For Her Pleasure


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She arrived first.

I'd only been in the hotel suite about 15 minutes when she let herself in. Just long enough to shuck my clothes down to a pair of soft cotton thong panties and start to prepare the room.

The bed was turned down, towels and lube placed in strategic spots, and an outfit laid out in the bathroom for he and I, picked to please her tastes. The wine, her favorite kind, was chilling in an ice bucket next to a comfy chair angled to face the bed.

The work, and thoughts of what was to come, had my cock leaking precum into my panties, but I resisted the urge to touch myself.

When she entered the room, I saw her quickly inspect my work before her eyes fell on me.

"That's not what you plan to wear, is it?" she asked.

"No ma'am. My outfit is in the bathroom. I was getting everything ready before I changed."

"Hmmmm," she mumbled with a note of disappointment. "Help me get undressed."

She turned her back and I unzipped her dress. She let it slip from her shoulders and stepped out of it, leaving it in a puddle on the floor.

Her black lace bra and panties matched the dress. I knelt to pick it up.

"Give us a kiss, princess," she said, turning toward me.

I gently pushed my face against her lace-covered sex, kissing as she requested. Her hand found the back of my head and she gently urged me to the spot where she wanted my attention.

I could feel the warmth emanating from between her legs and the faintest smell of her arousal filled my nose.

But she pushed me away.

"A glass of wine, please," she said as she took her place in the chair.

After I handed it to her, she reached up and pulled my panties to the side, exposing my half-hard cock, slick with the precum I'd been leaking.

"Your clitty is all wet," she said. "Excited about today?"

"Yes, ma'am."

She reached up and let her perfectly pedicured nails graze across my nipple. A chill ran through my body and a moan escaped my lips. Instantly, I was erect and precum begin to run down the shaft of my clitty as she worked my nipples with one hand, the other still holding her wine.

"You have the most sensitive nipples of any boyslut I've ever seen," she said. "Look at the mess you are making."

I feared she would punish me for the sticky mess I was making all over my panties and now dripping to the floor. But a soft knock at the door saved me. She pulled my panties over my erection.

"Go get him ready for me," she said.

He had come straight from work, still dressed in his work boots and jeans. He did not protest when I led him directly to the bathroom and started undressing him after I started the shower.

He kissed me, softly at first, but harder after his hands found my sticky boyclit inside my panties.

When I broke free and got his shirt and shoes off, he reached and unbuttoned his pants. When they fell to the floor, I saw the cute baby blue satin bikini panties he'd worn all day at the construction site. After I slipped them down over his knees and ankles, I held them to my nose, taking in the dichotomy of his manly scent and the pretty femininity of his underwear.

I pushed my own panties off and joined him in the shower, taking charge of his washing.

As I soaped his body, I took care to give special attention to his cock, which I washed and rinsed before dropping to my knees to give it a few kisses as he washed and rinsed his hair.

I'd just taken his full shaft into my mouth, when I heard her voice from the bathroom doorway.

"You girls better not be fooling around in there," she said sternly. "Hurry up."

His eyes met mine from my position between his legs. He stifled a giggle and I rather reluctantly let his dick fall from my mouth.

I toweled him dry and then myself.

Laying on the counter were the outfits I'd chosen for our date with her. I helped him into his black mesh panties with a purple satin gusset, taking care to adjust his still hard cock so that just the head was visible through the mesh, and then slipped the black satin camisole over his head.

As he started to roll on the black lace top stockings that would complete his outfit, I readied myself. I slipped on the white lace cincher and held it just below my chest, turning my back so that He could fasten it shut. I slipped on the matching garter belt and hiked myself up on the bathroom counter so I could easily pull on my stockings and attach them to the belt.

As I stood, I turned to look for the tiny lace g-string, the last think I needed to put on. But it wasn't where I'd left it.

I turned back toward where He was sitting on the toilet, my panties in his hand.

"Come here, princess," he said with a lecherous smile on his face.

After slipping the delicate panties over my ankles, he looked up from where he was bent over. With a twinkle in his eye, he brought his lips to my clitty, letting his tongue slip between them and touch my sex.

"You better stop that," I whispered half-heartedly. "She is waiting."

He pulled my panties up, the thrill of the fabric against my body doing nothing to relieve my excitement.

After a quick check in the mirror to ensure we looked as good as we could, I took his hand and led him into the suite.

She had removed her bra but left her panties in place.

I led Him to a spot a few feet in front of Her, and slowly turned him so she could see his lingerie.

He and she had been lovers for years. She knew of his penchant for panties and encouraged him to explore his bisexuality. She liked to be on control, at least until he slid his thick curved cock inside of her.

He and I met on the Internet, through a shared love of erotica and panty play. He had the ability to be submissive to her, yet dominant to me and when he asked me to join them, I jumped at the chance.

She raised her glass to us.

"You may proceed."

He turned to me and pulled me close, pushing his tongue into my mouth as he hand gripped my ass. I could feel his erection rubbing against my clitty as we made out for Her.

Soon, he broke our embrace and turned me so I faced her chair. He stepped behind me and wrapped his arms around me, pulling my bottom against his panty covered cock. As he kissed my neck, one of his hands found my nipple.

I let out a moan and pushed back against his hardness, grinding on his body as he led me to a state of erotic bliss. His other hand pulled my panties to the side, exposing my leaking clitty.

When he wrapped his hand around my sex, I nearly came. I couldn't let him stroke me, for fear of shooting all over the place, so I grabbed his hand and held it still as we slowly gyrated in place.

I stole a glance at her. She was still holding her wine glass in one hand, but the other had dropped to her lap and she was gently stroking her pussy through the lacy fabric of her panties.

He used his arm to break my grip on his hand and ran his fingertips across the tip of my erection, collecting a dollop of my precum. He brought his fingers to my lips and I greedily sucked them into my mouth, taking the sticky liquid onto my tongue. I sucked at his fingers in the same way that I hoped to soon suck his cock.

But that's not what she wanted. And He and I both knew it.

"Get to it," she said.

He released me from his grip and turned me to the correct angle for her before dropping to his knees in front of me.

He leaned in, linking a bead of precum that had bubbled from my dick before taking just the head into his mouth.

He turned his head and made eye contact with her. She had slipped her hand inside her panties and was slowly fingering herself as she watched.

She loved to watch him suck cock. When he'd first brought up the idea of me joining them, he'd said that this was the one thing she wanted most.

My dick -- barely 5 inches on its best day -- was about the farthest thing from the big thick porn cocks that one might consider for this kind of fantasy, but neither of them seemed to mind.

"Go on," She said.

He complied, taking me in until his nose was buried in my abdomen and his lips touched the base of my shaft.

I moaned as he slowly let my cock slip from his mouth until only my head was between his lips.

As he worked my dick with long slow strokes, I couldn't help but be torn between watching him suck me and stealing glances at her. She had pushed her panties down past her knees and was rubbing her slit intently as she watched him.

She caught me watching.

"Tell him what you want," she said.

I turned my attention to him.

"Suck my dick," I said. "Suck it like you want my cum."

I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed him to pick up the pace. As he did, I started to buck my hips.

"Yes, like that. Be me cocksucker."

He moaned around my cock, and his excitement was as much as I could stand.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming," I moaned.

I pulled him as deep onto my dick as I could as the orgasm ripped through my body. He swallowed my load as I filled his mouth.

Even as the aftershocks were still pulsing through my body, She was up and moving toward the bed.

"Get on your back," She said.

He dropped my dick from his mouth and scrambled to get in position. Facing his feet, she lowered her pussy onto his face.

I moved between his legs, pulling off his panties. I licked his cock as it stood proudly in front of me as she rubbed her sex across his face.

I took as much of his dick into my mouth as I could, savoring the taste of his skin and the hardness of his shaft against my tongue. As much as I had enjoyed his blowjob, this was where I really wanted to be.

But it didn't last long. She pushed me out of the way and lowered herself onto his cock. I laid between his stocking-clad legs and watched as she slowly rode him, reverse-cowgirl style.

When she leaned back toward his torso, I saw my opportunity. I pushed up between his legs and ran my tongue across his ball and up Her slit, stopping for a quick suck at her clit.

She stopped her grinding on his cock and let me lick them, the murmurs of delight from them both spurring me on. I particularly tried to pay attention to the spot where His cock entered her pussy, the stiffness of his shaft and the soft delicate folds of Her sex a lovely contrast for my tongue.

As I was licking them, she pulled away, leaving his cock in my face. I took him in, savoring the flavor of her pussy on his dick. She turned toward him and as I greedily sucked his cock, I could hear them kissing.

He pushed my head away from his cock, I assumed to keep from cumming in my mouth. As much as I wanted his load in my belly and across my face, I knew that her desires came first and that his orgasm would be as she commanded. I licked as his balls, tight against his shaft, as they continued to make out above me.

I moved over to her, laying beneath her wet, exposed pussy, letting my tongue and lips explore her. As my tongue trailed between her pussy and asshole, she dropped her hips, trapping me near her rosebud.

I licked and probed at her ass, pushing my tongue against her bottom until the tip started to slip in. she pushed harder against my face, encouraging me to eat her ass with abandon.

But then she lifted away, just out of my reach.

"Fuck me," I heard her tell him. "I want to cum on your dick."

He took his position over me and slid his cock into her waiting snatch. I don't know who moaned louder: her, him or me. The front row seat to their coupling was maybe the most erotic thing I'd ever seen, and my own cock stirred in my panties as I watched them fuck above me.

I moved to where I could lick and kiss at his shaft and balls as he slowly stroked in and out of her pussy.

"Oh, yeah, lick my balls," he said, as much for her benefit as mine or his.

I moved farther up, hoping to taste her pussy and his cock as they fucked, but my movement threw off his rhythm and he slipped from her pussy.

"Be careful, princess," he said, as he grabbed his shaft and rubbed it across my face, spreading her scent across me.

"I'm sorry, sir," I said, grabbing his dick from him and guiding him back inside her.

He fucked her faster, as I tried to enhance their pleasure with my tongue while staying out of the way. Her moans were getting louder with each stroke and I could feel her thighs tighten around my head.

"That's me. That's me. That's me. Ohhhhh, shit, that's me," she said as she arched her back and her orgasm spread across her body.

Her orgasm triggered his. He slammed into her one last time and filled her pussy with his cum.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuck," he moaned.

Their bodies, in motion above me just before, came to a halt as they rode the wave of pleasure that each of them were feeling. I tried to lay still beneath them, not wanting to intrude.

He held his cock inside of her until it began to wilt. When he slipped from her pussy, a large glob of cum fell onto my waiting mouth and and I savored it for just a moment before swallowing.

I continued to catch the cum that was pouring from her well-fucked hole, until she appeared to be empty. But then she sat up over me and more slid from her pussy, across her asshole and into my willing and waiting mouth.

I tried to reach for her clit, but she gently slapped my face and pushed me away.

"Not now, princess," she said. "Not yet."

She stood and staggered toward her wine glass across the room. I turned my attention to him, taking his shaft — still covered in the stickiness of their sex — into my mouth.

As I sucked him clean, his cock began to stir. Perhaps our evening wasn't over.

I continued to work his cock with my mouth, enjoying the sensation of it hardening my my mouth. He rolled us onto his side, and he began pumping slowly, fucking my mouth just as he had her pussy.

He pulled his cock from my mouth, and lifted my chin until my eyes met his.

"Tell me what you want."

I didn't hesitate.

"Please fuck me."

He rolled away from me, reaching for the lube, and I repositioned myself on the bed. As he took his place between my open legs, I could see her watching over his shoulder.

He slipped my panties to the side, letting my clitty free, and giving him access to my manpussy. He poured some lube onto his fingers and drug them across my rosebud, as he reached and tweaked my nipple with his other hand.

The feel of his fingers as both end sent a jolt through my body and my clitty jumped to attention as precum began to flow like a fountain.

I moaned and wiggled beneath his ministrations.

"Such a good little slut," he said to her as she stepped closer to watch. "All you have to do it touch her titties and she'll give up the pussy just like that."

"Well, you better fuck her, then," she replied.

He pushed his lube-slicked fingers inside of me, making me moan like a porn star. She picked up the lube and poured some into her hand, grabbing his dick and stroking.

He pulled his fingers from my ass and began rubbing his erection between my cheeks. I watched as he moved into position to push inside me.

But she had other plans. She dropped her pussy onto my face, her wet sex blocking my view.

"Fuck her," she said to him as they kissed. "Bury your dick in her pussy."

I could feel his cock pushing against my ass, gently at first, but with more urgency he worked to get inside me. The sensation of his cockhead against my hole consumed me, so much so that I had stopped paying attention to her pussy.

She raised up and grabbed my face.

"Do your job. Eat my pussy," she said sternly. "Or I won't let him fuck you."

I got to work, eagerly licking at her sex, and sucking at her clit as she rubbed herself on my face. His cock again began pushing at my manpussy, and before I knew it, I felt my sphincter give way and his dick slide balls deep into me.

I moaned into her pussy. The pleasure/pain from his invasion was overwhelming. My entire world had been reduced to the dick in my ass and the pussy grinding against my face. It was heaven.

He started to stroke in and out of my mancunt, long slow movements that took all but his head from my grip before pushing himself deep inside me. Her nails scraped across my nipples, causing me to moan louder and arch my back.

My clitty was bouncing to the rhythm of his pounding and I had to concentrate to keep my tongue on her pussy. She shifted her weight and presented her clit to me.

I sucked it between my lips, latching on. She pressed herself harder against me as my tongue flicked across her most sensitive spot.

He was really getting into it. His hands gripped my ankles, and he used them for leverage as he fucked me steadily.

I felt a hand grip my cock -- it had to be hers -- and begin to pump. I knew I couldn't last long and I sucked harder at her clit, moaning my encouragement for him to pound my manpussy.

I came first, screaming into her snatch as my dick exploded in her hand, covering my torso with cum. My ass clameped down on his dick and I felt him slam into my ass with all his might.

"Oh, goddamn," he yelled. "Oh, shit."

His load filled my rectum as his cock pulsed and twitched deep in my hole.

She was right behind us.

"That's it, suck me, suck me, suck me," she moaned. "Oh,oh, ohhhhhhh."

She was grinding so hard on my face, I thought I might pass out before the aftershocks of her orgasm subsided. Just as things were getting fuzzy, she pulled away from me and toppled onto the bed beside me.

Still sheathed in my mancunt, he fell on top of me, his lips finding mine.

"That was incredible," he whispered as we traded the taste of her pussy from our lips.

His cock soon slipped from my bottom. I missed it as soon as it was gone.

He and I were still entangled, basking in the glow of our mutual orgasms when she rolled from the bed and started dressing.

It didn't take her long, and soon she stood over us looking not much worse for the wear.

"I've got to get home to my husband," she said. "Let's do this again sometime."

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