tagFetishFor Marion's Pleasure Ch. 02

For Marion's Pleasure Ch. 02


"Babydoll, I really want to discuss something with you, something very important to you, to me, to us, and by us I mean me and my lover and our fabulous developing relationship, yes? And don't get too upset by that definition of "us" baby, because you and I are no longer an item are we?

You stopped being my husband when I found that pic of a white hubby with his face covered in a black man's cum, with a cute wife looking on laughing. Do you remember how embarrassed you were? How I forced you to explain? When the penny dropped, and I beat you properly for the first time?

How we spent hours online with you reading out loud; all those stories of dominance, slavery, cuckoldry and forced-bi. How turgid you pee pee was when I forced your stiff little tongue into my ass for the first time?

And how, even from that first week in your first supervised masturbation I instructed you to wank off onto your lunch and I then watched in stunned silence as you ate it?

I started to feel the thrill that week honey when I realised what you were, what you wanted, and needed. And ever since, the things you will do to please me always get me wet. You are my dog, my cunt worshipper, my sperm slave, yes?"

"Yes Mistress Marion, of course."

"Good boy. It's about last night. Do you feel comfortable talking about it little puppy?"

"Please Mistress Marion. Yes Mistress Marion. I think we should discuss it."

"Very well. The reason I ask, is, well, oh are you really sure you want to discuss it?"

"Yes Mistress Marion. I thought you would raise the subject, and I have thought about nothing else, so yes please."

"It's just that, well, a real man would not have done what you did last night, which reinforces my deeply held belief that you are not a man at all. And if you are not a man, then what am I still married to? How could a real man take his wife's lover's penis in his hand and masturbate him?

I mean, I know I told you to take him in your hand, just so you could feel what a real penis feels like, but I didn't tell you to wank him off did I? I didn't tell you to bring your face right up to his bell end when you knew he was about to cum did I?

I couldn't fucking believe my eyes baby. I know I wanted to humiliate you, to embarrass you and to degrade you, because I know that's what gets you off, but for God's sake I didn't believe you would want to jerk him off into your mouth. What the fuck were you thinking babykins? Are you a fucking queer or what?"

"No Mistress Marion I don't think I'm a queer, it's just that.."

"Just what babydoll? I didn't get fucked last night because my husband drank my lover's cum for Christ's sake. What the fuck is that about? Ever since we started this domination thing a year ago, I have read the stories, watched the films, and yes, I've even gone as far as taking a lover to please you, and fulfil your wildest fantasies, yes?

I've beaten you, degraded you and turned you into a little sissy house girl, yes? I've read your cuckold mags, the forced-bi stories, the cum eating stuff and with few exceptions, all of your dreams have come true right babe?

I've gone the whole nine yards, but last night was a bridge too far baby. Last night I wanted you to really feel the power in his penis and to start to understand why I have fallen in love not only with his beautiful member, but with him as well.

I thought it would be good for you to feel the humiliation of being able to hold his massive organ and feel humbled by it. To feel overcome by its size, its girth, its weight, its length and yes, its beauty, simply by being allowed to hold it.

I wanted you to be in awe of his phallus, and to feel belittled by it. To feel, well, pathetic kneeling before it. To feel like all sissy white boys must feel when their wife introduces them to a truly beautiful black penis. A beautiful ebony snake that demands subservience, demands obedience and creates, in very short order, a cock sucking white boy.

I wanted to take my time in turning you into a cock hungry slut for him. I imagined the many dozens of nights when I slowly turned you into his cock slut, but no you had to spoil it didn't you.

The very first time I instruct you to take his magnificent organ in your hand you were wanking him off before I could stop you. And because I had been sucking him for an hour, giving him perfect oral, he started to cum as soon as you started stroking him.

In seconds he started to blast into your face, into your open mouth, and he hosed you before I could pull you off him. You totally fucking selfish twat, what are you? You took his full fucking load without permission, without any finesse, without style and worst of all without giving him the pleasure a good white boy should give.

Tell Mummy now Tony. Did you rim him before you brought him off? No you fucking didn't did you? Had you sucked his balls? No.

Had you spent an hour giving him head? Teasing every last inch into magnificent hardness? No you didn't. How much time had you spent licking his foot long shaft? Did you drive him mad by flicking your tongue all around his bell end, cleaning him like a good cock sucker should? No you didn't.

I had driven him crazy for an hour, and I thought it might be the right opportunity to have my pathetic hubby gently hold his first penis, before I begged my lover to fuck me, and what do you do? You wank him off! You waste that fabulous hard on, and your wife goes without a good fuck. Your wife's sopping wet gaping cunt goes without.

Well you are going to pay for that babykins. He might have exploded in your face but he did so because I had prepared him for fucking. Had you not noticed how lovingly I had slurped on him for an hour bringing him to the edge so many times, and then to move back down to his balls, preventing him from blasting me?

Had you not noticed how I had made him beg to cum, only to have him groan in ecstasy as I brought him so close that he dribbled loads of white pre cum down my chin?

Well of course you did, because you licked it off me didn't you? I was giving him sublime pleasure. Don't you realise that I was teaching you how to please your man you fucking idiot child. And what do you do?

As soon as you hold him you wanked him off without permission, and you will pay for that. Do you know I had even considered allowing you to take his helmet into your mouth for the first time? To allow you to suck him gently? I was even going to go as far as letting you hold his rock hard ass cheeks in each hand whilst you gently sucked him, as sure a way to have a real man fuck your face as there ever was.

And believe me babykins, having a monster cock fuck your face is totally fucking awesome, you would have cum without touching yourself, the feeling is so intense. Do you see how I was thinking of you then? Even though I was so desperate to have him fuck me? So desperate to feel his wonderful manhood inside me, in a way that you could only imagine. I needed his cock so much baby.

I was literally dripping down my thighs I wanted him so much. Even so I wanted you to feel, just for a moment the power of the black man's penis, by having you gobble him, and to have him thrust ever so slowly into your mouth. That's how much I still love you Tony. Do you understand that? I was willing to forego my own lust to let you feel black cock inside your body for the first time.

I was going to stand behind him and control him, so your first time with a black phallus inside your mouth would not get out of control. I wanted his length to slowly slide into you, and I'd really hoped that your lust would make you attempt to take him past your gullet and into your throat, so gently.

I think I would have literally pissed down my legs with excitement when I first heard your gagging noises. I would have started to thrust into his ass just to help you get him into your throat, just for you baby, because I knew you wanted that more than anything, well, except having him fuck you of course.

You have been eating his cum out of me and off me for months baby, and you love it don't you? Do you not realise that I've known just how much you wanted to blow him? That's why I've never allowed it, because I wanted to make the first time so special for you baby. But you spoilt it all again didn't you. As soon as his cock was in your hand you just did what came naturally. You wanked off a real man - my fucking lover! He shot his load into your mouth, and you became his bitch.

You are my lover's bitch boy now, and I have not even taught you how to give him head yet. How fucking awful is that? He might want to take you at any time in the future after last night, and you don't even know how to blow him do you? I just hope for your sake that he doesn't get tired of your feeble attempts at pleasuring him so he rapes you. Do you realise the danger you are now in?

If I am not here to protect you he might ass fuck you with his foot long pole! As his bitch you must do whatever he wants, and if you can't please him properly he will just ass fuck you, rape you, ruin you. Do you remember watching me take just half of his cock in my ass, and that's after you had rimmed me and lubed me up?

Do you recall how I made him promise to let you put the ring on him when he had six inches inside me so he wouldn't split me in two? Do you remember how you could look into my shit hole afterwards like you were looking into a fucking cave?

When you sucked his cum out of my ass it was open for you. Do you remember? Until I got used to the pounding I was really hurting baby and I only took half of him. When he blasted into my ass there was six inches inside me and six inches outside. He won't let you off so lightly. He will fuck you until you have a foot of cock inside you. Is that what you want?

I hope not, but then the look on your face when he hosed you I'm not so sure baby. When the first torrent hit your face and you wanked yourself off I have never seen you come as much baby. And although he kept blasting you long after your little pee pee had made its little mess, the look on your cum spattered face was such a picture. You looked, well, as though you wanted to stick your face up his ass in gratitude.

You looked up at him with a look of love and homage. You looked as though you were looking at the man you loved baby. Am I wrong little one? Maybe you do want him to take you roughly, without any lube, with your ankles around your neck? Yes baby?

Thinking about it, I think I would get very, very wet watching you take his cock in your ass. He would make you scream baby, he would make you cry, and do you know something sweetie? I would enjoy beating you while he worked it into you. I have slapped you often enough, but when you were being raped I really think I could punch you in the face, hard, and often.

Maybe a punch for every inch? The more I think about it the more I believe I would get off doing it. Punching you as he raped you. In your face. In your baby balls. Making you scream. Making you beg for it to stop, but it does not stop does it baby? Imagine it.

He is only 8 inches in with 4 to go. His monster is growing in girth as his lust takes over. He is raping a white boy's ass as his wife is beating the shit out of him at the same time... Fuck him harder darling. Bury yourself in him. Blast inside him. Do it for me lover. Rape my wimpy hubby as hard as you can.

Can you feel it building honey? That's it, get it all in. I want him to feel your foot long monster as it floods his ass with black cum. Now hubby, ask your man to fuck you. Do it you little shit. Ask him, now!

"Oh Master, please fuck me, please fill me up with cock, please flood my ass with cum". Good boy. Such a good little boy. And the release comes, in torrents. He can feel it spurting inside him. He can feel its power. Its warmth. And he knows there can be no going back. His wife has gone black, and he has followed.

He is being brutally raped by his wife's lover, and afterwards, as he feels the monster start to soften inside him, he looks at his wife who loosens the strangle hold on his throat, who looks down at him and says, "I love my little fagot bitch boy so much. Am I good to you little one?"

"Yes Mistress Marion. Thank you Mistress Marion. Thank you Master."

The monster is slowly withdrawn. It is growing softer, but still over 6 inches in length, and oh so thick. He can feel a stream of cum dribbling from his ass, and his wife, ever thoughtful, is saving it all with a desert spoon, and feeding him the jism.

She is guiding hubby's mouth to her lover's cock, for the ritual cleaning. He has never been allowed to suck her lover's cock before, has never taken any cock into his mouth before, but he takes all of it willingly, slurping on it, licking and sucking it, loving it. She has fed her lover beer and wine, and she now hopes for the finale, one of several milestones she has longed for.

This was not happening quite in the order she had planned, but who cares? She has wanted to have her hubby choke, really choke when her lover came in his mouth. She had thought about it so often. Whilst it would be wonderful to hold hubby's throat and feel the monster driving in and out of it, depriving him of air, if her lover actually came into his throat, he would not gag and choke, as she wanted.

No. He had to come into his mouth, not on it, or on his face, but into his mouth, with just the helmet inserted, and not any more. That way, if she was standing behind hubby, gripping his head, and holding his nose closed, when her lover started to blast, he would not be able to do anything but try to swallow. However, as she knew, he came so heavily that it was simply impossible to swallow so much cum.

The natural thing to do was to take your mouth off the helmet and wank him and so allow the blast to cover your face and tits, she had had to do that many times herself. But if she gripped him hard and agreed in advance with her lover that he was not to relent, the torrents of cum would inevitably find their way into his air passage and the choking would start, and that's when she would start to cum herself.

At this point, she had agreed with her lover that he would force himself at least 4 or 5 inches into hubby's mouth, completing the mouth rape, and spewing the 5th and 6th torrent of cum at the entrance to hubby's throat. At this point the choking would be really strong, and if her lover had finished cumming he would withdraw, at which point her clenched fists would start the face pummelling she was waiting to deliver.

Fucking magic, but that day was yet to come. Right now she was stroking hubby's head gently, calmly and lovingly as he worked his tongue and mouth around the 6 inches of soft cock. She looked on in amazement as all of it was in his mouth; he was sucking on it like his life depended on it, even though he knew it had already cum and there was to be no wonderful cum rush into his mouth.

She looked at her lover and saw him smile and nod. Fuck he was going to do it. The beautiful gorgeous arrogant black bastard was going to do it to her husband. He put his hands on his hips, looked down at hubby and said,

"Stop sucking puppy, just look into my eyes. You love my brown eyes don't you, you white bitch boy? Don't me bashful about it honey, I know, and so does your wife. Now, hold my balls in your right hand, squeeze them gently and take as much of my cock into your mouth as you can without gagging.

Hold my ass in your left hand, that's right, good little girl. Do not stop looking into my eyes puppy, as I deliver. About 20 seconds passed without either of them moving, hubby was kneeling on the floor, his mouth full of soft black man meat, looking up at his Master, my lover, then Daryl groaned lightly as he started to piss into my husband's mouth.

What a sublime moment. Puppy started swallowing straight away, and yes, even started to move up and down on the penis as it gushed into his mouth. For a second puppy choked and splurted piss down his chin, but he recovered instantly, swallowing and bobbing simultaneously. It was wonderful to watch.

Daryl delivered for over 20 seconds and puppy drank the lot. By the time he stopped pissing puppy was moving up and down on my lover's cock and it was starting to swell again. My lover, hands still on his hips was starting to move back and forth, matching puppy's bobbing motions.

Minutes passed and I realised that my lover was fully erect and was getting a wonderful blow job, as my husband's mouth fitted him so much better than mine. Each time he thrust, hubby was taking 7 or 8 inches of swollen man meat, and I knew he was going to get blasted very soon.

"That looks fabulous lover. Will you cum in his mouth like we talked about?"

"God yes. I've never been blown like this sweetheart. Not even your cock hungry mouth compares with this."

Watching the spectacle, I could believe it. Each thrust took the 3 inch bell end and 6 inches of cockshaft through my husband's lips, passed the back of his mouth and into his throat. His mouth was stretched to the max, and I simply couldn't believe he was doing it.

Every few seconds Daryl thrust forward and impaled the bitch, and then pulled all the way back until just the helmet was in his mouth. Then another thrust and the huge horse cock just disappeared into my husband's face. It was truly wonderful to behold.

Hubby's hands were clutched into Daryl's ass cheeks pulling him in. What was even more amazing was he was really enjoying it. This face fucking he was getting would have been difficult for a porn queen, it was so huge an event. I'd never even seen a film where a whore took cock like this but my hubby was doing it, beautifully. And if the truth be known, Daryl was being treated to the best oral in his life.

The thing was, she had orchestrated one milestone today - watching her husband's mouth being used as Daryl's piss bowl. Could she really expect to get another, by having Hubby take a cup full of cum into his lungs? She was beginning to think he would take whatever Daryl could spew out with ease, if his slurping prowess she was witnessing was any indicator.

He was sucking cock like a mad dog eats tripe she thought, but she had to stop it. The milestones were so special to her. She wanted to savour it, make it special.

"Daryl! I want fucking. Right now."

Two things happened at once. Both my lover and my bitch husband looked at me at the same time. Hubby with an imploring look as if to say please Mistress Marion I want his load so much - Please don't stop him. And Daryl who was getting the best fucking blow job of his life looked at me as if to say, you must be fucking joking. I'm about to cum!

"You pair of fudge packing homo queers! I want your cock Daryl and if I can't have it every hot blooded male within 10 miles will know you prefer sissies!"

That did it. He got hubby on his back and I straddled him on all fours so Daryl could take me doggie, but boy was he pissed off! 2 strokes and I had a foot of cock ramming me like a pile driver. He had never fucked me as hard.

"Suck my balls bitch", to Tony.

"Suck his cock you cunt", to me.

For the first time in a year I took hubby's little dick in my mouth and blew him, whilst Daryl was pounding my poor cunt from behind. Puppy came in seconds and I swallowed his meagre offering.

It took Daryl another 5 minutes to reach his climax, and he flooded me, literally. I looked underneath and behind, and it was utterly blissful. Even though hubby had just cum in my mouth, he was sucking Daryl's balls while Daryl fucked his wife.

When he withdrew, hubby had a soaking wet snake sliding all over his face, and copious amounts of cum drizzling all over him.

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