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For Him


This story was an assignment from my Master, my love, my Merlin.

You enter the room to find me kneeling naked, thighs spread, hands resting upturned on them, by Your favorite chair. On the side table, there is a cigar resting in the sparkling clean ashtray, Your drink is waiting there for You too, just starting to condensate.

You smile, You had instructed and trained me well, this is exactly how You expected to find me when You came home. A glint of adoration and pride can be seen in Your eyes, but not by me as my eyes are respectfully pointed towards the floor, as I wait in silence.

You slowly walk towards me, Your eyes fixed on my perky, pink nipples. As You settle in Your chair, You reach out and fondle the nipple closest to You, toying with it, watching a blush slowly rise to my face, a hint of a smile starting to show on my face.

"How was your day, little one?" You ask as Your fingers roll my nipple between them.

"Very good, Master, I completed the tasks and chores You had assigned this morning."

"Mmmm, that's My girl." You pinch my nipple, delighting in the small jump as I feel Your rough fingers bare down on my sensitive flesh.

"Th-thank You, Master." I reply meekly, my gaze still pointed downwards.

You smile at me, releasing my nipple and leaning back in Your chair, taking up Your drink and sipping slowly. Your other hand drops into my line of vision, pointing Your finger at the ground, spinning it in a circle before flattening Your palm and pressing the warm air down. I know what this means. You want me to turn around and get down to the floor.

I lean onto my hands, crawling the few feet forward to the spot right in front of You, leaning down on all fours, pressing my hands and forehead against the floor. My ass is high in the air, bent knees slightly spread, allowing an uninhibited view of my puffy lips and pretty, pink rosebud.

I can feel Your gaze, like a hot wave, sweeping over my nether regions, admiring Your holes. Your property.

I stay like that for some time, hearing the ice in Your drink shift against the glass as You sip, surely contemplating how You"ll use me this evening.

Your gaze is exciting to me, I relax into my position, feeling myself moisten with anticipation. You notice the little bud of moisture sliding down between my puffy lips and give a low chuckle. My face burns with embarrassment, knowing that You know I can't help but be aroused when around You.

Your chair's worn leather creaks as You lean towards me, Your finger reaching out and catching the drip of sticky juice, rubbing it up and down my soft, waxed lips, Your fingertip working the slickness up and down, parting my lips teasing them with Your touch.

You set Your glass on my ass, murmuring a soft instruction,

"Don't spill."

As your finger probes my silky folds. You find my clit and start circling it just as I respond, my voice jumping slightly with the awaited contact.

"Y-yes Master." I gasp out, fighting the urge to grind against Your finger, feeling the glass wobble and balance on my soft flesh.

You take Your time, alternating between slow circles around my clit and fast flicking back and forth across it, my face pressed to the carpeting, I moan for You, Your finger making me wetter, stoking the fires of need deep within me.

You finger travels slowly from my clit, up towards my entrance, softly probing, Your finger presses into me, sliding effortlessly into my hot, wet depths. I moan and nearly topple the glass over as I arch, needing Your touch as deep as possible, Owning me, Possessing me.

"Mmmm, careful, My pet..." You gently admonish me, watching the liquid in Your glass nearly slosh over the edge

I groan in frustration, fighting to still myself as Your finger explores my velvety core, slowly sliding in and out, Your other hand coming up to my clit, resuming Your sweet torture of my sensitive little bud while You stroke and stoke my fires, the pressure building.

"M-Ma-Masteerrrr" I moan out for You, pleading breathlessly.

"Yes, my juicy slut?" You press, knowing what I want, wanting to hear me say it.

"Pl-pleaseee Masterrrrr!" I cry out, feeling my pussy start to clench around You slow, methodically maddening finger, clit throbbing with pleasure under Your skilled fingertips.

"Please, what? Babygirl. Tell Me." I can practically hear the knowing smirk in Your voice.

"Pleaseee M-Master may I c-cum for You?" I beg, the drink wiggling precariously on my ass as Your finger pistons between my soft folds.


You reply simply, pulling Your hands away and taking up Your drink again, leaning back and sipping as I fall to the floor, a wet, wanton mess, groaning and panting as the pleasure and near orgasm fades from me.

I whimper in frustration and You point between Your feet then pat Your upper thigh. Another unspoken command. Come. Rest.

Trembling, I lift myself up and crawl to You, kneeling between Your legs, sliding my arms around Your waist and hugging, resting my face against Your stomach, slumped into Your lap.

"Good girl." You softly remind me, petting my head, stroking my long hair quietly as You finish Your drink in silence. Your fingers move down to the blue collar You've had locked around my neck from day one. Fingers finding the heart-shaped padlock, running Your thumb over the smooth, silver surface.

I hear the 'snick' of a metal spring clasp sliding shut and feel a slight tug, shivering slightly as I feel the cold steel links of my leash sliver down my back and You grasp my chin, lifting my gaze up to Yours, leaning down to claim my lips, kissing me with the pent up passion of a long day away from home. You roughly shove me backwards onto my ass as You stand suddenly, gripping the chain and striding towards the bedroom door. I struggle to flip quickly and crawl after You but I don't escape the sharp tug of the leash. I double my efforts, knees pounding against the floor as I crawl quickly behind You.

Once we're in the bedroom, You drop the leash to the floor, Your hand waving towards the bed. Obedient as ever, I crawl over to it and climb up onto it as You shut the bedroom door.

I lean down, my nose brushing against the comforter as I pick up the leash with my mouth. The hardened leather handle feels good pressed between my teeth. I am not allowed to touch my leash but I know You expect me to offer it to You so I sit there, kneeling on the bed, leash in my mouth, watching You slowly walk towards me as You loosen Your tie and unbutton Your shirt.

You drop Your discarded clothing to the floor and reach towards me, Your movement is quick and I brace for impact, flinching, eyes squeezing shut... only to be surprised by a warm, soft caress. Your fingers tuck a stray lock of hair behind my ear and trail down my cheek, thumb brushing over my lower lip as I open my eyes, looking up at You. You flatten Your palm and hold Your hand out just beneath my chin and I gingerly place the leash in Your hand.

"That's My good girl." You say approvingly, pulling the chain through Your hands, pulling me upwards, until we are chest to chest, eye to eye. Another sharp tug and Your lips are on mine, hunger, demanding, Your lips bruise mine with Your insistent desire, tongue reaching out to explore my mouth, twirling with mine in a passionate dance.

All of the sudden, You shove me backwards onto the bed, I fall willingly into the soft pillows, barely having time to adjust my legs before You're on me, hands gripping my soft breasts as Your lips crush mine again. I cradle Your body between my legs, feeling Your cock growing rapidly against my inner thigh. Feeling it straining against Your pants.

"Mmmm Masterrrrr" I let out a wanton moan as You roughly grope my mounds of flesh, Your head dips and I gasp as Your hot mouth finds my nipples, going back and forth between the two, one in hand, one in mouth, You squeeze, lick, suck, pinch and bite at my sensitive nipples until they are pointed and red from Your attentions. I realize I've been grinding my pussy against You, my hips pushing up and welcoming the friction of Your pants against my soft lips.

And then You're gone. Head reeling with pleasure I slowly open my eyes and look to You, You're so quick, You've got the ropes in Your hands already, standing to the side of the bed, observing me.

I know what You want and I quickly sit up, holding my wrists out to You.

"Good girl." You murmur, kissing my forehead as You get to work, looping and knotting the rope around my wrists, binding them together tightly.

"Wiggle." You command and I obey, wiggling my wrists.

Satisfied that my restraints are escape proof, You point to the center of the bed and then at the headboard.

Another silent command, I scoot back to the center of the bed and put my bound wrists above my head, against the headboard, the free end of the blue rope trailing down between my breasts as I wait to be bound.

You hop up onto the bed and climb over me, straddling my chest. You smile down at me as You grip the rope, turning Your eyes to the headboard, looping the rope through it and securing my bound wrists there.

I gaze up at You with adoration and You smile, Your thumb grazing my lips as Your other hand unbuttons Your pants. I look down as You unzip and I'm rewarded with Your hard cock springing up from it's confinements and settling onto my face with a heavy thud.

Without having to be told, I open my mouth wide, tongue reaching out and licking at Your cock as You grasp Your shaft, slapping my cheeks and tongue with Your swollen head, looking down at me with lust in Your eyes, You press it into my mouth. My red lips stretch around Your thick shaft as I suck You into my warm, wet mouth. You shift Your hips, hands bracing on the headboard as You start to slowly work Your length in and out of my mouth. Slow and steady, You push deeper and deeper until I feel Your head nudge the back of my throat and You pause, then push harder.

Fighting my gag reflex I relax and let it happen, Your cock slowly, methodically impaling my throat. You're lodged deep inside it and hold there, chuckling as You look down at me, my face turning red as I run out of air.

You pull out and give me a quick moment to gasp and sputter for air before You savagely slam into my throat again, fucking it deep, the Beast in You released You show no mercy, pistoning in and out of my throat with abandon.

Tears form in the corners of my eyes and trail down the sides of my face in black, make-up runs, as I struggle to breathe between Your thrusts, my fists balling up as my body tenses, fighting for air.

You suddenly pull out, grabbing Your balls and placing them against my lips I greedily suck them into my pretty mouth, gently rolling them around with my tongue, cheeks puffed out as they fill my mouth. I hear a deep, guttural groan of pleasure from You and feel Your cock head slapping my face again as I suck and moan on Your big balls.

You pull them out and move down my body, needing to invade me, possess me, You settle between my invitingly spread thighs, grasping Your shaft and sliding it up and down my swollen, puffy nether lips, spreading my wetness around, teasing my clit with Your cockhead You elicit a moan from me and without another moment's hesitation, plunge into my silken depths.

"Masterrr!!" I cry out with pleasure as You suddenly fill me. You smile down at me and claim my lips, stealing my moans as You start to slowly slide in and out of me at a maddening pace.

One hand on my tit, kneading it with hard squeezes, the other gripping my hip, You kiss my neck and whisper in my ear, Your hot breath washing over my skin.

"Mmmm you like that, My little girl?"

"Y-yesss Masterrr" I moan as I push up to meet Your slow thrusts, taking You as deep as You'll allow me to.

You push up and kneel between my legs, pulling them up over Your shoulders, You pause, Your tip just at my entrance.

"Tell Me what You want, princess." You demand.

"Masterrr please!" I beg, wiggling my hips, trying to get more of Your amazing cock.

"Tell Me." You insist, grinning, watching me pathetically wiggle for You.

"P-please Masterrr, please fuck meee!" I moan in frustration, only to be rewarded as You slam into my velvety pussy, wrapping Your strong arms around my legs and hugging them to Your chest You start fucking me hard and fast, Your cock filling me over and over again.

"M-Maa-Masss-terrrrr!!" I moan as my eyes slam shut with pleasure, my tits bouncing wildly with each impact.

"Fuccckkkk babyy girlllll!" You moan in appreciation as You plough my wet cunt.

Panting, face flushed, I moan incoherently, feeling an orgasm quickly approaching. You feel it too, You always knew how to push my buttons and drive me over the edge. You release my legs, going harder and faster as they fall to the side, Your thumb finding my clit and stoking the growing orgasm.

"Masterr pleaseeee!!" I beg, holding the edge, Your thumb destroying me.

You chuckle darkly and ask me: "Please what, My little slut?"

"Please Master pleaseeee may I cum?!?!?" I beg harder, barely containing myself as Your cock slams in and out of my needy pussy.

"Yesss, My girl, cum for Master!" You drop Your hand and fuck me hard and fast. I obey cumming hard, my juices flowing around Your thick shaft as You fuck me through my orgasm, my cunt clenching around You.

"FUCCKKKK!! YE-YESSS!! MA-MAASSSTERRRR!!" I scream in pleasure, writhing in ecstasy as I cum for You, feeling Your cock throbbing with pleasure, deep inside me.

"Yess babyyy" You moan, "Master is going to fill you up!!" and You drive into my soft folds, harder still.

"Pleaseee Masterr!" I moan, in the throes of pleasure, wanting nothing more than for You to fill me with Your hot cum. I feel the first rope slinging against my cervix, You arch and groan with satisfaction, cock twitching as the second rope of cum shoots deep inside me. Then another. And another, until You've drained Yourself, deep into my cunt.

You collapse onto my chest, still inside me as Your cock twitches and throbs, spent. Gently kissing my lips and moving down to rest against my breasts, licking and gently sucking them as we both regain our breath and bask in the afterglow.

My moans quiet down and You kiss me again, over and over in a gentle, Dominating passion.

You undo the knots of rope at the headboard and slowly slide out of my pussy, grinning as a big drop of creamy cum leaks out of me.

"Mmmm, come here My little cream pie." You smile and crook Your finger at me, I giggle and sit up, scooting to the edge of the bed.

You grasp my wrists and kiss me again before releasing the knotted ropes. I hiss out a breath as the rope is pulled away, stretching and flexing my wrists.

Without warning You scoop me up and throw me over Your shoulder. Giving my ass a smart slap as I squeak with surprise.

"Bath time, babygirl." You turn and walk towards the bathroom. I slump over Your strong shoulder and think to myself, "I'm the luckiest girl in the world."

We bathe together and after we dry each other off, You lift me up again, cradled in Your arms, You take me to bed and we fall into a blissful and deep sleep.

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by Scoleetx12/13/18


Really enjoyed your writings.

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by _Bookkeeper_12/11/18

Loved it

Another fine story, Very well written.
Keep up the good work.

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by benala12/11/18

.a silly bit of fluff

This is a silly bit of adolescent fluff that is not exceptional in any way. It's the common theme "dream evening with Master" complete with her meeting him with his pipe and slippers by his chair, hismore...

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This is very well done and very hot.

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by _Stealth12/08/18

very hot

Nice work Anon. Truly have a talent for setting the scene both aesthetics and mental.

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