tagBDSMFor Her Own Good Ch. 09

For Her Own Good Ch. 09


She was being watched over by the two men. One a doctor, which if she didn't know before, Maggie understood now that his role was to assist her Daddy. It was an incredible feeling being immersed in her warm womb. She slowly stretched out her legs feeling the slick water between her thighs. Her feet pressed against the rubber material. She wiggled her toes, flexed her fingers exploring what it felt like to her. Her hands like her feet pressed against her water filled bubble. Feeling the urge to stretch out Maggie uncurled her body, feeling the latex stretch along with her and caress her skin. Her movements fluid like the water she continued to enjoy her surroundings. It defied her imagination or fantasy she thought. A fantasy made real. Isn't that what her Daddy told her? Many hours ago when he locked her into a fetal position making her a caterpillar, no, a baby gestating out and now inside a womb. A delicious wonderful thought entered her mind. Maggie rolled over onto her back and opened her eyes. She stared at the watery image of the man above her. Her hands slid down the top of her chest over her small breast.

"I think she's ready for delivery."

Maggie saw Doc standing beside the large pool of water she lay in. His voice sounded far away. Her hands continued down her ribs moving slowly in slick water past her flat stomach and her belly button. She spread open her legs letting her hand makes its way to the smooth round mound of her vagina. She tried to keep her breathing steady as her excitement grew.

"Have you picked out a name for her?"

Her eyes watched as Doc held onto the tube keeping it clear of the water. Her fingertips slipped in between her vaginal lips. She gasped as the current of pleasure surged deep inside her body's womb as she caressed the small protruding nub of her clitoris.

Michael's deep whiskey tone deeper he replies. "Her name is Margaret Evelyn Stanton. Although I think I'll call her Maggie. What do you think Doc?"

"I think that's a beautiful name for your baby girl."

At the distant sound of her name her body exploded in orgasm. Maggie's mind swirled with memories. The first one when she was a little girl of five walking alone to her first day of school. An older boy grabbed her hand because she'd lost her way, taking it in his. He walked to her kindergarten class telling her he'd be right there when she finished school that day. More images like pictures in an album of her growing up with the same boy giving her an ice cream cone, reading her fairy tale books in the woods. Playing games of hide and seek. Watching them grow up. Him letting her tag-along when he played games with his friends. The days he teased her when she was angry with him until he had her laughing at herself. Other times he helped her with school and homework. Talking to her about nature he listened as she told her story about the ugly caterpillar who turned into a beautiful butterfly. And how it would one-day fly far away from home and land on the one it loved. Maggie was all grown up and she knew what she wanted and who she wanted. She remembered the moment he kissed her hello when she came to his home. A special kiss Michael gave only to Maggie: branding her forehead and claiming her as his. Since she wasn't tall enough to kiss his forehead she kissed his heart.

Standing alongside Michael was his best friend Doc Parker. He was looking down at her.

"Okay, imp. Take a deep breath. The rest is up to you." He smiled, "We're right here if you get into any trouble."

Maggie's eyes widened as she felt the tube sliding out from her throat. She took as many deep breaths as she could before the tube was gone and was left to hold her breath. She began to struggle inside the makeshift womb, fighting to find the way out. She pushed and pulled on the latex trying to get her hands close to her head and through the opening. She worked to find the other one, which had allowed the water to filter in, with her knees. It would have been easy for her to sit up and let the water drain from the top. That would have ruined the moment, her fantasy, which had been especially created for her by two special men. The one who owned her body and held her heart. The other man who was her friend. Suddenly Maggie felt the latex give around her head. She wiggled her fingers through the opening her lungs were beginning to hurt from all her exertions. She growled in frustration straining to break free. She clawed at the material until she felt it tear underneath her fingernails. Within a moment she broke through and pushed out of the womb. She drew in a deep breath of warm humid air.


Doc was sitting on the front porch smoking a cigar. He looked up from his seated position and silently handed a cigar to Michael who had stepped out of house and sat down in the lawn chair next to him. Neither man spoke as they took long satisfied puffs from their celebratory smokes with its pink label of, "It's a girl," marking the occasion.

Michael was freshly showered and shaved looking every bit the part of a man whose confidence had been restored. An odd feeling considering that past day had been fraught with anxiety and excitement over his plans for Maggie; and if they would work.

He was dressed in a pair of black slacks with his customary dark blue button down dress shirt. He sat back further into his seat stretching out his long legs and crossing them at the ankles. He stared for a moment at the high gloss shine of his dress shoes, and then gazed out into the pink and purple clouded horizon marking the early morning sky while smoking his cigar.

From Doc's reclined position he pulled out his cigar from clenched teeth and twirled it between his thumb and finger. He was the first to break the silence looking out into the same sky.

"When you told me your plans for Maggie I was skeptical."

He turned his head to look over at Michael. "I don't know of any man who would go to the extent you have Mike." He took another puff off his cigar. "Training a submissive is one thing, but raising one." He paused for a moment to think about it. "I know you believe in what you're doing for her, but you'll need to tread carefully with Maggie." Doc gave Mike a meaningful look, "If you want my advice Daddy, start baby girl's sexual education immediately. In the frame of mind she's in right now." He smiled, "If you aren't careful, she'll begin to believe she has her, "Daddy," wrapped around her little finger." He chuckled.

"Is that your professional opinion?" Michael knew of Doc's feelings for Maggie. Of the two men Maggie would have Doc wrapped around her finger.

Doc wasn't a firm believer in corporal punishment for his submissive. His method was subtle in that he enjoyed using his professional knowledge and mixing it with his kink. But where Maggie was concerned discipline was a necessity. She needed spankings daily. Those that left their marks as proof that they were given for her own good. Which was what he'd done after bathing her and before putting Maggie to bed. Leaving her naked bottom, cherry red and sticking up in the air with her legs spread open. He had meant what he told her before giving her the spanking. He had every intention of showing her the alternate lifestyle she was meant for, but first she would have to learn the difference between spankings that were for discipline versus ones for pleasure. The large wet spot on the sheet between her thighs and the smell of her juice on his fingers showed her the difference. Michael left her to cry herself to sleep in her crib with her wrists and ankles back in restraints. It may have gotten past Doc's notice what she had done while in her "womb", but not past his. Maggie's body was his to play with, not hers. He'd left her in a state of need that clearly demonstrated her purpose. Maggie was his submissive and she would learn one way or another what that meant to her.

Michael took a large puff from his cigar. He slowly sat up straight in his chair. "She's going to need a full examination before you fill out the birth certificate." He looked directly at Doc, whose face broke out into a broad grin. He continued as if what he was suggesting was nothing more than a parent's duty to see that his baby girl was healthy.

"The changing table in her room is fully equipped. Everything you need is there for you to perform it properly."

He could almost see Maggie's examination, hear the cool detached professionalism of Doc's voice as he went about touching and probing her body. He trusted Doc to continue in his capacity as a professional. He reached into his shirt's breast pocket and handed him the paperwork. He had been Michael's first choice not because they were best friends or because of Doc's feeling for Maggie. He needed Doc's assistance to pull off Maggie's rebirth and ensure her safety. He was taking this one step further because there was one last piece of information he wanted.

Maggie had created the fantasy life they were living out and until she grew up he intended to fulfill his role. Today it was a birth certificate. One day it would be a marriage certificate.

"Just one other thing Doc. Play with her, but don't pleasure her. She is a newborn after all." He winked. Up until now Michael had held himself in control. He had set his needs aside. Now that Maggie understood what was expected of her Mike felt no need to hide his dark desires. He could feel the surge of hot blood coursing through him. He had given her a taste of his need. She had responded meeting each hard smack of his hand while begging him to give her more. The sting in his hand was replaced by an itch to hold the grip of soft leather. The urge to flick his wrist and hear the snap of his whip.

Mike smiled and shook himself out of his reverie. "She needs to understand that I alone control her pleasure."

Doc stubbed out his cigar. In his hand was a consent form signed by Maggie with Michael's signature underneath. He chuckled at her signature. It was in blocked out uneven lettering. "Maybe you have the right idea, Mike. Raising a submissive might be a lot easy than training one."

Mike opened the front door. "It wasn't my idea." He smiled at Doc's shocked expression.


Doc stepped inside Maggie's bedroom. Not wanting to disturb her while she slept he chose the time to look at the room Mike had redone in a day's time. He stood in the quiet dark space. The only sounds he heard were the quiet hum of air and the sleeping woman's deep breath. He reached for the light switch finding a dial knob. He turned it. On closer inspection he read the lettering on the switch plate, it read, Sunrise. He shook his head smiling. Right next the light's switch was an intercom system. He nodded his head while looking at the room. "Soundproof and climate controlled. Nice touch Mike." He whispered into the speaker. Then turned on the intercom sound system.

Maggie's eyes drifted opened at the sound of Doc's voice. She hadn't heard his words. She lifted her head a faction of an inch to see above her arm. He was alone. She watched in silence as he looked at her room. She could see the approval on his face and the slight dismay. She could understand the reason behind his expression. Doc knew one side of her Daddy. It was true they were all friends, but Doc viewed Michael with awe as some sort of Master of the gods in the world of Dominants. Maggie had yet to meet the person his friends called, Mike. Oh she saw glimpses of his persona but she would always see him as Michael. And now he was her Daddy. She wanted to giggle in delight but settled for a small grin. She quickly lowered her head watching Doc move to the changing table. When she heard him stop walking she peeked over her arm watching as he checked out her changing table.

Where was her Daddy? Why wasn't he in the room? Maggie thought. Images of what Doc was planning to do to her came to mind. She had known this was going to happen, and expected it last night. She had looked forward to the experience.

Last night Michael had confessed his admiration for her insight and innovation in constructing her desires as a blueprint for him to follow in training her. She had found herself blushing over his compliment. Her tears weren't far behind when he had expressed how much he loved her and wished she had come to him with her secret diary. While he held her close to him on his lap he told her there was nothing he wanted more than to give her what she desired most; his unconditional love. Maggie couldn't have been happier than she had been in that moment with Michael. Then without a word of warning he ceremoniously turned her over his knee and spanked her. She had been taken further by surprise when afterwards he expressed his belief that there was more to her than she gave herself credit for and that he had every intention of raising her to become a proper submissive. His words had the effect of sparking her anger and hatred having heard them in quite a different connotation coming from her aunt.

Before she could strike him with her hand he grabbed her wrist saying softly. "Tell me now that you don't want what I'm offering you baby girl and you're free to leave. But if you stay know one thing Daddy makes the rules and baby girl will follow them."

Maggie didn't have to think about it. She willingly let him place her in the crib and allowed him to restrain her. He then gave her a sample of her role, reddening her backside further telling her what a naughty baby she had been while fingering her pussy until she was begging for him to allow her to climax. When he placed the pacifier in her mouth and then left her to fall asleep on her own. She had no voice and he would raise her as he saw fit. She understood his message. Aroused by his spanking and her fantasies she hadn't slept well.

The white table set a foot away from the interior wall of the room. Doc ran his hand over the soft mattress. The subtle contours would provide the person lying on it to feel comfortable. Upon further investigation he found a set of controls and pushed the one labeled stirrups. The small whirl of an interior motor running and within a moment the stirrups were in position at the end of the table. "Amazing." he spoke softly while searching through the drawers beneath the mattress. He whistled softly at the supplies tucked neatly inside each drawer. One held a supply of adult diapers with disposable wipes. The second and third drawers held items that he would use to give Maggie an exam with a sexual flavor. Having already washed his hands Doc put on a pair of latex gloves and reached for the enema bag finding underneath it the measured water supply to fill it. In minutes he was ready for his patient.

She tried to keep her breathing under control and pretend to be asleep when she heard him walk towards her crib. She heard him stand next to her. At one time she had a major crush on him. Maggie thought of the kiss he'd given her before and thought maybe his feelings went deeper than friendship. She worried that maybe she should have mentioned her feelings to Daddy or at least brought up Doc's kiss. But in her role as baby girl she wasn't allowed to speak until she was given permission by Daddy.

Maggie felt Doc carefully remove her wrists restraints. She trembled at his gentle touch. She continued to feign sleep. Hoping that Daddy would walk in at any moment. When she felt his fingers on her ankle she tried to lay still but his touch caused a quiet moan to escape. She licked her dry lips with her tongue quickly opened her eyes and spotted the pacifier. Once he'd freed her and afraid that she would say something she popped it into her mouth and quickly moved to the farthest corner away from him. Please Daddy hurry, she thought staring uncertain at Doc's small grin. He slowly walked to the end of the crib. Maggie had a vague idea of what Doc had in mind for her. But without Daddy in the room she was uncertain of what to do.

"Your Daddy sent me to give you a physical, imp." He spoke softly not moving from where he stood.

She looked out of the corner of her eye at the door scooting herself closer into the corner and then looked at him again. She lowered her head taking the edge of her nightgown between her finger and thumb rubbing it. Maggie saw him move. She stared between him and the door shaking her head and grunting. Her heart was beating fast.

"Daddy's not going to come in until after I'm through." He took another step around the crib.

Maggie moved quickly to another corner. This time she could see the door and him at the same time.

"All babies are nervous when they have their first doctor's visit." He reached out his hand. "It not unusual that they'd want their Mommy or Daddy with them." He paused with his palm out to her. "But there are some Mommies and Daddies who trust Doc will take good care of their babies."

When he drew closer she stayed put in the corner staring at the door. She trembled when she felt his hand caress her hair. When she felt his erection against her arm she breathed shakily and whimpered.

Doc's hands went through the crib's bars and rubbed her arms. Maggie let her shoulders sag.

"Good girl. That's it. Relax for me, imp."

He kept one hand on her arm while he walked around the crib; with his foot he released the rail lever to lower it. He put his hand in hers. Her fingers stopped fidgeting with the silky material of her nightie. She looked up at him. He was watching her suck actively on the pacifier. Maggie's discomfort with him standing close to her grew. She lowered her gaze to discover he wasn't hiding his erection from her. She closed her eyes. This was not what she had in mind. The setting was far too intimate. It wasn't supposed to happen in her bedroom. She could stop this she thought by saying her safe word. The reason she hadn't spoken thus far was she hoped against hope that her Daddy hadn't wanted her to go through this alone and in here. Maggie was afraid that she wouldn't be able to hide her true feeling for Doc. She worried that he wouldn't understand. She didn't want to get between the men's friendship. The thought of hurting Michael's feeling made her stomach tie up in knots. Feeling shy for the first time she inched her shoulder away from Doc. At the sound of her intense sucking noise Maggie stopped and clenched the pacifier between her teeth. He chuckled. Her eyes flew open to stare at his face.

His hand reached up hooking his finger around the plastic handle of her pacifier. He looked at it and then her eyes. "I'll let you keep it for a little while, if you promise to behave for me." Doc whispered.

Maggie couldn't understand her feeling. She'd not been like this with Doc before. Then thinking about last night when she didn't know him but willingly let him touch her, and clean her up. Slowly she reached up and touched her neck. She didn't know why but she remembered feeling something sting her.

Doc removed his finger and turned her head. Maggie dropped her hand. She didn't pull away, but didn't know how to let him know what she wanted without talking. With a trembling hand she reached for his hand and placed it on her neck. She felt her erratic pulse underneath their fingers and her breathing was ragged. When Doc still didn't understand what she was trying to let him know; she exposed her neck more and tapped their fingers against the side of it. Then a thought and Maggie made a buzzing sound, jabbed her finger at her neck and then closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again she stared at him and then pointed at the door.

"It wasn't meant to hurt you, imp. I gave you a shot to help you relax last night."

Hearing his answer Maggie exhaled in relief. Then she quickly jabbed at her neck again and shook her head. This time she did scramble across the crib away from him.

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