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For Her Pleasure


He was running late as usual as he began taking off clothes, gradually moving towards the bathroom, his clothes strewn everywhere. Knowing her she will be on time he thought. She was supposed to come over at 7:30. He still had a few minutes. It was against his better judgment to meet someone from work at his house but he thought better that than staying at the office or going to her house. They needed to get the presentation done and this, he thought, would be the best way.

Here in his house he would be in control; the king of the castle and it would seem that he would be less disturbed by her arrogance. He continued to dink around and then suddenly the clock stuck 7:30 and the doorbell rang. Shit, right on time, what a pain in the ass, damn woman. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around him. Screw it! he thought, she will just have to get over it.

He opened the door and was briefly stunned and speechless, as the sight of her in a dark green suit and light green blouse hit him. She looked good he thought, sexy even; he had not seen her dressed like that before. Normally she was in pants or boring skirts and frumpy tops. She usually looked older than her years and not in a good way either. Tonight she looked older than her years and in a very good way.

"Just got up?" she said sarcastically with a smirk on her face. Oh it was her alright. She might look good but her snotty attitude was the same he thought.

"I am just about to take a shower, I er...".

"that's OK" she cut in. "I will just watch TV and wait for you, got any wine?" That surprised him too. She was usually so uptight at the office.

"Oh em yes" he said and went to the kitchen while she sat herself down in the chair.

"Red please!".

"I am just watching Sense and Sensibility" he called from the kitchen.

"Yeah, so I see and she flipped the channel to The Voice as she preened herself. She looked down and admired her beautiful dark legs covered in sheer nylons. She crossed her legs and smoothed her skirt like a cat liking its paws. He brought the wine and handed it to her and quickly disappeared into the bathroom.

In the safety of the shower he considered her. That is a nice suit he thought. She looks good. He noticed that he was getting hard. Damn, he thought, I don't even like her. But she does look good. He began to play with his dick and fondled his balls a little, as he often liked to do in the shower. He felt good to be getting hard. This did not happen so often these days. He liked the feel of his big hard cock. But I don't even like her he thought as he began to soap himself. I can't believe the damn woman is turning me on. What the fuck! He briefly considered jerking off. That would be so good now he thought but there is no time. Eventually the thought left him. But she did look good in that suit, damn! His thoughts continued to percolate in his head.

He got out of the shower and began to dry off and heard Cristina Aguilera talking on the TV. That does not sound like Emma Thompson he thought. He put the towel around him and spontaneously looked in on her before going to get dressed.

"Come watch TV with me" she said as she looked briefly at him and then back at the TV. She had of course noted that he was not yet dressed and purposely asked him to come sit down.

He thought about it for a minute and then, said "OK" and went to sit in the chair.

" No, not over there; here with me". She pointed to the area on the floor near her chair. Holy Shit! he thought, what is this all about. He was getting hard again.

He walked over to her chair and carefully lowered himself onto the floor near to her. He was careful to keep the towel wrapped around him.

"Just for a minute then" he said, somewhat nervously. She took another sip of her wine. His head was very close to her legs. He could feel them, he could feel the heat from her and he could smell her perfume and he could smell her body. He was really hard now. Oh my God, he thought, this damn woman is driving me crazy. She sat back and adjusted in her seat a little. Her legs brushed together and he could hear the hiss of her nylons as they did so. As she adjusted herself she let her leg and her thigh rest against his head. He was aware of it immediately and could not decide if he should move his head away.

While he was thinking about it she moved her hand down and rested it on his shoulder. He felt it hot on his skin. She moved and caressed his neck and ran her fingers through his hair. She held her hand in his hair, every so often caressing his head and playing with his hair. He could feel her smooth skirt and cool nylons on his skin.

He turned and without even realizing what he was doing, he kissed her leg, just below the knee. Crap, what am I doing, he thought, I don't even like her.

"mmmm good boy" she purred. He kissed some more, moving gradually up and down her leg between her knee and the hem of her skirt. She adjusted herself again and, as she did so he moved onto his knees so that he was facing her. He bent down and kissed her knees. He put his hands on her lap and ran them over her smooth skirt and then ran them up and down her thighs. She looked at him and smiled. She leaned down and pulled the towel so that it fell down, rendering him naked. Then she took her left leg and pointed it straight towards him. He instinctively took hold of it and began caressing it, feeling the smooth erotic nylons. He bent down and began to kiss her leg moving gradually down her leg. He removed her shoe and massaged her foot.

"mmmm that feels very good, and how about the other one?" He took her other foot and removed the shoe and massaged her toes and her foot. Then he ran his hands gently up the backs of her legs, over her calves and up to her thighs. He pushed his fingers under her skirt and eased it up her legs. He could see her big feminine thighs now covered in the nylons and his cock stiffened more. He pushed her skirt fully up to her waist. He eased his hands under her bottom and eased her down further into the chair.

She draped her legs over his shoulders and eased her bottom up towards him. He kissed her thigh and found the top of her nylons. He eased them down over her bottom and caught the first glimpse of her lacy black panties. He could not keep his eyes off them. He eased her nylons down her legs and removed them fully. He ran his tongue down her right thigh until his head was buried down close to her crutch. He reached under her bottom again and pulled her closer to him. His mouth came into contact with her pussy through her panties. She was very wet and let out a moan as he kissed her pussy. He ran his face over her pussy and pressed his mouth hard against it.

He eased his fingers under her panties and eased them down over her big beautiful bottom and down her legs. He dropped the panties on the floor between his legs. She grabbed a big tuft of hair and pulled him down into her pussy. Always in control he thought, damn woman. He kissed it and eased his tongue inside. She tasted incredible he thought. She shook as his tongue touched her clitoris. He ran his tongue over it and every so often he would stop and push his tongue deep into her. He continued to eat her, kissing and licking her pussy and massaging her bottom. Many times she got close to coming. Her legs were around his neck and her heels rested on his back. She had both hands in his hair and writhed and groaned as he continued to eat her. She moaned loudly as she came and grabbed his hair so tight that it hurt for a few seconds. She held her legs tight around him and held him there. He felt her wetness on his face and the taste of her was strong in his mouth.

He picked up her panties and put them in her lap as he looked at her. Then he took the towel and went to the bedroom to get dressed. He heard the rustle of her clothes as she got dressed. He could not believe what had just happened. He did not care for this woman; she was a pain in the ass. But he could still feel her warm legs around his neck and across his shoulders, the feel of her nylons on his face and the incredible taste of her. He was certain that he would have to jerk off after she left. She called out to him. He again took the towel and wrapped it around him and walked out to her. She was dressed now and looked so good in the dark green skirt and heels.

She walked up to him and put her arms around him and pulled him close to her. "I am going to leave now" she said. "There is something I should do before I leave though". "Oh what is that?" he said. She did not reply but ran her hands over his back and shoulders. He in turn began to caress her. He let his hands move down her back and hesitated for a second but then moved them over her big bottom. He felt the smooth material of her skirt and massaged her beautiful bottom. He noticed that she was not wearing her panties and wondered why. She put her arms around him and eased herself behind him. She put her hands under the towel and eased it off and let if fall down onto the floor. She surprised him but he did not protest. He was so turned on and felt good to be close to her again. She ran her hands down his legs and then around behind him and took his butt in both hands.

She pushed her hands up under his panties and eased them over his cock and down his legs. She pulled him back against her. He felt her smooth skirt pressed against his butt. She took his cock in one hand and his balls in the other and held him firmly against her. He was very hard and very wet and she began to jerk him off. She held his cock tightly and ran her hand up and down while her left hand held onto his balls tightly. She kissed his neck and shoulders while she worked him over with her hands. He started to feel the incredible sensation in his stomach and knew that he was about to come. His legs went weak as he came furiously. She continued to massage his cock gently for a few seconds and then let go. She smoothed out her skirt, picked up her purse and walked towards the door. As she opened it, she turned to him and said.

"You probably should work on that presentation tonight if we are to present tomorrow, don't you think?" The snotty attitude had returned. Before he could protest she was out of the door. He stood there for a few seconds naked with the towel on the floor; his cock and balls aching from the work over she had just given them. I hate her, he thought; what a snotty, bitchy woman.

He went to the shower and turned on the faucet. He forgot about her comment for a minute and instead he thought about eating her beautiful pussy. He could still taste her in his mouth. He could feel the smooth skirt and cool silky nylons and he could feel her strong hands on his cock and balls, which still ached a little. He was hard. But I don't like her! she is such an arrogant bitch. Oh my God I want her. I want to eat her delicious pussy again. The thoughts circled though his mind again.

He dried himself and went to the drawer to get underwear. As he opened it he saw her black lacey panties. She had laid them there on top of his underwear. And not just thrown in the drawer, she had purposely laid them out. I can't believe her, he thought, who does she think she is? But later that night he could be found working on the computer, naked, with her black lacey panties on his lap.

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