and it keeps you from going to jail for a dozen different crimes."

"Why didn't you just turn him over to the police," Annabel asked.

"Because. At first they were small things. But they got worse and worse. And then he had evidence of me doing all sorts of embarrassing things and threatened to show them to Dad. And he still had the pictures of you driving away from the scene of the crime. That poor woman's body lying in the road." She buried her face in her hands in an attempt to dramatize the emotions she wasn't feeling.

"Oh God, Mom, I'm so sorry. I'm so very sorry..." Annabel shrunk to her mother's side and pulled her into her shoulder.

"That's where I am now. He has another request. If I don't obey and if you don't obey, then he releases everything. His pictures of me, his pictures of you, everything. I really don't want to ask this of you, but I don't have a choice really. I don't have an option. I mean I don't know what else to do."

"What do we have to do, Mom. I'll do anything. You should really have told me sooner. I could've helped, could've just turned myself in."

"No, you can't, you can't! I've gone this far for you. Just a little farther and we can be free," Alex begged her daughter. Annabel seemed entirely caught up in guilt, worry, and concern for her mother's plight. Alex felt guilty for setting her up like this, but she didn't have another choice, and in truth, didn't really want one. Too many little erotic seeds had been planted to just walk away from.

"I'm so sorry I put you through this. I had no idea. I'm just so sorry," Annabel wept.

"Don't be sorry," Alex genuinely comforted her daughter. "We can get this out of the way and you can go back to life as normal. Hopefully all his demands will be done soon. But we have to have this done before your father gets home tonight. If I don't have it done by the end of the day he sends out all the information."

"What does he want us to do?"

"Sex. On camera."

"With who?"

"Us. Just us," came Alex's whispered reply. She waited gauging Annabel's face for a response. It was blank.


"Yes, us. He wants us to do it on camera and then email it to him before tomorrow."

"Mom, I don't think I ca..." Alex pressed her finger to her daughter's lip and slipped from the chair.

"Quiet, honey. We don't have a choice. Don't think, just do." She took Annabel's hand and before she could offer another objection, Alex guided her up the stairs to her bedroom. The scene was already set. A variety of toys were laid out on the off white night stand and the camera was up and running.

Annabel took the scene in, wide eyed, seemingly unprepared to have her notions of sexuality challenged so violently.

"Mom, I don't think I can do this. I just can't," she pleaded.

Alex looked her oldest child straight in the eyes, and speaking straight from her own desires she convincingly and firmly stated, "You don't have a choice. Nor do I. Just kiss me."

With that she took her daughter's precious head in her hands and pulled her lips to her own. They were close to the same height so they met in the middle. At first, Annabel's lips were flat against her own, unexpressive and irresponsive. Alex could feel the tenseness in her daughter's frame as the kiss continued. When she felt the muscles began to relax a little, she let her hands release the sides of her child's head. They slipped to her upper arms and paused there for a moment.

A million thoughts ran through Alex's head as her lips pressed into her daughter's. As of yet, they had merely been locked in one unmoving kiss. Her mind remember the times when Annabel had been just a little girl and they had fleetingly kissed on the lips. Then it had been cute and endearing, part of their mother-daughter relationship. How terribly she was violating that now when she was nineteen.

Experimentally, Alex broke the kiss, her eye's studying Annabel's face once more as her eyes fluttered open. Annabel took a deep breath and would return the kiss first, her mouth pressing in close to her mother's and her lips pressing into the same pair, the genetic source of her own features. Alex's tongue accepted her surrender and pressed between them and fluttered across the tip of her own oral muscle. The contact was electrifying, and beneath her long tee, she could feel her pussy warming as the plan unfolded.

Alex's hands drifted to Annabel's and she captured them in a familiar squeeze, one that seemed oblivious to the passionate kiss occurring at their mistresses' heads. They would linger one over the other for a moment before they fell into step with the directives of the mouths. A mother's hands slid into place over the daughter's backside, stroking across its denim encased surface as if it were naked.

Some trepidation and nervousness could be sensed within Annabel still, so Alex was careful about the speed with which she moved forward. Her lips continued their dance with her daughter's and their tongue's fenced for oral supremacy. It was a passionate kiss but not a needy one- both women were still in full control of their desires and faculties. Not yet would they be unleashed, one on the other.

Annabel's movements would gradually fall in line with her mother's as they developed a more substantive rhythm and driving force. Her hands would fall to the full ass that had been an object of genetic pride and no lust for many years. Alex would feel her daughter falter when she felt the soft surrender of her naked buttocks to her bare hands. They would not withdraw however and within moments they were grazing gently over their curved slopes at a regular interval.

She took this as a sign from her daughter that it was okay to go farther with her touches, kisses, and caresses. Her hands abandoned their clasp on Annabel's cheeks and moved to the hem of her shirt- her only garment. They pulled the material over her head and tossed it aside in the small feminine room. Naked, she pressed herself to Annabel once more. Her lips found their way to her daughter's lips momentarily before sliding to the side of her cheek, to her chin, her jaw line, the nape of her neck, and finally the lobe of her ear. There they would suckle, skillfully tonguing the sensitive formation.

Alex could hear her daughter gasp, obviously pleased by this form of stimulation. She had no far how her daughter had gone sexually, but her experience and talent told her that she had never really made love if the touch to her ears brought such a forceful and necessitated response.

Soaking wet, Alex's thighs made a unique squelching noise as she shifted her weight from one foot to another. The moment was far to exciting and her fluids were leaking steadily down her thighs. The touch of Annabel's hands on her ass cheeks was driving her wild- bare contact was the most heady of all the sensations she was experiencing.

Their longing kisses would last for minute after minute, their progression slowly becoming needier, heavier, faster. When Alex sensed that the moment had reached a peak, she broke her kiss with her daughter.

Alex moved to the bed, one of her hands holding onto Annabel's. She slid back against the wall and drew her knees up, exposing her sex in a blatant and slutty spread. Annabel studied her face for a second or two and then her pussy before sliding onto the bed. It was yet another decision that Alex had enabled her daughter to make. She was taking her in baby steps, closer and closer to her blackmailer's final goal; to her son's final goal; to her own final goal.

Annabel slid into place beside her mother, their bodies sitting tightly against one another. Alex took hold of her daughter's hand once more and guided it to her lower stomach and released it there, just above the hairless apex of her two thighs. She looked into her eldest child's eyes and waited. Already, too far gone, Annabel did exactly as wanted. Her long delicate fingers moved downward with practiced eased until two of them outlined the pink divide in her mother's crotch.

By now her breathing was coming heavy and her desire was beginning to win the war for control. Alex felt her chest heaving as she sought to get enough oxygen to keep up with her lust. Her own hands moved to caress her own breasts as her head rocked back against the wall. She pinched and pulled taut her nipples, before lifting and pressing them together in a bundle of luscious flesh. Alex was slightly surprised to feel her daughter's lips graze the side of her tits in a devilishly tormented moment. But once they found that contact, they did not leave again. Annabel was hungry for her mother's breasts and her tongue, teeth, and lips could not get enough of them.

The ferocity of Annabel's desire would force Alex off of her sitting position and she was sprawled on the bed, her daughter between her thighs with her face buried in her cleavage. Annabel's fingers were furiously working inside the tunnel which had passed them out nineteen years before. They spread wide, in a victory sign, as they withdrew, stretching the snatch with their effort. Alex was desperate for release and her hips worked off the bed in tune with the thrusting of her daughter's touch.

Eager to avoid being the only one naked on the bed, Alex allowed her own hands to go to work on Annabel's clothing. Her top came first, and Alex almost regretted the action when Annabel's nursing mouth broke from her engorged nipple. But it was quickly replaced once the shirt was gone and their sex continued nearly uninterrupted. Alex's eyes studied the length of their two bodies together. Her daughter was wearing a strapless bra which was slightly dislodged from her young refreshingly smaller tits. Little pink nipples pointed downward into the mattress as they waited for attention of their own.

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