tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFor Her Family Ch. 08

For Her Family Ch. 08


Trepidation filled Alex's nerves. She wasn't used to this type of thing and genuinely hoped that she would measure up to her husband's expectations. The assembled clientele were his associates, bosses, and favored underlings. Failure would be disastrous for his reputation as well as her own. He had recommended her highly.

Months had passed since Mike had revealed that he and Annabel had orchestrated her blackmail and descent into sexual depravity. In the time since then she had come to embrace her newfound freedom from societal constraints. But it was not as if the hedonistic lifestyle had come without a cost. In fact, the cost had been quite large. There was too much risk to the family if they remained in their previous location and with previous friends. Just too many opportunities for the great secret they carried to come out. So they had abandoned their home, their friends, their careers, and moved away. Even the kids had transferred schools.

After weeks of concern about how thinks would work out, stuff had finally begun to click. Mike had gotten his job first and it came with a hefty pay raise. He was hired as the private physician and employee health advisor for a large banking firm. Suddenly the family circulated in a different class- his pay checks alone more than doubled what the couple had made as a whole. That had offered Alex the opportunity to start her own catering business and begin a long neglected dream. David and Annabel had quickly adapted to their new university and shared a dorm room as boyfriend and girlfriend, instead of brother and sister. Everyone seemed healthier, happier, and more satisfied with their lot in life.

Now Alex had her first high paying job at a private party for Mike's business partners. It was a very exclusive affair with only about twenty to thirty people in attendance including she and her family. David and Alex were serving as waiter and waitress for the evening, and Annabel was attending as a young play thing for Mike. The interaction of the family was different because no one knew that they were related.

It had started well enough. The food was receiving high praise and her wine selection was the finest. The wealthy aristocrats of modern society were soon smoldering in a thick alcoholic fog that only increased as the evening wore on. By midnight a small portion of the guests had called it quits and headed to their respective homes, while others continued to party on. They were more relaxed, more open, and more frisky than would be publicly acceptable for such high ranking businessmen and women.

David was getting plenty of tips and private offers from men and women alike. His clean pressed white shirt and black tie made him look like a less beefy Chippendale dancer. And he had intentionally chosen a pair of rather tight fitting pants that emphasized certain genetic bonuses of Alex's male family members. He always was polite and teasing, encouraging larger tips without committing to anything unless he found a particularly attractive or enticing partner.

His mother and partner in service was putting up with the same type of harassment but was having greater difficulty in extricating herself from the delicate situations she was finding herself in. One particularly influential member of the board had managed to get her, and her platter of wine, on his lap and was quite eagerly groping her while she tried to remove herself without spilling the deep red liquid. But it would be for naught and after one specific probing digit found its way beneath her skirt, she stumbled forward and the polished silver tray toppled forward.

Her attempt at catching it would prove futile as the slender flutes toppled and the crystal shattered, but not without spilling the contents onto a very expensive cream colored gown of one of the trophy wives.

"Bitch!" The yell was a half surprised scream of shock as the woman realized that her gown was soaked.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean too, I was just trying to get away from him. He was touching me," Alex stuttered in apology. She was sincere and honest but digging herself into a deeper hole.

The offending man rose in a huff from his chair. "I most certainly did not touch her in any inappropriate manner. Certainly not. Especially with my wife here."

The last sentence drew an irate stare from his wife, who also proved to be a surgically enhanced blonde bombshell, and drove the rift between Alex and the assembled guests into the ground.

"What the hell were you doing flirting with my husband, you slut! Who hired this whore? Tactless!"

"You fucking ruined my gown you twat!"

"Lying piece of blue collar trash. I wouldn't touch the likes of you. Honestly, honey, I wouldn't," sputtered the partner. Everyone was looking for someone to blame for the various explosions and Alex was it. Mike would provide the solution.

"Quiet!" Everyone turned to the otherwise professional doctor, questioning looks passing over their faces. "I'll take care of this."

He marched directly towards his wife and the caterer of the event and grabbed her by her hair. "I think a little punishment is in order, don't you all?"

Some jeering yells of encouragement echoed throughout the room. Mike looked around like a warrior surveying his conquests and lands and found a bench that would suit his purposes. It was a piano bench that sat on a slightly raised stage. Alex didn't understand what had overcome her husband and why he was behaving in such a manner. But a large tent in his tuxedo pants told her he was enjoying this.

Once more she stumbled forward as her tightly arranged hair was yanked ahead of her and Mike strode confidently onward. When they made the stage he roughly pushed her, sending her sprawling onto the bench. Alex tried to rise but his hand pushed her face back down into the smooth leather surface and kept her pinned there. Her knees were bent beneath her and her upper torso was laid out across the length of the piece. She wondered what he had in store for her.

"Do you want to see some punishment?" Another affirmative cry rose from the assembled audience. "What should we do with her?"

"Dump punch on her!"

"Smear caviar in her hair!"

"Shave her head!"

A wide variety of silly and childish suggestions were offered before a lustful sounding female voice offered something a bit more titillating. Alex was pretty certain that it came from her very own daughter.

"Spank her! Hike up her skirt and give her a good spanking!"

The audience buzzed at the possibility of such illicit entertainment and many wondered if their new doctor could enforce such a thing. But he gave them a momentary grinning glance of his handsome face before he began to tug at the zipper adorning the back of her simple black blouse. From the midst of her back he pulled it down, his practiced hand moving it all the way to the top of her buttocks before it ran out of area. He transferred her arms into his other palm and then tugged at the edge of the strapless dress until it was free of her torso and pooled on the floor around her knees.

No one had really expected the doctor to remove her clothing, but no one objected. Alex's ass glowed a healthy tan tone beneath the stage lights. The black lacy thong she wore merely accented her gorgeous curvaceous figure and her breasts were naked, resting against the top of the bench. She panted from her momentary struggle against her husband and waited for what he had in store for her next. Surely he would not take this gratuitous display any farther...

But Alex should have realized that her husband's mind was the testing ground for her sexual openness and fantasies. And he intended to stretch her comfort zone once more.

"Will anyone volunteer to spank her?"

"I will," came a delighted cry from the woman whose dress had been drenched in wine. Her heels clattered across the floor as she nearly jogged to the stage. She had a secret crush on her husband's new employee and was looking forward to exacting some humiliation on the woman who had doused her new gown in front of everyone.

When she got on the stage she made a big point to take a few practice swipes that stopped just before stinging Alex's backside. But the audience was getting more raucous, encouraging their friend to exact the fitting punishment.

Spurred on, her long hand rose in the air and flew back downward. A loud crack on Alex's ass echoed through the room. Then another. And another. And another. Over and over again she would release her frustrations on the prone caterer. When she was done a large red welt covered one full ass cheek and provided stark contrast to the woman's underwear. The lady was out of breath by the time she was finished, but she was quite pleased with her spanking.

She stepped off the stage to cheers of encouragement and congratulations. Before they died down, the woman whose husband had begun the whole episode stepped on stage. She unleashed a ferocious stream of blows across Alex's other ass cheek until it too was painted red. She was whimpering in pain as she was punished for her mistake. And because somewhere inside of her an embracing of her spankings was occurring.

It wasn't until Annabel stepped from the audience in a slinky red gown that Alex realized just how aroused she was. The possibility of feeling her daughter's bare hand caressing her backside in reprimand was deliciously forbidding. She squirmed a little, the net affect being that her ass wagged in the air, like some sort of deprived puppy looking for approval.

Annabel, also found herself quite aroused by the possibility of punishing her mother in such an erotic fashion and before so many people. She began her little performance by grabbing the back of her mother's thong and pulling it tightly between her pussy lips and ass cheeks, emphasizing the details of each feature. The crowd roared in delight as Alex whimpered, her blood engorged pussy lips throbbing over the dividing piece of material. Stepping to the side and maintaining the hold on her mother's bottoms she displayed her ass like it was a lot at an auction house. Catcalls and hoots of derision responded.

Satisfied with the little display, Annabel raised one hand, a single finger pointing skyward.

"One," yelled the crowd. Alex's daughter's hand came soaring down, the impact resounding with a loud smack and a slight jiggle from her supple buttocks.

The hand went up once more, two digits extended.


Again it came crashing down, pelting Alex on a slicing angle that left her derriere burning.


Again, Annabel spanked her mother.


And again.

"Five," cheered the wildly pleased crowd.

Annabel, quite horny, and satisfied with the punishment took a little curtsy before her audience and planted a kiss on her mother's backside. She could feel her shiver beneath the tender touch.

Mike stepped forward again, taking his daughter's place at Alex's bent side. He reached out and pulled away the thong, peeling it from its wedge between her pussy lips until it joined her dress at her knees. The assembled mob fell silent as their caterer's exposed sex was revealed. Until now it had seemed playfully enticing, but now it was blatantly erotic.

Not stopping his show just because the crowd hadn't quite up, Mike licked his finger and pressed and raised it above the heads of his coworkers. They all waited, eager to see what was in store for the humbled beauty.

Mike's finger found a familiar tunnel in Alex's pussy to push into. He knelt beside her to give him better access to her sex and began to slowly press the lonely digit in and out of her twat. Whimpers of approval and momentary shouts of encouragement began to pop up. Everyone could see the glistening moisture of his finger as the stage lights reflected her arousal.

"The whore caterer likes being spanked, she's soaked," Mike stated to no one in particular. "You like this don't you, you little slut," he asked of his wife.

"Yes," came the whispered reply.

"What was that whore? Do you like this?"

"Yes," Alex answered a little louder.

Everyone heard her, and another cheer went up. Mike rewarded his wife's admission with another finger and a slightly faster pace. Her bright red backside ground from side to side as his fingers found purchase inside of her tightly gripping channel.

Annabel joined her father and mother on the stage, and lay out in front of him. While he was busy fingering her mother, she slipped a hand to his belt and worked on its fastening. The audience was hushed once more when they realized what it was the young beauty was aiming for. Her practiced fingers didn't give them long to figure it out, however, and soon Mike's large penis was exposed to the heat of the glaring stage lights.

Unable to see what was going on, but able to hear the tell tale rustle of clothing and the distinctive noise of a descending zipper, Alex realized that her husband was putting on a show for his business. The thought of being used as a pornographic object reminded Alex of her delectable experiences months earlier. A much louder groan of gratification spilled from her as the pleasure of being fingered before everyone registered in her mind.

Her daughter lay flat out beneath Mike, allowing the members of the audience to see his cock and what she was about to do to it. Not wanting to be left out herself, she pulled her skirt up, exposing a pink vaginal slit completely clean shaven. The men in the audience Ooooed appreciatively. She too was quite aroused from this new adventure and her fingers found her snatch ready and willing to accept her touch. The moment she caressed her labia for the first time the need to take her father into her mouth became overwhelming.

Mike's long cock slid into the familiar territory of his child's throat and the momentary humiliation ended as the sex began. People in the audience, incredibly aroused from the unique and explicit display being laid out before them, began to join into the revelry. The horny men and women found themselves behaving as base animals- fucking the only thing occupying their minds.

One of the senior partner's volunteered a younger employee's wife to join the display on stage. Apparently she too needed some punishment. Her husband wasn't happy that his mate was going to be used by strangers, especially when he saw that the bus boy was the one looking to make the move on her. He had tried approaching the stage to stop the activities but Mike had waved him over to the bent form of Alex.

Withdrawing his fingers, he encouraged the man to fuck his wife.

The young man looked from the naked and bent form of Alex, hot and wet, towards his wife. She was crushed up against the back wall of the room, her skirt hiked up and David between her thighs. That settled the decision for him. Hastily the employee undid his pans and knelt behind Alex.

The moment his penis entered her, Alex knew that she was going to be used as a whore and bitch this evening. It was not David's nor Mike's and she was certain that there would be others allowed to use her. But it felt good, and the knowledge that her husband was right by her side, watching this, made it exquisite.

Annabel's head tilted back on her father's cock as she bobbed up and down on it, allowing her to suck him off and watch the stranger sticking his penis into her mother's pussy. She desperately wanted to feel the same sensation and wanted to replace her fingers with her father's dick.

It took a momentary adjustment of position, but soon she was on her hands and knees on stage before Mike, her naked ass swaying before his erect cock. Mike grabbed her hips and lined up his penis with her entrance before drilling it home. From his vantage point he could watch his wife being fucked by the young man, see his son fucking the guy's gorgeous wife, and the rest of the crowd descending into a sexual orgy.

David was loving his parent's new career choice as he hurriedly slammed his cock in and out of the young blonde's pussy. At first she had seemed somewhat reluctant when he had selected her from the audience to be part of the show, but when his hands had made there way inside of her panties, he found her more than ready. She was now a frantic sex kitten and her fingers were digging into his neck as she bounced on his length. He could tell that he was bigger than her husband by the way she kept groaning how much he filled her cunt. Her ass felt right at home in his hands as he cradled her body and strained against the press of her pussy. He was throbbing deep inside her, his penis arching upwards and stroking against her g-spot as she writhed on it.

Meanwhile, Annabel was having a delightful time being fucked doggy style by her father. She was still fairly convinced that he and David had the best cocks anywhere in the world based on size, taste, and shape, but that notion was about to be challenged. Her pussy filled with Mike's dick, her mouth was open and men seemed more than willing to seize the opportunity. The first to do so was a large black man who was the private security guard for the CEO. His massive frame had filled her vision as he had appeared from the audience and moved towards the stage. Annabel was more than slightly afraid of what he hid between his legs.

From the audience came shouts of "Suck that black cock", and "fuck her good".

When he unzipped, Annabel realized that she was woefully unprepared for something of this size. But the horniness she felt from her father's steady hammering in her twat, told her she at least had to try. The black guy grinned a burning white smile as he handled his penis and bent it down towards her waiting mouth. Annabel looked up into his eyes as her mouth opened a little to accommodate its first taste. He was patient and watched her as she tongued his eleven inch monster.

Annabel traced the tip of the ebony member with her tongue, imagining the size of something like that burying into her mouth and into her pussy. She could hardly believe that she could accommodate it anywhere. Its thick veined shaft looked imposing enough, but the massive cock head seemed like a death wish. But still she could not fight the urge to try and suck it down. Her jaw stretched wide open, Annabel slipped the cock head into her mouth and forced herself farther down the shaft. Within three inches of penetration the cock had to stop as she gagged for air.

It was a huge penis and although she was a fantastic cock sucker, there was little Annabel could do to utilized her talented tongue. It was firmly stuck against the bottom of her mouth. But the security guard knew the ins and outs of his massive penis and understood that at his size, all he could really do was fuck her mouth.

And that is what he did. His powerful muscular frame began to slowly saw the penis back and forth in her mouth in time with her father's fucking behind her. Soon the two men had Annabel impaled at both ends and momentary movement away from one pole would result in taking more of the other one. The net effect was that Annabel quickly became a slathering fuck toy, both ends leaking prodigious amounts of fluid onto the respective members.

David and the woman he was with had just completed their fucking and were separating when one of the women in the audience had joined them. She took it upon herself to clean them both of the juices which their lovemaking had produced. David wasn't sure but he was pretty certain that the woman was actually on the board of directors. But her tongue behaved as if she were a common whore and seemed quite adept at searching out hidden pockets of come in the younger woman's pussy. His cock hardened again as her tongue lashing would alternate from him to his partner. Her cries of pleasure filled the room along with the various slaps, slurps, and gags that were produced by the other couplings. This would be a delightful evening.

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